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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Howard, William H., (Jeanette M.), commercial traveler, h. over 413 W. 3rd.

Howard, Walter P., (Alice M.), bookkeeper, 101 Harrison, bds. 231 Crescent.

Howe, Burton S., (Alice M.), stone mason, h. 1035 Main.

Howe, Carrie, teacher, r. 221 Kent.

CLEAN COAL. L F. SHEDD. Both Phones Jaeger's H e a l t h U n d e r w e a r at PROUDFIT'S 232 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Howe, Clarence B., (Alice)—C. B. Howe Co., 100-102 Main—h. 860 do.

Howe, C. B. Co.—C. B. Howe, president; C. L. Gamble, treas.; Gust Segerstrom, sec.—clothing, men's furnishings, custom tailoring, 100-102 Main.

Howe, Lynn E., (Bertha L.), plumber, h. 1035 Main.

Howe, Oren, (Roa), mechanic, 56 Blackstone ave., h. 221 Kent.

Howe, Ray, r. 221 Kent.

Howe, William J, (Carrie), boarding house, 45 Harrison, h. do.


Howes, James E., (Mary), woodworker, h. 131 Crescent.

Howland, Sarah, widow Charles H., r. 15 Newland ave.

Howley, William, motorman, bds. 105 West 2nd.

Howson, Ava, operative, r. 12 Waterman.

Howson, Gladis I., twister, r. 12 Waterman.

Howson, William, (Rosa), painter and paperhanger, h. 12 Waterman.

Hoyle, Benjamin, clothfinisher,bds. over 10 King.

Hoyt, Margarette, Mrs., weaver, h. 34 Victoria ave.

Hoyt Flats, 307-315 West 3rd.

Hoyt, Peter H., (Jennie E.), contractor, h. 307 West 3rd.

Hoyt, Rupert, packer, bds. 63 Steele.

Hoyt, Sidney B., (Agnes), commercial traveler, h. 101 West 5th.

Hoyt, Sidney M., student, r. 101 West 5th.

Hub, (The), Wiltsie & Co., props, saloon and pool, 8 West 3rd.

Hubarker,, Fred W., bds. 14 South Main.

Hubbard, Clarence B., (Bertha E.), dry kiln worker, h. 301 Forest.

Hubbard, Jay W., (Mayme), motorman, h. 27 (A) Kent block.

Hubbard, Marshall M., (Mary L.), picker, h. 13 Ross.

Huckleberry, Benjamin F., (Etta), woodworker, h. 218 Weeks.

Hudson, Betsy, widow John, r. 14 Beulah place.

Hudson, Charles, (Bertha), warper, h. 5 Franklin.

Huey, Nina, dressmaker, h. room 1, Smith block, over 9 South Main.

Huey, Pearl, laundress, 21 Steele, r. room 6 over 9 South Main.

See also Hewey.

Hughes, James A., (Mary), mgr. 8 West 3rd, h. 601 Main.

Hulburt, Dwight, (Jane), carpenter, h. 27 Outlet.

Hulquist, Andrew J, (Louise), packer, h. 4 Morse ave.


Hulquist & Benson—Henry Hulquist and Edward Benson—grocers 358 Willard.

Hulquist^, Edith A. V., spinner, r. 244 Barrows.

Hulquist, Eliza, widow Gust, h. 356 Willard.

Hulquist, Fred, (Mary), laborer, h. 114 Crown.

Hulquist, Grace E., r. 37 Mechanic.

Hulquist, Gust, (Hilda), dyer, h. 19 Newland ave.

Hulquist, Henry, (Jennie)—Hulquist & Benson, 358 Willard—h. do.

–  –  –

Hulquist, Mertie E., r. 37 Mechanic.

Hulquist, Raymond G., student, r. 37 Mechanic.

Hulquist & Mericle—John A. Hulquist and Jay P. Mericle—insurance, room 12 Gokey building, 20 West 3rd.

See also Hultquist.

Hult, Albert, woodworker, bds. 503 Warren.

Hult, Arvid, trimmer, r. 9 Hanley.

Hult, August, (Anna C ), watchman, h. 9 Hanley.

Hult, Augusta, mill hand, r. 9 Hanley.

Hult, Edward V., mill hand, r. 9 Hanley.

Hult, Fred, laborer, r. 9 Hanley.

Hult, Gust, (Mary),.laborer, J. S. Ry., h. 10 Eagle.

Hult, John A., (Ellen), house painter, h. 36 Pearl ave.

Hult, John, laborer, r. 9 Hanley.

Hult, Julia M., spinner, r. 36 Pearl ave.

Hult, Oscar, metal worker, bds. 63 Hazzard.

Hult, Sadie A., duffer, r. 36 Pearl ave.

Hult, Sophia, widow Gust Anderson, r. 113 Crescent.

Hult, Warner, laborer, r. 63 Hazzard.

Hultberg, Adolph F., (Hattie), metal worker, h. 254 Willard.

Hultberg, Amel, (Jennie C ), clerk, h. 219 Allen.

Hultberg, Amelia V., duffer, r. 293 Crescent.

Hultberg, August, (Minnie), laborer, 24 Steele, h. 293 Crescent.

Hultberg, Charles L., (Gertrude), operative, h. 816 Newland ave.

Hultberg, Charles, (Matilda), painter, h. over 19 Alpaca.

Hultberg, Hanna, widow Charles, h. 410 Allen.

Hultberg, Hannah, r. over 223 Steele.

Hultberg, John A., (Matilda), boss cabinet maker, h. Linwood ave.

Hultgren, Agatha, r. 13 Union ave.

Hultgren, Anna, widow Carl O., h. 13 Union ave.

Hultgren, Carl, (Hulda), polisher, h. 315 Barrett.

Hultgren, Carl O., designer, h. 13 Union ave.

Hultgren, Flavie, domestic, r. 13 Union ave.

Hultgren, Henry, (Matilda), woodfinisher,h. 346 Bowen.

Hultgren, Luther, (Albertine),finisher,h. 449 Warren.

The Best C e m e n t a t L. F. S H E D D ' S.

L^dvlryfo"r Fine C u s t o m C l o t h i n g at Proudfit's 234 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Hultin, Fred J., (Alma J.), painter, h. 49 Peterson.

Hultin, Lawrence R., clerk, 200 Main, r. 49 Peterson.

Hultman, Anna, weaver, bds. 27 Kinney.

Hultman, Axel, tailor, r. 300 Barrett.

Hultman, Charles (Hulda),finisher,h. 75 Jones ave.

Hultman, Charles, cabinet maker, bds. 27 Kinney.

Hultquist, Anna, weaver, bds. 25 Steele.

Hultquist, Carl, laborer, bds. 136 Sampson.

Hultquist, Charles J., (Tealinda), Racket store, 32 Willard, h. over do.

Hultquist, Clarence J., r. 4 Morse ave.

Hultquist, Clarence A., (M. Charlotte), crockery and notions, 18 East 3rd, h.

839 Prendergast ave.

Hultquist, Corinne A. F., spinner, r. 244 Barrows.

Hultquist, Edith, r. 244 Barrows.

Hultquist, E m m a, weaver, bds. 25 Steele.

Hultquist, Ernest H., (Jennie M.), R. F. D. mail carrier, h. 15 Wilson ave.

Hultquist, Fred, (Mary), mill hand, h. 114 Crown.

Hultquist, Herman, (Allene), carpenter, h. over 128 Park.

Hultquist, Johanna, widow Charles, r. 332 Palmer.

Hultquist, Oliver, dyer, r. 19 Newland ave.

Hultquist, Peter E., (Christine), laborer, h. over 775 East 2d.

Hultquist, Swan G., (Ida C ), polisher, h. 244 Barrows.

Hultquist, Victor J., printer, r. 32 Willard.

See also Hulquist.

Humbert, Madeline, student, r. 630 Lake View ave.

Humphrey, Elizabeth, widow John, telephone operative, 113 East 3rd, r. 786 East 2d.

Humphrey House—J. W. Humphrey, prop.—13-23 South Main.

Humphrey, J. William, (Mary), prop. Humphrey House, 13-23 S. Main, h. do.

Humphrey, Rolland H., (Euphemia V.), metal roofer, 298 E. 2d, h. 222 do.

Hundquist, Amel, painter, r. 15 Lake.

Hunt, Charles, r. 269 Hallock.

Hunt, Charles, (Lizzie), painter, h. 112 Hazzard.

Hunt, Charles A., (Ada L.), foreman, h. 147 Cook ave.

Hunt, Cornelius, (Clairinda, paperhanger, r. 23 Allen.

Hunt, David C, painter, h. 269 Hallock.

Hunt, Dora, widow Elvin, h. 506 Palmer.

Hunt, Eliza, widow Freeman J., h. 312 Allen.

Hunt, Eveline, r. 100 Lakin.

Hunt, Emily C, stenographer, 101 Harrison, bds. 304 Winsor. ' Hunt, Frank, (Charlotte B.), veterinary surgeon, 409 Cherry, h. do.

Hunt, Fred C, (Flora B.), R. F. D. mail carrier, r. 100 Lakin.

Hunt, Glenn, (Jennie), laborer, h. 70 Norton ave.

Hunt, Grant A., (Lena M.), coachman, h. 805 Main.

Hunt, Herbert L., (S. Annetta), attorney-at-law, rooms 25-26 Wellman bldg., over 101 West 3rd, h. 511 West 4th.

CLARK H A R D W A R E CO. Builders' Hardware.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.


Hunt, John, (Florence), mill hand, bds. 18 Steele.

Hunt, Marie, seamstress, r. 345 Foote ave.

Hunt, Roy P., (May), painter, r. 112 Hazzard.

Hunt, Whitman P., teamster, 24 Steele, h. 931 Newland ave.

Hunt, William, (Alice), coachman, h. over 223 East 1st.,?

Hunt, William C, (Gertrude M.), polisher, h. 23 Barrows.

Huntington, Alfred, (Lena W. ), machinist, Celoron road, h. Outlet.

Huntington, Brook, (Eliza), warp dresser, h. 44 Foote ave.

Huntington, Ephraim S., machinist, r. 44 Foote ave.

Huntington, Jane, widow Henry, h. 26 Taylor.

Huntington, John, (Agnes), teamster, h. 14 Fluvanna ave.

Huntington, John, (Harriet), warpdresser, h. 844 Lafayette.

Huntington, John Wm., picker, r. 26 Taylor.

Huntington, Susie, drawer, r. 26 Taylor.

Huntington, Talbot, (Lydia G.), motorman, J. S. Ry., h. 44 Taylor.

Huntington, William, machinist, r. 844 Lafayette.

Huntville Lumber Co., room 57 Fenton bldg., 2-6 East 2d.

Hurlbert, George F., (S. Louise), prop. The N e w Sherman, 13-23 West 3rd, h. do.

Hurlbert-Sherman Hotel Co.—President, G. F. Hurlbert; sec. and treas., Patrick J. Moynihan—13-23 West 3rd.

Hurlbert, Lamar, r. 13-23 West 3rd.

Hurlburt, Frank, (Anna J.), paperhanger, h. 32 Ashville ave.

Hurley, Edward M., (Margaret H.),finisher,7 Ashville ave., h. 808 Jefferson.

.Hurling, Mary, dressmaker, bds. 204 Allen.

Husband, Arthur, (Myrtle), painter, h. 27 (D) Forest ave.

Husband, John B., (Octovene), bookkeeper, h. 16 Cook ave.

Husband, J. Stewart, photographic printer, r. 16 Cook ave.

Husband, Mabel, telephone operator, 113 East 3rd, rms. 112 West 7th.

Husted, Clarence, paperhanger, rms. over 53 Harrison.

Hustin, William, cook, 13-23 West 3rd, r. do.

Hutchinson, Harry H., r. 409 West 3rd.

Hutchinson, Charles W., (Minnie), bookkeeper, h. 102 West 7th.

Hutchinson, J. Lyman, oculist and aurist, over 211 Main, r. 409 West 3rd.

Hutley, Arthur, wool sorter, r. 5 Elk.

Hutley, Ann, h. 314 Allen.

Hutley, Charles T., (Emma), pinsetter, h. over 10 King.

Hutley, James, (Jennie), loomfixer, h. 5 Elk.

Hutley, John W., (Annie), mgr. Co-operative Supply Co., 216 East 2d, h. 9 King.

Hutley, Nellie, mender, r. 5 Elk.

Hutley, Ruth E., weaver, r. 314 Allen.

Hutt, Charles L., (E. Blanche), motorman, h. 35 Dickerson.

Hyde, Fred M., (Maude), varnisher, h. 57 Marvin.

Hyde, Frederick W., (Carrie J.), cashier Chautauqua County Trust Co., 201 Main, h. 334 East 5th.

F O R C E M E N T A N D T I L I N G C A L L L. F. S H E D D.

Children's Suits $ 1. 5 0 to $ 8 at PROUDF1TS 236 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

–  –  –

Ickeringill, Ada, dterk, 10-16 Ellicott bldg., r. 329 Lincoln.

Ickeringill, Harold, dyer, r. 329 Lincoln.

Ickeringill, Sarah E., widow John W., h. 329 Lincoln.

Ideal Laundry—Carl G. Swanson, John A. Jackson—20 Forest ave.

–  –  –

Illig, Joseph, (Christine), commercial traveler, h. 810 Cherry.

Illig, Peter, (Lena), bottler, 104 East 2d, h. 48 West 9th.

Illingworth, Fred, (Emma), loomfixer, h. 406 Warren.

Illingworth, John, weaver, h. 225 Broadhead ave.

Illston, Bergen F., (Grace S.), coroner and physician, over 107 East 2d, h. do.

Immel, David W., (Marie K.), supt. City Water dept., rms. 11-14 City hall, h.

607 Pine.

Immanuel Lutheran Church, 550 East 2d, Rev. A. M. Benander, pastor.

Imus, Charles M., mining solicitor, r.645 Falconer.

Imus, Clarence A., (Lulu), h. 109 Cowing.

Imus, Frank A., (Ellen A.), engineer, 710 East 2d, h. 645 Falconer.

Imus, Frank A., Jr., r. 645 Falconer.

Inch, Elijah, (Julia), deliveryman, r. over 219 Spring.

Inch, Thomas, mill hand, r. over 219 Spring.

Independent Congregational Church (Unitarian), junction 2d and Chandler.

Rev. Walter A. Taylor, pastor.

Indiana Lumber Co.—W. F. Bradley, mgr.—hardwood lumber, 105 Winsor.

Ingalls, Herman, (Caroline), motorman, h. over 11 Victoria.

Ingerson Bros.—George H. and Norman W.—grocers, 20 East 3rd.

Ingerson, Cornelia, Mrs., h. 106 Lincoln.

Ingerson, George H., (Kate E.)—Ingerson Bros., 20 East 3rd—h. 10 Crosby.

Ingerson, Norman W., (Stella)—Ingerson Bros., 20 East 3rd—h. 214 Lincoln.

Ingham, James, (Gertrude), supt. Chaut. Worsted Mills, Falconer, h. 348 Foote ave.

Ingham, John, (Emma), h. 43 College.

Ingham, Nathan, (Sarah), laborer, h. 136 Foote ave.

Ingham, Wilfred, (Clara), spinning foreman, h. 18 Waterman.

Ingwall, Knut, tailor, h. 107 Hazzard.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Furnaces The B s Goods at the Lowest Prices.

et T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.




101 E A S T T H I R D S T R E E T Agents for Old Reliable Companies International Correspondence School, (The), F. W. Tresham, resident mgr., over 10 West 3rd.

Ipson, Andrew, (Anna), laborer, 43 Charles.

Ipson, Andrew, foreman, 30 Steele, r. 605 West 7th.

Ipson, Charles, (Sophia E.)—H. P. Robertson Co., 30-38 Steele—h. 601 W. 7th.

Ipson, Henry, (Julia A.), cigars and tobacco, 126 East 2d, h. 17 West 7th.

Ipson, John H., (Gunilla G.), sec'y H. P. Robertson Co., 30 Steele, r. 601 West 7th.

Ipson, May Bell, r. 601 West 7th.

Ipson, Peter, (Hansine), night watchman, 30 Steele, r. 869 Spring.

Ipson, Rose, r. 869 Spring.

Iroquois Hotel—Owens & Tousley, props.—4-6 Main.

Irwin, Edward, (Harriet), stone cutter, h. over 17 Weeks.

Irwin, Fred, r. 17 Weeks.

Irwin, Harry, operative, r. 159 Warren.

Irwin, James, (Mary), spinning boss, h. 159 Warren.

Irwin, James E., weaver, r. 159 Warren.

Irwin, Mary, student, r. 159 Warren.

Irwin, Walter, (Margaret), machine hand, h. 6 Metallic ave.

See also Erwin.

Isaacson, Carrie H., widow Emil Frank, operative, r. 36 Cross.

Isaacson, Hans E., (Olive), missionary, h. 800 East 2d.

Isaacson, Marie C, r. 51 Tower.

Isaacson, William O., (Hulda W. ), machinist, h. 210 Colfax.

Isbell, Joseph H., (Margaret), boiler maker, h. 505 Clinton.

Isbell, Mary H „ clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 505 Clinton.

Iverson, James—Proudfit Clothing Co., 206 Main—r. 516 East 2d.


Jackman, Byron E., (Sara E.), carpenter, h. 148 Foote ave.

Jackson, Archie A., (Margaret), postal clerk, R. R. h. 338 Allen.

Jackson, Bessie, teacher, r. 613 Spring.

Jackson, Charles, (Amelia), laborer, h. over 3 East Newland.

Jackson, Charles E., bookkeeper, r. 315 West 3rd.

Cedar Shingles, Lath a n d Plaster-L. F. S H E D D.


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