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«Seeking Justice Loving Mercy Walking Humbly EWind is a weekly electronic newsletter from and for the American Baptists of the Windy City and its ...»

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Metro Chicago


September 6,2014

Seeking Justice Loving Mercy Walking Humbly

EWind is a weekly electronic newsletter from and for the American Baptists of the Windy City and its environs, covering

matters as diverse as our region.



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OCTOBER  25,  2014  11:00AM   ­  4:00PM  





–  –  –

It's one of those "start of the new year" times again.

As if, Labor Day was actually New Years Day.

Kids starting a new school year. People starting back to work after some days or weeks of vacation. The start of the football season. Etc. Etc.

And, yes, the start of the new program year for congregations.

Here's my question: what will make this new program year different in your church and your ministries?

Or will the new program year just be firing up the same "programs" that have been in place year-after-year?

Don't get me wrong: that's not entirely bad. Some really good programs need to continue year-after-year!

Let me offer a suggestion: if you aren't already engaged with another ABCMC congregation in some meaningful way, I dare you to reach out to another ABCMC church and ask: what could we do together that we aren't doing separately?

That would be in keeping with our Baptist heritage of freely admitting that the ministry of Jesus Christ can't and shouldn't always be done separately and, actually more importantly, freely committing ourselves to being related, connected, associated with one another in order to find new ways of engaging in the redeeming ministries of our calling in Jesus.

Whether you take up this challenge--this dare--or not, happy new program year! May it be generative in the work of the Gospel.

In the cause of the Evangel, Larry p.s. For one of our own, this is NOT the start or restart of something new. The Rev. Chakravarthy Zadda successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and brought to completion, therefore, his rigorous program of research in the field of Missiology. Congratulations Chaks!

–  –  –

Sunday, September 7, 2014 – 13th Sunday after Pentecost (Year A) Exodus 12:1-14 Psalm 149 Romans 13:8-14 Matthew 18:15-20 Deliverance involves both the redeemed and their enemies, and even the community of love needs ways to keep its boundaries. J. Wilcoxen http://www.abcmc.org/documents/biblicalWords/2014/biblical_words_09_07_2014.pdf Sunday, September 14, 2014 – 14th Sunday after Pentecost (Year A) Exodus 14:19-31 Psalm 114 Romans 14:1-12 Matthew 18:21-35 Israelites sang God’s triumph over Pharaoh, and Jesus people were taught to forgive each other. J. Wilcoxen http://www.abcmc.org/documents/biblicalWords/2014/biblical_words_09_14_2014.pdf

–  –  –


Join MMBB Financial Services for a Retirement Planning Seminar at Lindner Conference Center at Northern Seminary.

Certified Financial Planners will provide the tools needed to:

--Set Your Retirement Goals

--Define Your Income Sources  ­ ­Determine  How  to  Distribute  and  Diversify  Assets  ­ ­  Make  Sure  You  are  on  the  Right  Financial  Path  for  Retirement.



Breakfast   ­  8:30am Seminar   ­  9:00am ­12pm REGISTER  DIRECTLY  WITH  MMBB!  www.mmbb.org/retirementplanning   LOCAL WOMEN’S RETREAT – OCTOBER 25


(see full flyer elsewhere in ewind).

The  first  ever  National/Regional  Retreat  will  be  held  in  Chicago  October  25,  2014.    “We're  praying  this  will  be   a  transformative  encounter  and  the  start  of  something  new  for  the  Metro  Chicago  women,”  says  Rev.  Naomi  Mitchell.    A   planning  team  is  in  formation  and  needs  help.    Please  contact  Naomi  @  773 ­634 ­1495  ext.  2  or  Naomi@abcmc.org.    For   more  information  on  the  sponsoring  organizations,  visit:  http://www.abwministries.org/  and  http://www.abc ­ usa.org/what_we_believe/abc ­organizations/abwim/  .   http://www.eventbrite.com/e/titus-2-womens-retreat-an-american-baptist-churches-of-metro-chicago-event-tickets

–  –  –

David Sagar, Shakespeare Osorio, Holale Azondjagni, and Jacki Belile hosted the Mayra Giovanetti-Carlos Bonilla family on July 11th on their way to International Ministries gathering at Green Lake. Mayra, Carlos, Alberto, Daniella, and Carolina are serving in Nicaragua. We had a rich time of fellowship and discussion of calling and mutual support.

Congratulations to the Rev. Dr. James Edward Dunn, lead pastor of Saint John Church-Baptist, for having been awarded the Doctor of Ministry degree from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary on June 7. Dr. Dunn's doctoral thesis was on recruiting, developing, and training emerging church leadership.

We rejoice with Rev. Elizabeth (Liz) Jones who was ordained by Community Church of Wilmette on June 29.

Congratulations to Rev. Dr. Joel Harter on his new ministry as chaplain at Elon College in North Carolina.

We welcome Rev. Patty Jenkins home. She has recently concluded her chaplaincy deployment with the Army Reserve in Afghanistan.

Our thoughts are with Rev. David Gregg, President of ABCMC, as he begins as interim minister at the United Church of Hyde Park.

Rev. Rajamani Gonu will depart August 10 for two weeks to a remote region in India, where he will teach and mentor local pastors.

Rev. Jacki Belile has begun a part-time position as Minister of Congregational Development at Eden United Church of Christ on Chicago’s northwest side. She will continue her nationwide coaching and retreat ministry at Living Well Ministries.

Our MC member Rev. Holale Azondjagni and his wife Awenam have completed their orientation at International Ministries and will be preparing for mission placement in France.

Our prayers are with ABCMC’s current ordination candidates: Jean Engel, Laura Harris-Adam, and Stephen Heaviland.

Did we miss something? Email your news to jacki@livingwellministries.net.

–  –  –

Highlights: Recharging in Ministry! Pastoral Excellence Grants! Upcoming Cruise! Together in Ministry Capital Campaign Update… Click here for more. Visit http://ministerscouncil.com/news/ministers-council-newsletter/.

Have you paid your dues for this year? If not, it’s not too late. Send on that check or visit the national website. Your dues make our local and national programs, resources and fellowship possible.

Use  the  form  on  the  next  page  for  mailing  them  in:   6     THE  MINISTERS  COUNCIL     AMERICAN  BAPTIST  CHURCHES  OF  METRO  CHICAGO         DUES  2014—“Ministers  Council  ABCMC”   Return  to  Rev.  Carol  Jamieson  Brown,  107  Westwood  Drive,  Park  Forest  IL  60466  or  pay  at  ministerscouncil.com     NAME:     PREFERRED  ADDRESS:     PHONE:           EMAIL:     MINISTRY  SEASON/CONTEXT(S):     SPECIAL  NEEDS/INTERESTS  FOR  2014?       DUES:                                  ___  Annual  Basic  ($70)              ___  Seminarian  ($35)  ___                    Clergy  Couple  ($95/couple)*                     NOTE:  Dues  are  collected  at  the  regional  level  for  regional  and  national  membership,  and  national  dues  forwarded  by  our   treasurer.    (If  you  prefer  to  pay  on ­line  at  www.ministerscouncil.com,  our  regional  portion  will  be  forwarded  to  us.)    *This   was  previously  incorrectly  advertised  as  $90/couple.           OPTIONAL  GIFTS  for  the  Together  in  Ministry  Capital  Campaign  (see  below)       Enclosed  is  $  _____  for  the  continued  funding  of  Together  in  Ministry  (TIM)  Collegial  Groups.     ____  Please  contact  me  about  donating  in ­kind  services  to  the  Together  in  Ministry     Campaign.   Participants  in  collegial  covenant  groups  are  more  spiritually  grounded,  strengthened  in  their  leadership,  nurtured  through   clergy  friendships,  enhanced  in  preaching  and  teaching,  and  more  positive  toward  self  and  congregation.    The  result  is   increased  effectiveness  and  sustained  pastoral  excellence.    This  learning  was  confirmed  by  a  multi ­year  grant  from  the  Lilly   Endowment  which  previously  funded  nationwide  Clergy  Covenant  groups  across  the  ABC.    The  Ministers  Council  has  launched   our  first  ever  Capital  Campaign  in  order  to  support  the  continued  work  of  Together  in  Ministry.        This  three ­year  campaign   will  produce  decades  of  support  for  collegial  activities.    For  more  info,  visit  http://ministerscouncil.com/together ­in ­ministry ­ capital ­campaign)    


Stay Tuned

–  –  –

Position Opening: Administrative Assistant (part time) North Shore Baptist Church, Chicago Vibrant urban multicultural congregation is looking for a part-time Administrative Assistant to work approximately 20-25 hours per week to handle basic clerical and office reception functions. Ideal candidate will possess an open, friendly personality and be comfortable interacting with a wide variety of people and situations. Solid computer and communications skills with working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs a must. Some college, an Associate’s Degree preferred, BA a plus. Bilingual English/Spanish preferred Work hours flexible within standard workday week schedule. Send resume with cover letter to, office@northshorebaptist.org by September 19, 2014. A complete job description can be found at our web site, www.northshorebaptist.org under the Staff tab, click on Support Staff. Please no phone calls.

!"#$%&'()*$)+$!"#,$("#$%&'()*$)+$$%& $ !"#$%#$!%"&'#""'()*+',&-%"-.%"($$%)*+",'-"" " $ $

-.(/01.&,$-#2(#34#0$56$ 7869.3:;86923$

–  –  –

6-03.&$-.&#/0,.&"7&-"1.#$&,"8/014"1# & 9.. & !

–  –  –

Carol Jamieson Brown was in her early 20s when she told her pastor she had answered a call from God to pursue ministry and enrolled in seminary.

But he put the brakes on her plans — he didn’t acknowledge women ministers.

“He had been my pastor since I was 5 years old,” Brown said. “So it was like your father telling you that God didn’t call you. He had to be right, and I had to be wrong. There was no room for him to be wrong in my life.” Many years later, she found room. Today she is pastor of First Baptist Church of Park Forest and among those who’ve made cracks in a stained-glass ceiling that continues to block women clergy and is nowhere close to being shattered.

Only 11 percent of American congregations were led by women in 2012, said Duke University Sociology Professor Mark Chaves, who shared data from a National Congregations Study survey that will be fully released in September.

“It was about 11 percent in 1998,” he said. “Nationally, it doesn’t look like it’s going up.” The survey was conducted by Chaves in collaboration with the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago.

Progress is greater in more liberal Protestant denominations that have more women ministers. Across such faiths, it was about 20 percent in 1998, and it’s just roughly 22 percent today, Chaves said. “It is creeping up there, but slowly.” Women have made greater inroads serving in lesser ministerial roles, with nearly a third of congregations reporting they have clergy women on their staff, but not necessarily serving as the head person, he said.

Just because denominations have policies allowing women’s ordination as clergy doesn’t mean individual congregations embrace them as pastors, noted Adair Lummis, faculty associate in research at the Hartford Institute for Religion Research in Hartford, Connecticut.

“In churches that are more congregationally centered versus those with more denominational leadership control, congregations can sort of make up their own minds,” Lummis said.

Age demographics account for some of the limited progress, contends Chaves, who also is professor of religion and divinity at Duke.

“There’s still the generation of clergy that are almost entirely male,” he said. “They will be leaving the scene, [but] when you have a process that requires generational change in the occupation, that takes time.” Women also leave the clergy at a higher rate than men, “and it’s still clearly true that there are churches out there who prefer a male,” he said.

It took 27 years for Brown to decide her pastor had erred. She concluded that after sharing her experience with an orthodox rabbi friend.

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