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I gasped, then bit my lower lip, astounded by the wash of pleasure that crashed over me. “Yes,” I said. “Oh, god, yes.” He reached for the plug, and as I watched he spread lube on it. I was still on hands and knees. Still vulnerable to him. Still wide open. And everything about the moment turned me on. I wanted to feel everything he had to offer—I wanted him to take me as far as I could possibly go. I wanted everything.

I wanted Cole.

I tilted my head up, then turned so that I could meet his eyes, certain that he could read my thoughts. For a moment, that’s all there was, that connection between us, then he bent over and pressed a kiss between my shoulder blades even as his hand slid down to my ass and he teased me with the plug, not putting it in, but touching me just enough to rile me up.

“I’m not going to fuck you here—not tonight. But I am going to fuck you with it inside you. I want you completely full. I want to watch you come knowing that I’ve taken you completely.

That every sensation is at my pleasure and subject to my command. Do you understand?” “Yes.” The word was wrenched out of me, my body tense, my sex already throbbing with demand.

He slipped his finger inside me first. Slowly, almost teasingly, until my muscles relaxed. It didn’t hurt —on the contrary, there was something wickedly erotic about being touched there, being fucked there. My sex clenched in time with his gentle thrusts, and my nipples had hardened to painful nubs.

With his other hand, Cole stroked my clit, teasing me by refusing to penetrate me despite my very desperate pleas. Worse, he tormented and played with me just enough to have me climbing toward orgasm. Then he backed off so that I was nothing more than passion and want and need.

I would have cursed him, but I was too destroyed to manage it.

“Frustrated?” “Cole.” His name came out part plea, part whine.

He chuckled. “All the way to the edge and back, baby.

And only when I’m certain that you’re teetering on the cusp am I going to bury myself in you and feel you explode around me. But right now...” He trailed off, his voice taking on a teasing tone. Then he withdrew his finger from my rear as I moaned the loss of contact, of a sweet sensation that before this night I hadn’t even realized I craved.

“Don’t worry, baby,” he said, with intimate understanding of my moods and desires. “We’re not done yet.” Gently, his lube-soaked fingers stroked me, opening me, and then I felt the pressure—not painful, but still intense—as he slowly thrust the plug inside me. I gasped, feeling full and, dammit, wanting to be fuller.

Wanting all of it. Wanting all of him.

“Cole.” I tried to say more, but I’d lost words. I was too swept away by sensation.

“Imagine it’s me. My cock, teasing you. Stretching you. Taking you as far as you can go.” “Yes,” I said, the word emerging on a groan.

“Turn over, baby,” he said. “Turn around and sit on the edge of the bed. Legs apart, hands on your knees. I want to see how turned on you are.” I did as he asked, my pulse quickening from the sensation of my body’s weight against the plug working to thrust it deeper inside me. I sucked in air, steadying myself, then spread my legs even wider as I drew confidence from the look of pure, undiluted passion I saw in his eyes.

“Do you like it? The way it feels? The way it fills you?” “Yes,” I admitted.

“Tell me what you want.” “You,” I said. “I want you inside me.” “Like this?” He moved to stand in front of me, then reached down to stroke my sex and thrust a finger deep inside me.

I groaned, so on edge it was a wonder I didn’t explode. “Yes. No. Oh, god, Cole, please.” “Please what?” “Please fuck me.” “It would be my pleasure,” he said. “But not yet. I don’t think you’re quite ready yet.” “You’ve lost your mind,” I protested. “I’m not sure I’ve ever been more ready.” He just smiled the kind of smile that suggested he had a secret, then picked up the padded envelope again. One by one, he took things out. A silver chain connected by two small metal clips. A coil of hemp rope. And, of course, he’d already removed the plug and the lube.

I licked my lips, unable to hide my amusement.

“Seriously? You had these delivered with my closing documents?” I looked up at him. “I’m not going to ask why—that part I get. But how?” “It’s amazing what you can arrange on short notice in a town like LA if you’re willing to pay for the service.” I lifted my brows. “I don’t know if I should be impressed or mortified,” I said, but the words were only for show.

My skin was hot, my nipples tight. My sex burned with need of him, and the stretched, full feeling in my ass only made the desire burn that much hotter.

Cole glanced at my breasts, then lazily continued his inspection up and down my body. A slow smile spread across his face.

“You’re impressed,” he said.

“Shall I slide my finger into your cunt to prove it?” I made a noise that was probably a yes.

He chuckled. “No, I don’t think so. Not yet.” He took the rope. “Shall I show you what I can do with this? Shall I explain in intimate detail just how this rope is going to make you come?” I couldn’t speak. Hell, I could barely nod. But the answer was yes. A huge, desperate, demanding yes.

He took my hand, then gently tugged me to my feet. I stood naked in front of him, my body on fire. I felt wild and wanton—as if he could fuck me all night and I still wouldn’t be satisfied.

And then, as he began to take the rope and move around me—as I felt the rough brush of the hemp against my waist as he knotted the cord into a sort of makeshift belt, another set of emotions joined the mix.

Curiosity. Eagerness.


There was no denying that he had a plan, and so help me I wanted to experience every sweet second of it. But I was on edge, too, not knowing what he intended. Not understanding why he had leashed me.

And that edge only added to the excitement.

“It’s like a belt, you see,” Cole said, running his finger around my waist where the double strand of hemp was nice and snug. “Right here is where I’m going to draw it under you,” he said, and then proceeded to thread the two lengths of rope that had been behind me through my legs to my front.

He pulled it tight, making me gasp—and then making me almost come when he positioned each rope on either side of my vulva, so that the cording essentially rubbed against my inner thighs, but was also tight enough to keep some pressure on my sex.

“Tell me how that feels.” “It’s strange,” I said. “It’s good. There’s pressure, and there’s awareness. It makes me wet. It also—” I cut myself off with a shake of my head.

“No,” he said. “No secrets. I want to know everything.” “It makes me hot to know you’re binding me,” I said, not quite able to look him in the eye as I spoke. “To know that I’m completely at your mercy. I trust you,” I added, meeting his eyes. “More completely than you probably realize. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is still—” “Dangerous?” I nodded as heat flooded my cheeks. “And that just makes it hotter,” I finished, my voice little more than a whisper, as if revealing that most intimate truth would push me over the edge. That it was the final secret that would cost me everything and leave me totally open to him.

Totally vulnerable.

But I wanted that—so help me, I wanted to be vulnerable to him. I wanted everything with him. I wanted to go as far as we could go together, and then I wanted to take it even further.

I knew that about myself with unerring certainty. But more than that, I wanted this man, fully and completely. I wanted to see what was inside him. To understand his needs and his desires.

I wanted him to open himself to me. And I could only hope and pray that by opening myself to him—by trusting him completely—that he would trust me in turn.

As my thoughts circled around, Cole adjusted the rope, tying a knot that brought the two separate strings together. Then he positioned that knot right over my clit before continuing to secure the end of the rope to the section that encircled my waist.

The end result was similar to wearing crotchless panties —if those panties were made out of rope and designed to stimulate with the slightest motion.

“You move, you even breathe, and this will drive you just a little crazy.” “It already does,” I confessed. I felt the pressure of the knot rubbing against my sensitive flesh, and sending waves of pleasure rolling through me. But it was a frustrating sensation, because while it felt damn good, it also wasn’t building, and I knew that the torment of this particular setup was to get a woman hot—but to never quite get her to come.

“It’s a little evil, isn’t it?” I asked wryly.

He chuckled. “Just a bit.

What can I say?” he asked, sliding his hand down to cup my sex and making my body arch in response and demand.

“I like you primed and ready —but you only get to come when I say.” “If I ever said you were a nice man, I take it back.” “I’m not a nice man, baby.

I really thought you knew.” I almost grinned, but was quickly distracted by the way Cole had hooked his fingers under the rope just above my belly button and was guiding me back to the bed. In one fluid motion, he picked me up, then held me close in his arms. He murmured my name and then, before I had the chance to lose myself in the sweet sensuality of being held by this man, he put me gently on the bed.

Gently, however, wasn’t gently enough, because as he laid me down, the cord that stretched so intimately beneath me shifted over my clit at the same time that the weight of my body pressed against the plug in my ass. I gasped, then clung to him.

“Do you know what you’re doing to me?” I asked, my voice heavy with arousal.

“Do you have any idea how primed you’ve made me?” “I intend to take you much further,” he said, then reached for the two pillows at the head of the bed. He pulled them down, then situated them under my hips, raising me up while my torso angled slightly down to the mattress.

He spread my legs, and the motion caused that damnable knot to tease me mercilessly, sending heat coursing through me, making me wild and frustrated and itchy and so damned needy I wanted to scream. “Please.” I forced my voice to stay level.

“Christ, Cole, please.” He eased between my legs, his cock erect, and his face reflecting so much desire and adoration, that I thought I could come simply from the way he looked at me.

“Next time I want to bind your arms behind you, flip you over, and take you from behind. But tonight I want to see your face when you come, and when...” He trailed off, and I saw mischief in his eyes.

“Cole?” “Tell me you want to go further,” he said, his voice shifting to a new level of intensity that excited me all the more. “Tell me you liked my palm on your ass, my hand twisting your nipples.

Tell me you liked it rough.” I felt my sex clench simply in response to his words and his tone. “You know that I did.” “Tell me,” he repeated.

“I liked it. I liked it all.” “Baby, I want to give you every form of pleasure I know, but some of them aren’t reached except by passing through the curtain of pain. I’m going to take you there. Take you high, I promise you. Do you trust me?” “More than anything.” He reached beside us on the bed for the chain and held it up for me. The chain itself was gold, with two gold alligator clips at either end.

Except they weren’t really alligator clips because there were no teeth. Just a smooth, waxy plastic.

“The boundary between pleasure and pain shifts. What can be painful one moment,” he said as he opened the first clip and secured it to my erect nipple, “can turn to pleasure the next.” As he spoke, fire seemed to shoot through my nipple, and I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out. It hurt —damn right it hurt. But there was something else underneath, and by the time he had fastened the clamp to my other nipple, the first was humming. A warm, wonderful sensation that made my whole body seem larger than life and desperately, wonderfully aware.

“Pain,” Cole said simply, giving the clamp a little flick with his finger and making me groan as that warm sensuality ramped up, bringing heat and fire that maybe hurt but maybe didn’t.

“And then there’s pleasure,” Cole said, as my body sank in response to the fading sensation, moving through that curtain Cole had described to the wondrous blanket of pleasure that waited beyond.

I sucked in air, awed by these reactions. By how sensitive my skin was. By how erotic the simplest touch had become, and by how even the caress of the air against my flesh held the intensity of a lover.

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