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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Ellis, John F., (Lizzie), sawyer, h. 13 Cook ave.

Ellis, Lou M., r. 333 East 2d.

Ellis, William, laborer, r. 13 Cook ave.

Ellison, Abner, (Sarah J.), warp dresser, h. 220 Fulton.

Ellison, Alice, r. Ashville ave., beyond city limits.

Ellison, Andrew, (Charlotte A.),finisher,h. Ashville ave., beyond city limits.

Ellison, B. Robert, laborer, r. Ashville ave., beyond city limits.

Ellison, Carl A., (Christina), machinist, h. 301 Crescent.

Ellison, Emily, domestic, 307 West 3rd.

Ellison, F. Oliver, laborer, r. Ashville ave., beyond city limits.

Ellison, H. Edward, draughtsman, h. Ashville ave., beyond city limits.

Ellison, John, (Matilda), metal worker, h. 338 Forest ave.

Ellison, Joseph A., tool maker, r. Ashville ave., beyond city limits.

Ellstrom, August, (Annie), metal worker, h. 7 Valley.

Ellsworth, Ida, stenographer, r. 11 Cross.

Ellsworth, Mabel, mender, bds. 375 Foote ave.

Elmer, John A., cabinet maker, bds. 108 Hedges ave.

Elms, Cynthia, widow Thomas, h. 214 Palmer.

Embler, Harriet, textile worker, r. over 43 Hazzard.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

The Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO:


Embler, Jane,, widow John, h. over 43 Hazzard.

Embler, Kate, weaver, r. over 43 Hazzard.

Emley, John, freight handler, rms. 211 West 2d.

Emmott, Edwin, comber, r. 116 Harrison.

Emmott, Ellen, widow Herbert, h. 116 Harrison.

Emmott, Herbert A., textile worker, r. 116 Harrison.

Emmott, Lillian, duffer, r. 116 Harrison.

Emory, Clyde, cashier, 105 Winsor, bds. 117 Allen.

Emory, William R., (Gertrude), carpenter, h. 121 Forest.

Empire Furniture Co.—Frank O. Anderson—mfrs. chamber suits, 118-124 Foote ave.

Empire Worsted Mills—J. W. Doubleday, prest; L. M. Butman, sec. and treas.—mfrs. suitings and dress goods, 35-43 Water.

Emsley, Ralph, (Christine E.), twister, h. 38 Regent.

Enart, William J., cook, 7-11 West 1st.

Endress, William F., (Dora W.)—Chautauqua Refrigerating Co., 66 Foote ave.

— h. 416 Main.

Engberg, John A., (Lena B.), laborer, h. over 524 Allen.

Engberg, John B., (Anna),finisher,h. over 400 Allen.

Engberg, Josephine, drawer, r. over 524 Allen.

Engberg, Josephine W., drawer, r. 154 Barrows.

Engdahl, Augusta, domestic, 212 Lake View ave.

Engdahl, John, (Minnie), laborer, h. 8 South Hallock.

Engelstad, Martin, (Helga), ensign, 121 East 3rd, h. 24 Harrison.

Engle, Nicholas E., (Mary), insurance agent, h. 24 Tilden ave.

Engineering & Power Co.—A. N. Broadhead, pres.; W. A. Bradshaw, Jr., sec.

and treas.—Ashville ave., (Celoron), office over 303 Main.

English Lutheran church, 12 West 4th, Rev. Charles Jefferis, pastor.

Engman, Carl G., (Hilma), axe maker, h. 574 Willard.

Engman, Florence, housekeeper, h. 302 Willard.

Engman, John, (Signa), carpenter, h. 426 Baker.

Engman, Jonas P., farmer, h. 511 Allen.

Engquist, August, (Emma), machine hand, h. 26 Columbia ave.

Engstrom, August, (Louise), woodworker, h. 819 Newland ave.

Engstrom, Carl, laborer, 213-215 East 2d, r. do.

Engstrom, John—Engstrom & Peterson, rm. 9 N e w Warner block—bds. 208 Prospect.

Engstrom, John, (Jennie), foreman, 415 Chandler, h. 228 Prospect.

Engstrom, John, tailor, rm. 9 N e w Warner blk., bds. 208 Prospect.

Engstrom, John C, Jr., tailor, rm. 9 N e w Warner blk., bds. 208 Prospect.

Engstrom & Peterson—John Engstrom and Leonard Peterson—tailors, room 9 N e w Warner block, 1-5 Main.

Engwall, Charles, (Josephine), tailor, h. under 107 Hazzard.

Engwall, Hjalmar J, ( E m m a C ), packer, h. 6 Willis.


Engwall, John, (Anna L,.), case maker, h. 64 Tower.

Engwall, Mary, h. 69 Tower.

CLEAN COAL L. F. SHEDD. Both Phones.


Engwall, Otto, cabinet maker, r. 24 Thayer.

Enlund, Richard, tuner, bds. 21 Bush.

Enlund, Warner, machinist, bds. 21 Bush.

Ennis, Nellie, r. 133 Euclid ave.

Ennis, Thomas H., (Elizabeth), clerk, 67 West 10th, h. 133 Euclid ave.

Enquist, John A., ( E m m a C ), woodworker, h. 858 Spring.

Enstrom, Elmer, student, bds. over 815 Newland ave.

Enstrom, John, (Ida O.),finisher,h. over 103 Camp.

Entwistle, Grace H., student, r. 707 Ashville ave.

Entwistle, Raymond, (Minnie), metal worker, h. over 120 Hall ave.

Entwistle, Samuel C, (Ella M.), estimate clerk, 95 J. & G. ave., h. 707 Ashville avenue.

Erickson, Ada E., mender, bds. 59 Vega.

Erickson, Adam, operative, bds. 312 Forest.

Erickson, Adina, stenographer, r. 28 Prospect ave.

Erickson, Albert, (Byrde Wells), machinist, h. 87 Steele.

Erickson, Albert T., (Jennie C ), laborer, h. over 47 Kinney.

Erickson, Albin J, (Judith)—A. Erickson &Son, 438 Willard—h 327 do.


Erickson, Ales, polisher, bds. 8 Fairfield ave.

Erickson, Alma, domestic, 119-121 East 2d.

Erickson, Amel, (Emily), employed J. S. Ry., h. 11 Peach.

Erickson, Amel, (Emily), laborer, h. 757 East 2d.

Erickson, Andrew, (Ellen), laborer, h. 107 Park.

Erickson, Andrew, (Sophie), farmer, h. 50 Benson.

Erickson, Anna L., widow Andrew, h. 434 Willard.

Erickson, Anna, textile worker, r. over 94 Hazzard.

Erickson, Anton, (Edith), h. 101 Benedict ave.

Erickson, Arthur,finisher,r. under 79 Hazzard.

Erickson, Arnold, (Florence E.), weaver, r. 116 Harrison.

Erickson, August, (Jennie), wood carver, h. 1 0 % Jones.

Erickson, August L., draughtsman, bds. 308 Barrett.

Erickson, August N„ (Caroline), axe grinder,h. 233 Willard.

Erickson, Augusta, weaver, h. under 79 Hazzard.

Erickson, Bessie E., spinner, bds. 115 Hedges ave.

Erickson, C. John, clerk, 38 Main, bds. 16 West 5th.

Erickson, Carl John, (Ida C ), cabinet maker, h. over 47 Pearl ave.

Erickson, Charles O., (Oliva), cabinet maker, h. 305 Winsor.

Erickson, Charles, (Anna H.), laborer, h. 47 Hedges ave.

Erickson, Charles J, (Josephine C ), sander, 115 Foote ave., h. 115 Hedges ave.

Erickson, Charles J., (Caroline C ), retired, h. 66 Chapin.

Erickson, Charles Oscar, (Ebble P.), carpenter, h. 100 Pearl ave.

Erickson, C. Herman, (A. Cecelia), carver, h. 408 East 5th.

Erickson, Chester, steelworker, bds. 308 Barrett.

Erickson, Christine, widow August, laundress, h. 549 Allen.

Erickson, Edith, domestic, 412 Spring.

Erickson, Edla, domestic, r. 181 Barrows.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

The Largest and Best Stock of Dry G o o d s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 185 Erickson, Edwin, (Elvira), cloth finisher, h. 476 Willard.

Erickson, Ellen M., domestic, r. 204 West 5th.

Erickson, Elizabeth, r. 20 Colfax.

Erickson, Emil, (Alta), woodworker, h. under 16 Orchard.

Erickson, Emily, domestic, 54 Lake View ave.

Erickson, Emily, weaver, rms. 79 Allen Square bldg.

Erickson, E m m a, widow Charles, r. 802 East 2d.

Erickson, Eric, millhand, bds. 12 Crown.

Erickson, Erick, (Amelia), laborer, h. 16 Orchard.

Erickson, Erick J., (Annie), cabinet maker, h. 104 Pearl ave.

Erickson, Erick,. (Carrie), woodworker, h. 104 Pearl ave.

Erickson, Erick, (Katherine), woodworker, h. 106 Water.

Erickson, Erick, (Sophia), carpenter, h. 28 Prospect ave.

Erickson, Erick, retired, r. 114 Bush.

Erickson, Esther E., domestic, r. 40 Prather ave.

Erickson, Esther F., housekeeper, r. 488% Willard.

Erickson, Florence, clerk, 204 Main, r. over 17 Bush.

Erickson, Frank, laborer, r. over 28 Derby.

Erickson, George, woodworker, r. under 79 Hazzard.

Erickson, Gust, laborer, r. over 124 East 2nd.

Erickson, Gust, wood carver, bds. 145 Chandler.

Erickson, Gust, (Hannah L.)—Swanson & Erickson, 6 Main—h. 23 Broadhead avenue.

Erickson, Harvard, woodworker, bds. 123 Prospect ave.

Erickson, Hazel, r. under 79 Hazzard.

Erickson, Henry, pad maker, bds. 585 Willard.

Erickson, Henry, (Alma), turner, h. 56 Vega.

Erickson, Hilma, spinner, bds. 47 Hedges.

Erickson, Huldah G., duffer, r. 115 Hedges ave.

Erickson, Johanna, domestic, r. over 106 Water.

Erickson, Johanna C, widow Andrew, h. 8 Benson.

Erickson, John, (Ellen), h. over 24 Park.

Erickson, John E., (Tilda), woodworker, h. over 812 East 2d.

Erickson, John E., (Carrie),finisher,h. 108 Pearl.

Erickson, John F., (Huldah M.), upholsterer, h. 585 Willard.

Erickson, John P., (Josephine), machine hand, h. 9 Garfield.

Erickson, Jonas, (Mary), laborer, h. over 285 East Buffalo.

Erickson, Joseph, cloth presser, bds. 18 Water.

Erickson, Judith M., spinner, bds. 18 Water.

Erickson, Laus J., (Cora), barber, under 22 South Main, h. 20 Maple.

Erickson, Lena C, widow Gustaf E., h. 346 Willard.

Erickson, Lillian, r. 28 Prospect ave.

Erickson, Marie L., dressmaker, r. 20 Colfax.

Erickson, Mary, Mrs., h. over 94 Hazzard.

Erickson, Mary E., widow Charles,, h. 20 Colfax.

Erickson, Minnie J, widow August, h. over 17 Bush.


Cedar Shingles, Lath and Plaster-L. F. SHEDD.

BesureIo0^re\ragahntdthbeunyy0ur C l o t h i n g a t PROUDFIT'S 186 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Erickson, Nina, maid, 322 East 4th.

Erickson, Oscar, machine hand, bds. 419 Newland ave.

Erickson, Oscar W., (Selma M.), machine hand, h. 59 Vega.

Erickson, Sophia, domestic, 70 Prospect.

Erickson, Swan, (Mary), h. 11 Bowen.

Erickson, Swan A., (Anna), woodworker, h. 434 Winsor.

Erickson, William R.,filler,r. 230 East Buffalo.

Erickson & Son, A.—Andrew Est. and Albin J.—grocers, 438 Willard.

Ericson, Esther M., stenographer, Atlas Furniture So., r. 1 Kipp.

Ericson, Eleanor, textile worker, r. 105 Cross.

Ericson, Elvera, operative, r. 105 Cross..

Ericson, Gust, (Anna), carpenter, h. 105 Cross.

Ericson, Louise H., widow Lawrence E., h. 1 Kipp.

Ericson, Swan,fireman,r. 105 Cross.

Erie Freight Depot, 325 Chandler.

Erie Passenger Depot, West 1st.

Erlandson, Ernest, (Hilma), frame maker, h. 36 Sampson.

Ernewein, George, (Susie), employed 820 West 8th, h. 195 Marvin.

Ernewein, Jacob, (Rose), employed 820 West 8th, h. 406 Livingstone ave.

Erwin, J. Henry, (Jennie), livery and boarding stable, 209 Pine, h. 39 Rathbone.

See also Irwin.

Esperson, Frederick, gluer, bds. 129 Hall ave.

Etholm, David E., (Sophia F.),finisher,h. 705 Camp, R. F. D. No. 82.

Ethoson, Andrew, metal worker, r. 1254 Prendergast ave.

Evans, Eliza E., widow Martin G., boarding house, 217 East 3rd.

Evans, Frank, employed 18-20 Steele, bds. 16 Sampson.

Evans, Frank A., teamster, r. 1038 North Main.

Evens, E m m a C, widow C. Emmet, h. 100 East 8th.

Everett, Bert N., elevator boy, r. 312 Warren.

Everett, David B., (Jane), retired, h. 25 Maple.

Everett, Elizabeth, student, r. 36 Stowe.

Everett, Harry D., engineer, r. 312 Warren.

Everett, Hotel, O. C. Wallace, prop., 11-15 West 1st.

Everett, John, (Jennie), driver, h. 26 Stowe.

Everett, Pearl, Mrs., seamstress, r. 312 Warren.

Everwine, Elva L., widow Augustus C, h. 629 Prendergast ave.

Everwine, Martha L., stenographer, over 101 East 2d, r. 629 Prendergast ave.

Ewing, John D., (Amelia), sawyer, h. 937 East 2d.

Faeldine, Lillian A. F., winder, bds. 47 Kinney.

Faeldine, Marie E. C, drawer, bds. 47 Kinney.

Fagerstrom, Carl, laborer, bds. 6 Hanley.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Housefurnishings.

The Best G o o d s at the Lowest P r i c e s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 187 Fagerstrom, Charles E., (Alma), painter, h. 312 Barrett.

Fagerstrom, Gust, (Ellen H.), pressman h. over 816 Main.

Fagerstrom, Mary, widow John, r. 816 Main.

Fagerstrom, Seth, laborer, bds. 125 Chapman.

Fagri, Olger, r. 112 West 2d.

Fahey, Edward, (Alice), r. 400 West 7th.

Fahey, Mary, widow James, h. 400 West 7th.

Fairbank, Edith L., student, r. 2000 Main.

Fairbank, Ellen M., teacher, r. 2000 Main.

Fairbank, Emily H., widow John A., h. 304 Winsor.

Fairbank, Loutie, palmist, rooms 3-4 over 9 South Main, h. do.

Fairbank, Walter J., (Elizabeth C ), cattle dealer, h. 2000 Main.

Fairbank, William, (Hattie I.), meat market, 213 West 3rd, h. 397 Falconer.

Fairbanks, Fred, (Lizzie), polisher, h. 415 West 8th.

Fairbanks, George W., (Elizabeth H.), printer, h. 43 Prospect.

Fairchild, Delia, r. 621 Prendergast ave.

Fairchild, Kate M., Mrs., cook, h. 621 Prendergast ave.

Fairchild, Leola, r. 621 Prendergast ave.

Fairchild, Lillian, r. 621 Prendergast ave.

Falconer, Archibald D., (Abbie L.), attorney-at-law, over 103 East 3rd, h. 36 Prospect.

Falconer, Allen, (Jennie Dow)—Morgan Mfg. Co., 3-7 Ashville ave.—h. 135 Lake View ave.

Falconer, Clinton B., (Bertha M.), metal worker, h. 35 Prospect ave.

Falconer, Ethel, r. 134 Lake View ave.

Falconer, Etta M., caterer, r. 240 Fulton.

Falconer, Martha, student, r. 134 Lake View ave.

Falconer, Martha J., h. 551 Lake View ave.

Falconer, Mildred R„ office clerk, J. H. S., r. 240 Fulton.

Falconer, Lovina B., widow Robert E., h. 240 Fulton.

Falconer, William T., (Kate D.)—W. T. Falconer Mfg. Co., Empire Washer Co., and A m. Mfg. Concern, Falconer—h. 134 Lake View ave.

See also Faulkner.

Faley, Ersland, laborer, bds. 3 Orchard.

Faley, Theodore, metal worker, bds. 3 Orchard.

Famous, (The)—Nathan Stern, prop.—clothing, hats and furnishings, 5-7 Main.

Fancher, Leon L., (Kate E.), attorney, rm. 4 Gokey bldg., h. 612 Murray ave.

Faris, William J., (Georgia), harnessmaker, r. 563 East 2d.

See also Ferris.

Farlee, Edith H., music teacher, r. 152 Allen.

Farlee, Fred L., (Caroline A.), commercial traveler, h. 152 Allen.

Farlee, Nellie C, vocal teacher, r. 152 Allen.

Farline, Peter A., (Augusta)—Diamond restaurant, 9 E. 2d—h. over 12 E. 2d.

Farm, Carl A., varnisher, r. 219 East 1st.

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