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Carlson, Hjelmer, (Mary), carpenter, h. 44 Jones.

Carlson, Hulda, domestic, 7 Warren.

Carlson, Hulda, textile worke'r, bds. 7 Hedges.

Carlson, Ida, widow Gust, h. over 69 Benson.

Carlson, Ida M., clerk, 207 Main, r. 219 Hazzard.

Carlson, Jennie M., milliner, 318 Main, r. 42 Sampson.

Carlson, J. Frank, (Minnie), machine hand, h. 19 Orchard ave.

Carlson, Johanna, widow Charlie, bds. 3 Grandin.

Carlson, J. L., laborer, bds. 37 Sampson.

Carlson, John, (Anna), laborer, h. 11 Grandin.

Carlson, John, metal worker, bds. 254 Willard.

Carlson, John, laborer, h. 397 Baker.

Carlson, John, bartender, 116 East 2d, room 92 Allen Square bldg.

Carlson, John, milk dealer, bds. 300 King.

Carlson, John, (Christine), machinist, h. Ill Falconer.

Cedar Shingles, Lath and Plaster-L. F. SHEDD.



Carlson, John, machinist, h. under 127 Falconer.

Carlson, John, (Ida), carpenter, h. under 105 Hazzard.

Carlson, John, quarryman, r. 654 Barrows.

Carlson, John, (Christina)—Bernhard Hardware Co., 204 East 2d—h. 114 Williams.

Carlson, John A., driver, r. 49 Anderson.

Carlson, John A., (Matilda), quarrier, h. 654 Barrows.

Carlson, John A.,finisher,r. 49 Anderson.

Carlson, John A., (Clara S.), laborer, h. 11 Delaware ave.

Carlson, John A., (Hilma), cabinet maker, h. over 264 Broadhead ave.

Carlson, John A., (Matilda), carpenter, h. 44 Kinney.

Carlson, John B., (Augusta), farmer, h. 39 Stowe.

Carlson, John C, (Anna), hand sander, h. 20 Morton.

Carlson, John C, (Christine), carpenter, h. 6 Charles.

Carlson, John E., (Ada G.), band sawyer, h. 42 Chapin.

Carlson, John E., (Lydia), cabinet maker, h. 403 English.

Carlson, John F., (Anna), quarryman, h. 257 Barrows.

Carlson, John F., (Louise), woodworker, h. 525 Allen.

Carlson, John G., operative, r. 265 Prospect.

Carlson, John Oscar, (Caroline), metal worker, h. 53 Prospect ave.

Carlson, John P., laborer, h. 219 Broadhead ave.

Carlson, John S., tailor, r. 203 King.

Carlson, John W., (Hannah), Carlson Bros. & Co., 702 East 2d, h. 563 East 6th.

Carlson, Jonas, yard foreman, h. 224 Broadhead ave.

Carlson, Joseph, laborer, bds. 200 Sampson.

Carlson, Josephene, maid r. 514 Jefferson.

Carlson, Judith A., r. 450 Willard.

Carlson, Knute, bds. 217 Willard.

Carlson, Laura, r. 110 Weeks.

Carlson, Laura V., spinner, bds. 85 Tower.

Carlson, Laurence D., woodcarver, r. 513 Allen.

Carlson, Lee, teamster, 602-610 West 8th, r. 509 Clinton.

Carlson, Lena, widow John, laundress, h\ under 115 Barrows.

Carlson, Lena, housekeeper, r. 511 Willard.

Carlson, Lena, widow John, h. 225 Prospect.

Carlson, Leonard G., textile worker, r. 440 Winsor. * Carlson, Leon, (Anna B.), metal worker, h. 440 Winsor.

Carlson, Lillian, spinner, r. 22 Stafford.

Carlson, Linder, woodworker, bds. 11 Partridge.

Carlson, Lizzie, waitress, 12-23 South Main, r. do.

Carlson, Louise, domestic, 409 Prendergast ave.

Carlson, Louise, widow Charles, r. 224 Broadhead ave.

Carlson, Lydia, weaver, r. 39 Stowe.

Carlson, Mabel, packer, r. 107 Colfax.

Carlson, Mandy, domestic, r. 122 Fairmount ave.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Housefumishings.

Carpets, Curtains, Draperies, Shades. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 151 Carlson, Martin C. A., machinist, bds. 14 Bishop.

Carlson, Mary, r. 812 Jefferson.

Carlson, Mary, r. 209 Forest.

Carlson, Mary, widow Clarence, h. over 124 Winsor.

Carlson, Matilda, widow Gust, domestic, r. undei 145 Barrows.

Carlson, Matilda, Mrs. h. 463 Willard.

Carlson, Matilda, widow Adolph, h. Buffalo.

Carlson, Matilda, widow John, h. 5 Winsor.

Carlson, Minnie, domestic, r. 217 East 3rd.

Carlson, Minnie, drawer, r. 11 East Newland ave.

Carlson, Minnie, weaver, h. 305 Winsor.

Carlson, Nellie C, weaver, r. 39 Stowe.

Carlson, Nels P., metal worker, r. over 13 Victoria ave.

Carlson, Olof, (Cecelia), laborer, h. 35 Morton.

Carlson, Oscar, painter, r. 225 Prospect.

Carlson, Oscar, (Augusta), Alliance Furniture Co., 611-615 Allen, h. 347 Foote ave.

Carlson, Oscar, (Emma), machine hand, h. over 219 Prospect.

Carlson, Oscar, laborer, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Carlson, Oscar, (Matilda), painter, h. 105 Hedges ave.

Carlson, Oscar C, (Laura B.), laborer, h. 503 Ashville ave.

Carlson, Oscar C, ( E m m a ), woodworker, h. 350 Warren.

Carlson, Oscar F., (Jennie A.), sander, h. 432 Maple.

Carlson, Oscar N., (Nancy), framemaker, h. 37 Holman.

Carlson, Oscar T., meat market, 326 Newland ave., rms. 105 Hazzard.

Carlson, Otelia, twister, r. 12 Hedges Carlson, Otto, laborer, bds. 35 Morton.

Carlson, Otto A., (Selma), machinist, h. 21 Sturges.

Carlson, Otto L., meat cutter, r. 131 Allen.

Carlson, P. V., carrier, rms. 74 Allen Square bldg.

Carlson, Per August, (Ethel),fireman,h. 141 Hall.

Carlson, Peter A., (Anna C ), hand sander, h. 207 Myrtle. • Carlson, Peter A., (Hannah), machine hand, h. 22 Stafford ave.

Carlson, Peter E., brass moulder, h. 22 Charles.

Carlson, Peter E., (Christine), laborer, h. 150 Barrows.

Carlson, Peter E., (Mary), watchman, h. 101 Benedict.

Carlson, Phoebe, stock keeper, bds. 43 Tower.

Carlson, Rany, (Hilma), carpenter, h. 415 Barrett.

Carlson, Robert, (Hilda), operative, h. 7 Partridge.

Carlson, Rudolph, trimmer, r. 112 Williams.

Carlson, Rudolph C, clerk, 302 Foote ave., r: 110 Mechanic.

Carlson, Ruth, mill hand, r. 6 Charles.

Carlson, Samuel, upholsterer, bds. 105 Hedges.

Carlson, Samuel A., (Freda S.), mgr. Vart Land Pub. Co., over 12 West 2d, h. 14 Arnold.

Carlson, Sarah S., Mrs., h. 265 Prospect.

CLEAN COAL. L F. SHEDD. Both Phones.


Carlson, Signa C, weaver, r. 11 Delaware ave.

Carlson Sophia, r. over 19 Victoria ave.

Carlson, Sven, (Jennie), h. over 494 Crescent.

Carlson, Swan, (Sophia), foreman, h. Ill Park.

Carlson, Swan M., (Hilda), contractor, h. 110 Weeks.

Carlson, Swan P., (Justine), jeweler, pianos and organs, 10 Main, h. 42 Sampson.

Carlson, Theodore, (Ida),finisher,h. Benedict, cor. Eagle.

Carlson, Tilda, widow Carl E., r. under 127 Falconer.

Carlson, Tillie, textile worker, r. 207 Myrtle.

Carlson, U. Jonas, carpenter, h. 209 Forest.

Carlson, Vangie, textile worker, r. 442 Willard.

Carlson, Venla C., clerk, 18 East 3rd, r. 110 Mechanic.

Carlson, Victor, laborer, bds. 34 Hazeltine.

Carlson, Victor, (Hannah), tailor, h. 112 Williams.

Carlson, Victor E., (Clara), machine hand, h. 230 Steele.

Carlson, Vivian, r. 127 Chandler.

Carlson, Walfrid, (Almeda)—Larson & Carlson, over 36 Main—h. 104 Charles.

Carlson, Walter L., (Ruth), drug clerk, 113 Main, h. over 19 Winsor.

Carlson, Warner, nightman, Erie baggage room, bds. 7 Hedges ave.

Carlson, William, (Ida), metal worker, h. 139 Park.

Carlson, William, bds. 8 1 % Water.

Carlson & Helgren—Charles F. Carlson and A. Fred Helgren—wallpaper and paint, 53 Winsor.

Carlsted, Bernhard, polisher, bds. 33 Wescott.

Carlstrom, August, (Alma), machine hand, h. 115 Newland ave.

Carlstrom, Mrs. Mary L., weaver, h. over 111 Falconer.

Carlstrom, Sophia, weaver, bds. 115 Newland ave.

Carlstrom, Ellen M., milliner, r. 14 Colfax.

Carlton, George M., (Kate), prop. Russell house, 113-117 West 3rd. h. do.

Carmen, George, warp dresser, r. 30 Institute.

Carmen, Lucy, spinner, r. 30 Institute.

Carmen, Mary, widow George, h. 30 Institute.

Carmichael, Henry, (Maria), elevator hand, h. over 114 Water.

Carnahan, Leo W., teacher, bds. 417 Lafayette.

Carnahan, Winfield S., representative, rooms 836 North Main.

Carnahan, Leonora P., Mrs., agent, h. 836 Main.

Carpenter, Allene S., student, r. 400 Falconer.

Carpenter, Charles D., (Daisy K.), contracting painter, h. 803 Lafayette.

Carpenter, Charles J,. (Jennie H.), mechanic, h. 400 Falconer.

Carpenter, Clara F., teacher, r. 514 East 5th.

Carpenter, Earl, boxmaker, r. 405 Palmer.

Carpenter, Earl L., (Margarett), laborer, r. 16 Regent.

Carpenter, Edwin K., (Electa J.), salesman, h. under 327 Foote ave.

Carpenter, E. Earl, (Ara A.), secy., The William Koehl Co., 17-19 Steele, h. 327 Foote ave.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies.

The Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 153 Carpenter, Ethel H., r. 514 East 5th.

Carpenter, Florence R., widow Elial F., h. 514 East 5th.

Carpenter, Glenn A., (Maude), plater, h. 12 Chicago ave.

Carpenter, George, teamster, bds. 1083 East 2d.

Carpenter, Howard, laborer, r. 16 Regent.

Carpenter, Israel D., (Mary E.), gardener, h. 143 Fairview ave.

Carpenter, Mrs. Jennie, bobbin winder, h. 367% Foote ave.

Carpenter, Joseph G., (Edith), lumber buyer, h. 26 Tilden ave.

Carpenter, Julia L., Mrs., seamstress, h. 50 Allen Square building.

Carpenter, Lora B., student, r. 143 Fairview.

Carpenter, Maria E., widow Kingsley, h. 11 East 8th.

Carpenter, Mary E., widow Alonzo, h. 16 Regent.

Carpenter, Milton D., (Minnie), carpenter, h. 405 Palmer.

Carpenter, Nettie, stenographer, rooms 18-19 City Hall, bds. 312 Pine.

Carpenter, Orson C, (Anna C ), Pearl City Cigar Co., 5 Opera House blk., h. 32 Kinney.

Carpenter, Raymond, machinist, r. 400 Falconer.

Carpenter, Sybbel M., widow William, h. 913 East 2d.

Carr, Edward, (Hannah), loomfixer, h. 16 Waterman.

Carr, Ethel, spinner, r. 16 Waterman.

Carr, James H., (Carrie), pressman, h. 30 Institute.

Carr, Rose A., widow Henry, weaver, h. over 5 Walnut.

Carr, Sarah E., duffer, r. over 5 Walnut.

Carrier, Lefa, widow Timothy, h. oyer 217 Fulton.

Carrier, Pearl, r.flatF, Kent block, 27 Forest ave.

Carruthers, Elizabeth, registered nurse, 207 Foote ave., h. 356 do.

Carruthers, Wilhelmina, nurse, 207 Foote ave., h. 356 do.

Carter, Andrew B., (Mary B.), butter buyer, h. 311 Foote ave.

Carter, Anna E., Mrs., h. over 51 Fairmount ave.

Carter, Ellen, laundress, rooms 8 West 7th.

Carter, Martha R„ widow Charles W., r. 313 Main.

Carter, Melissa, widow Robert, h. 626 Spring.

Carter, Mattie, widow William E., hairdresser, 314 East 3d, h. 13 Thayer.

Carver, Frank D., (Mary A.), packer, h. 737 East 2d.

Cascia, Joseph, (Rosa), musician, h. 36 Tilden ave.

Case, Mrs. Anna, sewing machine operator, h. over 804 North Main.

Case, Charles L., (Mariette), h. 4 East Buffalo.

Case, Fred J., (Anna C ), h. 203 Summit.

Case, Martha M., china painter, r. 4 East Buffalo.

Case, Pardon G., (Frances), farmer, h. 47 Ridgway ave.

See also Kase.

Cashen, John, (Sarah), baker, h. 32 Kent.

Casino Cafe—Peterson & Lenna, props.—22-24 East 2d.

Caskey, Elizabeth, h. 713 East 2d.

Caskey, Roland E., (Mary S.),filer,h. 716 Lafayette.

Caskey, R. E., Mrs. dressmaker, 716 Lafayette.



Cassidy, Anna, waitress, r. 13-23 South Main.

Cassleman, Claud, (Mary), rubber worker, h. 5 Rowley Place.

See also Castleman.

Castle, Alexander, (Maria), laborer, h. 21 Hazzard.

Castleman, Andrew P., operator, h. 336 Steele.

Castleman, Harold, (Bessie), laborer, h. 336 Steele.

Castleman, Hawley, laborer, room 6 over 20 East 2d.

Castleman, Mrs. Josie, h. over 20 East 2d.

Castleman, Lynn, laborer, room 6 over- 20 East 2d.

See also Casselman.

Castner, Albert, employed 131 Winsor, bds. 36 Johnson.

Castner, Augusta F., r. over 36 Kinney.

Castner, Charles O., band sawyer, h. over 36 Kinney.

Castner, Hedwig, bds. 36 Johnson.

Catholic church, corner Cherry and West 6th, Rev. Richard Coyle.

CatTin, Ashbel R., (Ruth A.)—A. R. Catlin, 22 South Main—h. 38 Hall ave.

Catlin, A. R. & Co.—Ashbel R. and Ruth A. Catlin—seeds, 22 South Main.

Catlin, Clyde V., clerk, 305 Main, r. 803 West 5th.

Catlin, Elial, (Marion), clerk, 103 Main, h. 8 South Main.

Caulkins, William, (Alice Maud), engineer, J. S. Ry. powerhouse, h. 626 Palmer.

See also Calkins.

Cawcroft, Aquilla, (Allie), wool buyer, h. 333 East 2d.

Cawcroft, A., Mrs., magnetic healer, h. 333 East 2d.

Cawcroft, Elsie M., stenographer, r. 333 East 2d.

Cawcroft, Ernest, law student, r. 333 East 2d.

Cawley, Edward, r. 131 Stowe.

Cease, Frank A., ( E m m a V.), asst. engineer, h. 633 Falconer.

Cease, Fred, (Blanche), sander, h. 101 East Buffalo.

Cease, Pauline, h. Lake View Ext.

Cedar, Anna, widow John, h. over 185 Barrows.

Cedarquist, Carl, (Mary), carpenter, h. 138 Hedges ave.

Cedarquist, Elmer, machine hand, bds. 138 Hedges.

Cedarquist, Mary, millhand, r. 11 Grandin.

Cederholm, Gust, (Anna), cabinet maker, Falconer, h. 416 Lafayette.

Cederholm, Lewis C, (Mary C ), cabinet maker, h. 46 Charles.

Cederquist, Amanda, cook, 517 Main.

Cederquist, Anna, widow Lars, h. 34 Thayer.

Cederquist, Carl, woodworker, r. 34 Thayer.

Cederquist, Charles J., (Hannah), driver, h. 415 West Sth.

Cederquist, John, laborer, r. 34 Thayer.

Cederwall, Amanda, domestic, r. 318 East 5th.

Cederwell, Iver, cigarmaker, bds. 112 Francis Century Furniture Co.—Charles J. and Marcus J. Norquist—mfrs. of chamber suits, River St.

Chadakoin Boat Co.—F. E. Armitage, president—Celoron.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

The Largest and Best Stock of Dry Goods--THE A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 155 Chadakoin Club—Commodore Edward F. Green—club house at Greenhurst on Chautauqua.

Chadakoin Oil & Gas Co.—Oscar Stranburg, secy—6 West 3rd.

Chadakoin Worsted Mills—Abraham Ashworth and Asa Ashworth—15-23 Holmes.

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