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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Hazzard, Charles M., (Marion), teamster, h. 117 Barrett.

Hazzard, Robert T., (Mary Parks)—Parks & Hazzard, room 6 Opera House blk., h. 525 East 2d.

Hazzard, Sarah, r. 525 East 2d.

Hazzard, Walter S., (Catherine M.), dist. mgr., Prudential Ins. Co., Ithaca, h. 509 Washington.

Heald, John, (Ada)—Ideal Plumbing Co., 211 East 3rd—h. 26 Maple.

Heald, Thomas, plumber, bds. 26 Maple.

Healy, C. Leslie, (Grace E.), teamster, h. 93 Hopkins ave.

Heath, Charles H., farmer, h. 724 Camp (R. F. D. No. 82).

Heath, Fred B., (Grace), baggage transfer, h. 105 West 5th.

Heath, R. Herbert, (Erma), mill hand, bds. 212 Pine.

Heath, Wilson, (Grace E.), clerk, 804 Main, h. 812 do.

Heath, Winifred J., (Gertrude), milk dealer, h. 811 Spring.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Roofing a n d Building Papers.

Always b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 221 Heathcote, Walter, (Sarah)—Jamestown Cash & Credit Co., 101 East 2d, h.

over 108 do.

Hedberg, Charlotte, r. over 920 Newland ave.

Hedberg, Hannah, maid, r. 611 Jefferson.

Hedberg, John A., (Anna), case maker, h. over 920 Newland ave.

Heden, Fred, laborer, bds. over 30 Water.

Hedene, Carl, woodworker, bds. 305 Winsor.

Hedges, Walter A., shipping clerk, 22-28 South Main, r. Y. M. C. A. dormitory.

Hedin, Andrew Otto, (Anna C ), laborer, h. 496 Willard.

Hedin, Charles G.,filer,h. 47 Tower.

Hedin, Ethelyn, duffer, r. 47 Tower.

Hedin, Mary C, r. 496 Willard.

Hedin, Oscar, laborer, r. 496 Willard.

Hedlund, Andrew, (Alma A.), laborer, h. 6 9 % Tower.

Hedlund, Carl H., weaver, r. 6 9 % Tower.

Hedlund, Ellen F., duffer, r. 69 y2 Tower.

Hedlund, Erick, ( E m m a S.), blacksmith, West 2d, h. 216 East 1st.

Hedlund, Florence, textile worker, r. 19 Chapin.

Hedlund, Frank O., (Christine), h. 70 Vega.

Hedlund, Helen, operative, r. 216 East 1st.

Hedlund, Minnie D., duffer, r. 6 9 % Tower.

Hedlund, Perry, (Clara), laborer, h. 102 Sampson.

Hedlund, Otto, oiler, r. 19 Chapin.

Hedman, John, (Hulda), metal worker, h. 117 Palmer.

Hedstrom, Albert R., r. over 212 Bowen.

Hedstrom, E m m a, widow John A., h. over 212 Bowen.

Hedstrom, John A., clerk, 5-7 Main, h. 413 Cherry.

Hedstrom, Rudolph J., carpenter, r. over.212 Bowen.

Heelas, George H., (Louise),florist,304 Main, h. 714 Washington.

Hegberg, August, (Amanda), cabinetmaker, h. 212 Hazzard.

Hegeman, Elbert, r. 818 Prendergast ave.

Hegeman, Elsie, domestic, 104 Chandler.

Hegeman, Elizabeth M., widow John, h. 818 Prendergast ave.

Hegg, Axel, (Helen), teamster, h. 63 Steele.

Hegglund, Edward, carpenter, r. 319 Allen.

Heggstrom, Nels, (Anna), polisher, h. 1055 Main.

Heglund, Fred, (Emma), steel cabinet maker, h. 15 Vega.

Hegstedt, Axel, laborer, r. 809 East 2d.

Hegstedt, Edward, (Emma), steel worker, h. 809 East 2d.

Hegstedt, John, steel worker, r. 809 East 2d.

Hegstedt, Magnus,finisher,r. 809 East 2d.

Hegstrom, Anna, domestic, 109 Lake View ave.

Hegstrom, John, (Ellen), casemaker, h. 310 Pine.

Heineman, Louis, liquor dealer, 12 East 3rd, h. over 10 do.

Heintz, John, (Kate), barber shop, 115 East 2d, h. 36 West 9th.

Heintz, Joseph, (Jennie), barber, 115 East 2d, h. 10 Fountain ave.

CLEAN COAL. L. F. SHEDD. Both Phones.



Heitmueller, Lucy, widow Henry, seamstress, h. 830 Cherry.

Helberg, Carl, metal worker, h. 25 Barrett.

Helgren, Andrew Fred—Carlson & Helgren, 53 Winsor—h. 313 Willard.

Helgren, Arvid, (Matilda), teamster, h. 152% Allen.

Helgren, Axel E., (Hilda), clerk, 61 Winsor, h. 313 Willard.

Helgren, Bert W., lineman, bds. 315 Willard.

Helgren, John, (Heda C ), retired, h. 488 Willard.

Helgren, John William, (Nettie), engineer, h. 315 Willard.

Helgren, Mable, twister, r. 315 Willard.

Helliwell, Arthur, (Alice), boss spinner, 126 East 1st, h. over 52 Harrison.

Henderson, Anna C, clerk, 201 East 2d, r. 145 Chandler.

Henderson, Charles P., (Hannah A.)—Henderson & Lincoln, 107 East 2d— h. 145 Chandler.

Henderson, Hattie, domestic, 4 Lake View ave.

Henderson, Helen F., clerk, 12-14 West 3rd, r. 145 Chandler.

Henderson, Kate, r. over 204 East 2d.

Henderson, Mary L., domestic, 114 Forest ave. * Henderson & Lincoln—Charles P. Henderson and David Lincoln—undertakers and picture framing, 107 East 2d.

–  –  –

Hendrickson, Agnes, domestic, 537 East 5th, r. 146 Barrows.

Hendrickson, Emil J, (Sophia), laborer, h. over 301 Crescent.


Hendrickson, Charles, (Christina), motorneer, J. St. Ry., h. 9 Pullman.

Hendrickson, Charles, (Hilma), machine hand, h. 9 Pullman.

Hendrickson, Charles J, (Annie L.), pipe line foreman, Municipal Water Co.,.

h. 146 Barrows.

Hendrickson, Frank, (Ida), polisher, h. over 815 Newland ave.

Hendrickson, Genevieve, spinner, r. 577 Willard.

Hendrickson, John, laborer, r. 146 Barrows.

Hendrickson, Leonard, clerk, 34 Willard, r. 146 Barrows.

Hendrickson, Lewis R., wool sorter, r. 146 Barrows.

Henning, Earl, (Ethel), commercial traveler, h. 44 Marvin.

Henning, J. Clifford, (Lena L.), insurance agent, h. over 849 Main.

Henrickson, Ellen, domestic, 352 East 5th.

Henry, John, (Anna), clerk, 306 Main, h. 26 Price.

Herald Printing Co., (The), Elmer E. Sprague, mgr., 310 Pine.

Herby, Charles, sign painter, r. 31 Fairmount ave.

Herby, Edwin, wagon maker, r. 31 Fairmount ave.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies.

Cloaks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 223 Herby, John H., (Mary), wagon maker, 324 Washington, h. 31 Fairmo Hermanson, Dorothy W., widow Herman, h. 121 Chapin.

Kermanson, Ernest, r. 128% Forest ave.

Herpst, C. Percy, decorator, r. 604 Lafayette.

Herpst, E. Katrina, r. 604 Lafayette.

Herpst, Harold D., office clerk, r. 604 Lafayette.

Herpst, John S., student, r. 604 Lafayette.

Herrick, Anson L., (Elizabeth), retired, h. 405 Winsor.

Herrick, Bessie May, student, r. 6 Crane.

Herrick, Charles W., (Gertrude P.), Maddox Table Co., 101 Harrison, h. 12 E.


Herrick, Elba E., retired, h. 6 Crane.

Herrick, George W., retired, bds. 62 Dickerson.

Herrick, Millie T., milliner, h. 626 Spring.

Hetfield, Jane H., Mrs., h. 121 Cross.

Hewey, John, (Carrie), woodworker, h. 48 Flagg ave.

See also Huey.

Hewitt, Frances A., widow Gurden, h. 109 West 5th.

Hibbard, Frank B., (Hattie E.), night watchman, 95 J. & G. ave., h. over 24 Ashville ave.

Hibbard, Harry W., stenographer, J. C. & L. E. R. R., r. 24 Asbville ave.

Hibbard, John V., student, r. 10 Barker.

Hibbard, Helen M., widow William J., h. 10 Barker.

Hibbard, William E., (Ada), junk dealer, h. 937 East 2d.

Hick, John C, (Annie), h. over 321 Allen.

Hickman, John S. B., student Allegheny college, r. 144 Chandler.

Hickman, Mary A., r. 144 Chandler.

Hickman, Sarah E. R., r. 144 Chandler.

Hickman, William H., (Eliza H.), pres. trustees Chaut. Institution, h. 144 Chandler.

Hickman, William R., student Brown university, r. 144 Chandler.

Hickox, Charles, counter clerk, 7-11 West 1st.

Higberg, Beda, weaver, bds. 76 Hedges ave.

Higberg, Carl, weaver, bds. 76 Hedges ave.

Higberg, David H., machine hand, bds. 76 Hedges ave.

Higberg, Ellen, spinner, bds. 76 Hedges ave.

Higberg, Erick G., (Marie L.), cabinet maker, h. 76 Hedges ave.

Higgins, Agnes, h.flat5, 703 West 8th.

Higgins, Charles, wire worker, h.flat5, 700 West 8th.

Higgins, James, woodworker, h.flat5, 700 West 8th.

Hilberg, Gust A., (Anna), woodworker, 38 Winsor, h. 80 Jones.

Hild, E m m a, graduate nurse, rms. 545 West 3rd.

Hilding, Angeborg, spinner, r. 524 Allen.

Hilding, August, (Caroline),finisher,h. 524 Allen.

Hildum, Clayton E., (Mary C ), asst. traveling auditor Erie R. R., r. £33 Main.

Hildum, Clifton N., (Ina), stenographic reporter, 14-16 West 2d, h. 608 Main.

Building Supplies of all kinds. L. F- SHEDD.

B o y ' s Clothing, L"Thygfc°lcln at PROUDFIT'S 224, JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Hildum, Edward B., (Ellen), carpenter, h. 14 Crossman.

Hill, Adelle, widow Daniel, h. 508 East 5th.

Hill, Anna, dressmaker, 39 N e w Gifford bldg., h. do.

Hill, Anna, widow Thomas, domestic, r. 26 Maple.

Hill & Aylesworth—Mrs. Jennie N. Hill and Mrs. Flora S. Aylesworth, bakery, 706 Main.

Hill, Charles F., carpenter, h. 115 King.

Hill, Earl, laborer, r. 329 Stowe.

Hill, Edwin S., steel worker, h. 323 Stowe.

Hill, Earl H., (Annie), Hill's Piano School, rms. 63-68 N e w Fenton bldg., h.

601 Main.

Hill, Grace B., r. 329 Stowe.

Hill, James M., (Mary), stonecutter, h. 32 Dickerson.

Hill, Jennie N., Mrs.—Hill & Aylesworth, 706 Main—h. over do.

Hill, Margie L., student, r. 706 Main.

Hill, Maud, laundress, r. 32 Dickerson.

Hill, Myron H., (Alice L.), purchasing agt. Duquesne Motor Car Co., r. 607 Pine.

Hill, Nellie, h. over 10 East 3rd.

Hill, Nelson H., (Anna M.), attorney-at-law, 27 Wellman bldg., h. 329 Crossman.

Hill's Piano School—Earl H. Hill and Mrs. Earl H. Hill—rooms 63-68 N e w Fenton bldg.

Hill, William, cutter, bds. 115 King.

Hill, Viola, widow William, nurse, r. 14 Falconer.

Hiller, Bartie R., (Julia), agt. American Express Co., 103 Main, h. 913 E. 2d.

Hiller, Jay, (Alma), hotel clerk, 119-121 East 2d, h. 125 Baker.

Hills, Arthur E., (Julia), laborer, h. 514 East 8th.

Hills, J. Lawrence, (Edith M.), asst. supt. J. S. Ry., h. 811 Main.

Hills, Rhoda, widow George E., housekeeper, h. 215 Park Place.

Hilton, Annie, teacher, r. 115 Crescent.

Hilton, Esther, widow David, h. 115 Crescent.

Himebaugh Bros.—Joseph M. Himebaugh—mfrs. spring beds, 41-51 Outlet.

Himebaugh, George M., r. 7 Fairmount ave.

Himebaugh, Joseph M., (Anna R.)—Himebaugh Bros., 41 Outlet—h. 7 Fairmount ave.

Himebaugh, Leon, (Frances E.), ice cream maker, h. over 220 East 2d.

Himebaugh, Lyle B., secy. Bixby-Himebaugh Lumber Co., 40 Outlet, r. 7 Fairmount ave.

Hinckley, Guy W., conductor, J. S. Ry., bds. Ashville ave., beyond city limits.

Hindberger, Andrew, (Katherine), laborer, h. 9 Great Jones.

Hindle, Ernest P., (Emily), clerk, 102 Main, h. 3 Pullman.

Hinds, Catherine, Mrs., weaver, h. 309 Palmer.

Hine, James W., (Ellen R.), gen'l mgr., 95 J. & G. ave., h. 703 Ashville ave.

Hines, Anna M., waitress, 13-23 South Main.

Hines, Michael, night clerk, 59 Harrison, rms. 94-95 Allen square bldg.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

T h e Best G o o d s at the Lowest P r i c e s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.


Hinman, F. Henry, (Rebecca A.), carpet layer, h. 13 Sherman.

Hirschauer, Herman, (Adeline), retired, h. 614 Pine.

Hitchcock, Abbie, r. 433 East 4th.

Hitchcock, Albert, (Agnes), deliveryman, h. 19 West Tenth.

Hitchcock, Arthur H., attorney-at-law, room 9 Hall blk., r. 401 Lafayette.

Hitchccok, Evelyn B., widow Edward W., private school, 111 Fulton, h. do.

Hitchcock, Flora E., widow Ernest A., r. 325 Crossman.

Hitchcock, Henry, student Yale, r. Ill Fulton.

Hitchcock, Horace, (Martha R.), real estate, 9 Hall blk., h. 401 Lafayette.

Hitchcock, Katherine, operative, r. 19 West Tenth.

Hitchcock, Leon, bookkeeper, r. 117 Euclid.

Hitchcock, Lucy M., seamstress, r. 17 Cross.

Hitchcock, Walter, (Isabelle), laborer, h. 117 Euclid ave.

Hitchener, Harriet, widow John F., h. over 124 Harrison.

Hitchener, John H., (Maud), lineman, h. 20 Institute.

Hixson, A. Milton, (Gertrude A.), lumber inspector, h. 123 Fairmount ave.

Hjartquist, Charles A., (Clara A.), cabinet maker, h. 238 Crescent.

See also Hjertquist.

Hjerpe, Carl F., (Anna M.), woodcarver, h. 109 Cross.

Hjerpe, Carol, clerk, 205 Main, r. 102 Chandler.

Hjerpe, Erick G., (Josephine), pastor, Swedish Mission church, h. 102 Chandler.

Hjerpe, Esther, r. 102 Chandler.

Hjert, Charles A., (Hulda), electrician, h. 228 Sprague.

Hjertquist, Charles M., (Matilda), woodturner,, h. 211 Hazzard.

Hjertquist, Dora, weaver, r. 211 Hazzard.

Hjertquist, Ella, r. 211 Hazzard.

Hjertquist, Julia, drawer, r. 211 Hazzard.

Hjertquist, Oscar,finisher,r. 211 Hazzard.

Hjertquist, Roy, laborer, r. 211 Hazzard.

Hjertquist, Vernie, laborer, r. 211 Hazzard.

See also Hjartquist.

Hjelmarson, John E., (Hilma P.), driver, h. 141 Superior.

Hjorth, Arthur W., (Amy F. ) — W m. Hjorth & Co., Taylor—h. 410 East 5th.

Efiorth, William, (Clara J.)—William Hjorth & Co., Taylor—h. 409 East 4th.

Hjorth, William & Co.—William and Arthur W. Hjorth and Roland M. Taylor —mfrs. wrenches, pliers, hdw. specialties—Taylor.

Hoadley, Louis, (Lillian), engineer, h. over 122 Stewart.

Hoag, Lowell J., (Lottie), laborer, h. 10 Highland ave.

Hoag, Seneca, (Mary), teamster, h. 710 Washington.

Hoaglund, Guy M., (May), insurance, over 16-18 West 3rd, h. over 304 Main.

Hoard, Charles, laborer, r. 32 Kent.

Hoard, Claud, deliveryman, r. 32 Kent.

Hoard, Frank, (Eliza), laborer, h. over 32 Kent.

Hoard, John L., (Mary A.), ins. agt., rms. 3-5 Gokey bldg., h. 411 Lafayette.

Hoard, Laura, bookkeeper, 298 East 2d, r. Warren, outside city limits.


Besure^'Mgahntdtloeu'yyour C l o t h i n g at P R O U D F I T S 226 J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY.

Hoard, Lorenzo B., (Mary S.), driver, r. 211 Broadhead ave.

Hoard, William M., (Lydia B.), blacksmith, 40 Institute, h. 43 Harrison.

Hobart, Jerome M., (Gertrude), organizer Golden Seal, h. 50 Hazzard.

Hockett, Fred M.,finisher,r. 17 Derby.

Hockett, Grace F., sorter, r. 17 Derby.

Hockett, L. Era, (Clara), commercial traveler, h. 17 Derby.

Hockmuth, Julius, (Agnes), h. over 34 Willard.

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