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Fosberg, Eric A., ( E m m a ),finisher,h. over 9 Webster.

Fosberg, Harry, printer, r. 9 Walnut.

Fosberg, Huldah, widow Charles, h. 27 Weeks.

Fosburg, Gust, (Minnie), metal worker, h. over 142 Prospect.

Fosburg, Richard, (Mary), retired, r. 210 Chandler.

Fosha, John C, (Helen), teamster, h. 110 East 3rd.

Foss, Clara, textile worker, bds. 109 Mechanic.

Fost, Gust, mason, r. 393 Falconer.

Foster, Ellen M., widow Eugene, r. 508 West 6th.

Foster, Elmer A., ( E m m a ), laborer, h. over 6 River.

Foster, Henry, (Mary), foreman, h. 40 Mechanic.

Foster, J. Belle, r. 309 Jefferson.

Foster, Lillian, Mrs., r. 8 West 4th.

Foster, Rhoda, bookkeeper, Falconer Mfg. Co., Falconer, rooms 309 Jefferson.

Foster, Sylvester Frank, student, r. over 6 River.

Foster, William, (Ellen), laborer, h. 13 Scott.

Fowler, James I., (Laura W. ), Fowler & Weeks, rooms 34-36 N e w Fenton bldg.

h. 20 Mechanic.

Fowler, J. Samuel, (Velma S.), attorney-at-law, rms. 17-18 Wellman bldg., h.

304 Clinton.

Fowler, Lamont B., (Lydia M.), hotel clerk, 13-23 West 3rd, h. 312 Lafayette.

Fowler & Weeks—James I. Fowler and James L. Weeks—attorneys-at-law, rooms 34-36 N e w Fenton bldg.

Fox, Alice, picker, rooms 67 Center.

Fox, Alice, r. 324 Steele.

Fox, Almon, (Hannah), teamster, h. 324.Steele.

Fox, Antoinette, widow Oscar, h. 819 Spring.

Fox, Cassius, (Ella F.), commercial traveler, h. 446 Hallock.

Fox, Clarinda, domestic, Ashville ave., beyond city limits, (Celoron).

Fox, Edith, domestic, 7 Allen.

Fox, E m m a, widow William, r. 216 Winsor.

Fox, Ernest B., student, r. 12 Stafford ave.



Fox, Florence M., weaver, r. 216 Winsor.

Fox, George E., (Nellie S.), shipping clerk, 17 Shearman place, h. over 212East 2d.

Fox, Helen A., Mrs., drawer, r. 20 Ellicott.

Fox, Jennie M., dressmaker, h. 358 East 4th.

Fox, John A., bricklayer, r. 12 Stafford ave.

Fox, Laura, piecer, h. 13 Center.

Fox, Louis, (Selma), teamster, r. 123 Hamilton.

Fox, Maude W., weaver, r. 216 Winsor.

Fox, Sarah, widow James H., h. 215 Warren.

Fox, Theodore C, (Lena), cigarmaker, h. 501 Falconer.

Fox, William R., (Mary), h. 12 Stafford ave.

Foxston, Bert, (Nellie), teamster, h. 32 Eagle.

Frampton, G. Otto, mgr., 13-15 Main, bds. 313 Prendergast.

Franckina, F., dyer, r. 615 Main.

Franckina, Joseph, dyer, h. 615 Main.

Francisco, Clayton, (Rose), fireman h. 14 Institute.

Francisco, Harrison, laborer, bds. 14 Institute.

Frank, Alta, r. 830 Newland ave.

Frank, Bertha, r. 333 1-3 East 5th.

Frank, Davis H., r. 313% Warren.

Frank, Dwight D., (Esther L.), teamster, h. 313% Warren.

Frank, Ellen E., textile worker, r. 239 Hazzard.

Frank, Emmett A., (Cora G.), meat market, 109 West 3rd, h. over 103 East 2d.

Frank, George, (Victoria), fruit, 201 Winsor, h. do.

Frank, George, (Frances), horse dealer, h. 213 Broadhead ave.

Frank, Glenn A., (Ora L.), attorney-at-law, room 7 Ellicott bldg., over 106 East 3rd, h. over 204 Warren.

Frank, Guy V., (Florence), bookkeeper, 215 Main, h. 208 Prospect.

Frank, Hazel B., operator, r. 239 Hazzard.

Frank, Henry D., (Rose), clerk, 102 Main, r. 329 Warren.

Frank, John J, (Emma), real estate, over 208 Pine, h. do.


Frank, John N., retired, h. 830 Newland ave.

Frank, Theodore C, (Hattie), foreman 112-114 East 3rd, h. 17 Hazzard.

Frank, Tony, (Stephana), laborer, h. 63 Foote ave.

Franklin, Edward S., (Kittie), driver 707 Main, h. 70 Marvin.

Frankson, Ernest, (Tillie), tailor, h. 273 Prospect.

Fransen, Anna, r. 115 Camp.

Fransen, Charles, (Ida), metal worker, h. 115 Camp.

Frantzen, Charles G., cabinet maker, bds. 245 Crescent.

Frantzen, Peter C, Jr., laborer, r. 5 Grandin.

Frantzen, Peter C, (Lena), laborer, h. 5 Grandin.

Frasier, George, (Christine), prop. East Jamestown House, 953 East 2d, h. do.

Frasier, Jennie, diningroom girl, 953 East 2d.

Frasier, Laura, r. 953 East 2d.

See also Frazier.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Housefurnishings.

The Largest and Best Stock of Dry G o o d s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.


Fraternal Mystic Circle, Carlson Hall, Baker St., ruler, C. J. S. Sunberg.

Fray, Clarence, pressman, r. 335 Foote ave.

Fray, Florence, stenographer, 2 Arcade bldg., r. 335 Foote ave.

Fray, John A., (Louisa R.)—Fray & Stone, 206 East 2d—h. 335 Foote ave.

Fray & Stone—John A. Fray and Gust F. Stone—new and second hand goods, 206 East 2d.

Frazier, Henry C, plasterer, h. 820 Prendergast ave.

See also Frasier.

Frazine, Carl, orderly, 207 Foote ave., h. do.

Frederickson, Anna, textile worker, r. 154 Barrows.

Frederickson, Anna, widow Charles F., h. 154 Barrows.

Frederickson, Carl A., (Emma), machine hand, h. 116 Park.

Frederickson, Charles G., (Amy), carpenter, h. 309 Willard.

Frederickson, Hannah C, weaver, r. 656 Barrows.

Frederickson, John, (Anna), quarryman, h. over 656 Barrows.

Fredrick Block, (The), 106-110 East 2d.

Fredrickson, Albert, (Hannah), woodworker, h. 1 0 % Whitley Place.

Fredlund, Anna, h. 36 Kinney.

Fredlund, Bernhard, laborer, h. over 609 English.

Fredlund, Charles A., (Ida S.), saloon, 20 Willard, h. 36 Kinney.

Fredlund, John, (Hannah M.), laborer, h. 52 Kinney.

Fredsall, Charles, (Nellie),finisher,h. 121 Stowe.

Fredsall, Jennie, r. 121 Stowe.

Freeberg, Axel, (Hannah A.), laborer, h. 541 Allen.

Freeburg, Claus, laborer, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Freeburg, Elmer, laborer, bds. 32 West 10th.

Freeburg, Frank, (Matilda), lumber handler, h. over 6 Morse ave.

Freeburg, George, laborer, bds. 32 West 10th.

Freeburg, Gust, (Anna), cabinet maker, h. 32 West 10th.

Freed, E m m a, widow John, mender, h. over 20 Barker.

Freed Gust, (Mary), laborer, h. 500 Baker.

Freed, John P., (Jennie C ), retired, h. under 30 Institute.

Freed, Joseph, machinist, r. over 103 Willard.

Freed, Niel F., clerk, 203 Main, r. over 103 Willard.

Freeman, Charles, (Jennie), tinner, h. 700 Barrows.

Freeman, Charles E., (Luella D.)—Bush & Freeman, 36 Main—h. 10 Marvin.

Freeman, Emily, drawer, bds. 432 Maple.

Freeman, George E., (Mary E.), bookkeeper, 12 West 1st, h. 89 Hazzard.

Freeman, Henry, retired, h. 524 Lake View ave.

Freeman, Owen J., wire chief, 210 Pine, bds. 7-11 West 1st.

Freeman, Sybil, nurse, r. 324 Lake View ave.

Free Methodist church, cor. Lincoln and 7th, Rev. William Pearce, pastor.

French, Archie Leon, (Nettie Roofe), reader, h. over 223 Allen.

French, Fred L., (Mae), second hand store, 613 Main, h. 11 Cleveland Place.

French, Mattie A., widow Milton C, h. 223 Allen.

French, M. Lucinda, Mrs., h. 76 Water.


Headquarters forFcJ?^Rffgtffl,afnd 33, Proudfit's 196 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Frestaco, James, textile worker, bds. 22 Alpaca.

Fretts, Daniel H., (Mary E.), commercial traveler, h. 833 Prendergast ave.

Fretts, Gaylord G., clerk, 300 Main, r. 833 Prendergast ave.

Frew, Ann E. F., widow John H., h. 11 Broadhead ave.

Frey, Charley, (Charlotte)., stonemason, h. 419 Newland ave.

Frey, Clarence, r. 335 Foote ave.

Frey, Gotlieb, (Sophia), clerk, h. 29 West 10th.

Frey, James A., (Helen), laborer, h. over 840 East 2d.

Frey, John,finisher,r. 419 Newland ave.

Frey, John M., grocer, 222 Price, h. 131 East 9th.

Frey, Lottie, weaver, r. 419 Newland ave.

Frick, Elizabeth Anna, widow David, h. 1091 East 2d.

Frick, Edward C, (Maude E.), insurance agent, h. 42 Hazzard.

Frick, George H., (Mary), lineman, h. 24 Champlin.

Frick, Herbert, laborer, r. 1091 East 2d.

Frick, John, clerk, 203 Main, r. 1091 East 2d.

Frick, John L., clerk, r. 1091 East 2d.

Frick, Joseph L., (Helen), salesman, r. over 1091 East 2d.

Frick, Mary, r. 1091 East 2d.

Frick, Nels, (Hulda), laborer, h. 401 Palmer.

Frick, William A., (Mamie), insurance agent, 5 Gokey bldg., rms. 533 West 3d.

Friedman, Asher, (Augusta)—The Friedman, 19-21 Main—h. 311 West 3rd.

Friedman, (The)—A. Friedman, propr.—clothing, hats and furnishings, 19-21 Main.

Frink, Walter P., (Addie), steel worker, h. 8 South Main.

Frisbee, L. Cairns, r. 315 West 5th.

Frisbee, Orlando C, (Mary)—The National Waterproof Boot Co., Gokey blk.— h. 315 West 5th.

Frlsbey, Luzern L., (Emma), porter, h. 218 Steele.

Frisdell, Jennie, drawer, bds. over 64 Tower.

Fristed, Blenda, milliner, r. 10 River.

Fritz, Albert F., (Maud), painter and decorator, h. 123 Steele.

Fritz, Bertha M., r. 123 Steele.

Fritz, Carl, (May), boatbuilder, 344 Steele, h. do.

Fritz, E m m a, Mrs., boarding house, 117 Catlin, h. do.

Fritz, Hulda, r. 117 Catlin.

Frodelius, J. Augusta, r. 4 East.

Frodelius, Mary, dressmaker, r. 4 East.

Froding, Emil, (Hanna), molder, h. 40 Chapin.

Frowling, Kate, assistant cook, 14-20 West 1st.

Fuermann, Carlos, apprentice brewer, r. 920 Main.

Fuermann, Charles, (Augusta), brewer, h. 920 Main.

Fuermann, Christine I., r. 920 Main.

Fuermann, Eugenia, r. 920 Main.

Fuermann, Walter, apprentice jeweler, r. 920 Main.

Fuhrman, J. Ray, (Laura), decorator, h. 872 Spring.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.


Fuller, Archie L., baggage man, r. 251 Marvin.

Fuller, Edna B., clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 215 Newland ave.

Fuller, Eva C, widow Ezra, h. 41 College.

Fuller, Frances V., r. 28 Fairview ave.

Fuller, Frank A., (Julia), carpenter, h. 215 Newland ave.

Fuller, Fred H., (E. Jennie), milkman, h. 636 Camp, R. F. D. No. 82.

Fuller, Frederick A., Jr., h. 315 West 3rd.

Fuller, Guy H., (Margaret), journalist, rooms 43-45 Wellman bldg., over 103 West 3rd, h. do.

Fuller, Guy H., Mrs., china painting, rooms 43-45 Wellman bldg., over 103 West 3rd, r. do.

Fuller, Jessie A., teacher, r. 41 College.

Fuller, Lizzie A., widow Horace G., h. 251 Marvin.

Fuller, Lucy E., teacher, r. 41 College.

Fuller, Nettie I., dressmaker, r. 251 Marvin.

Fuller, William R., (Belle F.), letter carrier, P. O., h. 325 Crossman.

Fullerton, Clarence A., architect, h. over 101 E. 2d.

Fullerton, Sarah, r. 815 Ashville ave.

Fullerton, William J, (Eliza), retired, h. 815 Ashville ave.


Fulton Market Co.—Charles R. Lovejoy—fish and oysters, 19 East 3d.

Furlow, Alfred L., (Anna H.), attorney-at-law, room 6 Hall block, over 7 9 West 3rd, h. 621 Lake View ave.

Furlow, Elizabeth, clerk, 203 Main, r. 105 West 5th.

Furlow, Frank, (Nellie), laborer, h. 113 Mechanic.

Furlow, George W., (Mary), peddler, h. 27 Whitley ave.

Furniture Commercial Agency Co., (The)—Bert G. Tiffany, mgr.—furniture ratings and collections, over 7 East 3rd.

Furniture Index Co.—P. K. Shanklaud, pres.—Gokey block.

Fynan, Ella, domestic, 13-23 West 3rd.

Gafvert, Bernhard, case maker, r. 6 Tilden ave.

Gafvert, Gust, (Matilda), case maker, h. 6 Tilden ave.

Gage, Arthur, (Cynthia),milk dealer, h. 32 Regent.

Gage, George N., (Lillie B.), commercial traveler, h. 12 Chandler.

Gage, Nettie A., widow Hilance M., 312 East 3rd.

Gage, William, (Josie), policeman, h. 610 Cherry.

Gage, Furniture Co.—Otto Bloomquist, pres.; Chas. H. Elliott, vice pres. and gen'l mgr.; Wallace L. Snow, sec'y and treas.—13-19 East 3rd.

–  –  –

13 19 East Third Street JAMESTOWN, N. Y.

The Best Cement at L. F. SHEDD'S.



Galbraith, Eliza, widow George J., h. 33 Hazzard.

Galbraith, Susan M., weaver, r. 33 Hazzard.

Galivan, Charles, laborer, r. 7 Livingstone ave.

Galivan, Cornelius, (Mary), h. 25 Hall ave.

Galivan, James F., (Katie), bartender, h. 110 Lakin ave.

Galivan, Mary, housekeeper, r. 7 Livingstone ave.

Galivan, Thomas, cattle buyer, h. 7 Livingstone ave.

Galivan, William, retired, r. 7 Livingstone ave.

Gallagher, Adaline M., bookkeeper, r. 260 Warren.

Gallagher, DeForest Raymond, mechanic, r. 260 Warren.

Gallagher, Margaret L., widow Thomas, h. 260 Warren.

Gallagher, Mertie I., clerk, 201 Main, r. 260 Warren.

Gallagher, Ruby L., clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 260 Warren.

Galloway, John, (Sarah E.), oil producer, h. 405 East 5th.

Gamble, C. Lewis, (Mable S.), clerk, 100-102 Main, h. 110 Church.

Gamung, E. S., motorman, rms. over J. S. Ry. barns.

Ganer, Barbara, housekeeper, r. 830 Cherry.

Ganta, Otto, (Anna),fireman,h. over 138 Prospect.

Gardiner, Singleton, (Eva), supt. Prudential Insurance Co., rooms 3 4 5

-Gokey bldg., h. 200 West 5th.

–  –  –

Gardner, Benjamin, (Nettie), h. over 229 Fulton.

Gardner, Carey W., mattress maker, r. over 14 Willard.

Gardner, Charles D., (Rose), machine hand, h. over 14 Willard.

Gardner, Charles S., (Emma), h. 305 Sprague.

Gardner, Edith P., twister, r. over 14 Willard.

Gardner, Gertrude, student, r. 118 Lincoln.

Gardner, Grace, student, r. 118 Lincoln.

Gardner, Harry E., (Georgianna), letter carrier, P. O. h. 118 Lincoln.

Gardner, James A., r. 512 Prendergast ave.

Gardner, John, (Elsie), horse trainer, bds." 709 Ashville ave.

Gardner, Marcellus E., laborer, r. 135% Chandler.

Gardner, Omar N., (Ella J.), contractor, h. 512 Prendergast ave.

Gardner, Richard L., (Emma), bookkeeper, h. 10 Hall ave.

Gardner, Wilson B., (Josephine), laborer, h. 312 Forest.

Garfield, Benjamin, (Martha A.), retired, h. 15 Chicago ave.

Garfield, Eliakim, (Ella F.), policeman, h. over 105 South Main.

Garfield, Frank, (Dora), carpenter, h. 520 Forest ave.

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