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Education 2002 MDiv (granted); Northwest Graduate School of the Ministry 1989 Certificate of High Proficiency; Spanish Language Institute, San Jose, Costa Rica 1972 B.A. Social Science; University of California at Berkeley Publications


The Externally Focused Church (Co-author) (Group Publishing, 2004) Living a Life on Loan (Co-author) (Standard Publishing, 2006)


Is Your Church a Good Neighbor? Leadership Journal, Spring 2002 From Great to Good: When Great isn’t Good Enough. Leadership Journal, Spring Churches Transforming Communities, Outreach Magazine, March / April, 2004 Church for the City, Outreach Magazine, January / February, 2005 The Gospel of Community Transformation, Outreach Magazine, July / August 2004 5 Habits of Externally Focused Churches, Rev! Magazine, September / October 2006 La Bella Vita, Hemisphere Magazine, February, 2007 Experience Highlights Tango; Director of Charitable Investing, 1999-present Leadership Network; Director of Externally Focused Churches Leadership Communities, 2002-present GoodCities; Consultant, 2002-present Campus Crusade for Christ; Campus Staff, Regional Director, 1974-1999 Promise Keepers; National Key Man/Ambassador Training Team, 1994-97 Personal Eric has been married to Liz since 1977. They reside in Louisville Colorado and have three married children; Andy (b. 1981), Jeff (b. 1983) and Kacey (b. 1986) and two grandchildren; Gentry (b. 2005) and Jenda (b. 2006). Eric’s hobbies include hanging out with family and friends, reading, blogging, photography, cooking, travel, good coffee and writing. Wanting to be a reader, he read; wanting to be a chef, he cooked; wanting to be an athlete, he played; wanting to be an author, he wrote; and wanting to be a good

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