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CLARK HARDWARE CO. Roofing and Building Papers.

The Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 199 Garfield, Fred H., (Tena M.), Div. Pass. Agt., Erie R. R. h. 517 Lafayette.

Garfield, Horace A., (Charlotte), chef, h. 207 Barrett.

Garfield, Otis, ( E m m a G.), retired, h. 165 Forest ave.

Garfield, Robert M., r. 517 Lafayette.

Garfield, Samuel, (Agnes), h. over 8 Crosby.

G. A. R. Hall, 7.East 3rd.

Garnett, Ara, r. 13 Franklin.

Garnett, Bessie, Mrs., dressmaker, r. 13 Franklin.

Garnett, J. Earl,fireman,r. 13 Franklin.

Garnett, James, (Bessie), warper, h. 13 Franklin.

Garrigan, Patrick, (Mina), teamster, h. 5 Howard ave.

Garrity, George, (Anna), laborer, h. 312 Lafayette.

Garrity, Lettie M., laundress, r. 312 Lafayette.

Gartzke, Carl, (Margaret), baker, h. 14 Williams.

Garvey, Daniel C, (Mary), steel worker, h. 416 Murray ave.

Garvey, Join, student, r. 416 Murray ave.

Garvron, Anna, textile worker, bds. 252 Harrison.

Gates, Anna, widow Oscar S., h. 44 Broadhead ave.

Gathercole, Lora Thayer, widow David W., h. 301 Lake View ave.

Gay, Burton M., (Edith M.)—Peterson & Gay, 705 Main—h. 23 Marvin.

Gay, Nettie M „ widow William, h. 13 West 7th.

Geddes, Aubrey I., (Jessie), bartender, 15 West 3rd, h. 314 West 6th.

Geer, Adelaide M., r. 19 Euclid ave.

Geer, Anna B., widow Emerson T., weaver, h. 216 Winsor.

Geer, Bessie G., stenographer, 210 Pine, r. 413 Falconer.

Geer, Ida B., h. 413 Falconer.

Geer, Lester C, (Mary), woodworker, h. 218 Winsor.

Geer, Louise E., principal Central branch school, h. 19 Euclid ave.

Gehm, William H., (Julia L.), brakeman, h. 31 Derby.

Gelm, John, (Ellen), oil operator, h. 636 Prendergast ave.

General, David, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Gentilini, Claire, r. 503 Clinton.

Gentilini, Paul J., commercial traveler, h. 503 Clinton.

George, Edna L., r. 713 East 2d.

George, Edna M., teacher, r. 9 Crescent.

George, Frank H., accountant, h. 9 Crescent.

George, James, (Etty), stonemason, h. 600 Foote ave.

Georgi, Agrfe, r. 148 Forest ave.

Georgi, George A., (Wealthy), piano regulator, h. 148 Forest ave.





Equitable Rates. Estimates given on large repairs.


Cedar Shingles, Lath and Plaster==L. F. SHEDD.

Lrdrfr oa!yor Fine C u s t o m C l o t h i n g at Proudfit's 200 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Gerling,John, (Ida), finisher, h. 868 Spring.

Gernader, John, woodworker, bds. 3 Winsor.

Gerrin, John, (Mary), foreman sectionj. C. & L. E. Ry., h. 610 Monroe.

Geser, Frank J., gluer, r. 22 Franklin.

Geser, Joseph, (Mary A.), carpenter, h. 22 Franklin.

Geser, Victor A., (Eva), warp dresser, r. 58 Water..

Gibb, Livingston J.—Gibb & Russell, 134 Fairmount ave.—rms. 5-9 S. Main.

Gibb & Russell—Livingston Gibb and James A. Russell—groceries, 134 Fairmount ave.

Gibson, A. Leo, employed 101 East 3rd, r. 42 West 10th.

Gibson, Alzina L., widow John W., r. 512 Jefferson.

Gibson, Losina H., widow Lloyd H., h. 14 Beulah place.

Gibson, Peter G., (Rose), paperhanger, h. 42 West 10th.

Gidlund, Charles, employed 95 J. & G. ave., bds. 319 Allen.

Gifford block, 2-8 East 3rd.

Gifford, Allene, clerk, 13-15 Main, r. -23 Fenton Place.

Gifford, Cecile F., r. 9 Prospect.

Gifford, Clementine, widow Charles D., r. beyond city limits, (Celoron).

Gifford, Charles H „ (Grace)—H. H. Gifford & Sons, 6 N e w Gifford bldg., h. 11 West 5th.

Gifford, Edward W., (Almira), canvasser, 113 East 3rd, h. 504 East 5th.

Gifford, Elmer C, (Pearl T.), farmer, Ashville ave., R. F. D., beyond city limits, (Celoron).

Gifford, Frank C, (Mattie E.), decorator, h. 24 Champlin.

Gifford, Frank E., (Josephine Fenton), pres. First National Bank, 2-6 East 3d, h. 9 Prospect.

Gifford, George S., (H. Rosalia), accountant, h. 117 East 5th.

Gifford, George W., (Anna B.), farmer, Ashville ave., R. F. D., beyond city limits, (Celoron).

Gifford, Grace, teacher, r. 12 West 6th.

Gifford, Harry P., (Nellie C ), milk dealer, h. Ashville ave., R. F. D., beyond city limits, (Celoron).

Gifford, Katherine, clerk, 307 Main, r. 12 West 6th.

Gifford, Maud, telephone operator, r. 504 East 5th.

Gifford, Merle M., (Lizzie L.), decorator, h. 34 West 8th.

Gifford, Samuel N., (Jennie E.), engineer, h. 34 West 8th.

Gifford, William P., (Mary B.)—Bargain Store, 307 Main—h. 12 West 6th.

Gifford & Sons, H. H.—Horace H., Charles H. and William S — real estate room 6 N e w Gifford building, Brooklyn square.

Gilberds, James B., (Alice F.), painter, h. 57 Hazzard.

Gilbert, Albert, (Jeanette Fenton), asst. sec. and treas. Art Metal Cons. Co., 95 J. & G. ave., h. 1 Fenton place.

Gilbert, Alfred, (Mary), stone mason, h. 409 Newland ave.

Gilbert, Charles, (Ellen), overlooker, h. 508 Newland ave.

Gilbert, Earl Fenton, college student, r. 1 Fenton place.

Gilbert, Emerson A., (Lillie Flagg), Eclipse Photo Paper Co., h. 22 Derby.

–  –  –

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 201 Gilbert, Garfield O., drug clerk, 8 East 3rd, bds. 217 do.

Gilbert, H. B., (Alice), blacksmith, r. over 780 East 2d.

Gilbert, Lester B., leather andfindings,over 305 Main, rooms 16 Crosby.

Gilbert, Oscar, Mrs., millinery, 506 Newland ave., h. do.

Gilbert, Oscar, (Guste), h. 506 Newland ave.

Gilberts, Ernest, painter, bds. 119-121 East 2d.

Gilblad, Carl, casemaker, bds. 152 Chandler.

Giles, Ada, teacher, bds. 611 Prendergast ave.

Giles, Joseph H., (Rena), commercial traveler, h. 24 West 7th.

Giles, Mary A., wks. 210 Pine, r. 24 West 7th.

Giles, William B., (Josephine R.), cigars and tobacco, 5 West 3rd, h. 411 do.

Gill, Florence, telephone operator, r. 328 Allen.

Gill, Lillian, student, r. 328 Allen.

Gill, Persis A., widow Henry, h. 612 Fenton.

Gill, Thomas, (Allene), wool sorter, h. over 312 Allen.

Gillett, William, (Elizabeth), laborer, h. flat 3, 703 West 8th.

Gilligan, Ann, laundress, r. 514 Monroe.

Gilligan, Eugene, apprentice, r. 514 Monroe.

Gilligan, Joe, iron worker, r. 514 Monroe.

Gilligan, Patrick, (Bridget), laborer, h. 514 Monroe.

Gillis, John D., retired, h. 426 East 5th.

Gillman, William H., barber, under 11 East 2d, rooms 118 do.

Gilroy, Edward J., commercial traveler, h. 634 Lake View ave.

Gilson, Bonnie, operative, r. 3 1 % Hazzard.

Gilson, Florence, widow Arthur, r. 3 1 % Hazzard.

Gilson, Percy, printer, r. 3 1 % Hazzard.

Gimbrona, Charles, (Josephine), fruit peddler, h. 435 Allen.

Gimbrona, Rosa, widow Lungall, h. 435 Allen.

Girard, John, (Mary A.), drayman, h. 404 Baker.

Glad, Anna S., mender, r. 122 Forest.

Glad, Charlotte, widow Gust A., h. 122 Forest.

Glad,.Minnie L., mender, r. 122 Forest.

Glantz, Ernest, laborer, bds. 15 Barrett.

Glantz, Theodore, (Anna), driver, h. 308 Livingstone ave.

Glantz. William, (Josephine), laborer, h. 9 Hammond.

Glantz, Walter, laborer, r. 308 Livingstone ave.

Glass, Gertrude, bookkeeper, 21-23 Steele, bds. 312 Allen.

Glatz, Albert, clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 600 Allen. • Glatz, Amelia, domestic, 16 Broadhead ave., r. 600 Allen.

Glatz, Harry, clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 600 Allen.

Glatz, Ida M., widow John, h. 600 Allen.

Glatz, Lillie, winder, r. 600 Allen.

Glatz, Rosie, winder, r. 600 Allen.

Glatz, Sadie, twister, r. 600 Allen.

Gleason, Dallas M., (Josie), laborer, h. over 83 Allen.

Glendon, Elizabeth, widow Michael, h. 267 Steele.




Glendon, James G., woodcarver, r. 267 Steele.

Goadey, Hilma, twister, bds. 463 Willard.

Godden, Charles A., shipping clerk, 26-28 South Main, rms. 40 Cross.

Godey, Matilda, widow John, dressmaker, h. 219 Willard.

Goggin, Delia, widow William, r. 215 West 2d.

Goggin, Kate, lodging house, 215 West 2d.

Gokey, Aldric, (Sarah), driver, h. 833 Spring.

Gokey, Anna L., widow Noah H., h. 110 Lake View ave.

Gokey building, 12-20 West 3d.

Gokey, George F., (Louisa M.)—George F. Gokey Shoe Co., 318 Cherry—h.

110 Lake View ave.

Gokey, George F., Shoe Co., (Incorporated.)—A. L. Gokey, pres., George F.

Gokey, sec. and treas.—318 Cherry.

Gokey, Mabel E., r. 114 Lake View ave.

Gokey, Sarah, Mrs., seamstress, h. 833 Spring.

Gokey, William N., (Hattie)—Wm. N. Gokey Shoe Co., 318 Cherry—h. 114 Lake View ave.

Gokey, William N., Jr., clerk, 318 Cherry, r. 114 Lake View ave.

Gokey Shoe Co., William N., (Incorporated)—William N. Gokey, pres., F. D.

Todd, sec.—318 Cherry.

Gold, Catherine D., operative, r. 862 Spring.

Gold, Joseph, (Theresa), engineer, h. 862 Spring.

Gold, Joseph M., warp dresser, r. 862 Spring.

Gold, Theresa, r. 862 Spring.

Goldberg, Carl, laborer, bds. 34 Hazeltine ave.

Golden, Elizabeth B., h. 16 West 9th.

Golden, Benjamin F., (Anna L.),finisher,h. 705 Camp.

Golden Furniture Co.—H. C. Lindros, pres.; August Soderstrom, sec. and treas.—cor. 4th and Clinton.

Golden, John W., (Effie), teamster, h. 157 Allen.

Goldin, Robert L., (Emily), night watchman, h. 34 Flagg ave.

Goldstein, Abraham, oil producer, rms. over 211 Main.

Goldstein, Abraham, (Gertrude), commercial traveler, h. 605 West 7th.

Goldstein, Bessie, milliner, r. 516 East 2d.

Goldstein, David M., commercial traveler, r. 516 East 2d.

Golm, Dorothy L., teacher, bds. 11 West 9th.

Gomerlson, Helene, textile worker, r. over 246 Broadhead ave.

Goodard, Burton J., laborer, r. 338 Allen.

Goodard, Maymie, r. 338 Allen.

Goodenough, De Ette, widow Henry, r. 515 Pine.

Goodenough, Eri H., (Kate)—Goodenough & Persell, 103 W. 3rd— h. 515 Pine.

Goodenough & Persell—Eri H. Goodenough and Daniel F. Persell—jewelers, 103 West 3rd.

Gorlund, Anna, domestic, 134 Lake View ave.

Goodrich, Anna, widow Alonzo B., dressmaker, h. 211 West 2d.

Goodrich, Emerson, h. 612 East 7th.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies.

Always b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 203 Goodwill, Charles, laborer, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Goodwill, Fletcher—Chautauqua Worsted Mills, Falconer—h. 317 Clinton.

Goodwill, Herbert J., (Leonora O.)—Chautauqua Worsted Mills, Falconer—h.

317 Clinton.

Goodwin, Augustus, (Polly), r. Lake View ave. extension.

Goodwin, Frank P., student Cornell, r. 663 Lake View ave.

Goodwin, Gertrude, Mrs., agent Jamestown Business College, h. 419 W. 3rd.

Goodwin, H. Benjamin, (Louise), motorneer, J. S. Ry., h. over 124 Hamilton.

Goodwin, Perry W., (Jennie), asst. supt., Lake View cemetery, h. 663 Lake View ave.

Goodwin, R. Vernal, (Sadie), laborer, h. Lake View ave. extension.

Goranson, Charles, (Anna), carpenter, h. 131 Falconer.

Goranson, Mary, widow Olof, r. 131 Falconer.

Goransson, Anton, painter, bds. 1017 Newland ave.

Gordon, Alice, stenographer, r. 621 East 2d.

Gordon, Bessie, operator, 210 Pine, r. 413 West 3rd.

Gordon, Clara N., Mrs., dressmaker, h. 413 West 3rd.

Gorman, Joseph, chef, 14-20 West 1st, r. do.

Gornall, Fannie O., widow William, h. 217 Allen.

Gornall, Forest, (Theresa), twister, h. 204 Allen.

Gornall, Lillie, teacher, r. 217 Allen.

Gornall, Olive, student, r. 217 Allen.

Gorten, Clarence, (Archa), shipping clerk, h. 325 Foote ave.

Gossett, Benjamin, (Rein E.), cooper, h. over 360 Foote ave.

Gossett, Christian, (Ann)—C. Gossett & Son, 61 Water—h. 307 East 5th.

Gossett, Christopher C, (Nancy A.), laborer, h. under 35 Barrows.

Gossett, C. & Son—Christian Gossett, prop.—cooper shop, 61-77 Water.

Gossett, Edward L., (Myra), cooper, 61 Water, h. 622 Prendergast ave.

Gossett, Ernest A., (Blanche B.), cooper, 61 Water, h. 616 Prendergast ave.

Gossett, Mary, r. 307 East 5th.

Gossett, Katherine, operator, r. 307 East 5th.

Goucher, William E., (MaBelle W. ), Consolidated Dental parlors, rms. 3-4 Hall block, over 223 Main, h. Clement Park.

Goudy, John, conductor, J. St. Ry., r. 20 East 3rd.

Goudy, Samuel P., (Jennie), electro, Turkish bath and massage parlors, over 20 East 3rd, h. do.

Gould, Ardella, widow Frank E., h. 202 Crosby.

Gould, Florence E., Mrs., h. 47 Prospect.

Gould, Frederick A., (Alice M.), pastor First M. E. church, h. 16 Foote ave.

Gould, Julia F., widow William, r. 634 Lake View ave.

Gould, Lee Ralph, liveryman, 214 Washington, r. 47 Prospect.

Gould, Louise A., clerk, r. 47 Prospect.

Gould, Miriam C, student, r. 16 Foote ave.

Gould, Ralph, r. 47 Prospect.

Goulding, Lynn M., (Inez C ), bookkeeper, 20 Winsor, h. 409 West 3rd.

Gourley, Jeanette, Mrs., h. sec. 7, over 108 East 2d.

CLEAN COAL. L. F. SHEDD. Both Phones.

J a e g e r ' s H e a l t h U n d e r w e a r at PROUDFIT'S 204 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Gowan, George, (Loretta), laborer, h. 1239 Main.

Gowan, James, (Stella), spile driver, h. 185 Marvin.

Grabel, August, (Jennie), laborer, h. 267 Steele.

Grace, Albert H.,finisher,h. 116 Barrows.

Grace, Ferdinand, apprentice upholsterer, r. 116 Barrows.

Grace, Herbert H., tinner, r. 116 Barrows.

Grace, Lawrence, apprentice upholsterer, r. 116 Barrows.

Grace, Robert, laborer, bds. 113 East 2d.

Grace United Brethren church, Rev. O. E. Williams, pastor, 933 Main.

Graff, Arthur H., (Minnie), photographer, 207'Main, h. 9 Kent.

Graff, Joseph W., (Grace O.), bicycles, photographic supplies and sporting goods, 15 East 3rd, h. 516 Lafayette.

–  –  –

Grafstrom, Axel V., physician, 112 West 2d, h. do.

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