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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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James Prendergast Library Association

509 Cherry Street

Jamestown, N e w York 14701

M e m b e r Of

Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System


114. H6 and 118 West Third Street


A. M O D E R N, Fire Proof Store and Office Building, equip- ped with all up-to-date con- venience!, heated by steam, hot and cold water service, electric elevators, gas and electric lights



Offices single or in suite for rent on reasonable t e r m s, enquire on the p r e m i s e s


O ~ W. N. LYDLE, Carpenter and Builder Alterations and Repairs promptly attended to.

Terrace Steps and Screen Doors a Specialty.

W o r k and Prices Guaranteed.

Postal orders receive prompt attention.

Estimates given.

Residence and S h o p, • 154 H A L L AVENUE Home 'Phone 393 B Jamestown Iron Works Co.

Successors to Benjamin Nichols & Son J Founders aoid Machinists LIGHT and HEAVY REPAIRING. IRON a i B R A S S C A S T I N G S. I R O N and rd W O O D PULLEYS. HANG- ERS. SHAFTING.




// Shearman Place * Jamestown ESTABLISHED 1867




100-102 East Second St. Branch Stables at Lake wood JAMESTOWN, N. Y. bell telephone 3T3 f HOME TELEPHONE 631 X BOTH TELEPHONES 217


Livery and Boarding Stables





108 West 4th Street - Jamestown, N. Y.






–  –  –

Jamestown, founded in 1806 by ren & Jamestown Street Railway comJames Prendergast, incorporated as a pany, which extends from Warren, Pa., village in 1827, and as a city in 1886, to Jamestown.

is situated on the Chadakoin river, the Jamestown is a manufacturing city.

outlet of Chautauqua lake, in the south- Its industries are diversified to such western part of Chautauqua county, an extent that "dull times" due to about six miles from the Pennsylvania annual shut downs, the bane of m a n y state line. The city is the metropolis manufacturing towns, are unknown.

of the county. It is the market town There are nearly 200 factories in the for a portion of Cattaraugus county, city. The product of these factories N e w York, and Warren county, Penn- consisting largely of woolen and sylvania. It is the center of one of the worsted goods, furniture and footwear, wealthiest agricultural and dairying pianos and photographic paper, is shipped to every section of the civiregions of N e w York state.

The city is connected with the prin- lized globe. The estimated value of cipal railway systems of the country. the annual output is $10,000,000, a It is located on the main line of the large percentage of which is paid to Erie between N e w York and Chicago. labor.

It is the southern terminus of the, The stability of thefinancialinstiBuffalo and Southwestern division of tutions of Jamestown is unquestioned.

the Erie. It is connected with the There are two trust companies and Lake Shore, Nickle Plate and Penn- three banks, all of which are under sylvania railroad systems by means wise and conservative management.

of the Jamestown, Chautauqua & Lake It is a noteworthy fact that there has Erie road which has its main offices never been a bank failure in Jameshere and its northern terminal at town, although surrounding towns and Westfield, 30 miles distant, and also cities have at different times suffered by the Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley and disasters of this character.

Jamestown is a city of homes. A Pittsburg road which extends from Titusville, Pa., on the south to Dun- larger proportion of the population own their o w n homes than in any kirk on the north.

Besides these railroads are two ex- other city of the state. A s a resicellent trolley systems—the Chautau- dence city Jamestown is unrivalled.

qua Traction company from James- Situated on the shores of Chautauqua town to Mayville, and a prospective lake 1,400 feet above the level of the extension to Westfield, and the War- sea, the atmosphere is pure and exxiv MISCELLANEOUS DIRECTORY.

hilerating, the high hills on which the dergast library and art gallery, $125,town is builded, furnish a natural 000; Armory of the 13th Separate drainage, which supplemented by a Company, N. G. S. N. Y., $50,000. Befirst class sewer system, and pure sides these buildings there are sevwater contributes towards health con- eral commodious and handsome fire ditions to such an extent that the city houses.

according to the monthly bulletins of The W. C. A. hospital, an instituthe state board of health heads the tion conducted by the ladies of the list as the healthiest in the state. Woman's Christian association, is a Jamestown has a school system model of its kind.

which in many respects is regarded by There are 25 churches, representing leading educators as a model for other all of the principal denominations.

cities to follow. There is a magnifi- Some of the church edifices would be cent high school building and 11 a credit to a city twice the size of branch or district schools and in the Jamestown.

near future $100,000 will be expended The rapid growth of the city m a y be for enlarging these buildings and the seen from the followingfigures:1870, erection of a grammar school building. 5,337 population; 1880, 9,350 populaThe city owns a water plant which tion; 1890, 16,038 population; 1900, was purchased in 1903 for $600,000, 22.S92 population; 1905, (state census) and which under the capable manage- 26,039.

ment of the present board of water The assessed valuation of the city

commissioners is paying for itself. The tor the year 1905 is as follows:

source of supply is artesian wells lo- Real estate $10,408,260 cated at Levant, three miles east of Personal property 497,225 the city. This supply is absolutely Franchises 399,510 pure and experience has proven, in- Total $11 304 995 exhaustible. The area of the city i 5)410 acres s Jamestown has several handsome or 8.45 square miles. There are 82.3 public buildings. Classified, these miles of streets of which nine are buildings are: Federal building, $250,- paved with shale brick manufactured 000; City hall, $85,000; James Pren- in the city by a local corporation.

–  –  –

Bert F. Saxton, general utility clerk; Frank A. Winchester, 82; Howard M.

M. C. Tinker, laborer; Lewis A. Put- Wilson, 83.

nam, assorter; Fred W. Foote, substi- Office hours: General delivery wintute clerk; Otto C. Soderberg, special dow open from 7 a. m. to 8 p. m.

delivery messenger; letter carriers, Money order, registry and stamp winJohn C'. Alton, Henry G. Arnold, El- dows open from 8 a. m. to 5:30 p. m.

mer C. Atwood, Charles A. Berg, John Carriers' window open from 7 to 8 p.

J. Brattberg; Ernest H. Cook, Frank m. Last collection in business secC. Derby, W. R. Fuller, Harry E. Gard- tion at 8 p. m. Sunday, general delivner, Clinton I Horth, William R. Jones, ery window, carriers' window and Albert P. Kelsey, Merton J. Lyons, Guy stamp window open from 11:45 a. m.

L. Pulver, Horatio B. Sprague, Otto to 12:45 p. m. Ope collection of mail T. Smith, Bernard Trainer, George A. throughout the; city Sunday morning, Young. Substitute carriers, Lewis D. and another in the business portion Tyrrell, Marshall C. Davis, Sture A. at 5:30 p. m.

Ljungberg. Rural delivery carriers, U. S. Post Office building, J. T. LarAriel H. Wellman, 75; E. I. Tiffany, 76; month, custodian; James H. Ayers, Lloyd J. Babcock, 77; Jacob P. John- janitor; Andrew J. Lannes, watchmanson, 78; Ernest H.Hultquist, 79; Fred fireman; Cora Kelly, charwoman.

C. Hunt, 80; Berne B. Bissell, 81;

–  –  –

services Wednesday evening. John A. Organized March, 1905; meets alterLindbloom, president of the society; nate Tuesday evenings in church parvice president, Rev. E. G. Hjerpe; lors. President, A. W. Ekberg; vice secretary, Axel Ekberg; vice secre- president, August Anderson; recording tary, A. W. Ekberg; treasurer, An- secretary, John Nygren; vice recorddrew Lawson; deacons, Johan Gustaf ing secretary, Henry Swanson; finanJohnson, Emil Swanson, John A. John- cial secretary, Jno. A. Danielson; vice son, A. G. Carlson, Louis Sandberg, financial secretary, Gunner Danielson;

Axel Danielson, Jno. Engstrom; trus- treasurer, C. O. Youngquist; chaplain, tees, O. W. Wiquist, Edward Larson, August Anderson; trustees, Carl Treff, L. E. Erickson, John Bjorklund, John A. G. Carlson, Jno. A. Lindblom.

A. Nelson, F. O. Stranberg, Andrew 488 church communicants; 412 SunLawson. day school members.

Sunday school meets at 12:15. SupSwedish Methodist Episcopal.

erintendent, John Bjorklund; assistant superintendents, John A. Lind- Corner Foote avenue and Chandler bloom, John A. Westman, Gust Lund; street. Preaching services 10:30 a. m.

secretaries, Axel Ekberg, Nels John- and 7:30 p. m. every Sunday; prayer son, Florence Johnson; treasurer, meeting Wednesday evenings. Pas.

John A. Nelson. tor, Carl A. Seaberg; local preachers, Young People's Society meets alter- Aug. Barkman, P. E. Strom and W. F.

nate Thursday evenings in the church Liedblad. Class leaders, Algot Bloomparlors. President, Gust Lund; vice quist, John Ruckman, Charles Lawpresident, Carl Halberg; secretary, son, Axel Nelson; stewards, Edward Hulda Bard; vice secretary, Amanda Nord, Andrew Broberg, John Haflen, Carlson; treasurer, John Nygren. C. O. Johnson, Oscar Swanson, Arvid Young Men's Society meets Monday Johnson and Axel Swanson, John Lawevenings in the church parlors. Pres- son, Erick Setterwall, Andrew Lawson, ident, Emil Swanson; vice president, Alfred Anderson; C. P. Carlson, reA. G. Carlson; secretary, Hulda Bard; cording steward; trustees, C. P. Carltreasurer, Gust Lund. son, Chas. Lindbeck and Peter BloomYoung Men's Society meets Mon- quist, Edw. Nord, Gust. Sandell, Jacob day evenings in the church parlors. Wiborg, A. C. Norquist, Adolph RenPresident, Emil Swanson; vice presi- berg, Carl Carlson; Richard Enlund, dent, John Nygren;financialsecretary, organist and choir leader.

Oscar Anderson; recording secretary, Sunday school meets at i2 m. SupGunner Danielson; treasurer, Carl erintendent, W. F. Liedblad; superinSwan; trustees, Albert Bloom, Gunner tendent Bible department, Charles Danielson. Hedin; superintendent infant departBrotherhood Society meets the last ment, Mrs. C. E. Lundgren; assistant Tuesday evening of each month. Pres- superintendent, Oscar Pang; secretarident, C. O. Youngquist; vice presi- ies, Gust Smith, John Walberg; treasdent, A. G. Carlson; secretary, John urer, Edward Nord.

Danielson; treasurer, John Nelson. Epworth League meets Sunday even-.

The Ladies' Society meets alternate ing one hour before service. PresiFriday afternoons. President, Mrs. J. dent, Oscar Pang; secretary, George Emil Johnson; secretary, Mrs. F. O. Lundborg; treasurer, Axel Clauson;

Stranberg; treasurer, Mrs. John Ny- vice presidents, Alquit Bloomquist, Auren. gusta Lindstrom, Siegrid Johnson, The Sick Benefit Society Bethesda. Fred Anderson.


Epworth League socials every United Brethren.

month. Junior League meets every Grace U. B. church, 933 Main. Rev.

Monday evening at 7 o'clock. Super- Oliver E. Williams, 7 Rubinkam Ave., intendent, Miss Judith Carlson. pastor. Services every Sunday at 11 Ladies' Aid Society meets every a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school other Thursday at 2:30 p. m. Presi- at 12 m. Mid-week service Wednesdent, Mrs. Gust Carlson; vice presi- day 8 p. m. Junior Y. P. C. A., Thursdent, Mrs. Albert Olman; secretary, day 0:30 p. m.

Mrs. John Brandt; treasurer, Mrs. Carl Ladies' Aid meets every two weeks Carlson.

Wednesday afternoon at 2 p. m.

Woman's Foreign Missionary SociTrustees, E. J. Triscuit, Ed. Shaffer, ety. President, Mrs. Herman Wallin, George Lanning; secretary and treaschurch membership; 500 Sunday urer, E. J. Triscuit.


–  –  –

tuted June 10, 1847; meets every D A U G H T E R S O F R E B E K A H — O r g a n Monday evening in Odd Fellows' Hall, ized March 1, 1901; meets the first Gokey block, West Third street. N. and third Fridays of each month in

G., Edwin Peebles; V. G., C. W. Mt. Tabor hall. N. G., Mrs. Carl MuzStrong; recording secretary, H. F. Ap- zy; V. G., Mrs. Jennie Clark; relin; financial secretary, Ernest W. cording secretary, Mrs. Code Keppler:

Sturdevant; treasurer, Charles An- financial secretary, Mrs. Mary Blackmar; treasurer, Mrs. Sarah Keppler.

derson. Membership 125.

J A M E S T O W N LODGE,. N O. 637— Membership, 200.

R E B E K A H A D V A N C E M E N T CIRInstituted June 21„ 1892; meets every Friday evening in Odd Fellows' nail. CLE—Organized Feb. 15, 1899; meets N. G., C. W. King; V. G., Frank Mon- thefirstand third Wednesdays of each tague; recording secretary, Frank month in Odd Fellows' hall or at the Hurlburt; financial secretary, G. R. homes of members. President, Mrs.

Laura Chase; vice presidents, Mrs. R.

Abersold; treasurer, L. H. Stroebel.

M T. T A B O R L O D G E, N O. 780.—In- G. Owens; Mrs. Anna L. Crocker; secstituted July 6, 1897; meets every retary and treasurer, Mrs. C. W.

Tuesday evening in Mt. Tabor nail, Strong; chaplain, Mrs. Belle Fuller.

West Third street. N. G., C. B. Jones; Membership 28.

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