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«Autumn Court Ancient and Accepted Order of Bridgemasons (LoS 110) Description: These are an old order of master builders. They are ogres and ...»

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The Entitlement Guide

Reference Books: Changeling the Lost (CtL), Dancers in the Dusk (DD), Equinox Road (ER),

Lords of Summer (LoS), Swords at Dawn (SD), Winter Masks (WM)

Autumn Court

Ancient and Accepted Order of Bridgemasons (LoS 110)

Description: These are an old order of master builders. They are ogres and elementals whose

capabilities in construction are unmatched by mortals and other Lost. Even the greatest

Wizened tinkerer could not compare to the speed of a Master Builder.

Titles: Master Builders Prerequisites: Wyrd 3, Skills - Crafts 3 + Specialty: Construction, Mantle - Autumn 1, Seeming - Elemental or Ogre How to join: There is very active recruitment into the Bridgemasons. The secret initiation rites are offered to those who impress the Bridgemasons with devotion to the craft.

Why you should join: The Bridgemasons are the builders of lost society. They give structure and fortification to freeholds and markets that the Lost and their allies make havens. They are the artisans who build the most elaborate and durable cathedrals. You should seek to join the Bridgemasons if you are a crafter who wishes to give foundation to lost society. As a Bridgemason, you will be counted as sturdy as the bridges you build.

Mein: Members become more stout and powerful in build, with knotted muscles and powerful stone hands.

Privileges: Wyrdbuilding - The Bridgemason can construct or deconstruct buildings of tremendous size in a matter of hours, so long as no mortal observes the work.

Magi of the Gilded Thorn (LoS 83) Description: The Magi of the Gilded Thorn seek out the secrets of the Hedge; unlocking its mysteries and overcoming the fear of its dangers. They can be a powerful ally for a Freehold when travel through the Hedge is needed. At other times, their meddling in the borderlands can draw the ire of their brothers and sisters in the Lost.

Title: Magus (sometimes Maga for females) Prerequisites: Wyrd 2, Skills - Occult 2, Survival 3, Mantle - Autumn 2 How to join: Simply by taking the Oath of the Gilded Thorn, a changeling may freely choose to become a Magi--assuming they possess the required skills and Mantle in the Autumn Court.

Why you should join: If you would rather understand the Hedge than fear it, you may find a home within the ranks of the Magi. It is a bold step, to be certain, but not without its benefits in knowledge and control of the Hedge's wonders.

Mein: Usually wear cheap-but-rugged garments good for travelling in the hedge. The Mein gains elements reflecting the Briars themselves, such as thorny vines and barbs.

Privileges: Wisdom of the Thorns - Magi suffer no penalty to derangement checks while in the hedge. Furthermore, glamour loss for being in the hedge takes far longer to start up for a Magus.

Scarecrow Ministry (CtL 313) Description: Some of the ghost stories are make-believe. Some are about the Gentry. Then there are those that the Lost create themselves. Those are the takes of the Scarecrow Ministry. The Ministry protects mortals from the dangers of the Hedge. They posture at the gates and frighten away those that might otherwise wander astray. They act as a safer terror than what would wait beyond the gate. The fear they spread is a necessity and a kindness that few would understand or appreciate.

Title: Scarecrow Ministers, Scarecrows Prerequisites: Wyrd 3, Attributes - Manipulation 3, Mantle - Autumn 2 How to join: Almost uniformly, Scarecrows are selected by the secretive order rather than petitioning to join. The Scarecrows secretly test the potential new member by wreaking havoc upon their life with terror. Should the changeling show themselves to be stout against the fear the Scarecrows spread, an invitation will be issued. Those who refuse will be given another chance, and then a third, before the Scarecrows cease to make the proposition. The end of invitations may not end the terror they spread in the changeling's life, however; the Scarecrows do not like to be turned down.

Why you should join: The Hedge is something to be feared by mortals and you understand this more than most. If your goal is to fortify the boundary between this world and the next, you might find a home amongst the Scarecrows. This is especially true if your primary means of motivation is fear.

Mein: Oftentimes the Scarecrow will dress the part of the ghastly character he or she wishes to portray. The drowned axe murderer lurking by the docks would little fit the part without his fire axe and dripping wet coat, after all. The transformation of the mein tends toward the image of a typical scarecrow--burlap taking the place of flesh and straw growing along with hair, with buttons for eyes and a wicked, stitched-together grin.

Privileges: Bugbear's Mask - An obviously fake, cheap mask, this token can suddenly become quite terrifying to a single victim when worn by the Scarecrow Minister. This has the side-effect of drawing out narcissistic feelings in the Scarecrow who uses it.

Spring Court Bodhisattvas of the Broken Cage (LoS 43) Description: The Bodhisattvas are agents of change within Lost society. They encourage others to break free from monotony and try new things--the more drastic the better.

Titles: Bodhisattva, Agent of Change, Succubus/Incubus Prerequisites: Wyrd 2, Attributes - Wits 3, Contracts - Fleeting Spring 1 (Cupid's Eye), Mantle Spring 1 How to join: Bodhisattvas are not particularly well-connected with one another. As such, joining simply requires one to make the (drastic?) decision to join.

Why you should join: As a Bodhisattva, you would embody the Spring Court's mantra of accepting and yielding to the power of desire. You protect yourself and others from the Fae by keeping one step ahead of even Their chaotic natures. You should join if your character is never willing to succumb to contentment and you believe others should fight that urge of comfort as well.

Mein: You would not know the mein of the Bodhisattva by studying a group of them in a lineup. But if you should observe one over time you may discover the tell. The mein of the Bodhisattva shifts gradually as time passes, from the color of their eyes right up to their very gender in some cases. The changes are different for every member and they seem not to notice anything different about themselves.

Privileges: Sprung Door - When used upon other Agents of Change, this token has no power.

In fact, even without use of the Sprung Door, a penalty is applied when using a social maneuver against others within the entitlement. Otherwise, it grants the Bodhisattva an edge when trying to persuade others to challenge the social establishment. This bonus is even stronger if the Agent has learned that this desire for change is something the target legitimately holds (through the use of Cupid's Eye).

Satrapy of Pearls (CtL 310) Description: Everything has a price, everything has a value and the Satrapy of Pearls is out to find it. The game is fair acquisition and exchange; not theft, but barter and commerce. Those Spring courtiers who understand the value of making a good deal often find their way into the Satrapy or seek them out for assistance.

Title: Satrap, Pearl Satrap Prerequisites: Wyrd 3, Skills - Persuasion 2, Mantle - Spring 2 How to join: In addition to being a member of the Spring court, an applicant must ask a Satrap and be given a test. The test varies but always involves procuring a specific object of value through legitimate exchange. If they can find the item, find a price, and make the trade… they are in.

Why you should join: If you enjoy the game of barter and commerce, the Satrapy of Pearls may be right for you. Much of the RP involves finding deals, acquiring objects of value, and making the difficult trades that others might struggle with.

Mein: Similar to the Standard Bearers, the Satraps appear clean and well-kept. More telling are the eyes of the Satrap, which appear as perfectly smoothed pearls.

Privileges: Avaricious Finesse - Pearl Satraps each gain a free Social Skill Specialty upon joining, learned from another local Satrap who possesses the same Specialty.

The Guild of Goldspinners (LoS 130) Description: The ancient tale of Rumpelstiltzkin holds a hidden truth which this enterprising Guild has claimed for themselves. With a true talent for spinning straw into gold, they are among the most celebrated and wealthiest of artisans among the Lost.

Title: Rumpelstiltzkin, Goldspinner Prerequisites: Wyrd 2, Skills - Crafts 2 + Specialties in Textiles & Smithing, Mantle - Spring 1 How to join: New members must demonstrate that they know the value of a good investment and demonstrate skill in making one. Knowing the value of a dollar is not enough; one must show that they are capable of making it grow.

Why you should join: The talents of the Goldspinners are fairly straightforward; they are able to spin normal fiber into pure gold. Any Spring courtier who wishes to use his or her talents to produce vast quantities of material wealth would certainly find a perfect home in this entitlement. You might also be interested in using this talent to build your social power in the mortal world--who could deny a bribe of pure gold, after all?


Privileges: Gildwheel - By way of the deadly catch, this token may be "freely" used by anyone.

The Goldspinner or other user may spin any sort of fiber into pure gold. Mechanically, this produces finances equal to equivalent dots of Resources each day spent spinning, up to a cap of the supernatural's power stat (or one day for a Mortal).

Summer Court The Hound Tribunal (LoS 63) Description: Sometimes there is a solitary threat that has to be dealt with. The secret order of Hounds are those who can hunt them down… and they will either make them pay or make them leave. Few face the hunters of the Tribunal and live; still fewer are seen in town again.

Title: Hound, or "The Honorable" before their name, or a combination with "The Honorable Hound" Prerequisites: Wyrd 2, Skills - Subterfuge 2, Stealth 2, and one of Brawl, Firearms or Weaponry at 3, Mantle: Summer 2 How to join: As a secret organization, petitioning for membership is not exactly possible.

Rather, new recruits are those the Tribunal has observed doing particularly impressive deeds.

The Tribunal may extend an invitation if someone impresses them which is then up to that person to accept or decline.

Why you should join: If you enjoy being the biggest, baddest bully in town, the Hound Tribunal may be for you. Hounds are the Lost who make trespassers pay, and ensure that no one individual will cause trouble in the Freehold for long. Loyalists and Privateers should fear you if you decide to become one of the Hounds.


Privileges: All Hounds receive a bonus to Subterfuge when lying about themselves. In addition, they know the Turncoat's Assurance pledge which can be used to guarantee that someone leaves town and never returns; a mercy compared to the alternative the Hound might offer.

Tolltaker Knighthood (CtL 317) Description: The Tolltakers, as they are called by outsiders, are often seen as a collective of brutish mercenaries. That's not far from the truth but they are focused in carrying out their tasks. A bounty taken up by the Tolltaker Knighthood is certain to be paid in due time. Those who find themselves under the blades of the Knighthood stand little chance of surviving long.

Tolltakers make good upon their oaths and expect payment for the deeds done.

Title: Knight, Tolltaker Prerequisites: Wyrd 2, Mantle - Summer 1, Skills - One of Brawl, Firearms or Weaponry at 2 How to join: The initiation of a Squire begins with something akin to violent hazing. They must prove themselves capable in combat but also resilient to nothing short of a relentless beating by their would-be-brethren. For some, this toughens them up or proves they were made of the toughest stuff to begin with. For others, it weeds them out before things go any further. Those who are strong enough are then tested in their philosophy. These tests are, in fact, designed to stretch their moral codes thin to the point of snapping. It must be ensured that every knight is willing to do whatever it takes to hunt down and incapacitate their targets. Softness of body or heart has no place within the Knighthood. But there is some measure of control needed even for a knight; they are not seeking crazed sociopaths. A worthy applicant can push aside his or her own moral convictions while still following the letter of duty to the Knighthood. These few who are strong enough and malleable enough are finally welcomed into the order.

Why you should join: Do you like the idea of playing a bounty hunter? Or of playing a brutish but simultaneously noble being out to help others seek justice… or justice as they see it, at least?

Then the Knighthood may be for you.

Mein: The Knight's mein grows tough and scarred with ever-present dried blood tracing over their skin and clothing. They appear every bit the part of the frightening bruiser.

Privileges: Bounty's Curse - When a bounty is accepted by the Knight Banneret (sole leader of the Tolltaker Knighthood), the target of the bounty is cursed. Should they be encountered and identified by any Knight of the order, that Knight may activate this blessing to apply the curse upon the target. This curse slows the bounty's reactions, making them easy prey to the Knighthood.

Winter Court Duchy of the Icebound Heart (CtL 297) Description: Charlatans of the heart, members of the Duchy embrace the fleeting side of love.

They pour their souls into their marks showing them love and desire not unlike a Spring courtier. The difference is that the Duchy is not interested in maintaining the affections.

Instead, they draw strength from the broken hearts of their former loves, always seeking their next mark while toying with those left behind.

Titles: Icebound Duke (male), Icebound Duchess (female) Prerequisites: Wyrd 2, Skills - Persuasion 2, Subterfuge 2, Mantle - Winter 1 How to join: Most characters join the Duchy by out-breaking the heart of another Duke or Duchess. Failing this, the character must by some other means demonstrate that he or she is a pillar of composure and control in matters of the heart.

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