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«BATTLEBOOK Commanding General, United States Army, Europe Senior Leader Staff Ride The Battle of the Bulge Contents The Am erican Soldier SSG Joseph ...»

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• 8 January - In US First Army's VII Corps area, 4 Cav Gp and 84th ID pursue enemy on right of corps to Marcourt and Cielle; other elements of 84th ID start clearing woods S of main road junction SE of Manhay, 2d AD drives on Samree, CCA moving S from Dochamps and CCB pushing SE along Salmchateau-Samree Road. 3d AD gains intermediate objective line, taking Hebronval, Ottre, Joubieval, and Provedroux. In XVIII Corps (A/B) area, 82d A/BD consolidates along line Grand Sart-Salmchateau-Trois Ponts and clears Comte. In US Third Army's VIII Corps area, enemy drives 87th ID units from Bonnerue and maintains pressure in Tillet region. Some 17th A/BD elements gain and then lose high ground N of Laval and others are forced out of Flamierge. In III Corps area, 6th AD recovers lost ground in NeffeWardin sector. TF Fickett occupies zone between 35th ID and 26th IDs, along high ground before Villers-Ia-Bonne-Eau, Betlange, and Harlange. In US Seventh Army's XV Corps area, enemy enters Rimling. 100th ID and 36th IDs improve positions in local attacks. In VI Corps area, 45th ID makes slight progress against W flank of salient; TF Herren becomes responsible for E flank. 79th ID withstands pressure near Aschbach and moves reinforcements to SoultzRittershoffen area. Enemy checks efforts to reduce Gambsheim bridgehead. 314th IR is unable to advance in Drusenheim or SE of Rohrweiler. CCB, 12th AD, attacks with 714th Tank Bn toward Herrlisheim.

• 9 January - In US First Army's VII Corps area, 84th ID mops up near Consy, takes commanding ground at Harze, and clears woods S of main crossroads SE of Manhay. 2d AD continues toward Samree, which is subjected to heavy arty fire. 83 Div attacks through 3d AD, gaining line from Bihain-which is entered but not captured-W to point NE of Petite Langlir. In XVIII Corps (A/B) area, 82d A/BD finishes mopping up within its zone. In 30th ID sector, 424th IR (I06th ID) takes over Wanne-Wanneranval region, formerly held by 112th IR (28th ID). In US Third Army's VIII Corps area, 87th ID continues to fight near Tillet; elements are clearing Haies-de-Tillet woods. 506th PIR, 101st A/BD, attacks with CCB, 4th AD, and CCB, 10th AD, toward Noville, gaining 1,000 yards. 501st PIR takes Recogne. III Corps launches attack to trap and destroy enemy in pocket SE of Bastogne. 90th ID attacks through 26th ID toward high ground NE of Bras, taking Berle and crossroads on Berle-Winseler road. 26th ID's gains are slight but include heights NW of Bavigne.

CCA, 6th AD, coordinating closely with 134th IR of 35ID, advances to high ground SE of Marvie and feints toward Wardin. I37th IR of 35th ID attacks Villers-Ia-Bonne-Eau. US Seventh Army's XV Corps area, local attack by 100th ID gains Hill 370, S of Rimling, but since this region is becoming untenable, div withdraws left flank to Guising to tie in with 44th ID. VI Corps makes very slow progress against Bitche salient, but TF Herren's 276th IR occupies Obermuhlthal.

On NE flank of 79th ID, German tank-infantry attack against 242d IR, TF Linden, overruns Hatten and reaches Rittershoffen; counterattack drives Germans back to Hatten and partly regains that town. In Gambsheim bridgehead region, CCB of 12th AD seizes part of Herrlisheim, but 79th ID is still thwarted in Drusenheim and SE of Rohrweiler.

Elements of 232d IR along canal E of Weyersheim are ordered back to organize Weyersheim for defense.

• 10 January - In Br Second Army's XXX Corps area, 51st ID, which has taken over attack from 53d ID, reaches Laroche. In US Ninth Army's XIX Corps area, 78th ID, in local attack, reaches slopes of hills overlooking Kall R. US First Army prepares to broaden attack on 13th, VII Corps thrusting toward line Houffalize Bovigny and XVIII Corps toward St Vith. In VII Corps area, most of Laroche-Salmchateau road, intermediate objective of corps, is cleared. 84th ID patrols toward Laroche. 2d AD captures Samree and clears Laroche-Salmchateau road within its zone. 83d ID takes Bihain, advances slightly in region N of Petite Langlir, and crosses Ronce R east of Petite Langlir. In XVIII Corps (A/B) area, elements of 82 A/BD secure bridgehead across Salm R near Grand Halleux. In US Third Army's VIII Corps area, 87th ID captures Tillet. Renewing attack toward Noville. 101st A/BD clears portion of Bois Jacques. 4th AD units, having passed through 6th AD, attack NE with elements of 101st A/BD toward Bourcy but cease attack upon order. III Corps continues attack, with greatest progress on right (E) flank. On left flank, 6th AD furnishes fire support for neighboring VIII Corps units and outposts N sector of line reached by 4th AD. Elements of 35th ID take Villersla-BonneEau and high ground NW. Betlange falls to 6 Cav Sq and Harlange to 28 Cav Sq. One 90th ID regt advances from Berle to heights overlooking Doncols; another fights indecisively for Trentelhof strongpoint. Elements of 26th ID reach high ground SW of Winseler. In US Seventh Army's VI Corps area, elements of 45th ID enter Althorn, on left flank of Bitche salient, but are unable to clear it. Otherwise, the salient is unchanged despite continued fighting about its perimeter. On 79th ID's N flank, indecisive fighting occurs at Hatten; bn of 315th IR is committed there and 2d Bn, 242d IR, recalled; another bn of 315th IR assembles in Rittershoffen. To S, enemy maintains Gambsheim bridgehead.

Elements of CCB, 12th AD, are virtually surrounded at Herrlisheim, but tanks sever enemy lines in order to reinforce infantry within the town.

• 11 January - In US Ninth Army's XIX Corps area, 78th ID finishes clearing hill positions overlooking Kall R. In US First Army's VII Corps area, Laroche, in 84th ID sector, is cleared of enemy; 4 Cav Gp patrol covers portion E of the Ourthe R. 83d ID secures road junction on Bihain-Lomre road and attacks Petite Langlir and Langlir. In XVIII Corps (A/B) area, 75th ID takes up positions along Salm R that were held by 82d A/BD. I06th ID assumes control of right of 30th ID zone.

In US Third Army's VIII Corps area, 87th ID's 347th IR finishes clearing Haies-de-Tillet woods and occupies Bonnerue, Pironpre, Vesqueville, and St Hubert, from which enemy has withdrawn. Germans are also withdrawing from 17th A/BD zone in vicinity of Heropont, Flamierge, Mande St Etienne, and Flamizoulle. In III Corps area, Germans are retiring from pocket SE of Bastogne. Elements of all divs of corps are converging on Bras. 6th AD takes over sector E of Bastogne formerly held by 4th AD (VIII Corps); elements attack toward Bras, clearing woods near Wardin. 35th ID gains additional high ground in Lutrebois-Lutremange area. TF Fickett clears Wantrange and attacks Tarchamps, then moves into zone of TF Scott (mainly 26th ID units) as it advances on Sonlez. TF Fickett reaches Sonlez by midnight and makes contact with 90th ID. Elements of TF Scott clear forest E of Harlange then, in conjunction with TF Fickett, secure heights SW of Sonlez. 90th ID overcomes resistance around Trentelhof, cuts Bastogne-Wiltz road at Doncols, and advances on Sonlez. 26th ID improves positions on right flank of corps. In XII Corps area, 80th ID takes Bockholz-surSure and high ground S of Burden. 2d Cav Gp clears Machtum, enemy's last position W of the Moselle. In US Seventh Army's VI Corps area, 45th ID clears Althorn, at W of Bitche salient, but falls back under enemy pressure in WildenguthSaegmuhl-Reipertsweiler region. 276th IR makes limited gains on heights between Lichtenberg and Obermuhlthal.

Enemy renews attacks against 79th ID's Maginot positions S of Wissembourg, reinforcing troops in Hatten, where 2d Bn of 3I5th IR is enveloped, and wresting about two thirds of Rittershoffen from 3d Bn, 3I5th IR. Elements of CCA, 14th AD, counterattack from Kuhlendorf but are stopped short of Rittershoffen. CCB, 12d AD, withdraws from Herrlisheim and takes up defensive positions W of Zorn R.

• 12 January - In US First Army VII Corps area, 2d AD attacks in vicinity of junction of Manhay-Houffalize and LarocheSalmchateau roads: CCA takes Chabrehez, continues about a mile S in Bois de Belhez, and reduces strongpoint E of Bois de St Jean; CCB captures Les Tailles and Petite Tailles. On 3d AD right, 83d Armd Rcn Bn drives S through TF Hogan (CCR) at Regne, crosses Langlir R, and clears Bois de Cedrogne E of Manhay-Houffalize road and blocks road there running W from Mont Ie Ban. TF Hogan moves to Bihain and clears high ground SW of the town. 83d ID completes capture of Petite Langlir and Langlir and gains bridgehead S of Langlir-Ronce R. In XVIII (A/B.) Corps' I06th ID sector, bridgehead is established across Ambleve R south of Stavelot. In US Third Army's VIII Corps area, enemy continues withdrawing. 87th ID takes Tonny, Amberloup, Lavacherie, Orreux, Fosset, Sprimont, and road junction NE of Sprimont. 17th AIB Div recaptures Flamierge. Flamizoulle is found to be heavily mined. Renuamont, Hubermont, and villages to SW are held by light, delaying forces. In III Corps area, CCA of 6th AD captures Wardin and advances to within a few hundred yards of Bras; 357th IR mops up Sonlez and continues to high ground SE of Bras; 359th IR repels attacks on crossroads NE of Doncols. In US Seventh Army's VI Corps area, enemy has shifted from aggressive offensive to stubborn defensive in Bitche salient. Efforts of 45th ID to regain ground lost on 11th are only partly successful. 14th AD attacks to relieve 3I5th IR, 79th ID, in Hatten and Rittershoffen; CCA clears part of Rittershoffen.

Situation in Gambsheim bridgehead is unchanged.

• 13 January - In Br Second Army area, XXX Corps' Ardennes mission is completed as 51st ID Div reaches Ourthe R line southward from Laroche. In US First Army area, VII Corps pushes steadily toward Houffalize. On right flank, 4th Cav Gp and 84th ID clear several towns and villages. CCA, 2d AD, reaches positions about 11/2 miles N of Wibrin;

CCB advances in Bois de Cedrogne to points 5-6 miles due N of Houffalize. 3d AD's CCR cuts Sommerain-Cherain road at its junction with road to Mont Ie Ban and contains Mont Ie Ban while CCB takes Lomre. After clearing passage through woods S of Langlir for 3d AD, 83d ID mops up and regroups. XVIII Corps (A/B) opens offensive, employing I06th ID on right and 30th ID on left. I06th ID, with 424 IR on right and 5I7th PIR on left, attacks SE from junction of Ambleve and Salm Rivers toward La Neuville-Coulee- Logbierme- Houvegnez line, reaching positions near Henumont.

30th ID drives S from Malmedy area toward Ambleve R, gaining positions near Hedomont, in Houyire woods, and in Thirimont area. In US Third Army's VIII Corps area, advance elements of 87th ID reach Ourthe R and make contact with British. 17th AIB Div takes Salle, N of Flamierge, without opposition. 11th AD, which has relieved elements of 101st and 17th A/BDs, attacks N with CCR and CCA along Longchamps-Bertogne axis, cutting Houffalize-St Hubert highway near Bertogne. Bertogne is enveloped. 506th PIR, 101st A/BD, seizes Foy, on Bastogne-Houffalize highway;

327th Glid Inf advances through 501st PIR in Bois Jacques toward Bourcy. In III Corps area, 6th AD drives northward, CCB partially clearing Mageret. 90th ID drives enemy from Bras and gains Hill 530. 35th ID and TF Fickett are pinched out near Bras. 26th ID moves units into positions NE and E of Doncols as boundary between it and 90th ID is moved W. In US Seventh Army area, XXI Corps (MG Frank W. Milburn) becomes operational, assuming responsibility for defense of left flank of army and taking control of I06th Cav Gp and I03d ID in place. It is to continue organization of defensive positions. In VI Corps area, 45th ID makes minor gains against Bitche salient. TF Herren (- 274th IR) moves to right flank of corps. 14th AD takes command of Hatten Rittershoffen sector, assisted by 79th ID: CCA and 3d Bn of 3I5th IR continue to fight in Rittershoffen; CCR secures W third of Hatten and makes contact with 2d Bn of 3I5th IR;

efforts of CCB to cut roads N and NE of Hatten fail.

• 14 January - In US First Army's VII Corps area, 84th ID gains its final objectives, taking Nadrin, Filly, Petite Mormont, and Grande Mormont. 4th Cav Gp patrol makes visual contact with US Third Army patrol. 2d AD seizes Wibrin, Cheveoumont, Wilogne, and Dinez. 3d AD takes Mont Ie Ban and Baclain. 83d ID clears Honvelez and high ground near Bovigny. In XVIII (A/B) Corps' I06th ID sector, 5I7th PIR clears Henumont and continues S; 424th IR secures Caulee and Lagbierme. Same elements of 30th ID attack toward Hedamant and Thirimant, night 13-14, and take Hedamant befare dawn; other elements clear Villers and Ligneuville and gain bridgeheads across Ambleve R at these points. In US Third Army's VIII Corps area, 17th A/BD's 507th PIR secures Bertagne, from which enemy has fled, and I94th Glid Inf takes Givroulle; both regts continue to Ourthe R. TF of CCA, 11th AD, clears Falize woods and drives along Langchamps-Compagne highway until stopped by heavy fire. 101st A/BD continues attack toward Noville Rachamps-Bourcy area. Elements are forced out of Recogne and Foy, but both are regained in counterattacks. Enemy is cleared from Cobru. Tank TF of CCB, 11th AD, followed by infantry TF, enters Noville but withdraws under intense fire. In III Corps area, CCA of 6th AD clears woods E of Wardin and captures Benonchamps; CCB finishes clearing Mageret. Elements of 90th ID drive toward Niederwampach. Having cleared small packets during night, 26th ID moves combat patrols against enemy S of Wiltz R. In XX Corps area, 94th ID opens series of small-scale attacks to improve defensive positions in Saar-Moselle triangle S of Wasserbillig, a strongly fortified switch position of West Wall; 376th IR takes Tettingen and Butzdarf. 95th ID moves two bns to objectives in Saarlautern bridgehead area and then withdraws them as planned. In US Seventh Army's XXI Corps area, 142d IR of 36th ID moves to I03d ID zone to cover relief of that div by TF Herren. In VI Corps area, enemy continues vigorous defense of Bitche salient. 45th ID makes slight gains along its perimeter. 14th AD battles enemy in Rittershaffen and Hatten.

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