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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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V. G., George F. ClarKe; recording secretary, W. H. Stone;financialsecre- SOCIETY—Meets at the homes of tary, Gust Sege'rstrom; treasurer, C. members. President, Mary Blackmar, vice president, Mrs. E m m a Jordan;

B. Howe.

C A N T O N A B R A H A M N O. 53—In- secretary, Mrs. Nettie Phelps; treasstituted Jan. 19, 1898; meets second urer, Mrs. Nellie Wilbur; chaplain, and fourth Wednesdays in each month Mrs. C. S. Hale; organist, Mrs. Helen in Mt. Tabor hall. Captain, C. J. L. Johnson.

Sundberg; lieutenant, Geo. E. Fox; KNIGHTS OF THE MACCABEES.

ensign, A. G. King; clerk, Glenn BlackC H A D A K O I N T E N T — Reorganized mer; treasurer, G. Frey.

April 17, 1903, original organization


PATRIARCHS NO. 54—Instituted Au- Nov. 10, 1887. Meetings in Maccabee gust 23, 1871; meets thefirstand hall, Lowry block, corner Third and third Thursdays in each month in Mt. Pine streets, from May until October Tabor hall. C. P., L. B. Clark; H. P., every two weeks, from October until F. M. Chase; S. W., C. J. L. Sundberg; May every week. Commander, Frank J. W., E. E. Atwood; scribe, Charles W. Stearns; lieutenant commander, Thorman; financial scribe, L. H. James Peterson; record keeper, FranU Sweet; chaplain, Otto Love; sergeant, Stroebel; treasurer, E. E. Waite.

P E A R L CITY L O D G E, N O. 33, Joseph Flickinger; master at arms, D A U G H T E R S O F R E B E K A H — Or- Richard Connell;firstmaster of guard, ganized Jan. 15, 1S95; meets the sec- A. J. Peterson; second master of ond and fourth Thursday evenings of guard, Arthur W. Johnson; sentinel, each month in Odd Fellows' hall. N. Andrew J. Johnson; picket, Erwin E.

G., Mrs. Bertha Frank; V. G., Mrs. Love.

Q U E E N HIVE, NO. 10, L. O. T. M. — E m m a Abersold; recording secretary, Lucy Hayward; financial secretary, Organized May 14, 1891; meets alterMrs. Chas. Thorman; treasurer, Mrs. nate Tuesday evenings in Maccabee Hattie Fairbank. Membership, 195. hall. Past commander, Maria Lewin;

L O D G E, N O. 252, commander, Belle S. Moses; lieutenPRINCESS


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E X P L A N A T I O N — T h e left side of the street is givenfirstthen the right.

The directory gives the exact location of any house on any street. For instance, if you wish to find the residence of Charles M. D o w, the alphabetical directory shows you that his house(h) is 72 Allen. Turn to Allen street and you will find 72 is on the right and south side of the street, and is the last house before Foote avenue intersects.

This comprehensive system of street directory is arranged alphabetically and numerically, and is a guide to every building in the city and to the intersections of all streets.

The description of streets is given for the distance to which they are actually opened, as in some cases they have not been opened as far as laid out on the map.

Streets on which there are no buildings are not given.

B y resolution of the council, Sept. 23, 1895, Steele street begins at Brooklyn square.

The council later passed a resolution extending Barrett avenue, or Barrett street, as it is commonly called, to Steele street, but as therfe are only four houses on the avenue below its junction with Baker street, and as those houses are numbered on Baker street, and the houses on Barrett avenue are numbered from its junction with Baker street, it has been deemed advisable in order to avoid the trouble or re-numbering all the buildings in the street to describe Barrett avenue, or street, as starting from Baker street.

Although by resolution of the council about ten years ago, Fairmount avenue was extended from the boatlanding bridge to the city limits the n a m e Ashville avenue has been used in the directory in accordance with the street signs and the expressed wish of the people.



–  –  –




Wife's name is given in parenthesis following that of the husband.

Abbreviations used in this directory:—Adv., advertisements; agt., agent;

am., American; assn., association; asst., assistant; atty., attorney; ave., avenue; bds., boards; bldg., building; blk., block; co., company or county;

com., commercial; do., the same; E., east; E. R. R., Erie R. R. Co.; genl., general; gt, great; h., house; ins., insurance; Jr., Junior; J. S. Ry., Jamestown Street Railway; J. & C. Ry., Jamestown & Chautauqua Railway; J. & G., Jones & Gifford; loco., locomotive; ltd., limited; mfg., manufacturing;

mfr., manufacturer; mgr., manager; natl., national; nr., near; opp., opposite;

N., north; pi., place; pres., president; prop., proprietor; P. T. & C. Co., Postal Telegraph & C a ^ e Co.; pub., publisher; res., resides; Rev., reverend;

rms., rooms; ry., railway; sec, secretary; S., south; sta., stationary;

stenog., stenographer; supt., superintendent; tel. opr., telephone or telegraph operator; treas., treasurer; W. U. T. Co., Western Union Telegraph Co.; P. O., postoffice; W., west.

The word street is implied.

A Abbott, Christopher M., (Arnetta), grocer, 1001 East Second.

Abbott, Marguerite, r. 405 Spring.

Abbott, Mary E., widow Edwin E„ res. 405 Spring.

Abbott, Pauline, widow Chas. S., h. 405 Spring.

Abbott, William, (Alice), painter, h. 412 Monroe.

Aber, Cnas. C, ( E m m a ), agt. Prudential Ins. Co., h. 34 Victoria avenue.

Aber & Shoultz—Mrs. E m m a Aber, Mrs. Ella Shoultz—dressmakers, 34 Victoria Ave.

Abersold, Godfrey R., ( E m m a ), harness maker, h. 106 Broadhead.

Abrahamson block, 112-118 West 3rd.

Abrahamson, Charles, F., (Christine S.)—C. F. Abrahamson Co., 207 Main— h. 131 Barrows.

Abrahamson, Charles H., messenger, 103 Main, r. 5 Maltby.

Abrahamson, Charlotte, widow Joseph, h. 50 Peterson.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies.

The Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 97 Abrahamson, C. F. Co.—Charles F. Abrahamson—dry goods, 207 Main.

Abrahamson, Freda, weaver, r. 50 Peterson.

Abrahamson, Fritz E.,finisher,r. 50 Peterson.

Abrahamson, Herman A., (Nellie),fireman,h. 8 Price.

Abrahamson, Louise M., widow Alfred, h. 5 Maltby.

Abrams, James D., (Arietta F.)—Abrams & Wiltsie—rms. 1-2 Gifford block over 2 East 3rd—h. 113 Fairmount ave.

Abrams & Wiltsie—James D. Abrams and Lawrence W. Wiltsie—insurance, rms. 1-3 Gifford block, over 2 East 3rd.

Ackley, Gust, laborer, bds. 10 Steele.

Ackroyd, Asa, (Violet), cut stone contractor, 50 Steele, h. 19 Baker.

Ackroyd, Eva M., weaver, r. 83 Water.

Ackroyd, Fred, boards over 20 East 2nd.

Ackroyd, Freddie E., apprentice machinist, r. 83 Water.

Ackroyd, Harry S., stone cutter's apprentice, r. 19 Baker.

Ackroyd, Mary A., widow Harry, r. 19 Baker.

Ackroyd, Norris M., (Susie), machinist, h. 83 Water.

Ackroyd, Smith, (M. E m m a ), stone cutter, h. over 87 Falconer.

Adams, Alonzo, (Maria), retired, r. 152 J. & G. ave.

Adams, Alice, widow Rinaldo, h. 302 Hallock.

Adams, Mrs. Anna, h. over 5 Webster.

Adams, Arthur A., (Linnie), operative, 152 J. & G. ave.

Adams, Charles E., (Hilda), machine hand, h. 24 Victoria ave.

Adams, Charlotte M., widow Harry, teacher, r. 509 Prendergast ave.

Adams, Mrs. F. M., domestic, rms. 55 Allen Square bldg.

Adams, George N., lumberman, bds. 135% Chandler.

Adams, Gotfried, (Huldah), woodcarver, bds. 6 Waterman.

Adams, J. Augusta, Mrs., grocery and meat market, 216 Steele, r. do.

Adams, Lucius, (Luella K.), lineman, h. 135% Chandler.

Adams,' R. Peter, (Ida), lumber inspector, h. 218 Crescent.

Adams, William B., (J. Augusta), grocer, h. 216 Steele.

Adamson, Aaron, laborer, r. 8 Fairfield ave.

Adamson, Charles G., (Louise), metal worker, h. 13 Orchard.

Adamson, John E., (Megnoeld), metal worker, h. 14 Orchard.

Adsit, E. A., cigarmaker, rms. 76-77 N e w Gifford Bldg., 22-28 S. Main.

Adventist Church, 712 Cherry, Rev. H. W. Carr, pastor.

Adyl, Fred A., packer, r. 5 E. 9th.

Ahlgren, August, -(Augusta), carver, h. 225 Barrows.

Ahlgren, John C, tinner, r. over 48 Water.

Ahlgren, see also Algren.

Ahlsted, Fred, (Ellen), frame maker, h. over 35 Barrows.

Ahlstrand, Alfred A., machine hand, bds. 88 Vega.

Ahlstrand, John A., (Anna C ), clerk, 1 new Gifford bldg., h. 2 5 % Park.

Ahlstrand, Margaret, widow C. J., h. 88 Vega.

Ahlstrom, Arvid T., (Lydia M.), pianofinisher112 East 2nd, h. 213 Barrows.

Ahlstrom, Carl, (Julia A.),finisher,h. over 120 English.

The Best Cement at L. F. SHEDD'S.

Call u p N o. 3 3 for C l o t h i n g a n d Furnishings 98 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Ahlstrom, Charles A., (Ada E.)—Ahlstrom Piano Co., 112-14 East 2d—h. 213 East Oth.

Ahlstrom, Claud K.—Ahlstrom Piano Co., 112-114 East 2d—r. 213 East 6th.

Ahlstrom, Edward M., (Metta), woodworker, h. 204 Warren.

Ahlstrom, Henry, (Matilda), stringer, h. 151 Foote ave.

Ahlstrom, J. Leonard, (Anna L.), piano maker, h. 10 Hedges ave.

Ahlstrom, John, (Emma), Chadakoin Worsted Mills, h. 33 Mechanic.

Ahlstrom, John W.,finisher,bds. 213-215 E. 2d.

Ahlstrom, Mark N., (O. Elizabeth)—Ahlstrom Piano Co., 112-14 East 2nd, h.

34 Allen.

Ahlstrom Piano Co., 112-114 E. 2nd.

Ahlgren, John A.; (Anna C ), cabinet maker, h. over 34 Derby.

Ahnstrom, Charles, (Mary), machinist, h. 15 Columbia ave.

Ahnstrom, Maria, widow Jonas M., h. 11 Columbia ave.

Ahnstrom, Ruth, telephone operator, 210 Pine, r. 11 Columbia ave.

Ahrens, Abbie M., student, r. 15 E. 5th.

Ahrens, George H., (Phoebe M.), oil producer, over 101 East 2d, h. 15 E. 5th.

Ahrens & Odell—Geo. H. Ahrens, Henry W. Odell—oil producers, over 101 East Second.

Ahrens, Sarab E., widow George H., r. 15 East 5th.

Aiken, Carrie E., teacher, r. Ill East 5th.

Aiken, Corrie J., teacher, r. Ill East 5th.

Aiken, F. H., (Mollie J.), grocer, 213 W. 3rd, h. 307 W. 2d.

Aiken, John, (Fidelia), r. 307 W. 2nd.

Aiken, see also Akin.

Ainge, Edith, r. 16 East 4th.

Ainge, Gilbert, draughtsman, r. 16 East 4th.

Ainge, Harold D., draughtsman, r. 16 East 4th.

Ainge, Jessie, r. 16 East 4th.

Ainge, Maude, bookkeeper, r. 16 East 4th.

Ainge, Percy T., draughtsman, r. 16 East 4th.

Ainge, William E., (Susan), auditor, h. 16 East 4th.

Ainge, Winnifred, stenographer, 111-19 Cheney, r. 16 East 4th.

Akin, Alva F., (Lottie B.), grocer, 342 Foote ave., h. 37 Hazzard.

Akin, Andrew, (Adell), h. under 121 Cross.

Akin, Clara A., Mrs., picker, h. 16 Institute.

Akin, Erastus, (Mary A.), farmer, h. 325 Hazzard.

Akin, Hartley, r. 16 Institute.

Akin, Ross B., (Maude A.), clerk, h. over 15 Myrtle. ;

Akin, see also Aiken.

Akley, Mary, r. 872 E. 2nd.

Alander, Adolph H., woodworker, bds. 340 Willard.

Albee, Mary D., teacher, r. 506 Prendergast ave.

Albright, John G., (Adelaide M.), barber, h. 217 W. 2nd.

Alcox, Charles, apprentice metal plater, bds. 12 Chicago ave.

Alden, Adelaide J, clerk, 203 Main, r. 40 Cross.


CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

Carpets, Curtains, Draperies, Shades. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 99 Alden, Elof, (Amanda), Metropolitan Insurance Agt., h. 106 Charles.

Alden, Glenn A., (Altie J.), commercial traveler, h. 201 Lake View ave.

Alden, Harry W., (Eva L.), clerk, 210 Main, h. 3 Terrace Place.

Aldrich, J. DeWitt, (Helen D.)—Aldrich Art & China Co., 302 Main—h. 623 Newland ave.

Aldrich Art & China Co.—J. DeWitt Aldrich—302 Main.

Alex, John, baker, rms. 628 Prendergast ave.

Alexander, Robert, (Clara), junk dealer, h. 201 East 1st.

Algot, Lindell, (Lena), grocer's clerk, h. 113 Kidder.

Algren, Anna, widow Andrew P., h. 27 Stowe.

Algren, Ellen, domestic, r. 27 Stowe.

Algren, see also Ahlgren.

Allen, Augustus F., real estate, rm. 14 East 3rd, r. over 101 East 3rd.

Allen, Charles, (Alma), laborer, h. 21 Chambers.

Allen, Delia E., bookkeeper, 56 Prospect, r. 108 Broadhead ave.

Allen, Edward L., (Martha V.), editor Morning Post, 19 Steele, h. 611 Main.

Allen, Ellen, widow Dexter, h. 93 Hazzard.

Allen, Ephraim D., (Ella), agt. U. P. Tea Co., h. 108 Broadhead ave.

Allen, Ernest, draughtsman, 95 J. & G. ave.

Allen, Fred O., r. 212 Broadhead ave.

Allen, Hulda, winder, r. over 4 Morse ave.

Allen, Isadore L., caterer, r. 117 Warren.

Allen, James A., (Lora H.), die maker, 153 J. & G. ave., h. Ashville ave., R.

F. D. (Celoron).

Allen, Josiah T., (Grace), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 93 Hazzard.

Allen, Lawrence, spring setter, r. over 4 Morse ave.

Allen, May, mender, r. 93 Hazzard.

Allen, Olive K., widow John R., h. 117 Warren.

Allen, Olive L., widow A. Elisha., r. 545 West 3rd.

Allen, Otto, ( E m m a B.), hand sander, h. over 347% Foote ave.

Allen, Pauline, widow Abner, r. 208 West 4th.

, Allen, Sarah, widow Charles, h. 119 Warren.

Allen Square Building, 101-121 Main.

Allen Square Co.—John E. Leach, supt.—rm. 15 Allen Square building.

Allen, T. Ernest, (Charlotte), chemist, 56 Prospect.

Allen, Victor,' (Sophia), finisher, r. over 4 Morse ave.

Alliance Furniture Co.—Chas. Berglund, Pres., Oscar Carlson, Sec'y and Treas.—611-615 Allen.

Alleis, Eva, stenographer, rms. 905 Prendergast ave.

Ailing, Howard W., (Clara L.), lumber dealer, h. Ashville ave., beyond city limits (Celoron).

Allison, Annie, weaver, r. 3 % Winsor.

Allison, Charles A., (Anna), meter expert, h. 118 Institute.

Allison, Hulda, domestic, 82 Prospect.

Allison, Jene, widow Fred, confectionery store, 3 % Winsor, h. do.

Almgren, Samuel, (Anna), cabinet maker, h. 40 Union ave.


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