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«Bosworth Battlefield: The Way Forward Final: August 2013 Alison Farmer Associates 29 Montague Road Cambridge CB4 1BU af in ...»

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The revised Registered Battlefield Boundary was confirmed by English Heritage in June 2013 Objective 6 To ensure clear procedures for the collation and stewardship of archives and artefacts relating to the Bosworth Battlefield Policy 6.1 Establish a clear understanding of artefact identification, research and collections management between all parties Policy 6.2 Develop a protocol for data exchange with the Historic and Natural Environment team (LCC) as the primary repository for archaeological / heritage data in Leicestershire Policy 6.3 Communicate the opportunities for public access to the diversity of materials and information related to the Battlefield area Objective 7 To ensure a full and comprehensive understanding of the Battlefield through a programme of research working closely with Historic and Natural Environment team (LCC) Policy 7.1 Consider the opportunities for supporting PhD scientific research into the condition and decay of metal artefacts as a result of farming activity and soil conditions, and make accessible to landowners to inform future management decisions if requested Policy 7.2 Work with partners such as the Battlefields Trust to undertake further detailed research and survey to increase understanding of the Bosworth Battle Policy 7.3 As required, support research into the historic evolution of other areas within the Battlefield landscape Theme 4 Landscape Management Objective 8 To retain and enhance the varied landscape character and special landscape qualities of the Bosworth Battlefield area Policy 8.1 Ensure sensitive management of the landscape, conserving its varied character and local sense of place whilst utilising the Hinckley and Bosworth landscape assessment and the assessment within the CP Policy 8.2 In line with current national policy, ensure that topographic views across the Battlefield and within its setting are conserved and managed in order to protect significance enabling understanding and interpretation Policy 8.3 In line with current national policy, protect the area from activity and development which undermines tranquillity – in particular noise, visual intrusion and night light spill Policy 8.4 Encourage the retention and enhancement of the open character of the Redemore Plain area Objective 9 To conserve and enhance wildlife habitats seeking a balance with heritage conservation and historic authenticity, with the agreement of local landowners Policy 9.1 Seek to develop a rolling programme of habitat survey and recording in order to increase awareness of ecological value, encourage appropriate sensitive management of areas of wildlife value and identify opportunities for habitat creation Policy 9.2 Identify opportunities for wetland and meadow creation / restoration enhancing the existing landscape character and ecological value, following careful consideration of the archaeological impacts and opportunities Policy 9.3 Encourage collaborative working between landowners to deliver landscape scale ecological benefits Policy 9.4 Ensure the sensitive management of verges along rural lanes within the Battlefield area particularly those designated as Local Wildlife Sites Policy 9.5 Encourage the uptake of stewardship in land not currently within schemes particularly within the Registered Battlefield area Theme 5 Appreciation and Understanding Objective 10 To improve understanding of and intellectual access to the area's natural and cultural heritage through the development of appropriate interpretation which helps explain the area's special qualities Policy 10.1 Develop and distinguish between the visitor offer at the Heritage Centre and other complementary offers within the wider Battlefield area, ensuring that the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre remains the focus of visitor activity for Battlefield heritage Policy 10.2 Maintain the interpretation focus of the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre on the Battle and place this within the wider landscape context of the Battlefield area Policy 10.3 Enable the visitor to have a deeper appreciation of other significant periods of history within the Battlefield Area, including enclosure patterns, settlement and parkland, Roman features, Civil War skirmish and industrial heritage Policy 10.4 Enable the visitor to have a deeper appreciation of nature conservation within the Battlefield area Policy 10.5 Within the wider Battlefield area tell the story of the Battlefield through the landscape including the use of topography, land use, views and landmarks and interpreting those sites/locations known to have an association with the Battle Policy 10.6 Ensure that interpretation at the Heritage Centre and within the wider area is regularly updated and remains true to current thinking and research, and other developments Objective 11 To enable safe and respectful recreational enjoyment of the Bosworth Battlefield area which conserves the area's special qualities Policy 11.1 Foster carefully managed, appealing low-key recreation and enjoyment of the wider Battlefield area Policy 11.2 Encourage a culture of respect for the landscape as a place of commemoration Theme 6 Access and Enjoyment Objective 12 To reduce reliance on the car and to address traffic issues on the lanes within the area Policy 12.1 Encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport to the area and reduce reliance on the car Policy 12.2 Ensure safe access and use of rural country lanes within the Battlefield area (through traffic calming, speed restrictions – remove) and designation of 'quiet lanes' appropriate to the rural setting, whilst recognising the access needs of landowners and farmers Policy 12.3 Review all parking opportunities and issues within the area and develop a parking strategy which supports long term recreational use of the area Objective 13 To maintain and where possible enhance the accessibility of the Battlefield area for walkers, cyclists and horse riders, while safeguarding the valued characteristics of the area and needs of landowners and farmers Policy 13.1 Create opportunities for horse riding and cycling within the Battlefield area for local residents and visitors to the area and consider ‘rewarding’ off-road visitors with added or unique interpretation opportunities Policy 13.2 Taking a whole area approach, seek to develop an access strategy which improves footpath and bridleway access to the Battlefield area compatible with farming activity, including where feasible, the implementation of initiatives within the Green Infrastructure Strategy and new access to sites associated with the Battle. This would need to consider trading new routes for old, unused or cul-de-sac paths.

Objective 14 To promote the area as an icon of history – with the past ‘bloody’ conflict contrasting with the rural idyll Policy 14.1 Develop an integrated marketing and branding strategy for promoting the historical, cultural, natural and aesthetic values of the Battlefield area 10 Implementation, Monitoring and Review Summary The future of the Bosworth Battlefield and its wider setting depends on successful partnership and communication between the stakeholders and organisations who form the proposed Bosworth Battlefield Partnership/Forum and who have already contributed to this Conservation Plan.

It is proposed that the Partnership/Forum will be made up of key stakeholders including landowners, conservation organisations, local authorities and national bodies. It is proposed that the Partnership/Forum will lead the implementation of policies, deciding priorities for action and organising potential bids for funding, such as a Heritage Lottery Fund Landscape Partnership bid. There may also be an opportunity to form a wider stakeholder/ consultee group to help develop activities emerging from the Conservation Plan.

Policy implementation is necessarily a complex and dynamic process – those actions that are affected by statute and existing policy can be subject to sudden change, and implementation can take time, especially if a large number of stakeholders are involved.

The implementation of one policy can have a knock-on effect on another. Flexibility of approach and review is therefore very important. It is suggested that the Partnership/Forum review their action plan annually, and also undertake a five-yearly review of the Conservation Plan.

10.1 Conservation through Co-operative Action The successful long-term management and conservation of the Bosworth Battlefield and its wider setting will be dependent upon an effective partnership between the landowners and the organisations who have contributed to the drafting and development of this CP.

It is proposed that the conservation polices set out in this Plan are led by the Bosworth Battlefield Partnership/Forum which would include in its membership key representatives from landowners, local authorities, National Farmers Union, English Heritage, Natural England, the Wildlife Trust.

The policies set out in Section 9.3 have been developed as part of the CP process.

Any specific proposals will be subject to the normal statutory controls and available government guidance.

10.2 The Action Plan As stated above the membership of the proposed Bosworth Battlefield Partnership/Forum should be drawn from those responsible for the care and use of the Registered Battlefield and its wider setting. It is proposed that the chairing of the Partnership/Forum be a revolving post between members of the group held for a period of twelve months at a time. The Bosworth Battlefield Partnership/Forum will specify priorities for action, developing further the action plan which is set out below and identifying responsibilities, resources and timetables. It may find it necessary to set up sub-groups to take forward particular issues e.g. heritage and rural crime.

Some of the actions that the Partnership/Forum will need to address will be covered by policy or statute, while others will be voluntary, and their success will depend on co-operation and good will. The extent to which many polices can be implemented will be affected by the availability of resources, and the commitment of the various partners. Serious consideration should be given to preparing a master plan for the area and applying for a Heritage Lottery Fund Landscape Partnership Bid to enable the implementation of some of the key initiatives contained within the action plan.

The implementation of the conservation policies identified in this plan will be a complex and dynamic process. There is no fixed base point or status quo from which the process of policy implementation starts. Many important factors (for example legislations, land ownership and ecological balance) can be subject to incremental or sudden change.

The implementation of specific polices will necessarily take place within a wide range of time-frames, depending on factors such as their complexity, the number of stakeholders involved and the resources available. It is inevitable that polices which depend on the agreement of a wide range of parties, and on complicated land ownership and land management situations, will take time to carry forward.

The implementation process will generate its own internal dynamic, and will call for a flexible approach. As one problem is tackled, the way in which it is solved may in turn have an impact on other issues, and may change the way in which these have to be addressed.

10.3 Table of Actions

Theme 1 Partnership and Communication

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