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«Date revised: September 28, 2016 Date effective: October 10, 2016 The following sample exam for Instrument Rating Airplane (IRA) is suitable study ...»

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A) Wind shear at 500 feet MSL from 270° at 50 KT.

B) Wind shear at 500 feet AGL from 270° at 50 KT.

C) Wind shear from the surface to 500 feet AGL from 270° at 50 KT.

39. PLT059 IR.I.B.S1 Interpret the remarks section of METAR surface report for KBNA?

METAR KBNA 211250Z 33018KT 290V260 1/2SM R31/2700FT +SN BLSNFG VV008 00/M03 A2991 RMK RAE42SNB42

A) The wind is variable from 290° to 360.

B) Heavy blowing snow and fog on runway 31.

C) Rain ended 42 past the hour, snow began 42 past the hour.

40. PLT294 IR.I.B.K1 If you encounter in-flight icing and ATC asks you to report your conditions, what are the official reportable icing values that you are expected to use?

A) Light, moderate, severe, extreme.

B) Trace, light, moderate, severe.

C) Few, light, moderate, severe.


41. PLT068 IR.I.B.S1 (Refer to FAA-CT-8080-3E, Figure 7.) Interpret the weather conditions depicted within the area indicated by arrow F?

A) 2/8 to 6/8 coverage, occasional embedded thunderstorms, tops at FL 540.

B) 1/8 to 4/8 coverage, occasional embedded thunderstorms, maximum tops at 51,000 feet MSL.

C) Occasional embedded cumulonimbus, bases below 25,000 feet with tops to 48,000 feet.

42. PLT226 IR.I.B.K4f In what localities is advection fog most likely to occur?

A) Coastal areas.

B) Mountain slopes.

C) Level inland areas.

43. PLT291 IR.I.B.K1 `WND` in the categorical outlook in the Aviation Area Forecast means that the surface wind speed during that period is forecast to be

A) sustained at 25 knots or greater.

B) gusting at 20 knots or greater.

C) sustained at 20 knots or greater.

44. PLT161 IR.I.C.K11 Your transponder is inoperative. What are the requirements for flying in Class D airspace?

A) The entry into Class D is prohibited.

B) Continue the flight as planned.

C) Pilot must immediately request priority handling to proceed to destination.

45. PLT161 IR.I.C.R1 ATC has approved your request for VFR-on-top while on an IFR clearance. Therefore, you

A) should set your transponder to code 1200.

B) must fly appropriate IFR altitudes.

C) must fly appropriate VFR altitudes.

46. PLT281 IR.III.A.K1 (Refer to FAA-CT-8080-3E, Addendum A, Figure 162.) You have accepted a visual approach to RWY 16L at night. As you approach the runway, you notice runway centerline lights. This indicates

A) you are on the centerline for your assigned runway.

B) you are too low on the approach.

C) you have lined up with the wrong runway.

47. PLT337 IR.IV.A.K3 If while in level flight, it becomes necessary to use an alternate source of static pressure vented inside the airplane, which of the following variations in instrument indications should the pilot expect?

A) The altimeter will read lower than normal, airspeed lower than normal, and the VSI will momentarily show a descent.

B) The altimeter will read higher than normal, airspeed greater than normal, and the VSI will momentarily show a climb.

C) The altimeter will read lower than normal, airspeed greater than normal, and the VSI will momentarily show a climb and then a descent.

8 48. PLT088 IR.IV.A.K3 If both the ram air input and drain hole of the pitot system become blocked, the indicated airspeed will

A) increase during a climb.

B) decrease during a climb.

C) remain constant regardless of altitude change.

49. PLT140 IR.VI.E.K5 What is the rule for a pilot receiving a "Land and Hold Short Operation (LAHSO) clearance?"

A) The pilot is required to accept the controller`s clearance in visual meteorological conditions.

B) The pilot must accept the clearance if the pavement is dry and the stopping distance is adequate.

C) The pilot has the option to accept or reject all LAHSO clearances regardless of the meteorological conditions.

50. PLT145 IR.VI.E.K4 Which type of runway lighting consists of a pair of synchronized flashing lights, one on each side of the runway threshold?




51. PLT292 IR.VI.B.K1 A Precision Runway Monitor (PRM) approach may require

A) simultaneously monitoring two frequencies.

B) special training to monitor two ILS receivers simultaneously.

C) tracking performance parameters at the decision point.

52. PLT147 IR.VI.E.K4 (Refer to FAA-CT-8080-3E, Figure 136.) An `on glidepath` indication is A) 8.

B) 10.

C) 11.

53. PLT133 IR.III.A.K5 Unless otherwise stated, instrument procedures use the standard IFR climb gradient of A) 500 feet per minute.

B) 400 feet per nautical mile.

C) 200 feet per nautical mile.

54. PLT141 IR.V.B.K5 (Refer to the figure provided.) Which of the signs in the figure is a mandatory instruction sign?

A) Top red.

B) Middle yellow.

C) Bottom yellow.


55. PLT104 IR.II.B.R1 The advancement of avionics in light general aviation airplanes has enhanced situational awareness for properly trained pilots. However, there is concern that this technology could lead to

A) complacency.

B) fatigue.

C) resignation.

56. PLT330 IR.I.A.K6 If you experience tunnel vision and cyanosis you may have symptoms of

A) hypoxia.

B) hyperventilation.

C) carbon monoxide poisoning.

57. PLT105 IR.I.B.R2 The use of airborne weather-avoidance radar

A) provides no assurance of avoiding instrument weather conditions.

B) assures the avoidance of hail.

C) allows you to fly safely between echoes.

58. PLT102 IR.I.C.K4 How can an initial approach fix be identified on a Standard Instrument Approach Procedure (SIAP) Chart?

A) All fixes that are labeled "IAF" which are depicted on the plan view.

B) Any fix depicted which is located on the final approach course.

C) Any fix depicted which is located on the final approach course prior to the final approach fix.

59. PLT083 IR.VI.A.K1 (Refer to FAA-CT-8080-3E, Addendum A, Figure 187.) When conducting a missed approach from the RNAV (GPS) X RWY 28L approach at PDX, what is the Minimum Safe Altitude (MSA) while maneuvering?

A) 2,100 feet MSL.

B) 4,000 feet MSL.

C) 5,800 feet MSL.

60. PLT128 IR.II.A.R3 A generally recommended practice for autopilot usage during cruise flight in icing conditions is

A) keeping the autopilot engaged while monitoring the system.

B) periodically disengaging the autopilot and hand flying the airplane.

C) periodically disengaging and immediately reengaging the altitude hold function.


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