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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Gustafson, Gust, (Christine), woodworker, h. 212 Forest ave.

Gustafson, Gust, (Cora M.), laborer, h. 222 Chandler.

Gustafson, Gust A., (Wendela), laborer, h. over 494 Crescent.

Gustafson, TJust E., (Ida), packer, h. 77 Tower.

Gustafson, Gustaf O., (Augusta C ), life andfireinsurance, rm. 3 Arcade bldg., h. 32 Fairfield ave.



Representing Old Reliable Companies Only Room 3, Arcade Building, H o m e 'Phone 12 COAL, WOOD, CEMENT. L. F. SHEDD Call u p N o. 3 3 for C l o t h i n g a n d Furnishings 210 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Gustafson, Gustaf P., (Augusta)—Swedish Snuff Co., 132 Foote ave.—h. 8 Water.

Gustafson, Gustaf R., (Sarah E.), director, Ideal Mondolin orchestra, r. 8 Water.

Gustafson, Henning, (Anna), building contractor, h. over 605 English.

Gustafson, Herman, (Augusta E.),finisher,h. over 93' Hopkins ave.

Gustafson, Ingra, duffer, bds. 702 Foote ave.

Gustafson, J. Emil, ( E m m a L.), machinist, h. over 108 Falconer.

Gustafson, Jennie, domestic, 4 Lake View ave.

Gustafson, John, laborer, J. S. Ry. Co., bds. over 29 Linden ave.

Gustafson, John, (Hilda), laborer, h. 67 Center.

Gustafson, John, (Mary), machinist, h. over 224 Bowen.

Gustafson, John A., retired, r. 77 Tower.

Gustafson, Josephine, cook, 322 East 4th.

Gustafson, Julia A., domestic, 304 Prendergast ave.

Gustafson, Lillian M., twister, r. 30 Chapin.

Gustafson, Lydia, domestic, 116 Chandler.

Gustafson, Matilda, widow Charles, h. 109 Sampson.

Gustafson, Mongheld, duffer, r. 607 Allen.

Gustafson, Nels J., (Emma), woodworker, h. 210 Falconer.

Gustafson, Oliver,finisher,r. 372 Willard.

Gustafson, Oscar, miller, r. Baker, R. F. D. 80, beyond city limits.

Gustafson, Ruth, clerk, r. 215 Baker.

Gustafson, Victor, laborer, r. 494 Crescent.

Gustafson, William, machine hand, r. 109 Sampson.

Gustafson, William, carpenter, bds. 605 English.

Gustavus Adolphus Orphanage, John S. Swensson, supt., 1381 East 2d.

H Haag, John A., (Georgia), asst. city treas., h. 141 Prospect.

See also Haeg.

Haas, Charles C, (Hulda S.), mason contractor, h. 13 Wilson ave.

Haas, Nellie, r. 1101 Main.

Haas, Peter, grocer, 1101 Main, h. do.

Haas, William, (Julia), bricklayer, h. 1064 Main.

Hackett, John, (Katherine), laborer, h. 3 2 % Ashville ave.

Hackmen's headquarters and Baggage Transfer Co.—H. F. Paul, H. A. Putnam, D. C. Smith and A. L. Sweet—217 Cherry.

Haecker, A d a m J., (Elizabeth), baggagemaster, Erie Ry., h. 105 Steele.

Haecker, Earl, student, r. 232 Prospect.

Haecker, George C, (Nellie), conductor Erie Ry., h. 232 Prospect.

Haeg, Andrew M., retired, h. 407 English.

See also Haag.

Hagelin, Carl A., clerk, 95 J. & G. ave., r. 837 Newland ave.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

Carpets, Curtains, Draperies, Shades. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 211 Hagelin, Charles W., finisher, h. 837 Newland ave.

Hagelin, Ellen, r. 837 Newland ave.

Hagelin, John, insurance, r. 837 Newland ave.

Hagelin, Rudolph, metal worker, r. 837 Newland ave.

Hager, Alex, (Hannah), paperhanger, h. 65 Hazzard.

Hager, Charles P., solicitor, over 12 West 2d, h. 133 Camp.

Hager, Dora A., drawer, r. 133 Camp.

Hager, E m m a I., r. 133 Camp.

Hager, Frank, (Beda), machine hand, h. 66 Chapin.

Hager, Olga C, drawer, r. 133 Camp.

Haggas, G. Everett, student, r. over 14 Franklin.

Haggas, Grace, widow Richard, bds. 15 Garfield.

Haggas, Martha, widow Leach, h. 14 Franklin.

Haggblad, Andrew, (Mary), retired, h. 201 Benedict.

Haglund, Charles G., (Ida), meat market, 2 Forest ave., h. 53 Prospect ave.

Haglund, John A., (Constance H.), clerk, 219 Main, h. 254 Forest ave.

Haglund, Josephine, domestic, 351 East 4th.

Hagman, Carl, h. 4 Grandin.

Hagman, Elmer, laborer, r. 4 Grandin, Hagman, Elsie, domestic, r. 4 Grandin.

Hagstrom, Andrew, (Mary), grocery, 340 Forest ave., h. 27 Lake.

Hagstrom, Anna, maid, 318 East 5th.

Hagstrom, Carl J. A. M., (Lydia), cabinet maker, h. over 27 Eagle.

Hagstrom, Nels, (Anna C ), furniture polisher, h. 1055 Main.

Hagstrom, Nels, (Emelie), metal worker, h. 44 Jones.

Hagwall, Adolph, (Hannah), laborer, h. over 110 Stowe.

Hahne, Elias, (Mongua), gardener, h. over 21 Weeks.

Haigh, Alene, boxmaker, 17-19 Steele, r. 9 Axtel.

Haigh, Ella, stenographer, J. & G. ave., r. 9 Axtel.

Haigh, Matilda, widow Louis, h. 9 Axtel.

Hainsworth, Arthur, loomfixer,r. 624 Foote ave.

Hainsworth, Minnie, drawer, r. over 624 Foote ave.

Hainsworth, William, (Annie), loomfixer, h. over 624 Foote ave.

Halberg, Hannah, carpet weaver, r. 912 Newland ave.

See also Hallberg.

Hale, Alfred E., (Helen), armorer, 13th Sep. Co., N. G. N. Y., 36-44 So. Main, h. 905 Prendergast ave.

Hale, Charles S.,fireman,Erie R. R., r. 515 West 4th.

Hale, Clarence S., (Caroline I.), machinist, h. 515 West 4th.

Hale, Helena J., stenographer, 49 Fenton bldg., r. 810 Spring.

Hale, John W., (Eliza), government clerk, h. 810 Spring.

Haliker, Charles F., (Hattie), painting contractor, h. 512 East 6th.

Hall, Aaron, (Martha E.), architect, h. 186 Forest ave.

Hall, Alfred E., (Elizabeth)—Hall & Co., 335 Harrison—h. 139 Forest ave.

Hall, Andrew, carpenter", bds. 110 Sampson.

Hall, Ann E., milliner, r. 728 Ashville ave., beyond city limits, (Celoron).

The Best Cement at L. F. SHEDD'S.

Underwear, Hosiery and Gloves a Specialty at PROUDFIT'S 212 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Hall, Ann Eliza, h. 128 Forest ave.

Hall, Arthur, laborer, r. 110 East 3rd.

Hall, Arthur, (Maggie), case maker, h. 851 Prendergast ave.

Hall, Augustus P., (Eva), carpenter, h. 123 Steele.

Hall, Bessie, r. 618 Pine.

Hall, Bessie M., r. 319 East 6th.

Hall block, 219-223 Main.

Hall, Butterfield, (Maud), woodworker, h. over 1210 East 2nd.

Hall, Byron, (Maud),finisher,h. 308 East 2d.

Hall Bros.—Howard H. and Duncan M.—barber shop, under 101 West 3rd.

Hall, Christina M., matron and superintendent W. C. A. hospital, 207 Foote ave., r. do.

Hall, Clara, Mrs., domestic, h. over 19 East 2d.

Hall, Clayton L., (Delia), commercial traveler, h. 60 Broadhead ave.

Hall & Co.—Elliot C. and Alfred E. Hall, Rose E. Kent and Samuel Briggs— Jamestown Worsted Mills, 335 Harrison.

Hall, Dr. H. P., block, 211-213 West TJJnrd.

Hall, Duncan M., (Augusta)—Hall Bros., under 101 West 3rd—h. 410 Washington.

Hall, Earl R., clerk, r. 603 Buffalo.

Hall, Edith M., telephone operator, r. 60 Broadhead ave.

Hall, Edward L., (Charlotte P.)—Shaver & Hall, 51 Winsor—h. 202 Forest ave Hall, Elliot C, (Tirzah S.)—Hall & Co., 335 Harrison—h. 127 Forest ave.

Hall, Elliot Snell, teacher, r. 127 Forest ave^^Hall, Elmer, laborer, bds. 154 J. & G. ave.

Hall, E m m a L., stenographer, 38 Winsor, r. 728 Ashville ave.

Hall, Florence E., r. 820 Newland ave.

Hall, Frederick P., (Lucy M.), president and treasurer Journal Printing Co., 14-16 West 2d, h. 211 Lake View ave.

Hall, Gertrude, stenographer, 39 Fenton bldg., East 2d.

Hall, Gilbert G„ mgr. N. Y. Tea and Coffee Co., 106 East 3rd, h. 618 Pine.

Hall, Glyde, r. 202 Forest ave.

Hall, Harry, bartender, r. 161 Allen.

Hall, Harry H., (Edna), burnisher, h. 206 Crosby.

Hall, Henri M., student, Harvard, r. 211 Lake View ave.

Hall, Herbert H., Jr., (Martha), saloon, 61 Winsor, h. 161 Allen.

Hall, Howard H — Hall Bros., under 101 West 3rd—h. 517 Lafayette.

Hall, Irene A., r. 128 Forest ave.

Hall, Irwin, student, r. 139 Forest ave.

Hall, James, polisher, 95 J. & G. ave., h. under 857 Prendergast ave.

Hall, Johana C, widow John, r. 1391 Newland ave.

Hall, John P., (Mary L.), grocer, Stockholm, h. 820 Newland ave.

Hall, Joseph, laborer, r. 32 Regent.

Hall, Joseph, operative, r. 103 Broadhead ave.

Hall, Laura L., stenographer, 10-18 Ellicott building, r. 728 Ashville ave.

Hall, Leonard F., (Kate), real estate, h. 603 Buffalo.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

The Best G o o d s at the Lowest P r i c e s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.


Hall, Levant M., college student, r. 211 Lake View ave.

Hall, Lydia C, widow George, bds. 10 Barker.

Hall, Lydia M., r. 820 Newland ave.

Hall, Maria, widow John, h. 12 West 7th.

Hall. Maria M., widow William C. J., h. 139 Forest ave.

Hall, Maud E., student, r. 603 Buffalo.

Hall, Mary E., dressmaker, r. 728 Ashville ave.

Hall, Morgan W., architect, r. 186 Forest ave.

Hall, Sarah J., widow Erie L., h. 318 East 5th.

Hall, SaraE L., widow Samuel W., teacher, r. 304 Prendergast ave.

Hall, Stiles C, (Kittie L.), real estate, 12-20 West 3rd, h. 142 Chandler.

Hall, Thomas, (Isabelle), wool sorter, h. 113 Park place.

Hall, Thomas. Jr„ weaver, r. 113 Park place.

Hall, Tirzah H „ r. 127 Forest ave.

Hall, Van W., (Laura M.), machinist, h. 819 Lafayette.

Hall, Victor T., (Nettie), painter, h. 214 East 3rd.

Hall, Whitton, tool maker, r. 728 Ashville ave.

Hall, Wilkinson, (Martha), metal worker, h. 728 Ashville ave.

Hall, William Herbert, student, r. 161 Allen.

Hall, William, r. 728 Ashville ave.

Hall, William, (Nora), press hand, r. 851 Prendergast ave.

Halladay, Jennie, clerk, 203 Main, rms. 552 West 3rd.

Halladay, John N., (Carrie), special policeman, h. 8 Dickerson.

Halladay, Mabel, bookkeeper, bds. 552 West 3rd.

See also Halliday.

Hallberg, Caroline, widow Henry, boarding house, 286 Harrison.

Hallberg, Charles, laborer, r. 17 Ellicott.

Hallberg, Clara, widow Andrew, weaver, h. 219 Warren.

Hallberg, Ernest,finisher,r. 286 Harrison.

Hallberg, Gust W., (Hannah), laborer, h. 17 Ellicott.

Hallberg, Oscar, carver, r. 286 Harrison.

See also Halberg.

Halleen, Beda, r. 127 Euclid.

Hallen, Gust C,finisher,bds. 65 Chapin.

Hallen, John E., (Anna M.), water rubber, h. 68 Chapin.

Halliday, Harold, textile worker, r. over 5 Briggs.

Halliday, Rose, widow Thomas, weaver, 126 East 1st, h. over 5 Briggs.

See also Halladay.

Hallock block, 21-23 Steele.

Hallock, William A., retired, r. Driftwood.

Hallsten, John, section hand, bds. 286 Harrison.

Hallstrom, Charles, retired, r. 530 Winsor.

Hallstrom, John S., (Emily), carpenter, h. 825 Newland ave.

Halsall, J. Lloyd, (Edith), drug clerk, 10 East 3rd, h. 101 Crosby.

Hamer, Joseph, (Helen), h. over 18 Willard.

Hamerly, Clara, arlsto worker, r. 202 Sprague.


DOUBLE YOUR M O N E Y = = J o i n the G o l d e n Seal.


Hamerly, Samuel, carpenter, h. 202 Sprague.

Hamilton, LeRoy, woodworker, rms. 413 West Third.

Hamilton, LeRoy, (Susan), carpenter, h. over 805 Cherry.

Hamilton, Samuel L., carpenter, r. 19 Valley.

Hamilton, Thomas, (Maud), driller, h. 300 Falconer.

Hammer, Amel, (Freda),finisher,h. Thayer Ext.

Hammer, Elba, weaver, bds. 913 Newland ave.

Hammergren, Peter, (Caroline), carpenter, h. 16 Davis.

Hammerquist, Esther, music teacher, r. 635 Prendergast ave.

Hammerquist, Otto C, (Nettie), tailor, r. 635 Prendergast ave.

Hammerson, Carl, metal worker, bds. 19 Walnut.

Hammerstrom, Agnes M., spinner, r. 16 Davis.

Hammerstrom, Arthur, (Alice), mill hand, h. 296 Barrows.

Hammerstrom, Charles H., packer, bds. 16 Davis.

Hammerstrom, Charles J., (Amanda C ), boots and shoes, 103 South Main, r. 235 Forest ave.

Hammerstrom, Ellen L., spinner, r. 16 Davis.

Hammerstrom, Gilbert, clerk, 2-6 East 2d, h. 23 Center.

Hammerstrom, Hi, (Matilda), Swedish gymnast and masseur, h. over 13 West 2d.

Hammerstrom, Ida, spinner, r. 16 Davis.

Hammerstrom, Maud, works 112-114 Winsor, r. 103 Allen.

Hammerstrom & Johnson—Charles J. Hammerstrom and Gust Johnson— shoedealers, 103 South Main.

Hammerworth, Joe, bobbin setter, r. 624 Foote ave.

Hammond, Frank, (Lizzie), machinist, h. 857 Main.

Hammond, Freeman F., (Delia), carpenter, h. 461 Hallock.

Hampton, Mary H., Mrs., h. 311 East 6th.

Hanchett, Lathrop L., (Emily), justice of peace and pension attorney, rm. 9, Gifford block, over 2 East 3rd, h. 44 Water.

Hanchett, Theodore D., (Charlotte R.)—Jamestown Lounge Co., 38 Winsor and Pearl City Veneer Co., 40-42 Steele—h. 143 Allen.

Hancock, Clarence J., foreman, r. 21 East Eighth.

Hancock, Grace M., twister, r. 21 East Eighth.

Hancock, Mary W., Mrs. weaver, h. 21 East Eighth.

Hancock, William H., (Olive F.), engineer, Buffalo street water station, h. 45 Hotchkiss.

Hand, Lucy E., teacher, r. 33 Maple.

Hand, Maude L., teacher, kindergarten No. 3, r. 33 Maple.

Hand, Nellie R., teacher, r. 33 Maple.

Hand, Sarah J., widow Levi, h. 33 Maple.

Hand, William L„ (Mittie E.), machine hand, h. 108 King.

Haner, Florence I., teacher, r. 119 Fulton.

Hangen, CBarles, (Alice), cabinet maker, h. 618 Newland ave.

Hangen, Phillip, (Myrtle), woodcarver, h. 262 Forest ave Hanley, Margarett, h. over 24 13th.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Furnaces.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. THE A D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 215 Hannigan, Maude, student, r. 50-51 Gokey bldg., over West 3rd.

Hannon, James J., spring setter, r. 132 Fairview ave.

Hannon, Michael J., upholsterer, r. 132 Fairview ave.

Hannon, Thomas, (Elizabeth), h. 132 Fairview ave.

Hannum, Cyril S., r. 17 West 4th.

Hansel, Nettie, r. 27 Forest ave.

Haupin, Carl, (Georgia C ), teamster, h. over 88 Falconer.

Haupin, Homer, printer, bds. over 37 Harrison.

Hansen, Christ, (Minnie), cabinet maker, 38 Winsor, h. 7 Valley.

Hansen, Ellen, student, r. 24 Crossman.

Hansen, Frank, laborer, r. 9 Norton ave.

Hansen, George, (Oleva),finisher,h. 9 Norton ave.

Hansen, Hans Peter, (Lena), shoe maker, 4 West 3rd, h. 24 Crossman.

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