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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Cole, Lyman, (Sarah), wagon maker, 12 Forest ave., h. 209 Warren.

Cole, Lynn J., overlooker, r. over 21 East 2d.

Cole, Marjorie J, widow F. K., h. 404 Lafayette.


Cole, Pardon H., (Fanny A.)—Klumpp & Cole, 217 Main—h. 68 West 10th.

Cole, Roy, (Zade), carpenter, h. 305 Warren.

Coleen, Alfred, laborer, bds. 800 East 2d.

Coleman, James M., (Hannah), h. over 108 East 2d.

Colenso, Edith, telephone operator, 210 Pine, r. 1088 East 2d.

Colenso, Joseph, (Ellen), retired, h. 1088 East 2d.

Colleen, Amanda L., duffer, r. 715 Foote ave.

Colleen, Florence A., spinner, r. 715 Foote ave.

Colleen, Gust T., (Christina), butcher, h. 715 Foote ave.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 161 Collier, Anna, r. 218 Crossman.

Collier, Arthur M., (Isabell), clerk, East 9th, h. 218 Crossman.

Collier, William, bookkeeper, 35 Water, r. 218 Crossman.

Collins, Albert B., (Bertha), Collins Ice Cream Co., 99 Institute, h. 34 Harrison.

Collins, Ann, clerk, 8 Main, r. 109 Weeks.

Collins, Anna, textile worker, bds. 869 Spring.

Collins, Annie, h. 1021% Main.

Collins, Frank J., clerk, 12-14 West 3rd, bds. 40 Fairmount.

Collins, Jane, weaver, r. 12 Bishop.

Collins, Jerry H., teamster, Lake View Rose Gardens, bds. Ashville ave., R.

F. D., beyond city limits, (Celoron).

Collins, John B., (Mary T.), prop. The Fair, 12-14 West 3rd, h. 40 Fairmount.

Collins, Patrick, bartender, rms. 215 West 2d.

Collins, Mary, operative, r. 109 Weeks.

Collins, Samuel, (Ethel), metal worker, h. 105 Rathbone.

Collins Ice Cream Co.—Albert B. Collins—ice cream mfrs. 99 Institute.

Collopy, Ethel J., student, r. 517 East 2d.

Collopy, James W., (Josephine), oil producer, h. 517 East 2d.

Collopy, M. Katherine, student, r. 517 East 2d.

Comfort, William M., (Helen), ice cream maker, h. 9 Rush.

Commissioners of Navigation—Ransom J. Barrows, J. C. McLane, John O.

Johnson—rm. 17 Ellicott bldg.

Comstock, Minnie, housekeeper, 29 Mechanic, r. do.

Conewango Oil & Gas Co.—M. E. Smith, South Dayton, pres.; B. F. Montanye, sec. and treas.—30 Wellman bldg.

Coney, Charles D., (Cordelia), asst. engineer, Municipal Water Dept., h. 183 Buffalo., Congleton, James, laborer, h. 24 Rush.

Congleton, John, laborer, r. 504 Foote ave.

Congleton, Luther, (Jennie), rag peddler, h. 504 Foote ave.

Conic, Bessie M., teacher, r. 109 Curtis.

Conic, Sarah A., widow David P., r. 304 Lincoln.

Conic, William W., (Jennie F.), musician, h. 109 Curtis.

Conley, LaMont H., clerk, 19 Steele, bds. 313 Prendergast ave.

Connell, Richard, (Hilda), upholsterer, h. 6 Partridge.

Connelo, August, (Mamie), fruits, 107 South Main, h. do.

Connelo, Sam, clerk, 107 South Main, bds. do.

Connelly, Eugenia, mill hand, bds. 18 Steele.

Connelly, Herbert L., bookkeeper, Union Trust Co., 211 Main, h. Stowe, N. Y.

Connelly, Jacob, (Clara E.), oil gauger, Standard Oil Co., h.flatF, Kent blk.

See also Connolly.

Conner, Hazel, r. 328 Warren.

Conner, James S., (Sarah), pattern maker, h. 328 Warren.

Conner, Julia, widow Leander, 1201 Prendergast ave.

COAL, W O O D, C E M E N T. L. F. S H E D D.

J a e g e r ' s H e a l t h U n d e r w e a r at PROUDFIT'S 162 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Conner, Leon A., (Anna O.)—L. A. Conner & Co., 342 East 3rd and 29 South Main—h. 1201 Prendergast ave.

Conner, Mary, weaver, r. 50 Rathbone.

Conner, May, widow Charles F., h. over 121 West 3rd.

Conner, Ralph, student, r. 328 Warren.

Conners, Daniel, bds. 953 East 2d.

Connolly, Thomas, (Pauline), laborer, over 28 West 9th.

See also Connelly.

Conroe, Glen C, gardener, r. Curtis.

Conroe, Robert A., ( E m m a A.), gardener, h. Curtis.

Conroy, Kittie H., stenographer, 111 West 2d, r. 629 Prendergast ave.

Conroy, William B., (Anna L.), traveling salesman, h. 833 North Main.

Consolidated Dental Parlors—William E. Goucher—over 223 Main.

Constas, Agyssilous G., Constas Bros. Co., 9 West 3rd h. 25 Allen Square bldg., over 119 Main.

Constas Bros., Co., confectionery and fruits, A. G. Constas, prop., 9 West 3rd.

Conway, Frank, painter, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Coob, Ida W., domestic, r. 15 Mechanic.

Cook, Deforest F., Cook and Treat, 30-32 Main, h. Panama, N. Y.

Cook, Edwin D., (Addie J.), pres. Salisbury Wheel Co., Allen Ext, h. 21 Woodworth ave.

Cook, Ernest H., (Evelyn), letter carrier, P. O., h. 221 East 8th.

Cook, Fred P., (Jennie), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 34 Victoria ave.

Cook, Mrs. Mary A., r. 208 West 8th.

Cook, Nicholas,finisher,bds. 4-6 South Main.

Cook, Percival, draftsman, r. 221 East 8th.

Cook, Willie O., h. 315 East 4th.

Cook & Treat—Deforest F. Cook and Charles E. Treat—grocers, 30-32 Main.

Cooke, George H., (Cora S.), clerk, 2-6 East 2d, h. 512 Jefferson.

Cool, Lillian, mill hand, r. 1062 East 2nd.

Cooley, Isabelle, widow John, h. 224 Forest ave.

Cooley, W. Harry,finisher,r. 224 Forest ave.

Cooper, Anna, r. 29 West 10th.

Cooper, Arthur, woodworker, r. 1 6 % Harrison.

Cooper, Barbara, widow Wilson, h. 12 Bishop.

Cooper, Clinton D., (Ella), driver, h. 350 Baker.

Cooper, Elden D., laborer, 751 Foote ave.

Cooper, Ella M., widow John H., h. 751 Foote ave.

Cooper, E m m i e twister, r. 1 6 % Harrison.

Cooper, Ernest J., spinning boss, r. 12 Bishop.

Cooper, Fannie M., principal No. 1 school, r. 420 Winsor.

Cooper, Fred, C, (Sarah), h. 110 Harrison.

Cooper, Fred C, Jr., cigar maker apprentice, r. 110 Harrison.

Cooper, Frederick, (Louisa W. ), moulder, h. 1408 Falconer.

Cooper, Grace, nurse, 207 Foote ave.

Cooper, Ida, Mrs., h. room 1 Opera House block.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Housefurnishings.

The Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.


Cooper, Isaac, (Alice), laborer, h. 1275 East 2d.

Cooper, Jean, weaver, r. 12 Bishop.

Cooper, John H., packer, r. 751 Foote ave.

Cooper, Mabel, spinner, r. 12 Bishop.

Cooper, Maria E., widow James, h. 420 Winsor.

Cooper, Mary A., weaver, r; 12 Bishop.

Cooper, Nellie F., mender, r. 751 Foote ave.

Cooper, Phoebe, mender, r. 1 6 % Harrison.

Cooper, Titus, (Phoebe), inspector, h. 106 Harrison.

Cooper, William G., (Anna S.), laborer, r. 751 Foote ave.

Cooper, William H., (Louisa A.), loomfixer,h. 1 6 % Harrison.

Cooper, William H., bobbinfiller,r. 110 Harrison.

Copp, Helen, r. 821 Main.

Copp, Jane, widow James, h. 821 Main.

Corbett, Michael, (Catherine), watchman Erie R. R. crossing, Center, h. 10 Foote ave.

Corcilius, Alexander B., (Elenor), draughtsman, h. 329 Price.

Corcilius, Melusina, widow Peter M., h. 108 Crossman.

Corcilius, Rose, The Tiffany Printing Co., over 16 East 3rd, r. 108 Crossman.

Cordingley, Barth, (Sarah), machinist, h. 131 Stowe.

Cordingley, George, (Marian),finisher,h. 145 Weeks.

Cordon, Michael, (Mary F.), watchman, h. 10 Filmore.

Corell, Zenas M., (Augusta J.), agent, h. 9 Royal ave.

Cork, Fred T., (Anna), tinner, h. 11 Price.

Cork, Joseph, shoemaker, h. 224 Washington.

Corke, Arthur M., (Lizzie), plumber, h. 173 Livingstone ave.

Corkery, Daniel J, (Katherine), woodworker, h. 112 Fairview.


Corkery, Timothy, (Bertha), machine hand, h. 139 Fairview ave.

Corkery, William J., (Hannah), machinist, h. 137 Fairview ave.

Corneliussen, F. A. T., pastor Danish Congregational church, h. 215 Crescent.

Cornell, Kenneth, student, r. 38 Lake View ave.

Cornell, Lynn F., (Anna J.), Jamestown Lounge Co., h. 38 Lake View ave.

Cornwell, Eugene, carriage maker, Buffalo and Hotchkiss, h. 22 Champlin.

Cornwell, Miles C, carriage maker, Buffalo and Hotchkiss, r. 22 Champlin.

Corrigan, Anthony J, (Josephine), contractor, h. 612 West 6th.


Cotter, Johanna, widow James, r. 705 Lafayette.

Couch, Ella M „ widow Frank W., h. 308 West 2d.

Couch, Harry, apprentice, 14-16 West 2d, r. 308 do.

Couch, Mary, h. V 8 West 2d.

Couch, Warren, clerk, 10 West 1st, r. do.

Couchman, B. Clinton, (Emma), h. 43 Fairmount ave.

Couchman, Page B., (Laura), mgr. bank dept, 95-105 J. & G. ave., h. 308 West 6th.

Coulcher, Jennie, Mrs., h. 130 Falconer.

Courson, Hulda, widow Frank, weaver, h. over 410 Allen.

Countryman, R. S., r. 130 Kent.

Cedar Shingles, Lath and Plaster-L. F. SHEDD.

Headquarters fo^?fls'Rr1;g1?&rd 33, Proudfit's 164 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Covell, Lewis A., (Lena), woodworker, h. 15 Park Place.

Covey, Albert M., (Effie J.), drayman, 208 Cherry, h. 221 Crossman.

Covey, Ethel E., student, r. 221 Crossman.

Covey, Frank E., (Grace), drayman, h. 24 Woodworth.

Covey, James, retired, r. 251 Fulton.

Covey, Mary, widow Harrison, h. 1070 East 2d.

Cowan, Arthur J, bottler, under 7 Harrison, r. do.


Cowan, Herbert F., N e w Brooklyn House and bottling works, 7 Harrison.

r. do.

Cowan, James M., (Anna E.), prop. N e w Brooklyn House, and Brooklyn Bottling works, 7 Harrison, r. do.

Cowden, Albert F., (Antoinette), tinner, h. 35 Barrett.

Cowen, Sarah E., r. over 804 North Main.

Cowing, Edward, (Bessie), driver, h. 428 Hallock.

Cowing, John, deliveryman, r. 428 Hallock.

Cowing, Leonard G., (Minnie D.), Jamestown Veneer Door Co., 111-119 Cheney, h. over 211 West 3rd.

Cowing, William M., (Carrie E.), h. 428 Hallock.

Cowing, WTlliam M., Jr., clerk, r. 428 Hallock.

Cowles, Bertha A., teacher, bds. 31 Linden ave.

Cowles, Kate, widow John, h. 136 Barrett.

Cowles, Kate M., r. 136 Barrett.

Cox, George, (Ina), marble worker, h. 215 Warren.

Cox, Robert, (Hilda), drayman, h. 23 Highland ave.

Coxson, Albert, (Mary), laborer, h. 7 Pyre.

Coxson, Charlie, laborer, r. 7 Pyre.

Coxson, Oren, junk dealer, r. 7 Pyre.

Coyle, Rev. Richard, priest, SS. Peter and Paul's Catholic church, h. 508 Cherry.

Cracknell, John W., (Minnie), polisher, h. 849 Main.

Craggs, Lavina, bds. 19 West 8th.

Craig, Bert C, (Bertha M.), car inspector, h. 22 Charles.

Cramp, Frank, woodworker, bds. 105 West 2d.

Crandall, Rosa, Mrs., tailoress, h. 131 Harrison.

Crandell, Ellen, widow F. A., housekeeper, 6 Crane.

Crane, Alexis, (Emily H.), representative N. Y. office Art Metal, h. 400 W. 5th.

Crane, Ella, stenographer, Empire Mills, Water St., rooms 528 East 2d.

Crane, Mary, widow James, h. 14 Cedar.

Crane, Mary, widow Charles, laundress, h. 124 West 10th.

Crane, Thomas, rms. 56-57 N e w Gifford, 22-28 South Main.

Cranford, Edith, clerk, r. 213 Fulton.

Crantz, Charles, bartender, r. 553 Allen.

Crantz, Frank A., (Minnie), driver, h. 3 Holman.

Crantz, Inez A. C, clerk, 20 West 3rd, r. 3 Holman.

Crantz, John A., (Tilda), machine hand, h. 245 Willard.

Crantz, Signa, domestic, r. 142 Prospect.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware a n d Mill Supplies.

A l w a y s b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 165 Crantz, Swan, (Esther), coachman, h. over 926 Newland ave.

Crantz, Vina A., winder, bds. 3 Holman.

See also Krantz.

Crapiga, Mary, winder, bds. 59 Foote ave.

Crapiga, Teopila, textile worker, bds. 252 Harrison.

Crapo, Frank, (Clara), conductor J. S. Ry., bds. 703 West 8th.

Cratty, Cassius Q., bookkeeper, 110 East 3rd% rooms 504 East 2d.

Cratty, James, employed 110 East 3rd,rms. 504 East 2d.

Craven, Carrie P., Mrs., art needlework, h. over 311 East 6th.

Crawford, Guy H., clerk, r. room 1 Lewis block, over 800 Main.

Crawford, Henry G., (Terrissa M.), foreman, 32-34 South Main, h. 213 Fulton.

Crawshaw, Lucius E., cook, 21-23 West 3rd, bds. 215 West 2d.

Crick, Claude H., (Fannie), painter, h. 214 West 7th.

Crick, Clyde E., (Ida), painter, h. 214 West 7th.

Crick, John E., (Minervia), farmer, h. 214 West 7th.

Cricket Grounds, from Winsor to Outlet.

Crissey, Anna L., h. 52 Lake View ave.

Crissey, Elverton B., (Mary L.), vice pres. Farmers & Mechanics Bank, 215 Main, h. 208 Lake View ave.

Crissey, Harold B., bookkeeper, r. 208 Lake View ave.

Crissey, Jay, (Alice), Star Furniture Co., 25 Briggs, h. 518 Lake View ave.

Crissey, Mary E., r. 52 Lake View ave.

Crissey, Miner S., (Grace C ), Wilcox, Burchard & Co., 17 Shearman place, h. 5 Church.

Crissey, Minnie R., r. 52 Lake View ave.

Crissey, Newton, (Lucy A.), pres. Farmers & Mechanics Bank, 215 Main, h.

17 Cross.

Crissey, Seward M., (Lucy A.), h. 9 Lincoln.

Crissols, Alick, (Rosa), shoe shining, 27 Main, h. Celoron.

Crittenden, Helena, teacher, r. 12 Chandler.

Crittenden, Margaret, Mrs., h. 12 Chandler.

Crocker, Don D., (Jennie L.), machine hand, h. 28 Woodworth ave.

Crocker, Francis, Mrs., h. over 27 Whitley.

Crocker, Fred, (Hulda P.),finisher,h. 110 Lakin ave.

Crocker, J. W., dealer in plants, rms. 403 Main.

Crocker, Ray R., (Catharine), motorneer, J. S. Ry., h. 29 Whitley ave.

Crofoot, Frank C, (Luella), gardener, cemetery, h. Buffalo.

Cronin, John T., (Mary), freight handler, h. 117 Hall ave.

Cronin, Nellie, cook, 211 Lake View ave.

Crosby, Erastus, (Mary A.), attorney-at-law, room 2 Hall block, over 221 Main, h. 140 Allen.

Crosby, Florence E., r. 429 East 6th.

Crosby, Mary A., widow Samuel C, h. 429 East 6th.

Crosby, Mett M., (Kate), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 115 Hamilton.

Cross, Bert S., barber, 5 Steele, h. 10 West 4th.

Cross, LibBie, widow Robert, h. over 112 East 3rd.




Cross, Ralph, toll chief, 210 Pine, bds. 11-15 West 1st.

Crossfield, Frank W., (Minnie F.), carpenter, h. 36 Center.

Crossfield, Lu Bell, student, r. 36 Center.

Crossgrove, Fred O., (Jessie M.), F. M. Curtis Co., h. 157 Warren.

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