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«Bosworth Battlefield: The Way Forward Final: August 2013 Alison Farmer Associates 29 Montague Road Cambridge CB4 1BU af in ...»

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The final theme addresses access to, and enjoyment of, the Bosworth Battlefield area. It looks at ways to encourage visitors while balancing this with the need to reduce damage to the fabric of the countryside and protect the tranquillity of the area.

Introduction 9.1 The focus of this part of the CP is on future management and action.

The objectives, policies and actions set out below reflect an understanding of the values associated with the Bosworth Battlefield area and the range of issues currently affecting it. They therefore aim to address issues and safeguard special qualities of the area for the future. In being clearly stated, it is hoped that they can enable all parties to work together cooperatively.

Included in the objectives and policies are those relating specifically to the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre as it is one of the premier attractions in the area and of specific relevance to an understanding and appreciation of the Battlefield. Any action on this site can have a direct impact on peoples' movement within, and enjoyment of, the surrounding landscape as well as management and conservation priorities within the wider area.

The objectives, policies and actions all fit within the statutory and non-statutory designations, responsibilities and strategies outlined in Section 4. The action plan provides a basis to facilitate taking the CP forward through the establishment of a Bosworth Battlefield Forum or Partnership, which will help to develop actions, set priorities, set initial timetables and identify resources.

The policies and actions are indicative and not absolute. A developmental process is envisaged in which, as polices are implemented and solutions to certain difficulties are achieved, further courses of action will be identified and developed.

Over-arching Objectives for the CP 9.2 This section of the CP starts by providing a strategic direction through the development of overarching objectives under six key themes. These form the structure for the development of more detailed policies for the area shown below.

Theme 1: Partnership and Communication The process of preparing this CP has repeatedly highlighted the need for improved communication and the establishment of trust between all parties, especially with those who live and work within the area. Regular communication, clear and agreed responsibilities and priorities for action will be essential to the successful implementation of the policies within this CP.

The objectives are:

• To foster complementary partnerships with national, regional and local organisations and build trust between parties through clear, transparent and regular communication

• Establish clear and agreed responsibilities between parties and agree initiatives and priorities for consensual and collaborative action Theme 2: Living Landscape and Local Economy The challenge is to ensure a local economy that supports, directly or indirectly, the conservation and enhancement of the landscape's natural and cultural heritage and diversity of character. Products and services need to be developed that ensure the economic viability of sustainable land management. This includes the development of sensitive sustainable tourism that supports the diversification and economic viability of farm businesses and local services, and is of a scale and type that does not detract from the peace and quiet of the Bosworth Battlefield area. In this respect there are opportunities to learn from, and work with, the National Forest Company.

There is scope for the diversity of attractions and the appealing landscape context of the Battlefield to be marketed jointly to provide a compelling, quintessentially English destination under a 'Destination Bosworth' brand. By working in partnership to promote the many small enterprises within the Battlefield area, there is the potential to increase penetration into current markets and to develop new ones. Notably, this includes overseas visitors, who are increasingly interested in Britain’s lesser-known countryside and characterful villages.

The objectives are:

• To support a buoyant local economy which contributes to the sensitive management of the landscape's natural and cultural heritage

• To ensure sustainable visitor attractions at the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre and other sites across the Battlefield area Theme 3: Protection of the Archaeological Resource The Bosworth Battlefield area is a rich archaeological landscape. Current land uses provide the present face to a landscape of complexity and intensity of use. It incorporates nationally significant sites and artefacts from a range of historical periods and is complemented by intact historic villages of high quality. The historic environment is a key contributor to the area's character and local distinctiveness, being a primary source of visitor interest and inspiration, helping to stimulate wellbeing and maintain vibrant communities.

The objectives are:

• To ensure adequate understanding, protection and recognition of all artefacts, sites and areas associated with the Bosworth Battlefield

• To ensure clear procedures for the collation and safe keeping of archives and artefacts relating to the Bosworth Battlefield

• To promote identification and implementation of appropriate research agendas for the Bosworth Battlefield Theme 4: Landscape Management A new policy agenda is emerging for agriculture. The main thrust of the agenda is to engender an industry that operates within environmental limits, where sustainable land management is supported by the market for safe good quality food and by payments for public benefits provided. Such benefits include landscape, biodiversity, flood alleviation, natural resource protection and access. This heralds a new era of sustainable, multi-functional land management, where individual land management activities have the potential to deliver a range of benefits, of which food production may be only one. The farming and land management communities lie at the heart of the delivery of sustainable land management, members of which seek to conserve and enhance local distinctiveness and offer opportunities for increasing ecological diversity.

The objectives are:

• To maintain and enhance landscape and village character, and the special qualities offered by the Bosworth Battlefield area

• To conserve and enhance wildlife habitats, seeking a balance with heritage conservation and historical authenticity Theme 5: Appreciation and Understanding The Bosworth Battlefield area provides great opportunities for both formal and informal environmental and cultural education and lifelong learning. With appreciation comes respect, and with respect comes a desire to support beneficial change and an appreciation of the issues involved.

The objectives are:

• To improve understanding of, and intellectual access to, the area's natural and cultural heritage through the development of appropriate interpretation enabling an appreciation of the area's special qualities

• To enable safe and respectful recreational enjoyment of the Bosworth Battlefield area in a way which conserves the area's special qualities Theme 6: Access and Enjoyment The Bosworth Battlefield area is already valued for its opportunities for outdoor recreation and quiet enjoyment of the countryside. There are significant opportunities to increase the welcome to visitors, while sensitively managing recreational use to ensure that it does not damage or impinge on the fabric of the countryside and the area's special qualities.

The objectives are:

• To reduce reliance on the car and to address traffic issues on the lanes within the area

• To maintain, and where possible enhance the accessibility of the Battlefield area for walkers, cyclists and horse riders, while safeguarding the valued characteristics of the area

• To promote the area as an icon of history and 'Englishness' – with the past bloody conflict contrasting with the rural idyll Policies 9.3 The proposed CP polices set out below help to meet the objectives as well as address and mitigate the issues and vulnerabilities identified in Section 9 of this report. They fit within existing planning policy and guidance and seek to further initiatives currently promoted by key organisations such as the National Union of Farmers, English Heritage, Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, Leicestershire County Council, Natural England and the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust. These are brought together with the proposed Action Plan outlined in Section 10.

Theme 1 Partnership and Communication Objective 1 To foster complementary partnerships with national, regional and local organisations and build trust between parties through clear, transparent and regular communication Policy 1.1 Establish a database of potential partners/supporters of the proposed objectives in this CP Policy 1.2 Establish a database of up to date e-mail and postal addresses for all relevant landowners to ensure rapid and effective communication Policy 1.3 Establish a Bosworth Battlefield Partnership or Forum comprising representatives of the farming community, tourism businesses, National Farmers Union, English Heritage, Natural England, Leicestershire County Council, Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, relevant Parish Councils, The Wildlife Trust, British Waterways, and the local constabulary in order to take forward the proposed recommendations in this document Policy 1.4 Develop a schedule of regular meetings for the Partnership/Forum and an annual general meeting Objective 2 Establish clear responsibilities between parties and agree initiatives for cooperative action Policy 2.1 Ensure that the Bosworth Battlefield Partnership or Forum takes on the role of a Local Heritage Crime Partnership to address, through collective action, matters to do with rural and heritage crime Policy 2.2 Ensure that the Bosworth Battlefield Partnership or Forum reviews, implements and develops the proposed action plan included in this report, delegating responsibilities to key organisations / individuals, setting up subgroups where necessary to take initiatives forward and sourcing resources Theme 2 Living Landscape and Local Economy Objective 3 To support a buoyant local economy which contributes to the sensitive management of the landscape's natural and cultural heritage Policy 3.1 Promote sustainable and appropriate farming diversification by access to business guidance and intelligence on tourism trends and opportunities

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Policy 4.3 Review the current sense of arrival, orientation and signage at the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre both on Ambion Hill and Shenton Station sites

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Objective 5 To ensure adequate protection/recognition of all sites and areas associated with the Bosworth Battlefield and its setting in partnership with Leicestershire and Rutland Historic Environment Record (HER)

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Policy 5.3 Ensure that the Registered Battlefield boundary reflects current research and understanding of the Battle in partnership with English Heritage

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