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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Farm, Charles, woodworker, bds. 419 Newland ave.


T w o cutters in C u s t o m D e p t. at P R O U D F I T ' S 188 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Farm, Daniel A., (Christine), grocer, 219 East 1st, h. do.

Farm, John A., (Emma), employed 409 Washington, h. 41 Rathbone.

Farm, Mary, mill hand, r. 219 East 1st.

Farm, Oscar, machine hand, bds. 410 Newland ave.

Farman, Edith M., r. 30 Cross.

Farman, E. Frank, retired, h. 30 Cross.

Farman, Mary C, student, r. 30 Cross.

Farman, Nellie D., student, r. 30 Cross.

Farmers and Mechanics Bank—Newton Crissey, pres., O. N. Rushworth, cashier—215 Main.

Farnell, Edna, dressmaker, r. 252 Prospect.

Farnell, Elizabeth, weaver, r. 252 Prospect.

Farnell, Mary, weaver, r. 252 Prospect.

Farnell, Nicholas, (Christine), woodworker, h. 252 Prospect.

Farnham, Anna A., widow John M., h. 110 East 6th.

Farr, Bertha, mill hand, bds. 18 Steele.

Farr, Helen B., widow Francis H., r. 9 South Thayer.

Fasta, Lewis, retired, r. 610 East 2d.

Faulkner, Alta, Mrs., h. 313 Prendergast ave.

Faulkner, Florence, rms. 15 Warner block.

Faulkner, Henry, (Lyda), moulder, h. 43 Connecticut ave.

Faulkner, Herman, r. 313 Prendergast ave.

Faulkner, Phoebe, r. 313 Prendergast ave.

See also Falconer.

Faurot, William S., (Temmie A.), laborer, h. Walnut Grove, South Main.

Fay, John, (Helen), custom cutter, h. 11 Liberty.

Feather, Charles, (Ellen S.), deputy revenue collector, h. 316 Lincoln.

Feather, Elizabeth, spinner, r. over 20 Waterman.

Feather, Joseph, twister, r. over 20 Waterman.

Feather, Mary J., widow William, h. 16 Alpaca.

Feather, Ricliard, clothfinisher,bds. over 20 Waterman.

Federal Building, corner West 3rd and Washington.

Feft, Gust, metal worker, bds. over 139 Park.

Fee, William J., (Anna), oil driller, h. 108 West 8th.

Felt, Charles, (Amanda), arista worker, h. 115 Fulton.

Felt, Frank E., bookkeeper, 2-4 East 3rd, r. 115 Fulton.

Felt, Orville J, (Florence E.), teamster, h. 612 Monroe.


Felton, Horace C, boarding house, 212 Pine.

Felton,, John M., (Ida), brickmason, h. 1009 Main.

Fena, Joe Giogosa, (Mary), shoemaker, h. 10 Harrison.

Fengar, Mary, widow Alvin, violin teacher, h. over 71 Allen.

Fenner, Alexander R.^ (Elizabeth), clerk, 8 Main, h. 162 Marvin.

Fenner, Jane, widow Silas, h. 16 West 9th.

Fenner, James R., (Louisa Belle), oil producer, h. over 306 Main.

Fenner, Nathaniel J., (Thankful), shoes, 800 Main, h. 820 do.

Fenner, Ruth, widow James R., h. 110 East 6th.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.


Fenton, Alace A., r. 315 East 2d.

Fenton, Anna J, stenographer, 116 East 1st, r. 112 Curtis.


Fenton, Anna M., widow Henry N., h. over 115 Crossman.

Fenton & Andruss, photographers, 4 Forest ave.

Fenton, Blaine, clerk, 14 East 3rd, r. 303 Foote ave.

Fenton, blocks, 204-210 East 2d and 108-110 East Third.

Fenton Building, New, 2-6 East 2d.

Fenton, C. Leslie, r. 215 Crossman.

Fenton, Corissande E., h. 315 East 2d.

Fenton, Dana, h. 112 Curtis.

Fenton, Edgar A., (Metta M.), cashier, 115 Main, h. 113 Lake View ave.

Fenton, Edward F., (Mary L.), wines and liquors, 14 East 3rd, h. 303 Foote avenue.

Fenton, Elizabeth L., student, r. 315 East 2d.

Fenton, Elliott A., (E. Helen L.)—Fenton & Andruss, 4 Forest ave.—h. 215 Crossman.

Fenton, Emory W., (Louisa),fireman,h. 1392 East 2d.

Fenton, George T., (Lelia Yates), com'l traveler, 116 East 1st, h. 404 West 5th.

Fenton, Harry W., real estate, rm. 59 N e w Fenton bldg., r. 509 Prendergast avenue.

Fenton, J. Grace, artist, r. 1392 East 2d.

Fenton, Lawrence A., (Alice E.)—Fenton & Pruden, 326 East 3rd—h. 335 East 2d.

Fenton, Levi E., (Clara E.), druggist, h. 160 East 9th.

Fenton, Lillian, textile worker, r. 6 Institute.

Fenton, Louis A., (Mildred B.), teller, First National Bank, h. 112 Curtis.

Fenton, Louis G., civil engineer, r. 404 West 5th.

Fenton, Lucy A., widow Freeman, h. 303 Foote ave.

Fenton, Lulu E., bookkeeper, 101 Harrison, r. 1392 East 2d.

Fenton, Mabel A., r. 335 East 2d.

Fenton, Martin L., (Alice T.), real estate, 59 N e w Fenton bldg., h. 509 Prendergast ave.

Fenton Metallic Manufacturing Co., A. C. Wade, pres., 153-163 J. & G. ave.

Fenton & Prudden—Lawrence E. Fenton and Fred D. Prudden—photo studio, 326 East 3rd.

Fenton, Richard, F., bookkeeper, 56 Prospect, r. 215 Crossman.

Fenton, Thomas J., (Evangeline), lumber dealer, h. 119 Warren.

Ferguson, George S., (Flora E.), hand sander, h. Ashville ave., beyond city limits.

Fern, Mary, r. 205 Lafayette.

Fernstrom, Neils P., (Madsine K.), shipping clerk, 46 Taylor, h. 408 Barrett.

Ferrin, John P., (Mary E.), commercial traveler, h. 629 Prendergast ave.

Ferrin, Mary, weaver, r. over 10 West 4th.

Ferrin, Sarah, widow Stephen, h. 615 West 7th.

Ferrin, Thomas, carpenter, bds. 615 West 7th.

Ferris, Mary, domestic, 143 Allen.

The Best Cement at L. F. SHEDD'S.



See also Faris.

Ferry, Maurice,finisher,bds. 10 Martin road.

Ferry, Truman C, (Amelia E.), farmer, h. 10 Martin road.

Fette, Charles J., printer, bds. 21 Valley.

Fetterley, Mary E., r. 17 College.

Fidler, A. John, (Rebecca), polisher, h. 616 East 6th.

Fidler, Alfred F., (Adella), commercial traveler, h. 14 Fairmount ave Fidler, Howard, commercial traveler, r. 14 Fairmount ave.

Field, Elizabeth M., r. 104 Washington.

Field, Elmer J., conductor, J. S. Ry., rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Field, Frank B., (Kate P.), h. 412 Spring.

Field, Isabella C, widow Tyler, h. 104 Washington.

Field, Leonard J., (Florence L.)—Field & Wright Co., 104-106 Main—h. 854 Prendergast ave.

Field, Mary L., bookkeeper, 104-106 Main, bds. 17 Lincoln.

Field Oil & Gas Co.—sec, Luther S. Lakin, Jr.—12 West 2d.

Field & Wright Co.—Leonard J. Field, mgr.—furniture, 104-106 Main.

Fieldhouse, Joseph, (Mary J.), drawing boss, h. 2 Short Eagle.

Fierry, Ona, domestic, rms. 57 Allen Square bldg.

Fincke, James C, (Helen), draughtsman, h. 625 Spring.

Findlay, John, Jr.,finisher,38 Winsor, r. 10 Axtel.

Findlay, John N., (Mary E.), blacksmith, 68 Foote ave., h. 10 Axtel.

Findlay, Mary E., stenographer, 19 East 3rd, r. 10 Axtel.

Fink, George H., (Mary E.), laborer, h. 12 Institute.

Finley, Owen—Finley Mfg. Co., 120 Steele—r. 537 East 5th.

Finley, P. Anson—Finley Mfg. Co., 120 Steele—h. 537 East 5th.

Finley Mfg. Co.—P. A. Finley, pres.; C. E. Strong, sec.; O w e n Finley, treas.— chiffoniers and panels, 120 Steele.

Finnegan, Bettie, Mrs., h. 10 West End.

Finnegan, Michael, r. 10 West End.

Finnerty, James, laborer, bds. 400 West 7th.

Finnerty, Thomas, laborer, bds. 400 West 7th.

Finucane, Catherine, widow Jeremiah, h. 126 Institute.

Fire Police, 26 Fenton place.

Firman, Alice, r. 101 Steele.

Firman, Benjamin F., machine hand, 101 Harrison, h. 103 Steele.

First Baptist church, cor. East 4th and Church, Rev. William J. Ford, pastor.

First Church of Christ, Scientist, cor. Prendergast ave. and East 4th, Martin L. Jackson, first reader.

First Congregational church, 319 East 3rd.

First Lutheran church, (Swedish), Chandler, Rev. Julius Lincoln, pastor.

First Methodist Episcopal church, junction East 2d and 3rd, Rev. Frederic A. Gould, pastor.

First National Bank, Frank E. Gifford, pres., 222 Main and 2-6 East 3rd.

First Presbyterian church, cor. 3rd and Cherry, Rev. Otis A. Smith, pastor.

First Swedish Baptist church, Chandler, Rev. A. P. Hanson, pastor.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Furnaces.

Always b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 191 Firth, Elizabeth, winder, r. 1 Briggs.

Firth, John E., (Mary), foreman 126 East 1st, h. 1 Briggs.

Fish, John C, (Francis A.)—Marble works, 304 Washington—h. Fluvanna ave.

Fischer, Frank G. C, (Bertha), metal worker, h. 1407 West 6th.

Fischer, Martha, domestic, r. 6 West 6th.

Fisher, Albert, (Minnie), machinist, h. 719 Cherry.

Fisher, Daniel E., r. 518 Main.

Fisher, Ethel, cloth picker, bds. 207 Allen.

Fisher, Fern, r. 133 Lake View ave.

Fisher, Jerome B., (Julia), Supreme Court reporter and attorney-at-law, rms.

13-15 Wellman bldg., 101 West 3rd, h. 518 Main.

Fisher, Jerome B., Jr., bookkeeper, 110 East 3rd, r. 518 Main.

Fisher, Marion, student, Albany L a w school, r. 518 Main.

Fisher, Oscar, (Clara), blacksmith, h. 719 Cherry.

Fisher, Oscar C, machinist, r. 719 Cherry.

Fisher, R. Fenton, student, r. 518 Main.

Fisher, Selma, widow John, weaver, bds. over 24 Derby.

Fisher, Vilata M., r. 172 Chandler.

Fisher, William W., (Ella), oil producer, h. 133 Lake View ave.

Fisher, Willis, (Mary), woodturner, h. over 130 Harrison.

Fisher, Zera W., retired, h. 133 Lake View ave.

Fisk, Charles E., (Minnie), Pearl City Veneer Co., 46-48 Steele, h. 28 Barrett.

Fisk, Charles H., deliveryman, r. 1 8 % Prather ave.

Fisk, Frank M., (Estella M.), h. 17 Potter ave.

Fisk, Luther, operative, r. 1 8 % Prather ave.

Fisk, Mabel, student, r. 33 Price.

Fisk, Wilbur, (Martha), night watch, h. 1 8 % Prather ave.

Fisler, Jacob, (Maryette A.), mason, h. Woodlawn ave.

Fitzgerald, Patrick, (Nora), laborer, h. 131 Fairview ave.

Five Point Grocery—Rogers Bros., props.—714 Main.

Flagg, Franklin E., artist, 95 J. & G. ave., h. 509 Clinton.

Flagg, Mildred, r. 509 Clinton.

Fleming, Anna, domestic, 105 Crosby.

Fleming, Charles A., Mrs., lodging house, 507 East 2d, r. do.

Fleming, Charles A., (Laura), steelworker, h. 507 East 2d.

Fletcher, A. Brooks, publisher The Country World, room 6 over 12 West 3rd, h. 552 do.

Fletcher, Eliza S., widow Ellson, r. 520 West 5th.

Fletcher, Mary E., teacher, r. 552 West 3rd.

Fletcher, Milton J., (Nettie), principal High school, h. 5 East.

Fletcher, William H., (Mabel), insurance agent, r. 528 East 2d.

Flickinger, Eugene, (Celestia), roofer, h. 112 Price.

Flickinger, Ida, telephone operator,, 210 Pine, r. 112 Price.

Flickinger, Joseph E., (Mintie), roofer, h. over 222 Price., Flickinger, Linnora A., twister, r. 112 Price.

Flickinger, Mary, domestic, r. 112 Price.

Building Supplies of all kinds. L. F. SHEDD.

M e n ' s all W o o l Suits, $ 6 to $ 2 5, P R O U D F I T ' S 192 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Flickinger, Nellie, textile worker, bds. 34 Scott.

Flink, Gust, (Matilda), laborer, h. 133 Crescent.

Flint, Frank, (Hulda), h. Allen Ext.

Flisher, Jared B., oil producer, h. 515 Washington.

Florida, Frank, (Margaret), engineer, h. 24 Center.

Flower, A. Pearl, bookkeeper, room 5 over 12 West 3d, r. 44 Bush.

Flower, James G., (Hattie), brickmason, h. 44 Bush.

Flower, Jay, laborer, r. 44 Bush.

Fogle, Cora, duffer, r. 318 Jefferson.

Fogle, Hattie, r. 818 Jefferson.

Fogle, May, duffer, r. 818 Jefferson.

Fogle, Simmon, (Mary), oil driller, h. 818 Jefferson.

Folcker, Carl T., (Hulda),finisher,h. 13 Fenton Place.

Folcker, Gust, (Augusta), laborer, h. 13 Dickerson.

Foley, Bridget, Mrs., domestic, 14 Crossman.

Foley, Catherine, stenograhepr, r. 301 Livingstone ave.

Foley, James R., r. over 16 Valley.

Foley, Leonora, stenographer, r. 301 Livingstone ave.

Foley, Mary, r. 16 Valley.

Foley, William M., (Delia), laborer, Lake View Rose Gardens, h. 301 Livingstone ave.

Foley, Winifred, h. over 16 Valley.

Folland, Annie, textile worker, r. 27 Rathbone.

Folland, Catherine, widow Peter, h. 27 Rathbone.

Folland, Conrad,finisher,r. 129 J. & G. ave., r. 27 Rathbone.

Folland, Nicholas J., (Mary), ice cream maker, h. 327 Lincoln.

Fon, John, coachman, 101 East 4th.

Foote, Fred W „ (Helen F.), postal clerk, h. 49 West 10th.

Forbes, D. Marvin, (Flora B.), prop. Narrow Gauge Restaurant, 20 Main, h.

20 Forest ave.

Forbes, George W., cashier Chaut. Steamboat Co. and J. C. & L. E. R. R., r.

417 Prendergast ave.

Forbes, Martin, optician, 118 East 2d.

Forbush, Luther A., (Martha), asst. city poor master and constable, City Hall, h. 617 Pine.

Ford, Elbert W., arista worker, r. 166 Marvin.

Ford, Elijah W., (Mary A.), solderer, h. 166 Marvin.

Ford, Elizabeth, r. 857 Prendergast ave.

Ford, Fred R., (Etta), freight agt, J. C. & L. E. Ry., Steele, h. Falconer, N. Y.

Ford, Jennie M., twister, r. 166 Marvin.

Ford, Marcus L., (Marietta A.), piano dealer, h. 400 East 6th.

Ford, Mary, widow George B., h. 857 Prendergast ave.

Ford, Robert D., aristo worker, r. 166 Marvin.

Ford, William H., (Lottie), solderer, h. 172 Marvin.

Ford, William J., (Harriett), pastor First Baptist church, h. 117 Church.

Forer, Ellsworth D., (Minnie), commercial traveler, h. 1061 East 2d.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Roofing and Building Papers.

Cloaks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.


Forest, Ada, r. 219 Chandler.

Forest, Hulbert, loom fixer, h. 219 Chandler.

Fors, Hilma, housekeeper, 7 Ahrens.

Forsbeck, E. Alfred, (Katherine), metal worker, h. 15 Victoria ave.

Forsbeck, Hannah, milliner, r. over 15 Victoria ave.

Forsberg, Charles G., (Ida), laborer, h. 27 Colfax.

Forsberg, Gust,finisher,Allen Ext., bds. 152 Chandler.

Forsburg, Eric, metal worker, bds. 322 Forest.

Forstbauer, Henry, retired, r. 611 East 8th.

Fortnightly, The—Mrs. R. R. Rogers, pres.—New Gifford bldg., South Main.

Fosberg, Ada, domestic, 233 Fulton.

Fosberg, Alma, twister, r. 9 Walnut.

Fosberg, August, (Reka), carpenter, h. 9 Walnut.

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