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Hockinson, Stina, domestic, 9 Prospect.

Hodges, Bernice E., r. 230 Crossman.

Hodges, Fred E., (Flora Belle), commercial traveler, h. 230 Crossman.

Hodges', William D., (Minnie B.), carpenter, h. S03 Ashville ave.

Hodgkins, George M., ( E m m a J.), commercial traveler, 20 Winsor, h. 17 Fulton.

Hodgson, Edith, clerk, 2-8 East 2d, r. 211 Allen.

Hodgson, Eliza J., graduate nurse, r. 211 Allen.

Hodgson, Hannah, widow Julius, h. 211 Allen.

Hotter, William M,. (Fanny R.), retired, h. 303 West 3rd.

Hofgren, Ludwig August, (Lydia Estella), h. 154 Barrows.

Hofgren, Matilda, widow Nels P., weaver, h. 29 Wescott.

Hogan, Daniel, (Mary), watchman, Erie Ry. crossing, at Foote ave., h. 106 Foote ave.

Hogan, Mary, weaver, r. 48 Foote ave.

Hogan, Mary A., dressmaker, r. 106 Foote ave.

Hogel, Fred, manufacturer of potato chips, bds. 850 Main.

Hoglund, Alice, weaver, rms. 311 West 2d.

Hoglund, Andrew, laborer, bds. 11 Highland ave.

Holberg, Selma, domestic, 312 West 5th.

Holcomb, Morley C, (Anna), h. 65 Tilden ave.

Holcomb, Robert, electrician, r. 101 Cherry.

Holden, Glenn, lineman, bds. 119-121 East 2nd.

Holdridge, Thomas, (Rodelia), grocer, 701 Main, h. 8 West 7th.

Holdridge, Walter L., clerk, 201 Main, rms. 824 Prendergast ave.

Hollenbeck, Delia, widow Daniel, r. 108 Crescent.

Hollenbeck, Iva B., teacher, r. 108 Crescent.

Hollenbeck, Laura, dressmaker, bds. 909 Main.

Hollenbeck, Phillip, r. under 113 Cross.

Holley, Bertha B., milliner, r. 805 Main.

Holley, Charles R., (Georgia J.), electrician, h. S05 Main.

Holley,.lulia, weaver, h. under 205 Allen.

Holley, William T., (Belinda A.), retired, h. 23 Barker.

See also Holly.

Hollings, James, (Louisa), retired, h. 409 Hazeltine ave.

Hollings, John, (Ellen), overlooker, h. 150 Foote ave.

Hollings, John W., laborer, r. 409 Hazeltine ave.

Hollis, J. Hobart, conductor, J. S. Ry„ bds. S20 Ashville ave., beyond city limits (Celoron).

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies.

The Largest and Best Stock of Dry G o o d s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.


Hollister, Walter, (Caroline), h. under 222 East 1st.

Hollister, Edmond W., (Mertie),finisher,63 Taylor, h. 18 Steele.

Hollister, Jay B., (Olive O.), commercial traveler, h. 4 McDannell ave.

Holly, William B., (Laura), commercial traveler, r. 313 Jefferson.

See also Holley.

Holm, August, (Augusta J.), washer, h. 505 Camp (R. F. D. No. 82).

Holm, A. William, (Sigrid J.), cloth inspector, h. 515 Camp.

Holm, Charles, (Hattie), woodworker, h. 242 Crescent.

Holm, Esther E., duffer, r. 505 Camp.

Holm, Eva V., weaver, r. 242 Crescent.

Holm, Hannah, domestic, 332 East 4th.

Holm, Irene, spooler, h. 242 Crescent.

Holm, Lydia, clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 505 Camp, (R. F. D. No. 82).

Holman, Frank H., (Anna), paperhanger, h. 410 Barrett.

Holman, Henry C, (Julia), carpenter, h. 410 Barrett.

Holmberg, Anna, domestic, 621 East 6th.

Holmberg, Axel, plater, r. 20 Crown.

Holmberg, Carl, mill hand, r. 20 Crown.

Holmberg, Elim, (Marina), C. W. Swanson & Co., 4 S. Main, r. 26 Linden ave.

Holmberg, Erick O., (Hulda), mason, h. 2 2 % Bush.

Holmberg, Ferdinand, (Anna), shoemaker, 318 Cherry, h. 20 Crown.

Holmberg, Gust, ( E m m a S.), cabinet maker, Allen St. Ext., h. 710 Foote ave.

Holmberg, Gustaf—C. W. Swanson & Co., 4 Main—h. 710 Foote ave.

Cbarles W. 5wanson. Elfin Holmberg. Gustaf Holmberg.


Craicfcrd SlieeS for Thrifty Men.

^-^ ^"^ 4 MAIN S T R E E T.

Holmberg, John A., (Selma), drayman, h. 250 Bowen.

Holmberg, Mary, widow Gust H., r. 250 Bowen.

Holmberg, Myrtie L., student Business College, r. 710 Foote ave.

Holmberg, Victor, (Louise), laborer, h. 605 English.

Holmes, Albert H., rubber, bds. 280 Willard.

Holmes, Alof C, wood rubber, r. 225 Hazzard.

Holmes, Amel L., laborer, bds. 112 Palmer.

Holmes, Albro C, (Hazel), commercial traveler, r. over 125 Fulton.

Holmes, Anna, weaver, r. 37 Center.

Holmes, Arthur, bds. 280 Willard.

Holmes, Arthur, r. 34 Derby.

Holmes Awning Works—Mathias'C. Holmes, prop—manufacturer of canvas goods, 112-114 East Third.


Headquarters foVcu?nkinfng1fssait"d 33, Proudfit's 228 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Holmes, Benjamin, (Emily), laborer, h. 13 Great Jones.

Holmes, Bertha M., r. 564 East 2d.

Holmes, Carl P. E., (Carrie), foreman, 30-38 Steele, h. over 46 Prospect ave.

Holmes, Catherine L., teacher, r. 825 Prendergast ave.

Holmes, Clara, housekeeper, r. 41 Maple.

Holmes, Earl R., carver, bds. 408 East 5th.

Holmes, Elmer, bell boy, rms. over 21 East 2d.

Holmes, E m m a, charwoman, h. over 18 Willard.

Holmes, Emily, lodging house, 312 Pine, h. do.

Holmes, Emily W., teacher, r. 825 Prendergast ave.

Holmes, Frank, bobbin setter, r. 280 Willard.

Holmes, Fred C, (Anna L.), furniture trimmer, h. 280 Willard.

Holmes, Grace, spinner, r. 37 Center.

Holmes, Herman, (Louise), h. 422 Baker.

Holmes, Hilmer A., (Carrie), upholsterer, h. 422 Baker.

Holmes, Ida L., widow Peter A., h. 225 Hazzard.

Holmes, James, (Susan), barber, h. 34 Derby.

Holmes, James, (Christine), cabinet maker, h. 564 East 2d.

Holmes, John,finisher,r. 225 Hazzard.

Holmes, John, machinist, bds. 143-151 Fairmount ave.

Holmes, John W., (Mable), wool sorter, r. 20 Alpaca.

Holmes, Joseph, (Emma), warp dresser, h. 37 Center.

Holmes, Levi W., (Tirza), retired, r. 12 Cook ave.

Holmes, Lewis, laborer, r. 422 Baker.

Holmes, Martin, cabinet maker, r. 225 Hazzard.

Holmes, Mary P., r. 825 Prendergast ave.

Holmes, Mathias C, (Maggie R.), propr. Holmes Awning Works, 112-114 East Third, h. 18 East Ninth.

Holmes, Oscar J, (Sophia), laborer, h. 109 Cross.


Holmes, Otto, pad maker, r. 422 Baker.

Holmes, Rudolph O., metal worker, r. 422 Baker.

Holmes, Stafford, (Mary), bartender, h. 310 Pine.

Holmes, Walter A., (Selma), tool maker, r. 72 Jones.

Holmes, William A., (Nettie M.),finisher,r. 227 Hazzard.

Holmquist, Augusta, widow Jarein, r. 293 Crescent Holmquist, Carl A. F„ (Charlotte H.), photographer, over 212 & 214 East Second, r. do.





Also Photo Jewelry and Frames Home Phone 893 OI„ _, _ _ „, _____ 212-214 E. Seeond Street Holmquist, Claus W., retired, h. 56 Chapin.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

Always b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 229 Holmquist, John A., (Linda),finisher,h. 308 Barrett. Holmquist, Oscar, veneerer, bds. 105 Wescott.

Holstrom, Vener, (Matilda), carpenter, h. over 10 Eagle.

Holroyd, Fred, (Jannett), mill hand, h. 1210 East 2d.

Holt, Bertha E., r. 3 8 % Foote ave.

Holt, Charles F., packer, bds. 254 Willard.

Holt, Frank G., packer, r. 3 8 % Foote ave.

Holt, Gayle E., clerk, 218-220 Main, r. 116 Cross.

Holt! George M., (Jessie E.), gardener, h. right and north side Woodworth ave. (Celoron).

Holt, G. Henry, (Antoinette), painter, h. 3 8 % Foote ave.

Holt, Loyal, student, r. 116 Cross.

Holt, Miller C, (Mary M.), butcher, h. 116 Cross.

Holt, Walter J., (Mildred),finisher,7 Ashville ave., h. Hotchkiss.

Holthouse, Grace, weaver, bds. 336 Allen.

H o m e Relief Society, 605 Ashville ave.

Home Telephone Co., John H. Wright, general mgr., 210 Pine.

Homer, Ben R., (Emma), dyer, h. 4 Palmer.

Homer, Glenn R., (Mary M.), deliveryman, h. over 33 Marvin.

Homer, Mabel, r. 707 Baker.

Homer, Smith F., (Ida F.), farmer, h. 707 Baker.

Honere, Herman,finisher,bds. 217 Willard.

Honneysett, James F., r. over 14 Ashville ave.

Hook-Hardey Co.—C. M. Brown, gen'l mgr.—over 29 Main.

Hooker, Cenath A., Mrs., h. 926 East 2d.

Hooker, Hull M., (Annie), men's furnishings and tailor, 108 East 3rd, h. 112 Broadhead ave.

Hooker, Lena, cashier, 113 East 3rd, r. Falconer, N. Y.

Hoon, Frank R., (Mary A.), clerk, 325 Chandler, r. over 203 East 2d.

Hooper, Albro H., (Clara), drug clerk, 9 South Main, h. 922 Main.

Hooper, Matthew S., farmer, h. 922 Main.

Hooper, Sarah M., Mrs., r. 211 West 6th.

Hope, George, (Selma), bartender, 5-9 Harrison, h. over 135 Allen.

Hope, Maud, operator, 210 Pine, r. 135 Allen.

Hopkins, Edward T., (Elizabeth M.), brakeman, J. C. & L. E. R. R., h. 500 West 7th.

Hopkins, Frank, laborer, bds. 32 Whitley.

Hopkins, Gorman, deliveryman, 1 East Sixth, r. 11 do.

Hopkins, Helen E., widow Kirk W., h. 11 East 6th.

Hopkins, Theodore, (Elizabeth)—Pennock & Hopkins, 1 East 6th—h. 103 do.

Hopkinson, Eve, r. 36 Center.

Hopkinson, Sam, (Sarah J.), warper, bds. 314 Allen.

Hopson, Phoebe, widow Eugene B., h. 32 Whitley ave.

Horan, Timothy, helper, bds. 115 Hall- ave.

Horigan, Joseph M., gold miner, rms. 405 West 3rd.

Horr, Ebenezer, (Blanche), lather, h. 74 Rathbone.




Horrocks, Agnes, Mrs., dressmaker, 8 Cheney, h. do.

Horrocks, Clifton D., clerk, 117 Main, r. 8 Cheney.

Horsfield, Harriet, spooler, r. 127 Barrows.

Horsfield, Kendall, (Sarah), twister, h. 127 Barrows.

Horsfield, Mary, widow David, h. 21 Water.

Horsfield, Sarah, weaver, 35 Water, r. 21 do.

Horth, Clinton I., (Edna), letter carrier, P. O., h. 208 Allen.

Horton, Almon A., Rev., (Victoria L.), pastor of Brooklyn Heights M. E.

church, h. 121 Forest.

Horton Bros.—Walter B. & Charles L.—insurance, 122 East 3rd.

Horton, Charles, woodworker, bds. 31 Hazzard.

Horton, Charles L., (Mary L.)—Horton Bros., 122 East 3rd—h. 612 Main.

Horton, Corabelle, Mrs., h. 4 Metallic ave.

Horton, Edward, laborer, bds. 110 East 3rd.

Horton, E m m a M., widow Derustus, housekeeper, h. over 12 Chandler.

Horton, Fred G., (Bertha)—J. S. Horton & Son, 122 East 3rd—h. over do.

Horton, James S., (Laura G.)—J. S. Horton & Son, 122 East 3rd—h. 55 Broadhead ave.

Horton, Joie, widow Gust, h. 14 Steele.

Horton, J. S. & Son—James S. and Fred G. Horton—paints and glass, 122 East 3rd.

Horton, Millie, r. 4 Metallic ave.

Horton, Walter, (Fern), clerk, 8 East 2d, h. over 128 do.

Horton, Walter B., (May P.)—Horton Bros., 122 E. 3rd—h. 21 Fairmount ave.

Hosford, Anna, Mrs., r. 20 East 2d.

Hosford, James A., (Anna), teamster, h. 603 Lafayette.

Hotchkiss, Alonzo S., (Ella M.), real estate agt., h. 105 Marvin.

Hotchkiss, Edward W., (Laura S.), Second Hand Store, 6 Main, h. 5 Rowley Place.

Hotchkiss, Emerson H., real estate, h. 841 Main.

Hotchkiss, George N., (Mattie), milk peddler, h. 213 Park Place.

Hotchkiss, Henry A., (Nellie), prop. Lake House, 635 West 8th, h. do.

Hotchkiss, Louisa, widow Jeremiah, r. 1111 East 2d.

Hotchkiss, Lynn H., laborer, bds. Ill Hopkins ave.

Hotchkiss, Mary G., r. 841 Main.

Hotchkiss, Maurice D., (Clara E.), carriage painter, h. 612 Monroe.

Hotchkiss, Walter W., (Mary), eye, ear and throat specialist, rooms 3-4 Allen Square building, h. 195 Forest ave.

Hotel Ellicott—Richard J. O'Donnell, prop.—14-20 West 1st.

Hotel Everett—Oliver C. Wallace, prop.—9-13 West 1st.

Houck, John F., clerk, 11 East 2d, bds. over 14 East 3rd.

Houghtaling, Edwin J., (Carrie), mason, h. Fluvanna ave.

Houghtaling, James, (Marie), bricklayer, rms. 97-98 Allen Square bldg.

House, Harry H., (Nettie B.), rooming house, 311 Pine.

Houser, E m m a, weaver, rms. 14 Warner blk., 9-21 Main.

Houser, James W., (Helena), cabinet maker, h. 74 Hazzard.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Roofing a n d Building Papers.

Cloaks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery. T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 231 Houser, Oren, finisher, r. 74 Hazzard.

Houstedt, Frank, (Hilda), metal worker, J. & G. ave., h. 3 Orchard.

Houston, Esther H., r. 44 Lake View ave.

Houston, Harry P., college student, r. 44 Lake View ave.

Houston, Preston C, (Auzella), real estate, h. 44 Lake View ave.

Hovey, Charles E., (Etta), jeweler, h. 145 Warren.

Howard, Agnes, r. 219 Spring.

Howard, Alta, picker, r. 930 Main.

Howard, Arthur C, (Mae), painter, h. 613 Monroe.

Howard, Belle, millinery, 101 South Main, rms. 200 Allen.

Howard, Benjamin, finisher, h. 415 Foote ave.

Howard, Lucia A., widow Charles T., millinery, 101 Cherry, h. do.

Mrs. C. T. Howard Discriminating W o m e n appreciate the Elegance and Refinement of my Millinery.

Each Season's Novelties Displayed in Advance.

Reliable Millinery, Moderately Priced.

101 Cherry Street.

Howard, Elizabeth, widow James, h. 632 East 6th.

Howard, Elizabeth C, student, r. 101 Cherry.

Howard, Elmer E., (Huldah), loomfixer, h. 163 Chandler.

Howard, Ernest L., (Lillian), clerk, h. 210 Crosby.

Howard, Franc, widow Joseph, clerk, 202 Main, h. over 219 Spring.

Howard, George H., (Rosalind), prop. Sheldon Hall on Chautauqua, h. 60 Marvin.

Howard, George W., (Matilda S.), laborer, h. 163 Chandler.

Howard, Hannah, spinner, r. 632 East 6th.

Howard, Hattie, r. 109 Forest ave.

Howard, Jennie I., stenographer', 113 East 3rd, r. 231 Crescent.

Howard, J. Henry, carpenter, h. 231 Crescent.

Howard, John L., (Elizabeth S.), freight clerk, 325 Chandler, h. over 16 Maple.

Howard, John W., comber, r. 632 East 6th.

Howard, Lucina, widow Mason, milliner, 101 South Main, rms. 200 Allen.

Howard, Mary A., widow George D., h. 415 Foote ave.

Howard, Mary E., r. 231 Crescent.

Howard, Mathew W., messenger boy, r. 415 Foote ave.

Howard, N. A., Mrs., bds. 613 Monroe.

Howard, Robert J., operative, r. 632 East 6th.

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