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Bruce, Ernest, dentist, bds 14 Cedar.

Bruce, Jennie, winder, r. 614 Newland ave.

Bruck, Edward L., clerk, 108 East 3rd, bds. 313 Prendergast ave.

Brugge, Eric, clerk, 14 Main, r. 930 East 2d.

Brugge, George J., draughtsman, r. 930 East 2d.

Brugge, Hannah S., widow Fretz G. H., h. 930 East 2d.

Brugge, Isabella E., bookkeeper, 26-28 South Main, r. 930 East 2d.

Brundell, Walter, (Elizabeth), laborer, h. 43 College.

Brunnelle, Benjamin F., (Myrtle), district manager W o o d m e n of the World, h. 211 Prendergast.

Brunner, Tony, (Emma), laborer, r. 148 J. & G. ave.

Bryan, Katherine, r. 353 East 4th.

Bryan, Robert, oil producer, h. 353 East 4th..

Bubb, William, (Harriett P.), hostler, Erie Ry., h. 458 West 2d.

Buchanan, Harry, clerk, 56-58 Blackstone ave., r. 217 Crescent.

Buchanan, Margery, h. 352 East 4th.

Buck, Anion W., (Mary E.), carpenter, h. 9 South Thayer.

Buck, J. Francis, (Ada M.), real estate and insurance, over 101 East 3rd, h.

over 150 Foote ave.

Buck, Lorilla R., widow George C, h. 65 Dickerson.

Buck, Nathan J., (Myrtie), carpenter, h. 154 Marvin.

Buck, Waldo, commercial traveler, rms. over 211 Main.

Buckley, Charles J., (Anna), inspector, Penn. Gas Co., h. 26 13th.

Buckley, James P., (Elizabeth), laborer, h. 16 Livingstone ave.

Buckley, Katie, domestic, 10 Steele.

Bucklin, Delos K., clerk, 25 Shearman Place, r. 637 Palmer.

Bucklin, Elhanan W., (Ida G.), attorney-at-law, h. 153 East 9th.

Bucklin, E. L., (Belle), teamster, h. 358-% East 4th.

Bucklin, Frank, (Myrtle), waiter, h. 101 Colfax.

Bucklin, Margaret, student, r. 153 East 9th.

Bucklin, M a y E., r. 7 Fairmount ave.

Bucklin, William R., (Anna), cutter, 56 Prospect, h. 637 Palmer.

Buell, E m m a, companion, r. 339 East 3rd.

Buffalo Street M. E. church, cor. Buffalo and Falconer, Rev. W. S. Nickle pastor.

Buffiington, Elbert E., (Sadie), engineer, h. Falconer.

–  –  –

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 139 Bugbee, Addie, duffer, r. under 529 Allen.

Bugbee, Albert A., (Mary E.), gardener, h. 45 Blanchard.

Bugbee, Nelson M., (Melvina), laborer, h. 529 Allen.

Buler, Hannah A., twister, bds. 432 Maple.

Bull, Ellen, h. 67 Center.

Bull, Lucy, widow Abraham, r. 663 Lake View ave.

Bull, Mary A., h. 67 Center.

Bullock, Alice, Mrs., bds. 20 West 4th.

Bullock, Frank W., (Cassie), supt. Jamestown Lighting & Power Co., h. 50 Broadhead ave.

Bulow, Eliza, r. 17 Barker.

Bulow, Gust A., (Ida), gardner, h. 17 Barker.

Bunnall, Cornelius K., (Amanda), carpenter, h. over 200 Prospect.

Bun, Elmer, pattern maker, r. over 1014 Prendergast ave.

Bun, George Melvin, (Frankie), woodworker, h. over 1014 Prendergast ave.

Bunnell, William E., repairer, bds. rooms 86-87 Allen Square bldg.

Bunting, Oliver W., (Bertha), clerk, 102 Main, h. 19 Fenton Place.

Burbridge, Susie L., operator, r. 16 Hall.

Burch, Carl, trimmer, bds. 27 Weeks.

Burch, David E., (Hilda J.), tailor, h. 7 East.

Burch, John A., (Augusta), mechanic, h. 134 East 9th.

Burch, Laurence A., laborer, r. 134 East 9th.

See also Burtch.

Burchard, Fred W., (Josephine),finisher,h. 148 Marvin.

Burchard, Seneca B., (Jennie C.)—Wilcox, Burchard & Co., 17 Shearman place—h. 309 Lake View ave.

Burdick, Elmer E., (Dora M.), engineer, Buffalo street water station, h. 1090 East 2d.

Burdick, Mary, homebaking, 338 East 3rd, h. 315 East 2d.

Burg, Axel A., laborer, h. 26 Bush.

See also Berg.

Burger, Kate, mill Band, rms. 339 East 3rd.

Burgeson, Fred, (Clara), motorneer, h. 19 Victoria ave.

Burgess, William, barber, 3 West 3rd, rooms 215 West 2d.

Burgett, Ada, r. 141 Chandler.

Burgett, Mary, widow Peter, boarding house, 141 Chandler, h. do.

Burghardt, Howard, (Lydia), clerk, 16-18 West 3rd, h. 309 Warren.

Burgland, Ellen, mill hand, r. Hotchkiss near Turner ave.

Burk, Charlie P., (Anna), metal worker, h. 104 Charles.

Burke, Elizabeth, textile worker, 126 East 1st, r. 866 Spring.

Burke, Katie, stockkeeper, r. 866 Spring.

Burke, Mary, stenographer, 206 Steele, r. 866 Spring.

Burke, Michael, (Elizabeth), oil driller, h. 866 Spring.

Burke, Nellie, clerk, 204 Main, r. 866 Spring.

Burke, William J ^ moulder, r. 1 9 % Warren.


Burke, William T., plumber, r. 866 Spring.


Children's Suits $ 1. 5 0 to $ 8 at PROUDFIT'S 140 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Burkett, Carrie, seamstress, r. 206 Spring.

Burkhardt, Lena, domestic, r. 3 Lake View.

Burkland, John, (Augusta S.), clerk, 16-18 West 3rd, h. 45 Prospect ave.

Burland, Ella M., student, r. 211 Price.

Burland, Gust, (Matilda), contractor, 211 Price, h. do.

Burley, Andrew, (Phoebe), laborer, h. 231 Prospect.

Burlin, Anson A., retired, bds. 13-23 South Main.

Burlin, Charles C, (Elizabeth), furrier, h. 157 Barrows.

Burlin, Claus W., carpenter, h. under 225 Barrows.

Burlin, Lars O., (Frederica), carpenter, h. 41 Wescott.

Burlin, Louisa I., h. 323 East 2d.

See also Berlin.

Burling, Joseph, laborer, bds. 764 East 2nd.

Burling, Knute, (Sugaborg), laborer, h. 764 East 2nd.

Burn, A. H „ lunch room, 120-122 East 2nd,r. over 2-4-6 East 3rd.

Burnell, Clarence H., (Evaline), hackman, h. over 14 East 2d.

Burnell, Cornelius K., (Amanda), carpenter, h. 204 Allen.

Burnham, Royal C, (Irene M.), real estate and insurance, h. 124 Cook.

Burns, Alvah, (Clara), employed J. S. Ry.' h. 701 West 8th.

Burns, Edward C, (Mary), civil engineer, h. 417 Spring.

Burns, Frank J., (Rosetta), machine hand, h. under 812 East 2d.

Burns, Isabella S., r. 417 Spring.

Burns, John J., (Electa M.),finisher,h. 33 Harrison.

Burns, Minnie B., domestic, bds. 33 Harrison.

Burr, Bertha J., bookkeeper, 304 Main, r. 207 East 2d.

Burr, Carrie A., widow Frank H., h. over 207 East 2d.

Burr, Horace, (Hattie), mechanic, r. 614 Pine.

Burr, Minnie, widow Edward H., lodging house, 20 West 4th, h. do.

Burrell, Arthur J, employed 95 J. & G. ave., h. Walnut grove, South Main.


Burrell, Evl'in L., widow Arthur, h. Walnut grove, South Main.

Burrell, Jennie, domestic, r. 13-23 West 3rd.

Burrows, Sidney A.,filler,r. under 64 Tower.

Burt, Arthur D., machine hand, r. 14 Whitley.

Burt, Glen M., (Maude L.), machinist, h. 14 Whitley.

Burt, Simon P., (Marion H.), bartender, 4-6 South Main, h. over 8 Bowen.

Burtch block, 1 9 East 2d.

Burtch, Sophia J., widow Chauncey C, h. 409 Prendergast ave.

Burtch, Yale W., (Alice M.), Y. W. Burtch & Co., 20 Winsor, h. 518 Pine.

Burtch & Co. Y. W — Yale W. Burtch and Lewis Hall, Est.—mfrs. chairs, 20 Winsor.

See also Burch.

Burtis, E m m a E., h. 602 Lafayette.

Buser, Frank, (Myrtie), commercial traveler, h. 412 Washington.

Bush, Albert, (Catherine), painter, h. 332 Steele.

Bush, Alfred, engineer, r. Ill Fairview ave., Bush, Alta Z., r. 103 East Buffalo.

–  –  –

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 141 Bush, Austin D., (Alta), retired minister, h. 859 Main.

Bush block, 15-21 East 2d.

Bush, Calvin C, (Rhoda), carpenter, h. 372 Foote ave.

Bush, Carrie M., widow John, r. R. F. D. Ashville ave., (Celoron).

Bush, Cassius A., portrait painter, over 108 East 3rd, h. do.

Bush, Cassie E., r. under 341 Foote ave.

Bush, Charles L., laborer, r. 514 Palmer.

Bush, Datus, (Sarah), laborer, h. Briggs block.

Bush, Eliza, Mrs. h. 133 Fairview ave., (incorrectly numbered).

Bush, Ellis C, (Julia), case maker, h. over 225 Broadhead ave.

Bush, Frank B., (Amy A.), retired, h. 412 Winsor.

Bush, Frederick G., (Kathryn), Bush & Freeman, 36 Main, h. sec. 10 over 110 East 2nd.

Bush, Frederick L., (Nora), local representative Fleischman Yeast Co., r.

241 Fulton.

Bush & Freeman—Frederick G. Bush and Charles E. Freeman—paints, oils and glass, 36 Main.

Bush, Henry H., (Cloe), carpenter, h. Ill Fairview ave.

Bush, Jacob, laborer, r. Ill Fairview.

Bush, John, (Bertha), switchman, Erie Ry., h. 77 Steele.

Bush, Lambert L., ( E m m a A.), laborer, h. 514 Palmer.

Bush, Leon F., woodworker, r. 514 Palmer.

Bushee, Loyal S., (Helen G.), watchman, h. 707 Washington.

Bushey, Charles H., (Catherine), laborer, h. 840 North Main.

Bushey, Floyd, r. 384 Foote ave.

Bushey, William, bds. 384 Foote ave.

Bushey, William F., (Emma), commercial traveler, h. 384 Foote ave.

Busk, Alice, telephone operator, rms. 37 Kent.

Butcher, Leo E., clerk, 223 Main, rms. City bldg.

Butler, Arthur, (Rebecca), woodworker, r. 103 Stowe.

Butler, Bertha, reporter and artist, 14-16 West 2d, r. over 111 East 2d.

Butler, Desdamona, widow Fred'k M., h. 100 Cook ave.

Butler, Eleanor R., widow Henry M., h. Ashville ave., beyond city limits, (Celoron).

Butler, Evelyn, student, Lockport, N. Y., r. 3 Barrett.

Butler, Frank A., (Christie A.), tinner, h. 16 Barrett.

Butler, Frank H., farmer, r. Ashville ave., beyond city limits, (Celoron).

Butler, George J., (Kate H.), retired, h. 3 Barrett.

Butler, Hiram E., (Mary J.), organizer N. P. L., room 30 Allen Square bldg., h. 104 Fairmount ave.

–  –  –

Butler, Louisa, clerk, r. 104 Fairmount ave.

Butler, M. Eva, clerk, 16 Main, r. 22 Barrett.

Butler, Olive B., stenographer, 95 J. & G. ave., r. over 111 East 2d.

Butler, Oliver B., (Alice M.), retired, h. over 111 East 2d.

Butler, Sophia D., r. 402 Lake View ave.

Butler, Walter O., (Bertha), vice president Straight Dry Plate Co., h. Hopkins ave.

Butman, Luther M., (Hattie M.), sec and treas. Empire Worsted Mills, 35 Wafer, h. 529 East 5th.

Butterfield, Edward, r. 122 Fairmount ave.

Butterfield, James W., (Isabelle)—Butterfield, Sessions & Butterfield, over 102 Main, h. 122 Fairmount ave.

Butterfield, Maud H., student, r. 122 Fairmount ave.

Butterfield, Sessions & Butterfield—James W. and Wrothwell Butterfield and F. E. Sessions—general insurance, over 102 Main.

Butterfield, Sessions & Butterfield



Bell 'Phone 222-B. Home 'Phone 480. 102 MAIN STREET Butterfield, Wrothwell, (Jennie), Butterfield, Sessions & Butterfield, 102 Main, h. 25 Kent.

Button, Jane, widow Dr. Jesse, h. Ashville ave., beyond city limits.

Butts, Andrew J., (Delia), real estate, h. 119 Fairmount ave.

Butts, George R., (Helen E.), teller, Union Trust Co., h. 214 Crossman.

Butts, Rose A., widow Merrill, h. 901 Prendergast ave.

Butts, Perl A., (Anna S.), clerk, 208 Main, h. 611 East 8th.

Byers, Herman J., (Agnes), sawyer, h. over 946 East 2d.

Byford, Frederick, grocery and meat market, 774-776 East 2d, h. over 774 do.

Byles, Emeline, r. 104 East 4th.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Roofing and Building Papers.

Always b u y your D r y G o o d s of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 143 Cadwell, Eugene B., (Jeanette H.)—Cadwell Cabinet Co., 123 Foote ave.— h. 113 East 8th.

Cadwell, Frank W., (Jennie)—Special Furniture Co., 123 Foote ave.—h.

401 East 4th.

Cadwell, John, (Carrie S.)—Cadwell Cabinet Co., 123 Foote ave.—h. 212 Lake View ave.

Cadwell Cabinet Co.—John and Eugene B. Cadwell—mfrs. telephone booths, etc., 117-123 Foote ave.

Cady, Allen A., (Etta L.), blacksmith,110-120 West 2d, h. 24 Taylor.

Cady, Lydia, widow John, h. over 11 East 2d.

Cady, Will J., gardener, r. 1370 East 2d.

Caesar, Carl, (Anna), shoemaker, h. 315 Barrett.

Cahill, Michael, r| 309 West 2d.

Cairo Oil Co.—George H. Ahrens and Henry W. Odell—oil producers, over 101 East 2d.

Calahane, Elizabeth D., dressmaker, r. 46 Center.

Calahane, Ella M., hair dressing parlors, 46 Center, r. do.

Calahane, James P., (Elizabeth), plumber, h. 1 0 % Crane.

Calahane, Margaret T., registry clerk, P. O., r. 46 Center.

Calahane, Norah, housekeeper, r. 46 Center.

Calahane, Susanna M., teacher, r. 46 Center.

Calahane, see also Callahan.

Calkins, Alfred R., (Maria), arista worker, h. 227 Hallock.

See also Caulkins.

Call, Maurice M., (Ethel A.), watchman, h. over 32 Institute.

Callahan, Leo, upholsterer, r. 708 Washington.

See also Calahane.

Calstrom, Ellen, milliner, 210 Chandler, r. 14 Colfax.

Calvary Baptist church, cor. Ashville and Livingstone aves., Rev. Charles D. Reed, pastor.

Cameron, Winfield S., (Imogene P.), attorney, 37 Fenton building, h. 17 Fairmount ave.

Camp, Albert N., (Alice), photographer, over 207 Main, h. 313 West 5th.

Camp, Chloe, packer, 206 Steele, bds. 77 Steele.

Campbell, Andrew J., (Helen), engineer, 95 J. & G. ave., h. 306 West 4th.

Campbell, Dr. A. L. D., (Alia), occulist and aurist, 101-103 West 3rd, h. 210 West 4th.

Campbell, Cassius G., (Ella V.), polisher, h. 22 Champlin.

Campbell, Charles E., (Martha G.), woodworker, h. 80 Water.

Campbell, Clara A., stenographer, 40 N e w Fenton bldg., r. over 109 East 2d.

Campbell, Claude E., miller, 6 Steele, r. 43 West 10th.

Campbell & Co.—William W. Campbell, Claude E. Campbell—Electric Mills, 6 Steele.


Call u p N o. 3 3 for C l o t h i n g a n d Furnishings 144 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Campbell, Frank H., laborer, bds. 814 East 2d.

Campbell, George, (Grace), employed 126 East 1st, r. 713%East 2nd.

Campbell, Helen M., nurse, r. 109 East 2d.

Campbell, Kate E., Mrs., h. over 210 East 2nd.

Campbell, Minerva F., Mrs. r. over 109 East 2d.

Campbell, William W., (Jennie E. ) — Campbell & Co., 6 Steele—h. 43 W. 10th.

Campfire Club, Pres., E. E. Woodbury; Sec, W. A. Bradshaw.

Canfield, Frank, tufter, 38 Winsor, bds. 141 Chandler.

Canty, Daniel, upholsterer, bds. 710 Jefferson.

Canty, Ellen, widow Timothy, h. 710 Jefferson.

Canty, Helen, r. 716 Monroe.

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