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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Graham, Charles E., (Mary), clerk, 16-18 West 3rd, r. 1254 Prendergast ave.

Graham, David, Mrs. h. 519 Lake View ave.

Graham, Earl A., cashier, 70-80 Steele, r. 340 Foote ave.

Graham, Edna L., r. 340 Foote ave.

Graham, Milton, teamster, bds. 23 Fenton Place.

Graham, N. Allison, (Alma), business superintendent, 14-16 West 2d, h. 340 Foote ave.

Graham, Roy, conductor, J. S. Ry., r. Ill Kent.

Graham, Thomas A., (Matilda S.), foreman, 25 Shearman Place, h. 42 Park.

Granath, Andrew, (Emma), carpenter, h. over 14 Hedges ave.

Granath, Anna J, r. 14 Hedges ave.


Granath, Charles, pinsetter, bds. 14 Hedges ave.

Granath, Gust, (Christine), machine hand, h. 14 Hedges ave.

Grand Union Tea Co.—James A. Lyman, mgr.—tea, coffee and spices, 309 Main.

Grandin, Andrew, ( E m m a C ), billiards and cigars, 24-32 Main, h. 521 Allen.

Grandin, Daniel H., Grandin's mill, 28-30 East 1st, r. 50 Allen.

Grandin, Theodore E., (Belle E.), h. 50 Allen.

Granger & Company, wholesale grocers—Wm. Lepsch, mgr.—11 West 2d.

Grant, Clarence, (Emily),finisher,r. 68 Vega.

Grant, James M., (Eleanor H.), h. 201 East 6trf.

Grant, Havens, r. 201 East 6th.

Grant, John W., student, r. 106 East 8th.

Grant, Robert H., (Jane), cigars and tobacco, 1 South Main, h. 20 Derby.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Housefurnishings.

The Best G o o d s at the Lowest P r i c e s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 205 Grant, Sarah M., widow John M., r. 412 East 6th.

Grant, Willard L., (Hilma C ), farmer, h. 106 East 8th.

Graves, Charley M., (Martha H.), coachman, h. 755 West 8th.

Graves, George L., (Alice), piano tuner, h. over 411 West 3rd.

Graves, Lydia, millhand, bds. 18 Steele.

Gray, Charlotte, Mrs., weaver, h. 44 Foote ave.

Gray, Harry P., (Agnes), yard conductor, Erie R. R., h. 413 West 8th.

Gray, James M., (Libbie), drayman, h. 701 Baker.

Gray, Robert, laborer, bds. 622 Spring.

Gray, Thomas, (Alice), weaver, bds. 622 Spring.

Greaves, Albert, warp twister, r. 146 Stowe.

Greaves, Benjamin, (Sophia), weaver, h. 146 Stowe.

Greek-American Fruit Co.—A. J. Chechary and A. J. Pappayanakos, props.— wholesale fruits, confectionery and commission merchants,121 Main.

Greeley, Jane L., physician and surgeon, h. Ill East 5th.

Greeley, Jane W., widow Ezra H., h. 816 Main.

Green, Adelbert, laborer, r. 38 Willard.

Green, Albert M., (Jennie I.), plumber, h. 23 Weeks.

Green, Charles, wool sorter, r. 528 Lake View ave.

Green, Charles, tooldrawer, r. 31 Elliot ave.

Green, Clara, domestic, 15 Prospect ave.

Green, Clara L., r. 32 Broadhead ave.

Green, David, (Minnie), boxmaker, h. 78 Marvin.

Green, Edward C, (Mary A.), junk dealer, h. 38 Willard.

Green, Edward J, attorney-at-law, over 301 Main, r. 32 Broadhead ave.


Green, Eleazer—Green & Woodbury, over 301 Main—h. 32 Broadhead ave.

Green, Ella W., librarian, J. H. S., r. 32 Broadhead ave.

Green, Ethel, millhand, r. 31 Elliot ave.

Green, Flora, widow William, r. 31 Elliot ave.

Green, Frank, retired, r. 265 Steele.

Green, Fred F., (Ruth), druggist, 303 Main, h. 216 West 7th.

Green, Georgia, nurse, r. 421 East 2d.

Green, Grace, domestic, 11 Cook.

Green, Grace, millhand, r. 31 Elliot ave.

Green, James H., (Hattie S.), retired, h. 257 Marvin.

Green, Louie, r. 528 Lake View ave.

Green, Louis E., (Linnie), baggage transfer, 319 Cherry, h. do.

Green, Louise, r. 38 Willard.

Green, Mabel, nurse girl, 135 Lake View ave.

Green, Mabel, r. 38 Willard.

Green, Martin I., (Anna K.), baggagemaster, Erie R. R., h. over 8 South Main.

Green, Orlando D., (Minnie S.), clerk, 2 South Main, h. 17 Dickerson.

Green, Susan, widow John, r. 25 Steele.

Green, William S., laborer, r. 31 Elliot ave.

Green & Wooubury—Eleazer Green and Egburt E. Woodbury—attorneys-atlaw, over 301 Main.




Greendahl, Ernest W., (Charlotte M.), grocer, 152-154 Chandler, h. do.

Greenhault, Charles, (Myrtle), cabinet maker, h. 114 Water.

Greenland, John, (Ella), laborer, h. 775 East 2d.

Greenlund, Alma, millhand, r. 610 East 2d.

Greenlund, Alfonso, employed 129 J. and G. ave., r. 10 Fulton place.

Greenlund, Andrew C, retired, r. 21 Kent.

Greenlund, Andrew P., (Margaret), laborer, h. 2 Stearns ave.

Greenlund, Arthur H., (Jessie O.)—Jamestown Lounge Co., 38 Winsor—h. 408 West 5th.

Greenlund, Christian, (L. Viola), salesman, h. 321 Allen.

Greenlund, Daniel, (Gertie M.), machine hand, h. 08 Tower.

Greenlund, Herford, employed 129 J. & G. ave., r. 10 Fulton place.

Greenlund, Louis H., (Amelia), printer, h. 10 Fulton place.

Greenlund, Nanny, domestic, 13-23 South Main.

Greenlund, Nellie, seamstress, r. 2 Stearns ave.

Greenlund, Olof, cabinet maker, h. 610 East 2d.

Greenwood, Anna, Mrs.—Greenwood & Parsons, 32 Allen Square bldg., h.

68 Marvin.

Greenwood, Arthur, r. 9 Sherman.

Greenwood, Charles, (Adeline), wool washer, h. 21 Weeks.

Greenwood, Enoch, (Esther), supt. Empire Worsted Mills, 35 Water, h. 9 Sherman.

Greenwood, George, (Anna), bartender, h. 68 Marvin.

Greenwood, Georgia, r. 68 Marvin.

Greenwood, Henry, comber, r. 24 Maple.

Greenwood, H. William, twister, r. 25 Water.

Greenwood, John W., (Annie), wool comber, h. 24 Maple.

Greenwood, Norman J, upholsterer, h. 68 Marvin.


Greenwood & Parsons—Mrs. Mathilda Parsons and Mrs. Anna Greenwood— furriers and dressmakers, 32 Allen Square bldg.

Greenwood, Thomas E., (Alice), laborer, h. 11 Great Jones.

Greenwood, William H., (Barbara), wool sorter, h. 21 Weeks.

Greer, E.May, stenographer, r. 115 Steele.

Greer, James N., wool sorter, r. 115 Steele.

Greer, William, wool buyer, h. 115 Steele.

Grenquist, Charles, (Christina), laborer, h. 5 Great Jones.

Grenquist, Selma, mill hand, r. 5 Great Jones.

Grepp, Davis A., spinner, r. 103 Willard.

Grepp, Hjelmar, wool sorter, r. 103 Willard.

Grepp, Sophia A., widow John, drawer, h. 103 Willard.

Grepp, Victor, carder, r. 103 Willard.

Griffin, Frank E., driver J. F. D., bds. over 13 Forest ave.

Griffin, Hugh, (Cora), clerk, 204 Main, h. 608 Murray ave.

Griffin, Myrtle, milliner, r. 608 Murray ave.

Griffin, Orren L., deliveryman, 203 Main, bds. over 13 Forest ave.

Griffin, Susie—Campbell & Griffin—r. 22 Champlin.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

Cloaks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 207 Griffin, Susan C, widow Cornelius, r. 22 Champlin.

Griffin, William C, (Ella J.), laborer, h. West Oak Hill ave.

Griffin, William S., (Mary J.), carriage maker, 116-120 West 2d, h. over 13 Forest ave.

Griffith, Albert, (Marriett), h. 301 Ashville ave.

Griffith, Charles J., (Kathrine A.), chief engineer, J. S. Ry., bds. 119-121 E. 2d.

Griffith, Clarence, (Amy), cabinet maker, h. 20 Institute.

Griffith, Florence D., artist, 301 Ashville ave., r. do.

Griffith, George E., (Nellie), lumber dealer, h. 909 Main.

Griffith," Irving, (Ada G.), photographic printer, h. over 622 Prendergast ave.

Griffith, Lynn E., r. 909 Main.

Griffith, Merritt F., (Mary), carpenter, h. 815 Prendergast ave.

Griffith, Riley A., (Julia), bookeeper, h. 6 West 9th.

Griffith, Sarah J., clerk, 203 Main, r. 11 Rathbone.

Griffith, W. Andrew, (Edith H.), engineer, Municipal Water plant, Buffalo street station, h. 316 Bowen.

Griffith, Warner, (Mary), metal worker, h. 224 Forest ave.

Griggs, Alwinn, collector Erie R. R., r. 15 West End.

Griggs, R. Clarence, (Lola R.), bookkeeper, h. 15 West End.

Griggs, Walter B., student, r. 504 East 2nd.

Griggs, Walter E., (Kittie), office manager, 38 Winsor, h. 504 East 2d.

Griggs, Walter P., (Thyra), painter, h. 622 Palmer.

Grimes, Mary, cook, rooms 312 Lafayette.

Grimshaw, Katherine, widow John J., weaver, h. 9 Bishop.

Griswold, Daniel, (Martha T.)—pres. Union Lumber Co., 41 Shearman Place — h. 10 Prospect.

Griswold, Evangeline, teacher, rms. 567 East 2d.

Griswold, H. Townsend, r. 10 Prospect.

Griswold, Martha T., r. 10 Prospect.

Gron, Bertha May, teacher, r. over 217 Spring.

Gron block, 217-219 Spring.

Gron, Caroline, widow Frederick A., h. over 217 Spring.

Gron, Charles, (Lottie), liveryman, 100-102 East 2d, h. over do.

Gron, Edna A., teacher, r. over 217 Spring.

Gron, Eris A., (Edith), mechanic, h. 15 Whitley ave.

Gron, Grace, telephone operator, 113 East 3rd, r. 15 Whitley ave.

Gron, Jacob, steel worker, 95 J. & G. ave., r. 6 Metallic ave.

Gron, William, (Lillian), liveryman, 100-102 East 2d, r. over do.

Gronberg, Agda, maid, 328 East 4th.

Gronberg, Betty A., widow Christian, tailoress, 322 East 3rd, r. 10 Price.

Gronberg, Ellen, r. over 912 East 2d.

Gronberg, Ellen, widow John P., h. over 912 East 2d.

Gronberg, Jennie, r. over 912 East 2d.

Gronberg, Victor, (Jennie), metal worker, h. over 215 Bowen.

Gronquist, Runo, (Anna), bricklayer, h. 246 Broadhead ave.

Gronstrom, Huldah, laundress, r. 207 Foote ave.

Building Supplies of all kinds. L. F. SHEDD.

Children's Suits $ 1. 5 0 to $ 8 at PROUDFIT'S 208 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Gross, Elmer H., (Evalyn), insurance agt., h. 650 East 6th.

Gross, George A., (Sallie E.).foreman, Tiffany ave., h. 650 East 6th.

Gross, Jacob, machine hand, r. 6 Metallic ave.

Grosvenor, John D., (Ardilla M.), agcy. director N. Y. Life Ins. Co., Gokey block, h. 14 East 4th.

Grout, Bert J., (Sadie B.), motorneer, J. S. Ry., h. 214 Clinton.

Grove, Electa, dressmaker, over 9 East 3rd, r. do.

Grove, Martha E., widow Joseph, h. over 9 East 3rd.

Grove, Maud, dressmaker, over 9 East 3rd, r. do.

Grove, Olive, head waitress, 13-23 South Main, r. do.

Grover, Charles S., attorney-at-law, room 43 Fenton bldg., 2-6 East 2d, h. 115 Lincoln.

Grover, Elisha B., (Kate M.), liquor dealer, 113 East 2d, h. 605 East 7th.

Grover, M., carpenter, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Grover, Nettie, student, r. 605 East 7th.

Guenther, Carl M., bookkeeper, 211 Main, rms. do.

Guenther, Henry, ( E m m a C ), cigar mfr., 126 East 2d, h. 829 Spring.

Guenther, John, student, r. 829 Spring.

Guernsey, Chester L., (May F.), telegraph operator, h. over 20 Foote ave.

Guertin, Azarie, (Ellen), chef, Sherman House, h. 252 Fulton.

Guertin, Earl, student, r. 252 Fulton.

Guest, Alice T., dressmaker, h. over 105 East 3rd.

Guest, Vernon E., (Clara B.), engineer, h. 123 Lakin ave.

Gullberg, Carl, r. 34 Hazeltine ave.

Gummason, Helen, weaver, bds. 29 Ellicott.

Gundberg, Elsia, maid, r. 519 Washington.

Gunn, Florence E., nurse, 546 West 3rd.

Gunnerson, David, (Emma), carpenter, h. over 244 Forest ave.

Gunnerson, Martin, clerk, 204 East 2d, bds. 60 Chapin.

Gunnill, Carl, textile worker, r. 321 Stowe.

Gunnill, Fred, insurance, r. 321 Stowe.

Gunnill, Ivar,finisher,r. 321 Stowe.

Gunnill, Olof, (Amanda), moulder, h. 321 Stowe.

Gurney, Frederick W m., (Jessie W.)—Gurney Ball Bearing Co., 316 Cherry— h. 929 East 2d.

Gurney Ball Bearing Co.—Benj. Nichols, pres.; A. W. Kettle, sec; F. W.

Gurney, mgr.—316 Cherry.

Gustafson, A. F.—Swedish Snuff Co., 132 Foote ave.—bds. 8 Water.

Gustafson, Ada, r. 37 Sampson.

Gustafson, Adele, milliner, r. 607 Allen.

Gustafson, Adolph, packer, bds. under 52 Hedges ave.

Gustafson, Albin, carpenter, bds. 1009 Main.

Gustafson, Alfred, (Minnie), grocer, 7 Cowden place, h. 215 Barrett.

Gustafson, Alice, mill hand, r. 109 Sampson.

Gustafson, Alvin N., (Nellie E.), metal worker, h. over 213 Barrett.

Gustafson, Amanda, widow Victor, h. 76 Jones.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Furnaces.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.


Gustafson, Amel, (Emma), deliveryman, h. over 219 Newland ave.

Gustafson, Andrew, (Freda), metal worker, h. 1 Bowen ave.

Gustafson, Anna E., clerk, 207 Main, r. 707 Washington.

Gustafson, Antone, laborer, bds. 17 Orchard.

Gustafson, Archie, candy maker, r. 215 Barrett.

Gustafson, Augusta, widow Gustaf P., r. 131 Foote ave.

Gustafson, Augusta, operative, r. 109 Sampson.

Gustafson, Axel, woodworker, bds. over 30 Water.

Gustafson, Axel, (Ida),finisher,h. 16 Fairfield ave.

Gustafson, Bertha F., clerk, 207 Main, r. 707 Washington.

Gustafson, Carl, laborer, bds. 110 Francis.

Gustafson, Carl, machinist, bds. 18 Water.

Gustafson, Carl, machinist, bds. 1117 Newland ave.

Gustafson, Carl J, (Mary), carpenter, h. 361 Baker.


Gustafson, Carl J., (Selma), carpenter, h. 25 Swan.

Gustafson, Charles, deliveryman, bds. 127 Fairmount ave.

Gustafson, Charles, (Mary), metal worker, h. 14 Whitley place.

Gustafson, Charles B., (Emily E.), metal worker, h. Ill Williams.

Gustafson, Charles E., (Anna W.), laborer, h. 108 Falconer.

Gustafson, Charles F., (Martha), stone mason, h. 252 Barrows.

Gustafson, Charles G., (Annie S.), brass worker, h. over 707 Washington.

Gustafson, Claus, (Hattie), cabinet maker, h. 405 Hazeltine ave.

Gustafson, Claus V., (Hilma), laborer, h. 607 Allen.

Gustafson, C. William, pressman, 19 Steele, rms. 25-2/ Winsor.

Gustafson, Edna, bookkeeper, 122 East 3rd, r. over 120 do.

Gustafson, Edwin, laborer, r. 109 Sampson.

Gustafson, Edwin E., snuff maker, bds. 8 Water.

Gustafson, Emil, machine hand, r. 109 Sampson.

Gustafson,Eric H., cabinet maker, bds. 241 Crescent.

Gustafson, F. Emil, cabinet maker, bds. 241 Crescent.

Gustafson, Fillmore, operative, r. 109 Sampson.

Gustafson, Florence, textile worker, bds. 6 Waterman.

Gustafson, Frank, (Tecla),finisher,h. 372 Willard.

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