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«Bosworth Battlefield: The Way Forward Final: August 2013 Alison Farmer Associates 29 Montague Road Cambridge CB4 1BU af in ...»

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Objective 1 - To foster complementary partnerships with national, regional and local organisations and build trust between parties through clear, transparent and regular communication Policy 1.1 - Establish a database of potential partners/ stakeholders of the proposed objectives in the CP Work with relevant organisations (national, regional and local) to take forward the proposed objectives in the CP; identify initiatives promoted by others which could further the proposed objectives and policies within the CP Policy 1.2 - Establish a database of up to date email/ postal addresses for all landowners and other stakeholders to ensure rapid and effective communication Utilise the database established during the CP process as a starting point and contact individual stakeholders for confirmation of contact details – ensure the Partnership/Forum retains the database and meets Data Protection Act requirements Policy 1.3 - Establish a Partnership/Forum to take forward the recommendations of the CP and agree priority actions Identify a lead individual who can take forward and champion the establishment of the Partnership/Forum – review proposed objectives and action plan in early stages of formation Develop Terms of Reference for the Partnership/Forum in order to achieve effective delivery of the CP objectives Policy 1.4 - Develop a schedule of regular meetings for the Partnership/ Forum and an annual general meeting Ensure that regular meetings are communicated to relevant parties Ensure that the AGM is appropriately published to maximise attendance from the wider public and particularly local residents /stakeholders Objective 2 - Establish clear responsibilities between parties and agree initiatives for cooperative action Policy 2.1 - Ensure the Partnership/Forum takes on the role of a Local Heritage Crime Partnership to address, through collective action, matters to do with rural and heritage crime Encourage individual stakeholders to sign up to ARCH39 Under the Local Heritage Crime Partnership ensure that incidents relating to rural and heritage crime are accurately reported to the Partnership/Forum Publicise activity and Farm Watch Area as a means of deterrent Ensure accurate data on heritage and rural crime in the Bosworth Battlefield area are fed into, and influence. The Community Safety Plan ensuring better targeted prevention and enforcement Policy 2.2 - Ensure Partnership/Forum reviews, implements and develops the proposed CP action plan, delegating responsibilities to key organisations/individuals, setting up subgroups where necessary to take initiatives forward, and sourcing resources Establish sub groups to deal with key initiatives including road safety, feasibility of the use of the disused railway for footpath, cycle and bridleway access and future research programme for example Review current grants available for heritage, landscape, and biodiversity conservation and management and identify financial resources which may help deliver some of the key initiatives within this CP particularly relating to access and enjoyment Explore the opportunities/feasibility for a Heritage Lottery Bid/Landscape Partnership bid for funding to take forward Bosworth as an exemplar in Battlefield management and to implement policies and actions within this CP Theme 2 Living Landscape and Local Economy Objective 3 - To support a buoyant local economy which contributes to the sensitive management of the landscape's natural and cultural heritage Alliance to Reduce Crime against Heritage - http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/professional/advice/advice-bytopic/heritage-crime/arch/ Alison Farmer Associates Bosworth Battlefield Conservation Plan Final Report August 2013 Policy 3.1 - Promote sustainable and appropriate farming diversification by access to business guidance and intelligence on tourism trends and opportunities Work with NFU, Natural England, Rural Community Council, LLEP, landowners, funders and other stakeholders to promote opportunities for business diversification Undertake regular visitor surveys to gain qualitative information on visitor numbers, motivations, interests and attitudes Policy 3.2 - Explore the opportunities for collective marketing of attractions and offers within the Bosworth Battlefield area and the collective branding of local produce in order to drive up footfall at existing key visitor sites and improve opportunities for spending in the area, benefiting local businesses and organisations Develop a ‘Destination Bosworth’ brand and logo for use by all local tourism related businesses marketing their products/services in the area Seek outlets for the sale of 'Bosworth' local farm produce at key visitor sites in the area Objective 4 - To ensure sustainable visitor offers at the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre and other sites across the Battlefield area Policy 4.1 - Foster complementary, carefully managed, appealing low key recreation and enjoyment of the wider Battlefield area; encourage the development of 'hubs' for visitor activity, consistent with the area's special qualities which physically link, via trails, to the wider area beyond the battlefield Encourage local ‘destination partnerships’ that promote the special qualities of the area Review low impact opportunities for local businesses Policy 4.2 - Clarify and review the efficiency and effectiveness of the Heritage Centre and Country Park visitor offer, management and communication Regularly review and evaluate the visitor offer at the Heritage Centre focusing on providing an understanding of Bosworth Battlefield Review site management arrangements particularly in the context of the Country Park and car parking Policy 4.3 - Review the current sense of arrival, orientation and signage at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre both on Ambion Hill and Shenton Station sites Encourage a review of the current car park and entrance layout at the Heritage Centre to improve visitor sense of arrival Encourage a review of the current signage at car parks on Ambion Hill and Shenton Station to improve welcome and orientation Theme 3 Protection of the Archaeological Resource Objective 5 - To ensure adequate protection/recognition of all sites and areas associated with the Bosworth Battlefield and its setting in partnership with Leicestershire and Rutland Historic Environment Record (HER) Policy 5.1 – In line with current national policy, ensure that planning policy within the local development plan documents and seeks to protect land within the revised Registered boundary, including key sites and their settings known to have been associated with the Battle Lobby local planning authority and provide representations during consultation of local development plan documents Lobby local planning authority and provide representations on planning applications which may affect the Battlefield and its setting, utilising the CP to help articulate the special qualities and sensitivities of the area Policy 5.2 – In liaison with the HER team to ensure stewardship schemes consider and, where feasible, reflect any new understanding e.g. research into decay of artefacts or location of former wetland areas Make any new research on the decay of artefacts or the location of former wetland sites available to landowners so it can inform their land management activity, if requested Policy 5.3 - Ensure that the Registered Battlefield boundary reflects current research and understanding of the Battle in partnership with English Heritage Actively engage in and contribute to the consultation on the proposed extension/alteration to the Registered Battlefield boundary Alison Farmer Associates Bosworth Battlefield Conservation Plan Final Report August 2013 Policy 5.4 – In line with currently national policy, in liaison with the HER and English Heritage ensure that any new development within the area and its setting does not have an adverse visual or landscape impact on the special qualities of the area, and that existing development which detracts from the area, where appropriate, is mitigated Lobby local planning authority and provide representations on planning applications which may affect the Battlefield and its setting Consider the visual impacts of development (white tent on Ambion Parva) and car parking on Ambion Hill through reorganisation of layout and mitigation planting Objective 6 - To ensure clear procedures for the collation and stewardship of archives and artefacts relating to the Bosworth Battlefield Policy 6.1 - Establish a clear understanding of artefact identification, research and collections management between all parties Seek clear agreements between the Heritage Centre and landowners regarding the finding and safe keeping of artefacts Develop written guidance on procedures for artefact identification, research and collections management through liaison with key bodies and landowners Policy 6.2 - Develop a protocol for data exchange with the HER team as the primary repository for archaeological/ heritage date in Leicestershire Identify and implement protocol/ process, as appropriate Policy 6.3 - Communicate the opportunities for public access to the diversity of materials and information related to the Battlefield area Continue to retain MLA Accreditation associated with the security and stewardship of Battlefield collections Consider opportunities within displays/ talks/ events programming for public access Objective 7 - To ensure a full and comprehensive understanding of the Battlefield through a programme of research working closely with the HER team Policy 7.1 - Consider the opportunities for supporting PhD scientific research into the condition and decay of metal artefacts as a result of farming activity and soil conditions, and make accessible to landowners to inform future management decisions, if requested Seek resources to undertake detailed research on peat deposits and other palaeo-environmental evidence to determine former areas of peat and inform sensitive current land management, if requested Policy 7.2 - Work with partners such as the Battlefields Trust to undertake further detailed research and survey to increase understanding of the Bosworth battle Seek resources to undertake detailed survey and mapping of ridge and furrow within the Battlefield area Policy 7.3 - As required, support research into the historic evolution of other areas within the Battlefield landscape Seek resources to undertake a detailed research survey of the historical development of Shenton Parkland and use this to inform and enable future management and interpretation/appreciation Theme 4 Land Management Objective 8 - To retain and enhance the varied landscape character and special landscape qualities of the Bosworth Battlefield area Policy 8.1 - Ensure sensitive management of the landscape, conserving its varied character and local sense of place whilst utilising the Hinckley and Bosworth landscape assessment and the assessment within the CP Encourage the use of the Hinckley and Bosworth and local landscape character assessments by land managers and advisors including NFU and FWAG and use the assessments in stewardship schemes and Whole Farm Plans to help address current issues affecting landscape character and to undertake management which conserves and enhances local distinctiveness. It is recommended that this process is simplified to avoid over-burdening businesses.

Policy 8.2 – In line with current national policy, ensure that topographic views across the Battlefield and within its setting are conserved and managed in order to protect significance enabling understanding and interpretation If agreed to by landowners, encourage the close trimming of hedges and hedge laying within the Redemore Plain Landscape Character Area in order to maintain views across this lowland landscape, Alison Farmer Associates Bosworth Battlefield Conservation Plan Final Report August 2013 reinforcing character and protecting identified key views.

Avoid the creation of new field boundaries including hedges, post and rail/wire fencing where they may detract from an appreciation of the open, flat and uncluttered appearance of this area.

Policy 8.3 – In line with current national policy, protect the area from activity and development which undermines tranquillity - in particular noise, visual intrusion and night light spill Consider the replacement of street lights with more effective fittings or removal of lighting where it is not required or 'power when required' schemes Liaise with noisy sports venues to discuss the coordination of activity and reduce the number of days affecting tranquillity in the Battlefield area Policy 8.

4 - Encourage the retention and enhancement of the open character of the Redemore Plain area Review the planting of woodland within the Redemore Plain Character Area to maintain its open characteristics Avoid excess signage (related to orientation or interpretation) within the Battlefield area and avoid the development of a 'theme park' character and visual clutter Objective 9 - To conserve and enhance wildlife habitats seeking a balance with heritage conservation and historic authenticity, with the agreement of local landowners Policy 9.1 - Seek to develop a rolling programme of habitat survey and recording in order to increase awareness of ecological value, encourage appropriate sensitive management of areas of wildlife value and identify opportunities for habitat creation Undertake a phase 1 habitat survey of rural lane grass verges within the Registered Battlefield area to determine those with the greatest habitat value and those with potential in order to inform management and possible development of bridleway routes along the verges Undertake a tree survey of veteran trees within the Shenton and Dadlington/Stoke Golding areas and assist landowners in the appropriate management of these important landscape features and the planting of new trees where appropriate Policy 9.2 - Identify opportunities for wetland and meadow creation/ restoration enhancing the existing landscape character and ecological value, following careful consideration of the archaeological impacts and opportunities With the agreement and support of landowners, seek opportunities to re-create wetland areas with the Redemore Plain Character Area and particularly along Sence Brook/Mill Lane area through removal of drainage and changes to land management regimes in order to enhance wildlife value, landscape character and appreciation – seek support from Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust Seek clarification from Natural England about the future of Higher/ Entry Level Stewardship schemes and funding opportunities for supporting this process Policy 9.3 - Encourage collaborative working between landowners to deliver landscape scale ecological benefits Through collaborative initiatives encourage the development of grass field margins in arable fields and along watercourses to enhance ecological corridors across landownership boundaries Policy 9.4 - Ensure the sensitive management of verges along rural lanes within the Battlefield area particularly those designated as Local Wildlife Sites Liaise with LCC Highways Department to agree a sensitive management regime of grass verges on rural lanes within the Battlefield area ensuring improved grassland diversity and valued habitat for invertebrates Policy 9.5 - Encourage the uptake of stewardship in land not currently within schemes particularly within the Registered Battlefield area Liaise with landowners through NFU and FWAG with land currently outside of stewardship schemes and encourage increased uptake particularly within the Registered Battlefield/extension area Theme 5 Appreciation and Understanding Objective 10 - To improve understanding of and intellectual access to the area's natural and cultural heritage through the development of appropriate interpretation which helps explain the area's special qualities Policy 10.1 - Develop and distinguish between the visitor offer at the Heritage Centre and other complementary offers within the wider Battlefield area, ensuring that the Bosworth Alison Farmer Associates Bosworth Battlefield Conservation Plan Final Report August 2013 Battlefield Heritage Centre remains the focus of visitor activity for Battlefield heritage Promote the Heritage Centre as the focus for understanding the wider Battlefield area Market the Heritage Centre as the principal destination from which to explore the wider Battlefield area and explore other partnership opportunities with Leicester City Council with the new Richard III Visitor Centre.

Policy 10.2 - Maintain the interpretation and focus of the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre on the Battle and place this within the wider landscape context of the Battlefield area Enhance and promote activities at the Heritage Centre which help to reinforce the significance of the Battle e.

g. Battlefield guides and their accompanied walks programme, gallery updates/ displays Policy 10.3 - Enable the visitor to have a deeper appreciation of other significant periods of history within the Battlefield area, including enclosure patterns, settlement and parkland, Roman features, Civil War skirmishes and industrial heritage Develop a leaflet guide to circular walks in the wider Battlefield area providing information on points of interest both associated with the Battle e.g. Crown Hill and Dadlington Chapel and other features of cultural heritage interest Policy 10.4 - Enable the visitor to have a deeper appreciation of nature conservation within the Battlefield area Develop a leaflet guide to circular walks in the wider Battlefield area providing information on points of natural heritage interest Consider the development of a complementary point of interest south of Fenn Lane focusing on natural heritage which utilises the landscape resource of the Battlefield but does not repeat the offer currently provided at the Heritage Centre. Initiatives could include the restoration of wetland areas along the streams and grassland/meadow management, nature conservation interpretation, creation of a commemorative space – where Richard fell, sculpture and arts and developing the existing focus of The Country Trust. Any development of this sort would need to be sensitive to the area’s special qualities and to avoid conflict with landowner requirements and land management.

Policy 10.5 - Within the wider Battlefield area tell the story of the Battlefield through the landscape including the use of topography, land use, views and landmarks and interpreting those sites/locations known to have an association with the Battle Explore the opportunities and means for delivering this e.g. audio tours, podcasts, in-situ interpretation Policy 10.6 - Ensure that interpretation at the Heritage Centre and within the wider area is regularly updated and remains true to current thinking and research, and other developments Retain and develop partnerships with those involved in research e.g. University of Leicester and recent discoveries associated with Richard III; Arms and Armour Research Group (Huddersfield) Explore opportunities/ themes for future conferences Objective 11 - To enable safe and respectful recreational enjoyment of the Bosworth Battlefield area which conserves the area's special qualities Policy 11.1 - Foster carefully managed, appealing low-key recreation and enjoyment of the wider Battlefield area Identify potential gaps in the market and explore potential opportunities Policy 11.2 - Encourage a culture of respect for the landscape as a place of commemoration Promote the Sundial at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre and explore other opportunities Theme 6 Access and Enjoyment Objective 12 - To reduce the reliance on the car and to address traffic issues on the lanes within the area Policy 12.1 Encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport to the area and reduce the reliance on the car Work with the public and private sector to explore the opportunities to take this forward Policy 12.2 - Ensure safe access and use of rural country lanes within the Battlefield area through traffic calming,,speed restrictions and designation of 'quiet lanes' appropriate to the rural setting, whilst recognising the needs of landowners and farmers Work with LCC's Environment and Transport department and other stakeholders to identify the need and opportunity Policy 12.3 Review all parking opportunities and issues within the area and develop a Alison Farmer Associates Bosworth Battlefield Conservation Plan Final Report August 2013 parking strategy which supports long term recreational use of the area Work with LCC's Property Services to develop an appropriate approach Objective 13 - To maintain and where possible enhance the accessibility of the Battlefield area for walkers, cyclists and horse riders, while safeguarding the valued characteristics of the area and needs of landowners and farmers Policy 13.1 - Create opportunities for horse riding and cycling within the Battlefield area for local residents and visitors to the area and consider 'rewarding' off-road visitors with added or unique interpretation opportunities Work with stakeholders to identify an approach scheme and approach, as part of a wider strategy Policy 13.2 - Taking a whole area approach, seek to develop an access strategy which improves footpath and bridleway access to the Battlefield area compatible with farming activity, including where feasible, the implementation of initiatives within the Green Infrastructure Strategy and new access to sites associated with the Battle. This would need to consider trading new routes for old, unused or cul-de-sac paths Work with stakeholders to identify an approach scheme and approach, as part of a wider strategy Objective 14 - To promote the area as an icon of history - with the past 'bloody' conflict contrasting with the rural idyll Policy 14.1 - Develop an integrated marketing and branding strategy for promoting the historical, cultural, natural and aesthetic values of the Battlefield area Work with stakeholders including Leicestershire Promotions and Hinckley and Bosworth Tourism partnership to develop a strategy, particularly in light of the developments surrounding Richard III in Leicester City

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