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At the moment, the song is going from B to A, which is fine. It’s just moving down the C major scale, which happens a lot too (i.e. “stepwise motion,” right?) But if we wanted to make this progression more appealing, we could insert some type of “E” chord after the B chord and it will give us an even stronger connection to the A chord.

CBEA So essentially, the “C” to “B” is still moving in steps but the “B” to “E” to “A” is circular movement!

This is exactly how songs like “Thank You Lord” work.

Keep in mind that we are just talking about bass notes. We haven’t established any specific chords yet.

But if we wanted to establish chords, we would simply ask our self: “Self, what chords are most likely to occur on these tones of the scale?”

And based on previous reports, you’d know that these seventh chords could work:

–  –  –

Note: I’m just using the seventh chords that naturally occur on these tones of the scale.

If I wanted to change things up a little bit, I’d probably change the “E minor 7” chord to a dominant-sounding chord.

When you use dominant “bluesy” sounding chords, they always STRENGTHEN the connection between whatever chord comes next in the circular pattern.

When you substitute dominant chords for minor chords (that would normally occur on the 2nd, 3rd, or 6th tones), we call them SECONDARY DOMINANTS.

So by changing this to “E7” (E dominant 7), now we have an even stronger push to the next


–  –  –

So that’s all the “knowledge” part of the equation.

-30It takes the ear to actually hear that the “E7” (aka “E dominant 7”) works better than the “E minor 7.” And if both can work, simply use one the first time around and use the other option when you repeat the song...


Oh yeah, for some of you who don’t know your chords yet (cough cough, YOU NEED THE 12DISC MUSICIAN TRANSFORMATION COLLECTION... and specifically the “Chord County”

dvd), here are the chords written out:

–  –  –

See how we clearly took a progression that was moving in steps and made it circular? Now it’s your job to read and reread this report until it clicks and apply this stuff to other areas of your playing!


This is the least popular out of the four main types but it still occurs a lot.

If you know your intervals, you’ll know there are major thirds and minor thirds. When you put a “major” or “minor” in front of it, we call this being specific (aka – “specific intervals”).

When you leave it bare like I have for the title of this section, we call this being generic (aka – “generic intervals”).

When you leave it generic, you’re basically saying “any type of third.” In any given key, there is a shortcut to finding thirds. Here’s what you do...


Yup, just skip a note in your scale and you’ve got yourself a third interval.

–  –  –

If you’re one of those overachievers and want to know the difference between major and minor thirds, it’s pretty simple.

Major thirds have 4 half steps between the notes. Minor thirds have 3 half steps.

If you count up the distance between “C” and “E,” you’ll notice 4 half steps. “D” to “F” just has 3.

Regardless of whether major or minor, they’re all THIRDS.

So when songs move in this direction (for example: either from “F” to “A” or even the opposite direction from “A” to “F”) this is considered third movement.

Here’s a common progression that uses third movement (except the movement to the last

chord, which is stepwise motion):

–  –  –

Notice “C” going down to “A” is a third (it skips a scale tone, “B”).

“A” going down to “F” is also a third (it skips a scale tone, “G”).

The only “outsider” is “F” going to “G,” but since we’ve studied second intervals, we understand F to G is common too! It’s stepwise motion. So we’re prepared for it too!


At the end of the day, you’re going to see all these movements (fourths, fifths, seconds, thirds) mixed in with each other. A song isn’t JUST going to have fourth movements or JUST fifth movements. Music mixes all of these.

Now, some will occur more than others. That’s why we’ve ranked them the way we have. But at the end of the day, your goal is to understand and be able to recognize these movements.

-32If you understand patterns and movements, you’ve unlocked the key to playing by ear. With the exception of a few key things, all other elements point to this!

You learn your scales so that you’re able to know the number system.

You use the number system to learn your chords so that you’re able to put them into patterns.

You use both the number system and chords to form these common patterns that are found in most songs.

You collect and get good at recognizing these common patterns as you learn more and more songs.

You realize songs follow the same patterns and once you learn all the popular ones, you’re set! There won’t be many new ones as every song will “borrow” from the same pool.

“That’s Why I’ve Created The Gospel Music Training Center... For Musicians Who Want To Learn All The Common Professional Song Patterns” “And Once Again, I Will Be Opening The Doors To This Exclusive Training Center And Giving Away My $200.00 12-Disc Musician Transformation Program FOR FREE!” Write this down: Save this date! Your last chance to try the training center and also receive the 12-disc set as a special perk will be on Wednesday, February 25, 2015.

–  –  –

Let’s face it.

Getting to the next level ain’t gonna happen by hanging around the local church musician.

#1) Most “inner circle” advanced musicians don’t wanna show you anything, especially if you can’t help them. You’re not welcomed in their club.

#2) If they do show you something, they aren’t expecting you to pick it up. That’s why they play it so fast and will rarely wait for you to write anything down or internalize it.

#3) Teachers don’t know the real “nitty gritty” gospel stuff. They can try to repackage “blues” and “soulful” playing as gospel but it just ain’t the same. They know classical methods and can have you playing Beethoven but that won’t help your church playing.

#4) If you can afford the prestigious $50,000/year music universities and have been sight reading all your life, go for it! Prepare a great audition piece and get your financial aide together (unless you’re rich). And still, they won’t be focusing on the

–  –  –

And that’s exactly why the Gospel Music Training Center and MUSICIAN TRANSFORMATION resources are in such demand.

These are the only resources that actually show the ENTIRE PROCESS from the basics and fundamentals all the way to advanced ways to play songs. It is truly “A to Z.” Before this program, there has never been a “real” gospel resource that delivers real immediate results.

There’s such a buzz about this already from the success of the past four launches that it will probably sell out on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 when it’s finally re-released (after 2 years of being off the market)!




(ON A VERY SERIOUS NOTE: If you’re not serious about your playing, do not join and cancel the very next day just to get my package. I’m not interested in a bunch of “freebie seekers.” I want serious winners only. This is clearly to promote my training center and if a $200.00 “12-disc package” isn’t enough incentive to get you to really give the training center a fair try, you’re just not serious about your playing and apparently don’t understand how much real musicians invest in training and education to get to the level they’re at.) The last time we made this very same offer in November 2012, we sold out our entire inventory in just THREE HOURS. (Yes, 3 hours... people who were just a little late simply missed out).

I wouldn’t even call it a “LAUNCH” since it sold out almost instantly.

Most of the time, it takes at least a week to sell out most new dvds I release (but again, they are being sold for $40.00 - $100.00 and people are really making some type of investment).

Because I’m giving away THE BIGGEST COURSE I’VE EVER CREATED, that easily explains why it sells out in hours instead of days.

I believe this time will be no different. Since this offer has been off the market for two years, forcing over 17,503 students to join the waiting list, I’m guessing it’ll beat the 3 hour record the last launch set.

I’m talking about the most comprehensive program we have... 5 SEPARATE DVD COURSES, 7 AUDIO CDS, and tons of bonus discs and stuff (... that’s 12 discs, not including any bonuses!) It’s literally the BIGGEST, MOST ELABORATE, MOST COMPLETE (“A-to-Z”) resource we’ve ever released to date... in almost 10 years of being online. It puts you in the fast lane and delivers immediate results, if you take action.

–  –  –

Every DVD covers one element of the formula:

Fundamental Factory is where you master the “FUNDAMENTAL FLUENCY” strategies discussed earlier. It’s going to take you through literally everything you need to know to build a solid foundation as a gospel musician.

–  –  –



Not you.

Chord County is where you master the “CHORDAL COMMAND” techniques and principles we talked about.

You’re going to learn EVERY CHORD used in gospel music. All of them.

If it’s common and used in gospel music, it’s in this course.

The best part is that you’re going to learn all the shortcuts. You got to see a glimpse of how all chords are related. Chord County will delve into each one, step by step.

Pattern Paradise is where you master the “PATTERN PROFICIENCY” concepts discussed heavily in this report.

Imagine a DVD dedicated just to patterns. How they’re formed. How they work. Where to find them. How to use them, step by step.

And if you’ve gotten ONE thing out of this free report, it should be that:



Pattern Paradise will make this plain with tons of real-life examples, demonstrations, and illustrations.

Song Station is where you master the “SONG SOLIDITY” strategies we explored... plus lots more.

Just imagine a song being taught to you from the TOTAL BEGINNING.


And by the end of the song, after applying everything you’ve learned, you have a beautiful masterpiece with advanced chords and movements that you’ve built up over time.

That’s the beauty of ‘Song Station’ and by the end of this DVD alone, you’ll be transforming a basic hymn that you learn from ‘ground zero’ into an advanced contemporary piece of art.

Ear Elevator covers the “EAR EFFICIENCY” methods and concepts we delved into towards the end of this report.

This will bring everything together by detailing how to use your ear to not only determine how songs are arranged and where they’re going, but to create your own renditions and routes ON THE SPOT.

–  –  –

You also get audio cd companions, bonus dvd footage, and more. This package is loaded with everything you need to become a TRANSFORMED MUSICIAN.

That’s why we call it MUSICIAN TRANSFORMATION.

And you’ll get all of it on Wednesday, February 25, 2015.

–  –  –

And as of today, we have about 319,741 musicians on our mailing list (almost 10,000 more than we had a few months ago when we sold out in 3 hours). We also have over 17,503 musicians on the waiting list that missed out last time.

So I’m expecting this one to definitely sell out just as fast, if not FASTER, considering we’ve turned away so many people who were just minutes late.

Courses are being awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to new members...

If you’re interested in getting your hands on this program, I strongly urge you to get on our Priority Notification list immediately at http://www.hearandplay.com/mt Getting on the list is just that --- getting on the list. It doesn’t guarantee you a place nor does it obligate you to actually get the course or join the training center, but you will get ADVANCE notice of when they’re released... before the general public, therefore increasing your chances of getting your seat and free package with all the extra bonuses and stuff.

Thanks for reading and I hope you got a lot out of this! I sure got a lot out of creating it!

All the best, Jermaine Griggs

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