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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Crossgrove, Grace, r. 320 Warren.

Crossgrove, Samuel, ( E m m a ), woodworker, h. 324 Warren.

Crossgrove, Walter S., (Emily),.finisher, h. 320 Warren.

Crossgrove, William,finisher,h. 324 Warren.

Crossley, Ada, spinner, r. 48 Harrison.

Crossley, Elsie, textile worker, r. 15 Winsor.

Crossley, Fred,finisher,r. 4S Harrison.

Crossley, Harry, spinner, bds. 4S Harrison.

Crossley, Haydn, (Lilla F.), woolsorter, r. 172 Allen.

Crossley, Henry, (Hagar), folder, h. 32 Maple.

Crossley, Margaret, widow William, h. 4S Harrison.

Crossley, Robert, (Edith), warp dresser, h. 15 Winsor.

Crossley, Robinson, textile worker, r. 48 Harrison.

Crossman, Mary S., widow Alpheus, h. 210 East 4th.

Crossman, Phineas, real estate, bds. 129 Lake View ave.

Crossman, Walter J., (Frances), freight handler, h. 702 East 2d.

Crouse, Charles, r. 320 East 3rd.

Crouse, E m m a, Mrs., optician, 320 East 3rd, h. do.

Crouse, Joseph, laborer, r. 320 East 3rd.

Crowe, Benjamin, apprentice machinist, r. 17 Elk St. Extension.

Crowe, Edward M., student, r. 237 Crescent.

Crowe, Elizabeth, spooler, r. 17 Elk St. Extension.

Crowe, Elizabeth, widow Benjamin, grocery, 141 Harrison, h. do.

Crowe, Ella, r. 3 Hall ave.

Crowe, George, pin setter, r. 17 Elk St. Extension.

Crowe, Horsfall, (Elizabeth H.), pin setter, h. 17 Elk St. Extension.

Crowe, John, lineman, h. 3 Hall ave.

Crowe, Katherine, widow John, r. 3 Hall ave.

Crowe, Nellie, domestic, r. 13-23 West 3rd.

Crowe, Peter, (Kate J.), paperhanger, h. 237 Crescent.

Crowe, Thomas, lineman, r. 3 Hall ave.

Crowe, William M., painter, r. 237 Crescent.

Crowell, Alta, r. 230 Crossman.

Crowther, Orliza R., widow Charles, h. 213 Forest.

Crull, Nelson G., painter, h. 27 Forest ave.

Crum, Alzenis W., (Harriett L.)—H. P. Robertson Co.. 30 Steele—h. 26 Allen.

Crum, Jane L., r. 26 Allen.

Crum, W. Egburt, student, r. 26 Allen.

Culbertson, Claud R., commercial traveler, bds. over 26 West 9th.

Cullen, Elizabeth, weaver, r. 144 Warren.

Cullen, Henry, shoemaker, r. 144 Warren.

Cullen, Ina E., duffer, r. 24 Champlin.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

The Best G o o d s at the Lowest P r i c e s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 167 Cullen, Ina E., spinner, r. 513 Allen.

Cullen, James, woodworker, r. 144 Warren.

Cullen, John, (Mary A.), laborer, h. 144 Warren.

Cullen, John, Jr., (Ellein A.), employed 30 Steele, h. 105 Camp.

Cullen, Katherine, weaver, r. 144 Warren.

Cullen, William H., (Virna), stonemason, h. 513 Allen.

Culley, Thomas, (Bridget), laborer, h. 608 West 6th.

Culligan, Susan, widow Patrick, h. 416 West 7th.

Culver, Elwood, milk dealer, r. 118 Hazzard.

Culver, L. Edwin, clerk, 204 Main, r. 864 Prendergast ave.

Culver, Myra A., r. 20 Ashville ave.

Culver, Stephen A., (M. Lunette), farmer, h. 118 Hazzard.

Curran, James J, (Anna G.), tinner, h. over 128 Fairmount ave.


Curran, John, (Julia), gardener, h. 110 Fairview.

Curran, Julia, weaver, r. 110 Fairview.

Curran, Thomas, printer, r. 110 Fairview.

Curry, Hollie, Mrs., h. 4 East.

Curry, Margaret, widow John H., boarding house, 129 Fairmount ave.

Curry, Mary, trimmer, r. 129 Fairmount ave.

Curry, Michael, porter, r. over 129 Fairmount ave.

Curtice, Mabel I., teacher, r. 617 Washington.

Curtice, Nettie M., widow Roswell B., h. 617 Washington.

Curtice, Will M., stenographer, cor. Isabell ave. and Monroe, r. 124 Crescent.

Curtis, Anna, Mrs., h. 38 West 8th.

Curtis, C. P., employed J. S. Ry., rms. 22 Allen Square bldg.

Curtis, Caroline V., r. 310 East 3rd.

Curtis, Clara W., dressmaker, r. 19 Foote ave.

Curtis, Clyde L., (Myrtie M.), teamster, h. 143 Barrett.

Curtis, Don Allen, lumber dealer, r.310 East 3rd.

Curtis, Edward W., (Ethel G.), E. M. Curtis Lumber Co., h. 304 East 3rd.

Curtis, E. W., Lumber Co., wholesale hardwood lumber—Prest, D. F. Rundell; sec'y, treas. and gen. mgr., E. W. Curtis—704-706 East 2d.

Curtis, Evelyen A., student, r. over 524 Allen.

Curtis, Frank G., lawyer and real estate, new Fenton bldg., r. 310 East 3rd.

Curtis, Frank N., (Ella M.), stationary engineer, 620 West 8th, h. 817 Jefferson.

Curtis, Frederick M., (Clara Price), pres. and treas. F. M. Curtis Co., 716-718 East 2d, h. 310 East 3rd.

Curtis, F. M., Co.—F. M. Curtis, president; H. E. Curtis, 1st vice prest; Gust Rosenquist, 2d vice prest.; F. O. Crossgrove, sec'y and treas. and gen'l manager—716-718 East 2d.

Curtis Cabinet Co., The F. M., mfrs. tables—F. M. Curtis, pres. and treas., C.

A. Anderson, secy.—716-718 East 2d.

Curtis, George, apprentice, 14-16 West 2d, r. 119 East 2d.

Curtis, H. Ernest, F. M. Curtis Co., 716-718 East 2d, h. 19 Foote ave.

Curtis, Laura A., dressmaker, r. 19 Foote ave.


Children's Suits $ 1. 5 0 to $ 8 at PROUDFIT'S 168 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Curtis, Marguerite, student, r. 54 Lake View ave.

Curtis, Mary, widow Woodbridge, r. 196 Forest ave.

Curtis, Matthew B., driver, rooms 26 Fenton Place.

Curtis, Nellie, laundress, r. over 524 Allen.

Curtis, Ray, bell man, r. 14-20 West 1st.

Curtis, Samuel H., (Gertrude), wool buyer, h. 211 West 3rd.

Curtis, Silas E., (Nettie), hand sander, h. over 524 Allen.

Curtis, Wallace B., photographer, h. 196 Forest ave.

Curtiss, J. Delevan, (R. Louise), attorney-at-law, 51-52 Fenton bldg., h. 54 Lake View ave.

Curtiss, Lillian, r. 54 Lake View ave.

Cushing,John M., (Estelle), salesman, h. 31 East 8th.

Cushman, John M., (Emma), jeweler, 26 Main, h. 132 Warren.

Cutler, Catherine, student, r. 15 Lincoln.

Cutler, Ethel, student, Mt. Holyoke, r. 15 Lincoln.

Cutler, Martha, widow Charles H., caterer, r. 15 Lincoln.

Cutting, Lucian, (Francelia), laborer, h. Orphanage St.

D Dagan, Charles B., (Caroline A.), dining car inspector, E. R. R., rms. 405 West 3rd.

Dahl, Ida, domestic, r. 556 East 2d.

Dahl, John, (Eva),finisher,h. over 5 Sturges.

Dahl, Oscar, (Louise), laborer, h. 12 Sampson.

Dahlbeck, Gust, laborer, bds. 149 J. & G. ave.

Dahlberg, A. John, (Anna), plumber, h. 337 Willard.

Dahlberg, Amelia, spinner, r. 497 Willard.

Dahlberg, Anna, spinner, Falconer, r. 497 Willard.

Dahlberg, Carl A., carder, bds. 337 Willard.

Dahlberg, Fred, comber, Falconer, r. 497 Willard.

Dahlberg, Ludwig, foreman, Falconer, r. 497 Willard.

Dahlberg, Nina A., drawer, r. 497 Willard.

Dahlberg, Samuel, (Olivia), laborer, h. 497 Willard.

Dahlborg, Anna K., h. Buffalo and Davis.

Dahlgren, August, (Annie E.), machine hand, h. 36 Union ave.

Dahlgren, August, (Sophia), cabinet maker, h. 249 Crescent.

Dahlgren, Elmer E., wood carver, r. 249 Crescent.

Dahlgren, Eric, ( E m m y ) — E. Dahlgren & Co.,7 East 3rd—h. 103 Barrett.

Dahlgren, Eric, & Co.—Eric Dahlgren—jewelers, 7 East 3rd.

Dahlgren, Max, (Vilma),finisher,h. over 40 Pearl ave.

Dahlgren, Sopha, weaver, bds. 792 East 2d.

Dahlman, Mary Ann, widow Francis, h. over 4 Waterman.

Dahlquist, Anna, operative, r. 228 Broadhead ave.

Dahlquist, August, (Wilhelmina C ), tailor, 554 East 2d, h. do.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Furnaces.

Carpets, Curtains, Draperies, Shades. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 169 Dahlquist, August S., barber, under 8 South Main, r. 21 Victoria.

Dahlquist, Birger, student, r. 228 Broadhead ave.

Dahlquist, Carl, operative, residence 228 Broadhead ave.

Dahlquist, E m m a, dressmaker, over 24 East 3rd, r. 228 Broadhead ave.

Dahlquist, Matilda, widow John, h. 228 Broadhead ave.

Dahlquist, Morris, (Mary), warpdresser, h. over 554 East 2d.

Dahlstrom, Andrew, band sawyer, bds. over 22 Pearl.

Dahlstrom, Anna, weaver, h. under 535 Allen.

Dahlstrom, Augustus E., (Lizzie),florist,Lake View Rose Gardens, h. 204 McDannell avenue.

Dahlstrom, Charles, (Anna), mgr. Dahlstrom Metallic Door Co., Gokey bldg., h. 45 Prospect ave.

Dahlstrom, Metallic Door Co.—Elof Rosencrantz, pres.; Carl Lundquist, vic« pres.; John A. Vestman, sec. and treas.; Nels A. Johnson, asst. sea and treas.; C. Dahlstrom, gen. mgr.—office 316 Cherry.

Dailey, Daniel J., ballplayer, bds. 143-151 Fairmount ave.

Dailey, Peter, (Marion), junk dealer, h. 107 Hazzard.

Dana Brothers—Howard Dana, Mgr.—ladies' custom tailoring, 17 West 2d.

Danburg, Victor, (Sophia), works 95 J. & G. ave., house 19 Dorn avenue.

Daner, Algot, woodworker, bds. 530 Allen.

Danforth, Frank, agent, residence 38 Flagg avenue.

Danforth, Louis, (Fern), weaver, h. over 38 Flagg ave.

Danforth, Sidney, (Clarabell), cooper, house 38 Flagg ave.

Danford, Warren, (Lily), loomfixer,h. 2 Fillmore.

Daniels, Frank, (Rebecca), contractor, house 449 West 2d.

Danielson, Amel W., cement walk contractor, house 324 Forest avenue.

Danielson, Arthur J. A., packer, r. 101 Hedges avenue.

Danielson, Arvid, (Amanda), wool washer, h. over 825 Newland ave.

Danielson, August, (Carolena), retired, house 18 Institute.

Danielson, August C, (Anna M.), machine hand, h. 21 Hedges ave.

Danielson, Axel, (Emma),finisher,house 17 Pardee.

Danielson, Carl P., (Emma), machine hand, h. 206 Falconer.

Danielson, Charles A., (Amanda), grocer, 113 Willard, h. over do.

Danielson, Charles F., (Margaret K.),finisher,h. 19 Vega.

Danielson, Corinne C, student, r. over 113 Willard.

Danielson, C. Fred, (Etta T.)—Danielson's Music House, 1 Main—h. 10 Linwood avenue.

Danielson, Ernest L., (Dora), clerk, 4 new Gifford bldg., r. 11 Axtel.

Danielson, Esther F., widow John A., house 117 Willard.

Danielson, Frank, (Matilda), laborer, h. 300 Barrows.

Danielson, Gilbert L.,filler,r. 482 Willard.

Danielson, Gunnard Carl Edwin,finisher,bds. 101 Hedges ave.

Danielson, Gunnard S., packer, bds. 79 Vega.

Danielson, H. Pauline, duffer, r. over 113 Willard.

Danielson, Hilda S., residence 324 Forest ave.

Danielson, Hulda, clerk, 16-18 West 3rd, r. 18 Institute.


Call u p N o. 3 3 for C l o t h i n g a n d Furnishings 170 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Danielson, Jennie L., clerk, r. 324 Forest ave.

Danielson, John, farmer, h. 511 Willard.

Danielson, John A., (Clara), weaver, h. 101 Hedges ave.

Danielson, John Alfred, (Hilda), painter, h. 482 Willard.

Danielson, John P., (Selma S.), J. P. Danielson & Co., 48 Steele, h. 53 Kinney Danielson, J. P. & Co.—John P. Danielson and Karl Peterson—machinists, 44-48 Steele.

Danielson, Joseph, bobbin setter, bds. 17 Pardee ave.

Danielson, Martin A., teamster, r. 324 Forest ave.

Danielson, Victor H., carpenter, bds. 79 Vega.

Danish Congregational church, Institute, Rev. F. E. Corneliussen, pastor.

Darling, Jennie E., The Tiffany Printing Co., over 16 East 3rd, r. 513 Spring.

Darling, Mary E., clerk, 14-16 West 3rd, residence 513 Spring.

Darling, Samuel A., laborer, residence 513 Spring.

Davenport, Carrie, dressmaker, h. over 822 Main.

Davenport, G., metal worker, r. over 211 Main.

Davey, Carrie A., r. 317 Lake View ave.

Davey, Florence M., cashier, 100-102 Main, r. over 304 East 2d.

Davey, Hefty, bookkeeper, 304 East 2d, r. over do.

Davey, James, (Ellen), plumber, 304 East 2d, h. over do.

Davey, Jessamine, student, residence 317 Lake View ave.

Davey, William H., (Carrie D.), policeman, h. 317 Lake View ave.

Davidson, Alvin, carpenter, bds. 128 Water.

Davidson, A m o s P., (Lizzie), carpenter, h. 601 Palmer.

Davidson, Hans, (Hansine), laborer, h. 11 Highland ave.

Davidson, Horace A., fur dealer, bds. 7 Harrison.

Davidson, John, (Sadie), gardener, 160 Warren, h. do.

Davidson, John R., (Louisa), fur dealer, h. 601 Palmer.

See also Davison.

Davis, Adams C, (Elmina E.), bds. 313 Prendergast ave.

Davis, H. Almira, widow Joseph, boarding house, 116 East 4th.

Davis, Archie E., (Nellie), bookkeeper, h. 154 Lakin ave.

Davis, Carl, machinist, 11 Shearman place, r. 219 Stowe.

Davis, Catherine, widow Ora M., h. 38 Barrows.

Davis, Catherine, widow William, r. 134 Lake View ave.

Davis, Charles H., (Estella), gardner, h. 317 Palmer.

Davis, Charles L., (Myrtie M.), coachman, h. over 123 Fairmount ave.

Davis, Charles, rubber worker, r. 61 Rathbone.

Davis, Charles W., (Genevieve M.), Dewey-Davis Printing Co., 314 Cherry h. over 115 Fulton.

Davis, Clarence, (Delia), motorman, h. 134 Institute.

Davis, Dallas E., (Alice), house 108 Hall ave.

Davis, Earl, (Hilda), cabinet maker, h. 52 Charles.

Davis, Edward, (Catherine), machine hand, h. 322 Steele.

Davis, Elanson A., (Lillie), employed 217 Washington, h. 304 Main.

Davis, Eliza G., widow George T., boarding house, 313 Prendergast ave, h. do.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

The Largest and Best Stock of Dry G o o d s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.


Davis, Ella K., picker, r. 38 Barrows.

Davis, Elmer W., (Julia), Davis & Lewis, 708 North Main, h. do.

Davis, Emery R., (Lois), commercial traveler, h. 16 East 5th.

Davis, Ernest V., (Nora A.), tinner, h. 135 Catlin ave.

Davis, Fannie, r. 118 Steele.

Davis, Frank, electrician, r. 61 Rathbone.

Davis, Frank, (Nettie), miller, 28-30 East 1st, h. 622 Palmer.

Davis, George J., (Nellie), foreman, h. 6 Outlet.

Davis, George W., (Anna), house 21 West Dickerson.

Davis, Henry, woodworker, r. 219 Stowe.

Davis, Herbert F., (Laura L.)—Davis, Backus & Co., 18 Shearman place—h.

over 519 Lake View ave.

Davis, Herbert F., Mrs., money order clerk, P. O., r. over 519 Lake View ave.

Davis, J. Franklin, (Annie), stenographer, 41 Shearman Place, r. 628 Prendergast ave.

Davis, Jacob H., (Lizzie B.), clerk, 11-13 East 1st, h. 39 Prospect.

Davis, John, (Maud), bartender, 119 East 2d, r. over 506 Prendergast ave.

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