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«BATTLEBOOK Commanding General, United States Army, Europe Senior Leader Staff Ride The Battle of the Bulge Contents The Am erican Soldier SSG Joseph ...»

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• 30 December - In US First Army's XVIII Corps (A/B) area, 7th AD releases 424th IR to 106th ID. 75th ID holds positions previously occupied by 424th IR. VII Corps turns over region SW of line Marche-Namur to British. Germans abandon Rochefort. In US Third Army area, VIII Corps opens drive on Houffalize. 11th AD progresses slowly and at heavy cost. 87th ID takes Moircy but loses it in counterattack later in day. 9th AD is ordered to Sedan area as SHAEF reserve. In III Corps area, Germans again attempt to cut Arlon-Bastogne highway and isolate Bastogne, reaching Lutrebois and surrounding 2 cos of 137th IR, 35th ID, in Villers-Ia-Bonne-Eau. On left flank of corps, 6th Cav Gp is relieved by elements of VIII Corps.

• 31 December - In US Third Army area, VIII Corps takes command of 4th AD. Elements of 87th ID capture close in on Moircy. CCR, 11th AD, drives to Pinsamont and Acul while CCB attacks Chenogne. In III Corps area, one 6th AD column secures high ground near Wardin; another advances to outskirts of Rechrival. 35th ID is unable to relieve isolated forces in Villers-la-Bonne-Eau, and they are presumed lost. Germans still hold Lutrebois. 26th ID repels counterattack and reorganizes. Corps arty places TOT's on Wiltz.

• 1 January - US Third Army continues Ardennes counteroffensive with VIII and III Corps. In VIII Corps area, 87th ID takes Moircy and Jenneville. 11th AD attacks with CCA toward Hubermont, stopping E of Rechrival, and with CCB clears Chenogne and woods to N. CCA, 9th AD, drives toward Senonchamps. 101 A/BD, in Bastogne area, gives fire support to 11th AD on its left and 6th AD (III Corps) on its right. 17 A/BD relieves 28th ID in Neufchateau area. III Corps contains enemy salient SE of Bastogne. 4th AD holds corridor into Bastogne and supports 35th ID with fire. 35th ID partially clears Lutrebois and reaches crossroads SE of Marvie, but makes no headway in vicinity of Villers-Ia-BonneEau (Belgium) and Harlange (Luxembourg). In region E of Bastogne, 6th AD takes Neffe, Bizery, and Mageret, but then loses Mageret. Germans launch offensive, designated Operation NORD WIND, against US Seventh Army. In XV Corps area, two-pronged enemy thrust forces I06 Cav Gp, 44th ID, and 100th ID to give ground. 44th ID bears brunt of enemy's fight flank drive, which penetrates positions NW of Rimling. 100th ID, caught between the 2 attack forces, withdraws its right flank, exposed by withdrawal of TF Hudelson (VI Corps); enemy Infiltrators are cleared from Rimling, on left flank. Elements of TF Harris (63d ID) help check enemy. 141st IR, 36th ID, moves up to plug gap between XV and VI Corps. In VI Corps area, enemy drives salient into left flank of corps S of Bitche. TF Hudelson’s thin line is pushed back on left to Lemberg-Mouterhouse area. 45th ID contains enemy along line Philippsbourg-NeuhoffenObersteinbach and mops up infiltrators in Dambach. Reinforcements from TF Herren (70th ID) and 79th ID are rushed to 45th ID, whose boundary is moved W. CCB, 14th AD, moves to guard Vosges exits. 79th ID's right flank is extended to include Rhine sector from Schaffhouse to Gambsheim area.

• 2 January - In Br Second Army's XXX Corps area, 53d Div assumes responsibility for Marche-Hotton sector (Belgium), relieving US 84th ID; boundary between XXX Corps and US VII Corps is adjusted. In US Third Army's VIII Corps area, Gerimont falls to 87th ID; Mande St Etienne to 11th AD; and Senonchamps to CCB, 10th AD (attached to 101 A/BD), and CCA, 9th AD. 4th AD protects and enlarges corridor leading into Bastogne from the S and helps III Corps clear woods near Lutrebois. In III Corps area, 6th AD's CCB enters Oubourcy and Michamps but is driven out of latter;

unsuccessfully attacks Arloncourt; CCA takes Wardin; div withdraws to high ground W of Michamps-Arloncourt- Wardin for night. 35th ID continues fight for Lutrebois. 28 Cav Sq of TF Fickett (6 Cav Gp) is committed between 134th IR and 137th IR, 35th ID. 26th ID's 101st IR advances N in area SW of Wiltz. US Seventh Army CP is moved from Saverne to Luneville. In XV Corps area, enemy pressure forces 44th ID's right flank back past Gros Rederching and causes 100th ID's right flank to fall back farther. In VI Corps area, Germans maintain pressure against reinf 45th ID, particularly on its W flank, former zone of TF Hudelson. Fighting occurs at various points along Bitche salient. TF Herren's 276th IR takes up switch positions in Wingen-Wimmenau-Rosteig area. CCA, 14th AD, organizes outposts at Vosges exits around Bouxwiller. Center and right flank units of corps begin withdrawal to prepared positions on Maginot Line. 79th ID takes over S portion of Rhine R line held by TF Linden (42d ID).

• 3 January - -21 Army Group: US First Army starts counteroffensive to reduce enemy's Ardennes salient from N. VII Corps attacks SE toward Houffalize with 2d AD followed by 84th ID on right, and 3d AD followed by 83d ID on left. 2d AD gains Trinal, Magoster, positions in Bois de Tave, Freineux, Le Batty, and positions near Belle Haie. 3d AD takes Malempre and Floret and from latter continues SE on Lierneux road to Groumont Creek. 75th ID, after attack passes through its line, continues mopping up S of Sadzot. In XVIII Corps (A/B) area, 82 A/BD, in conjunction with VII Corps' attack, thrusts SE, improving positions. As a diversion, 30th ID pushes small forces S of Malmedy and then withdraws them as planned. In US Third Army's VIII Corps area, elements of 87th ID are temporarily surrounded in woods E of St Hubert. 17th A/BD attacks N late in day in region some 5 miles NW of Bastogne. NE of Bastogne, 101st A/BD and 50Ist PIR are clearing Bois Jacques. TF Higgins (elements of 101st A/BD and CCA, l0th AD) is organized to block enemy attacks toward Bastogne. CCA, 4th AD, continues to defend corridor into Bastogne. 28th ID defends the Meuse from Givet to Verdun. In III Corps area, 6th AD repels enemy thrusts W of Michamps and places heavy arty concentrations on Arloncourt, Michamps, and Bourcy; to S, attempts to clear high ground near Wardin and takes road junction S of the town. 35th ID gains about two thirds of Lutrebois and crossroads W of Villers-la-Bonne-Eau (Belgium) but is unable to take Harlange (Luxembourg). East of Harlange, 26th ID continues attack in region N of Mecher-Dunkrodt and Kaundorf.

6th Army Group: Is assigned defense of Strasbourg. In US Seventh Army area, XV Corps withstands further pressure and on left slightly improves positions. Germans deepen penetration at boundary of 44th ID and 100th ID, entering Achen, from which they are ousted in counterattack. CCL, Fr 2d AD, pushes into Gros Rederching but is unable to clear it. Attempt by 44th ID to relieve French there fails. 36th ID (-RCT 141) assembles near Montbronn. In VI Corps area, enemy expands Bitche salient, entering Wingen and Philippsbourg. 45th ID withstands pressure against Reipertsweiler, NW of Wingen, and contains attacks in Sarreinsberg-Meisenthal area. Center and right flank elements of corps complete withdrawal to Maginot positions.

• 4 January - In Br Second Army area, XXX Corps opens offensive W of the Ourthe R, protecting US First Army right.

From Marche-Hotton road, 53d ID drives S abreast US VII Corps. Br. 6 A/BD meets determined opposition S of Rochefort. In US First Army's VII Corps area, 2d AD captures Beffe, contains counterattacks near Devantave, seizes Lamormenil, and reaches edge of Odeigne. 3d AD takes Baneux, Jevigne, and Lansival and gains bridgehead at Groumont Creek. In XVIII Corps (A/B) area, 82 A/BD advances its line to include Heirlot, Odrimont, wooded heights N and NE of Abrefontaine, St Jacques, Bergeval, and Mont de Fosse; on extreme left patrols push to the Salm. In US Third Army's VIII Corps area, 87th ID attack is halted by resistance near Pironpre. Attack of 17 A/BD evokes strong reaction in Pinsamont-Rechrival-Hubermont area. Enemy attacks in 101st A/BD sector are ineffective. In III Corps area, 6th AD is repeatedly attacked in Mageret-Wardin area E of Bastogne, and withdraws to shorten line. 35th ID clears Lutrebois but is still unable to take Harlange. 26th ID gains a few hundred yards. In US Seventh Army's XV Corps area, 44th ID tries vainly to clear Frauenbergand Gros Rederching. In limited attack, 36th ID takes hill between Lemberg and Goetzenbruck. In VI Corps area, 45th ID, continuing fight to reduce Bitche salient, drives to outskirts of Wingen; attacks NE across Wingen-Wimmenau road to ease pressure on Reipertsweiler; fights to open ReipertsweilerWildenguth road, taking Saegmuhl and making contact with elements cut off in Wildenguth; clears about half of Philippsbourg. TF Linden's line along the Rhine is extended to include zone held by TF Herren • 5 January - In US First Army's VII Corps area, 2d AD's main effort against Consy makes little headway; elements move toward Dochamps and clear part of Odeigne. 3d AD is slowed by rear-guard action in Bois de Groumont but seizes Lavaux and enters Lierneux. 75th ID moves to Aisne R. In XVIII Corps (A/B) area, 82nd A/BD makes progress all along line and repels counterattacks near Bergeval. In US Third Army's VIII Corps area, 87th ID meets resistance near Bonnerue and Pironpre, W of Bastogne. Rest of corps maintains defensive positions. In III Corps area, 35th ID continues to fight for negligible gains. Fr First Army is to take responsibility for defense of Strasbourg upon relief of US elements in that area by French. Relief is scheduled for 2400 but is interrupted by enemy attack. In US Seventh Army area, XV Corps clears Germans from Frauenberg and Gros Rederching. VI Corps makes slow progress against Bitche salient in 45th ID sector. Most of Wingen and rest of Philippsbourg are cleared. On corps right flank, Germans establish bridgehead across the Rhine in Gambsheim area, crossing between Kilstett and Drusenheim and overrunning Offendorf, Herrlisheim, and Rohrweiler. TF Linden, hit while executing reliefs, launches two-pronged assault toward Gambsheim: TF A moves from Weyersheim to W bank of Landgraben Canal; TF B attacks from Kilstett but is stopped just N of there.

• 6 January - In US First Army's VII Corps area, 2d AD and 84th ID make converging attacks toward Consy, taking positions E and W of the town, respectively. 2d AD continues toward Dochamps, completes occupation of Odeigne, and makes contact with 3d AD on Manhay-Houffalize road. 3d AD cuts Laroche-Salmchateau road at its intersection with Manhay-Houffalize road and captures Fraiture, Lierneux, and La Falise; 83d Armd Rcn Bn clears Bois Houby. In XVIII Corps (A/B) area, 82d A/BD consolidates. To protect its left flank, 30th ID attacks S toward Spineux and Wanne with 112th IR, 28th ID. In US Third Army's VllI Corps area, enemy gets tanks into Bonnerue, lightly held by 87th ID.

87th ID makes limited attack toward Tillet. In III Corps area, 6th AD holds against repeated counterattacks. 35th ID attacks into woods NE of Lutrebois and maintains positions in Villers-Ia-Bonne-Eau area; 6 Cav Sq of TF Fickett is committed near Villers-Ia-Bonne-Eau. In XII Corps area, 80th ID's 319th IR crosses Sure R near Heiderscheidergrund and captures Goesdorf and Dahl. US Fifteenth Army becomes operational. Maj Gen Ray E. Porter is in command. In US Seventh Army's XV Corps area, attack to restore MLR on right flank of 44th ID halts on line extending along Sedge of Bois de Blies Brucken to area just N of Gros Rederching. In VI Corps area, 45th ID makes slow progress against left and center of Bitche salient and on E contains counterattacks on Philippsbourg. Germans continue build up W of the Rhine on E flank of corps. 79th ID clears Stattmatten (where encircled elements of TF Linden are relieved), Sessenheim, and Rohrweiler; reaches edge of Drusenheim. Further efforts of TF Linden to gain Gambsheim are fruitless.

• 7 January - In Br Second Army's XXX Corps area, 53d ID takes Grimbiermont. In US First Army's VII Corps area, coordinated attacks of 2d AD and 84th ID toward Laroche-Salmchateau road, intermediate objective before Houffalize, make notable progress. Dochamps and Marcouray fall. Only rear guards remain in Consy area. 3d AD seizes Regne, Verleumont, Sart, and Grand Sart. In XVIII Corps (A/B) area, 82 A/BD, in rapid advance of 2-3 miles, clears most of angle formed by Laroche-Salmchateau road and Salm R. Some elements secure positions on ridge just N of Comte;

others, during advance to Salm R line, clear Goronne, Farniers, Mont, and Rochelinval. 112th IR seizes Spineux, Wanne, and Wanneranval. In US Third Army's VIII Corps area, 87th ID continues attack on Tillet and is engaged sporadically in Bonnerue area. 17th A/BD takes Rechrival, Millomont, and Flamierge and reaches outskirts of Flamizoulle. In III Corps area, 6th AD remains under strong pressure in Neffe-Wardin region E of Bastogne. 35th ID makes limited attack toward Lutrebois-Lutremange road, halting just short of it. In XX Corps area, CG 94th ID takes command of sector previously held by 90th ID. Boundary between US Seventh Army and Fr First Army is shifted N, giving French responsibility for Strasbourg area. In US Seventh Army's VI Corps area, 45th ID, on left flank of Bitche salient, reaches heights overooking Althorn and overcomes final resistance within Wingen. On corps E flank, 79th ID organizes TF Wahl (elements of 3I3th IR, 315th IR, and 222d IR; CCA of 14th AD; 827th TD Bn) to operate in N part of div front since enemy threat to Maginot Line positions S of Wissembourg is serious. Germans drive back outposts at Aschbach and Stundweiler. In Gambsheim bridgehead area, efforts of 314th IR, 79th ID, to clear Drusenheim are unsuccessful; Fr 3d Algerian Div takes over attack toward Gambsheim from Kilstett.

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