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«A NO-HOLDS-BARRED GUIDE FOR THE UNEMPLOYED BUT NOT HELPLESS You have lost your job. You may have lost your house. Along with these losses came ...»

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You have lost your job. You may have lost your house. Along with these

losses came something worse: You lost status and respect. You became

“jobless,” “homeless,” and left the “respectable” category. That hurts, and

we're sorry.

Most people in the West, and especially America, spend their lives working very hard in hope of getting ahead. The system makes it almost impossible to actually get very far ahead, but everyone believes that this is a worthy way to live, so we just keep moving forward, usually without thinking much further than “everyone else does this, so it must be right.” That was your big mistake.

Yes, being productive is a good thing – a superb thing – but the system in which you worked was never the noble cause it was advertised to be. If it was, would it have spit you out, and left other people (often much worse than yourself) ensconced in their positions?

You see, being in the “unemployed” position was probably not your fault.

Your error was to believe that the system was able to deliver for you. It isn't and it never really was.

If you have lived by productive work, the system abused you. If you spent years doing construction, or factory work, or nursing, or any of a hundred other productive things, you got a raw deal, and have now been dumped off the side of a corrupt system that promised more than it could deliver.

So, the fantasy has ended and here you are. The system has shrugged you off.

Now it's time for you to shrug them off.

Once you lose everything, you're free again.


This small tract has two purposes:

1. To make you understand that your situation is primarily not your fault.

2. To show you how to rebuild better.

For reasons that should be obvious, we the authors are not revealing our names. You'll have to trust us (or not) that we've been unemployed and desperate, and that we know what it feels like to start over from nothing.

We're taking the time to write and distribute this because we do understand and because we do give a damn. What you do with it is up to you.

The Authors 2 1 The Real Horror Story Let's face it, most people don't independently plan their lives; instead, they watch what others are doing, then try to find a slot in their game and fit in.

Once they secure that slot, they may try to advance within it, but it is unlikely that they'll ever leave it entirely. They find a boy or girl they like, get enough to eat and a place to live, then continue on with the usual scripted life. Then, when they're old and worn out, they have a few quiet years. Then they die, wondering what it was all for.

If you think about it, it's crazy. But, everyone seems to live this life without question.

There are reasons, of course, why people never question the script, and the big one is this: Respected “authorities” made you feel vulnerable and inferior all your life.

When you were young, they told you that only the rich, handsome prince really mattered, and that only the prettiest girl really mattered.

At school, they made you fear stepping out of line, disobeying teacher or being called out in class. They also turned learning into an ordeal and embarrassed you when you failed to learn something. And this abuse continued for a long time.

When you were older, they told you that the only important people were those who ordered everyone else around. All others were “employees” and “consumers.” There were only a few slots for people who ordered everyone else around and you weren't in one of them. You felt less.

It was all bullshit.

The system is designed to use you as a tool. Isn't that what it has done to you? You worked and they took the money. Then they told you that you were morally inferior. The purpose of the system was to keep you compliant and to grab bigger and bigger percentages of whatever you made. All the rest was propaganda.

3 It is the job of political types to make people afraid. It is an industry of its own. As a result, people have become paranoid. Their leaders fill the TV channels with reasons to fear, then funnel that fear into convenient causes.

We all know that politicians are thieves and liars. So, how could a system controlled by thieves and liars produce anything better than theft and lies?

Garbage in, garbage out.

It was all illusion and fraud. When they quoted great men from the past, it was to make you believe that their system had something to do with those men... and it doesn't. Illusion and fraud.

The system has already spent all the money it took from you, your children's money and your grandchildren's money. Now it is grinding to a halt because its monetary fraud has reached its limit. You were among its early victims;

more will be coming.

How many people do you know who pay gladly taxes because they think the government does wonderful things with them? We know the truth: People pay because they are terrified of the state's enforcers – and that we're afraid to say so. And if we do say something like that, we instinctively lower our voices. What does that tell you?

Now, think of the non-monetary wastes:

People in the system have enough money to do a lot of cool things, like, for example, traveling to interesting places. (If you look hard, you can still find round-trip tickets to the far side of the world for $1,000.) The problem is that they almost never do anything very interesting. Maybe one trip when they're young; after that, their soul stagnates and withers.

Instead, they blow their money on piles of birthday presents for one year olds, lottery tickets, moving to an ever-bigger and newer house, getting a shiny new car, the newest, hottest accessories, draperies, dish towels, and so on, endlessly... as their souls slowly die.

In the system, people don't follow their own desires, they follow desires that they pick up from television, and mostly from commercials. They live as others tell them they should live, they want what others tell them they should want. Professionals are rewarded for finding better ways of getting everyone to desire what they want you to desire.

Get yourself a copy of a movie called They Live, and watch it. It was not a great film, but it illustrates this foolishness very well.

And, yes, it is that bad.

4 2

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The system isn't our friend, and it never was. It used us mercilessly.

We believed that following the script would give us happiness; after all, those are the images we watched on TV a hundred hours per month.

We spent all of our time either working or recovering from work. And all the while, the state took half of everything we made. We scraped to have a little left over.

Were we crazy?

Maybe so, but here we are now, and the solution is simple:

Start building again, this time from your natural state.

Think of it this way:

You are “in society,” with your immediate family, some members of your extended family, your neighbors, people you've worked with, people you may have worshipped with, people you've traded with, played sports with, and so on.

You are in natural society with these people.

You have been in forced society with politicians and tax men and policemen.

This is your chance to start over, this time building from natural society, not forced society.

And being in society means a lot of things: To love, to trade with, to support, to encourage, to commune with.

Your “social group” is not “everyone,” it is people you can trust, people you can rely upon, people you can confide in. These are much deeper and much more gratifying relationships than any that forced society can offer.

5 Sure, you should be nice to every decent person, but they are not all “in your society.” If they are good people, you'll want to bring them in, but they are not in until you bring them in.

There is only one real rule to living with others: Live with integrity. If you wouldn't like someone to do something to you, don't do it to them.

Honest men and women have known this rule for thousands of years, and it has never been successfully challenged.

Do this and you'll be one of the best people on the planet, far above all politicians, 'celebrities' and CEOs. They pretend to be good; you can actually be good.

And, interestingly enough, being good isn't all that hard, once you get the system out of your head.

So, start over and do it better.

6 What To Do

Our no-holds-barred list:

1. Start producing. Pick something of value; pick anything of value; then start making or doing it. Show it to people who might want it. Trade with them.

2. Walk away from TV. No... run away from TV. Watch a comedy or a ball game now and then if you like, but get the rest of it out of your life – it is a massive time waster and keeps your mind tied to the system that just spat you out. Do NOT watch the commercials.

3. Get the system out of your head. Don't be like the battered woman who clings to her abuser no matter what – get the hell away from the system and stop looking to it for images of success and approval.

4. Make your own images of success. Approve of your own self.

5. Start reading books. Real books with real ideas in them. This is education; schools are watered-down substitutes. And you don't need their approval certificates; where have they gotten you?

6. Get to know yourself. You are not “middle class.” You are not “a citizen.” You are not suited to any single description. You are a complex, unlimited person. Get to know YOU. Stop looking for boxes to fit into. Stop looking for people to tell you what you are.

7. Stop doing what other people expect you to do; do what you think is right.

8. You have a functional mind and you have every right to use it fully. Sure, it makes sense to get input from people with

something valuable to say, but consider everything yourself:

decide it's right; decide it's wrong; decide part is right and part is wrong; but decide for yourself. All the time.

9. Do whatever works. You're already considered outcasts and lost causes, so what do you have to lose?


10. Get copies of the (short-lived) TV show Firefly and the movie Serenity. Watch them. Dramatics aside, these are people like you.

11. Read the Bible. There may be no more thorough and condensed set of ideas in the world. Believe if you think that is right or don't believe if you think that is right, but read the ideas in this book and make your own decisions about them.

Do NOT compare what you read with anything that a religious person ever told you. Read the book itself.

12. If you have some expertise in something, teach it to others.

Hold informal lectures on economics, teach welding one morning per week, take people for sailing lessons on Saturdays, whatever. Pass-along what you know.

13. Protect each other. Let's be honest, most policemen won't spend a lot of time protecting a tent city. Figure out how to protect yourselves. Forget the system's laws and do what you need to do. There are bad people out there and you have every right to protect yourselves. (If you do happen to find a good policeman, thank him and show him kindness.)

14. Remember, your rights do NOT come from the government.

Thomas Jefferson was right: they come from Nature and Nature's God. Governments trash them more than they protect them. You don't need an official to tell you what your rights are.

15. Respect property. When people lose their property, they are losing the part of their life that worked for it.

16. Forget “the news.” The very definition of news is “something that almost never happens.” When something is so common that it's no longer news (car crashes, IRS seizures, bogus speeding tickets) that's when you should worry about it.

17. Get over any racial crap. It's what's inside people that matters, not the outer layer of skin. If they behave well, you treat them well. If they behave badly, you separate and protect. It doesn't matter what kinds of feelings you have; we are not instinctdriven beasts, we are thinking humans. Were you mad that welfare people got your money or that someone abused your great grandfather? Fine, but blame the system that enforced the 8 crime and not someone who happens to have the same complexion as a bad guy. They are individuals, the same as you, and if you don't treat them as such, you are the barbarian.

18. Learn about the common law. Forget the law produced by senators; learn about justice. That's what the common law was, and it is useful.

19. Learn how to avoid the state. They will always want to steal your production – that is what they do. Once you have something again, they'll want it again. Don't go back to Egypt.

20. Cooperate with others and build whatever you need. It doesn't matter what. Maybe, for example, you need a water supply. Get together with everyone else and start developing ideas: Can you get it from a nearby stream? Can you buy it from a business? Do you need to tap into municipal lines? Decide what is the right thing to do, then pay whatever the price may be and do it.

21. Learn to play an instrument and make music with your friends.

It's a lot more rewarding than plugging into an iPod and mindlessly bobbing your head for hours.

22. Less talk, more action. People often talk to delay actions they fear. Ditch the endless arguments and do things.

23. Adapt, improvise, overcome.

24. Screw the rules – make your own.

9 Epilogue

This is your life, but it is your decision whether or not you will live it.

You own yourself. You own your production. No one should have anything to say about what you do unless you somehow hurt others.

All else is tyranny, no matter what kind of impressive words they sell it with.

So, you've been hurt. Well, that sucks, but what are you going to do about it now?

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