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P: Well, firstly, quality is at least ensured, and I can use it longer. I would rather spend more money to buy luxury products because I can use them longer. This is my purchasing habits. Besides, I would be more confident and happy. Thirdly, as my friends also buy luxury products, if we purchase things from the same luxury brands, I would feel that we have similar tastes, and we could have more common topics in conversations.

L: Well are there any special luxury fashion brands more famous than other brands in your country?

P: CHANEL, DIOR, LV, PRADA, BURBERRY, GUCCI, Hermes, these kinds of well-known brands L: Can you tell me your views about these brands? Why do you think these brands are especially famous in your country?

P: These brands are normally the ones that have high awareness and acceptance in my country. I don’t really like some of them such as LV and GUCCI, I think they do not look nice, I don’t appreciate the design. I think most of their consumers in my country are those people rich but with lower educational levels. People buying LV handbags as they are expensive and could be recognised easily. Owning these branded thins could show to others are they are rich; they can afford LV and GUCCI, not because they really like these designs.

P: Although I value more on the quality and design of products, I still care about ‘brand’, I think wearing branded clothes, handbags, shoe could make me feel more confident.

L: Will you consider that people want to follow the trends in in society as to the luxury purchasing?

P: yes, sometimes.

L: Does this phenomena influence your choice in selecting luxury brands?

L: for example, Chanel is very popular, and Celine might not be so well-known, you are about the spend similar amount of money on purchasing one handbag either from Chanel or Celine, you like both the two handbags, maybe like the one from Celine more, which one would you decide to buy?

P: …I don’t know, maybe I would choose the handbag from Celine. Because Chanel is so well-known, if I buy one, I am afraid that people would think it is fake. Besides, as many people are now buying handbags from Chanel, I do not want to purchase the same products, it’s meaningless.

L: how about other people in your country? Which one you think they would choose?

P: definitely the one from the more well-known brand. But for me, I prefer brands attached with personality.

L: What do you think are the negative things associated with being a luxury consumer?

L: such as costing too much?

P: Maybe people would group you as a luxury seeker; I don’t like to be classified.

Besides, costing too much money, and buying luxury could cause a kind of psychological change that you may want to compare or compete with other people who also buy luxury goods.

L: all right. Can you tell me your opinion towards counterfeits? For example, a fake LV handbag with high imitation and also good quality.

P: I think buying fake luxuries is non-sense and meaningless. If my friends don’t know it’s fake and they ask me about the price, I don’t know how to answer them, it is awkward. If I cannot afford a real one, I would buy a similar one from a normal brand, not the fake one.

L: So why do you think there sre still so many people buy fake luxuries?

P: Could be many reasons. Sometimes people do not know this brand, they may buy the fake buy accident. Or in most situations, they could not afford the real luxuries, but they hope others think they can afford.

L: In the literature of luxury consumption motivations, researchers identify several motivations, such as displaying wealth and status, social group fit in, showing uniqueness as some people cannot afford these products, self-pleasing and self-gifting, quality, which you think values more important for you?

P: for me, quality and self-satisfaction are the most important, social group and uniqueness are next; the least important are social status.

L: How about people with similar ages as you in your country?

P: Oh, I think social status and group fit in are the most important reasons for them to buy luxuries, quality and self –pleasing are also very important, then the uniqueness.

L: How about self-expressing and self-identity?

P: For me, self –expressing is quite important.

L: any things you want to add towards your views and motivations of luxury fashion products purchasing?

P: No, I think I have expressed all my ideas, haha.

L: all right, thank you very much for you time, I appreciate that.

P: No problem! If you have any other questions to ask me, just contact me.

L: Ok! Thank you!!!

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