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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Jackson, Charles R., (Agnes), district manager, People's Mutual Life Association, 1 Main, h. 230 Crosby.

Jackson, Charles W „ (Edith P.), foreman, h. 10 Hall ave.

Jackson, Chauncey, (Malinda),fireman,h. 660 West 7th.

Jackson, Clyde W., (Mary L.), commercial traveler, h. 613 Spring.

Jackson, D o w M., (Cora B.), clerk, 13 East 3rd, h. 636 East 6th.

Jackson, E. H., farmer, bds. 105 West 2d.

Jackson, J. Henry, (Mary J.), hotel keeper, h. 315 West 3rd.

Jackson, John A., (Anna), Ideal laundry, 18 Forest ave., h. over do.

Jackson, Joseph, woodcarver, bds. 25 Allen.

Jackson, Lucy, r. 315 West 3rd.

Jackson, Martin F., reader Science church, bds. 116 East 4th.

Jackson, Minnie, Mrs., cook, rms. over 6 East 3rd.

Jackson, Olive, bds. Wellman ave., (Celoron).

Jackson, Rose, domestic, r. 409 Lake View ave.

Jackguist, Vern, laborer, bds. 38 Sampson.

Jacobs, Eliza, h. over 210 Crosby.

Jacobs, Helen, widow A. Deloss, dressmaker, r. 634 Falconer.

Jacobs, John, (Caroline), retired, h. 6 Williams.

Jacobsen, Marcus P., (Sophia C ), carriage maker, 6 American alley, h. 2 Crosby.

Jacobsen, Martha E., principal No. 3, r. 2 Crosby.

Jacobson, Amel, (Carrie), laborer, h. 119% Warren.

Jacobson, Elmer, band sawyer, r. 106 West 8th.

Jacobson, E m m a, r. 9 Elk.

Jacobson, E m m a, widow John, h. 6 River.

Jacobson, Frank, carder, r. over 6 River.

Jacobson, Frank, (Jennie), machine hand, h. over 227 Barrows.

Jacobson, Floyd, reporter, 17 Steele, r. 106 West 8th.

Jacobson, George, (Selma), foreman,h. 502 Newland ave.

Jacobson, Gust E., shoemaker, bds. 51 Prospect ave.

Jacobson, Henry, cabinet maker, r. over 6 River.

Jacobson, Jacob F., (Augusta A.), carpenter, h. 228 Forest ave.

Jacobson, J. Alvin, (Anna), cigars and tobacco, 1 South Main, h. 614 Newland ave.

Jacobson, Joseph,,finisher,h. 3 Briggs.

Jacobson, Julia, r. 9 Elk.

Jacobson, Louis, lineman, r. 9 Elk.

Jacobson, Nels M., (Josephine), laborer, h. 9 Elk.

Jacobson, Oscar T., (Carrie), machinist, h. 106 West 8th.

Jacobson, Ruby, textile worker, r. 502 Newland ave.

Jaderstrom, Axel, machinist, r. 9 Tew.

Jaderstrom, Charles, h. 9 Tew.

Jaderstrom, Hildegarde, r. 9 Tew.

Jaderstrom, John E., (Cora), woodcarver, h. 108 Williams.

Jaderstrom, Jonas, (Louisa), shoemaker, 1 Taylor, h. 9 Tew.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

The Best G o o d s at the Lowest P r i c e s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.


Jagger, Louis C, (Mary N.), Morgan Mfg. Co., 7 Ashville ave., h. 30 Lake View ave.

James, Albert,fireman,r. 41 Flagg ave.

James, Henry, r. over 7 South Main.

James, John, (Myrtie), laborer, h. 16 Sampson.

James, Riley, laborer, bds. 953 East 2d.

James, Rose, domestic, r. 10 Steele.

Jamestown Art Carving Works, Albert Nelson, prop., 44-48 Steele.

Jamestown Bakery—National Biscuit Co., George W. Stickler, local mgr.— 217 Spring.

Jamestown Bill Posting Co., James J. Waters, mgr., Opera House block.

Jamestown Boiler Works—John G. O'Brien, propr.—mfrs. boilers, stills and tanks, 602 West 7th.

Jamestown Book Bindery and foreign ticket agency—M. Merz & Son., props.

—over 202 Main.

Jamestown Bottling Co.—Samuel T.' Borts, propr.—12 West 1st.

Jamestown Brewing Co., P. Fred Simon, president, 620 West 8th.

Jamestown Business College, Prof. H. E. V. Porter, president, rms. 24-30 Gokey bldg., over 18 West 3rd.

Jamestown Cash and Credit Store—Walter Heathcoat, prop.—101 East 2d.

Jamestown, Chautauqua & Lake Erie Railway Co., passenger station 706.

West 8th, freight station 70-80 Steele. Frank L. Chase, president; H.

T. Mentzer, general freight and passenger agent.

Jamestown Cigar Co.—John F. Gustafson, president and treasurer; E. W.

Carlson, vice pres.; A. F. S. Carlson, sec.—130 Foote ave.

Jamestown Club—Cyrus E. Jones, president; George V. Blackstone, secretary, 413 Main.

Jamestown Cold Storage Co., Harry Wilson, propr., 5 Taylor.

Jamestown Commercial gallery, Jay Pickard, propr., commercial photographs, 320 Harrison.

Jamestown Co-operative Cabinet Co., office 27 Taylor.

Jamestown Co-operative Supply Co., John W. Hutley, mgr., groceries, 216 East 2d.

Jamestown Cotton Mill, T. H. Smith, propr., mfrs. warps and battings, 58 Center.

Jamestown Dairy Board of Trade, C. N. Taylor, president, Hotel Ellicott, West 1st.

Jamestown Electric Co.—E. P. Bailey, H. P. Loring—109 East 3rd.

Jamestown Fishing and Hunting Club—Pres., Dr. E. M. Scofieid; secy., Frank S. Wheeler.

Jamestown Furniture Co., F. M. Curtis, Pres., mfrs. parlor tables, 716-718 East Second.

Jamestown Gun Club, A. H. Greenlund, president; Dr. C. H. Rawson's office, Allen Square bldg.

Jamestown Hide and Tallow Co., under 12 Forest ave.

Jamestown High School and Campus, East 2d.

Building Supplies of all kinds. L. F- SHEDD.


Jamestown Hollow Cement Stone Co.—S. B. Vandervoort, pres.; W. B.

Griggs, vice pres.; W. E. Griggs, sec. and treas.—McKinley ave., near J. & G. ave.

Jamestown Iron Works Co., 11 Shearman Place—Chas. M. Nichols, Shirley S. Taylor, Louis S. Apgar, Emil Froding, Oscar Peterson, props.

Jamestown Land and Development Co., (Inc.)—Theodore Cobb, pres., Everett D. Johnson, sec; C. M. Johnson, treas.—over 101 East 3rd.

Jamestown Laundry, H. J. LeBoeuf, Alex Salander, props., 212 East 2d.

Jamestown Lighting & Power Co.—Frank W. Stevens, pres.—room 6 Ellicott bldg.; works 9-11 Race, F. W. Bullock, supt.

Jamestown Lounge Co., (Inc.)—T. D. Hanchett, president; A. H. Greenlund, vice pres.; L. F. Cornell, sec. and treas.—lounges and couches, 38 to 46 Winsor.

Jamestown Lumber Co.—J. W. Collopy, R. P. Adams—hard wood lumber, 5 Ellicott bldg., 106 East 3rd.

Jamestown Mfg. Co., mfrs. special woodworking machinery, 105 Winsor.

Jamestown Mirror Works—Edgar O. Jones, pres.; Dewitt Alsdorf, vice pres.;

Victor M. Thompson, sec. and treas.; Thomas Horan, supt.—316 Cherry.

Jamestown Oil Co., C. G. Wooley, mgr., 34 Institute.

Jamestown Panel & Veneer Co.—George Noble, pres.; George A. Baker, sec;

Clayton D. Pratt, treas.—50 Steele.

Jamestown Pharmacy—Glenn P. Phillips, Harold LeF. Brown—8 East 2d.




Toiler Articles BoHl phones 209 Fine Stationery Prescription Work a Specialty 8 EAST SECOND STKEET Jamestown Prohibition Alliance, John G. Tuxford, president, committee room of Y. M. C. A., Cor. East 2d and Prendergast ave.

Jamestown Pure Milk Co.—A. C. Wade, pres.; A. N. Broadhead, vice pres.;

A. M. Cheney, treas; Elmer Gifford, secy.; B. M. Willsie, mgr.—202 West 4th.

Jamestown Razor Co.—Clarence D. Albro, Ethel C. Albro, Lakewood, and Hubert M. Newton—mfrs. razors and strops, grinders and cutlery, barber supplies, 20 West 3rd.

Jamestown Realty Co., Rev. Julius Lincoln, pres., Swetland & Anderson's office, cor. Main and 3rd.

Jamestown Roofing Co.—William G. and Clayton J. Peckham—roofing and building materials, 120 East 3rd.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies.

Always b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. 5 h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 241 Jamestown School of Music, J. A. Eckman, propr., over 202 Main.


202 MAIN STREET J. A. E C K M A N, Director Piano, Voice Culture, Harmony, Pipe Organ and Elocution



Jamestown Shale Paving Brick Co., J. B. Fisher, president, 40 Quarry road.

Jamestown Street Railway Co., A. N. Broadhead, president; office and barns West 3rd; power house, West 8th; waiting room, 13 West 3rd.

Jamestown Tile W o r k s — T. C. Metcalf—rear 87 Falconer.

Jamestown Veneer Door C o. — W. G. Dunn, president; J. M. Gardner, vice president; J. H. Frew, treasurer; L. G. Cowing, secretary and general manager—111-119 Cheney.

Jamestown W o o d Turning Works, C. M. Benson, propr., custom turning, 40Steele.

Jamestown Woolen Mills, Hall & Co., mfrs. woolens, 122 Winsor.

Jamestown Worsted Mills, Hall & Co., props., mfrs. dress goods and suitings, 335 Harrison.

Jamison, Charles E., osteopathic physician, rooms 1-2-3 over 201 West 3rd, h. do.

Jangs, Sanna, (Jana), laborer, h. under 3 0 % Institute.

Jarl, Charles O., (Mary), laborer, r. 2 Livingstone ave.

Jarl, Gust, (Hannah), carpenter, h. 206 Charles.

Jarl, Ida, domestic, r. 609 Lake View ave.

See also Jharl.

Jay, Orman, electrician, r. 1409 Falconer.

Jaysane, Anna, operative, r. 30 Jones.

Jaysane, Magnus, (Sophie), tailor, h. 27 Lake.

Jaysane, Olaf, (Emma), shoemaker, h. 36 Jones.

Jefferis, Charles W., (Katherine N.), pastor Holy Trinity English Lutheran church, h. 919 North Main.

Jeffords, Charles L., twister, r. 156 Allen.

Jeffords Hose house, 914 East 2d.

Jeffords, Jennie, widow John V. N., h. 156 Allen.

Jeffords, John V. N., comber, r. 156 Allen.

Jeffords, Mariette F., widow Charles L., r. 897 East 2nd.

Jenkins, Christina, widow James, h. 416 Lafayette.

Jenkins, Sarah, winder, bds. 250 Harrison.

Jenkins, Theron P., (Mary J.), laborer, h. 6 Cowing.

Jenkins, William C, printer, r. 416 Lafayette.

Jenkinson, Katherine, weaver, r. 151 Barrows.

Jenkinson, William, (Sarah), dyer, h. 151 Barrows.




Jenkinson, William, Jr., plumber, r. 151 Barrows.

Jenks, A. Frank, (Florence S.), attorney-at-law, Wellman bldg., 101 W. 3rd, h. 411 East 5th.

Jenks, Lenora B., student, r. 411 East 5th.

Jenner, A m y L., r. 1 Barrett.

Jenner, Atla M., (Kate E.), h. 1 Barrett.

Jenner, Charles A., asst. pressman, 14-16 West 2d, r. 1 Barrett.

Jenner, Charles J., (Inez C ), hats, caps and furnishings, 214 Main, h. 28-29 N e w Gifford blk., South Main.

Jenner, Frank H., (Minta A.), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 32 Ashville ave.

Jenner, George C, (May B.), draughtsman, r. 100 Cook ave.

Jensen, Andrew, (Anna), machinist, 56 Prospect, h. 912 Newland ave.

Jensen, Andrew, (Lena), watchman, h. over 218 Winsor.

Jensen, Bert, plater, r. 322 Steele.

Jensen, Charles, iron worker, r. 909 Newland ave.

Jensen, Charles P., carpenter, h. 127 Hall ave.

Jensen, Christine, maid, r. 710 Lafayette.

Jensen, Dagmar, duffer, r. 909 Newland ave.

Jensen^ Frank, metal worker, bds. 109 Kidder.

Jensen, Fred L., (Freda), laborer, h. 206 McDannell ave.

Jensen, Hugo, (Louise), retired, h. 322 Steele.

Jensen, Jens, (Sophia), cabinet maker, h. 206 McDannell ave.

Jensen, Joseph, upholsterer, 38 Winsor, bds. 172 Allen.

Jensen, Louis, (Jennie C ), sign painter, room 72 Allen Square bldg., h. 21 Myrtle.

Jenson, Valdemar, (Anna), painter, h. 54 West 9th.

Jernberg, Gust, (Anna), laborer, h. over 91 East Buffalo.

Jespersen, Catherine, widow Lars, r. 127 Hall ave.

Jessop, Florence, Mrs., millinery, 49 Harrison.

Jessop, Joe, (Florence), dyer, h. 49 Harrison.

Jewell, Sylvania M., Mrs., r. 6 River.

Jharl, Carl, (Beda), upholsterer, h. over 15 Columbia ave.

See also Jarl.

Johanson, Albertina, domestic, r. 14 Fairmount ave.

Johanson, Emil, machinist, bds. 12 Fairfield ave.

Johanson, Hannah, operative, bds. 12 Victoria ave.

Johanson, Helma, milliner, r. 12 Fairfield ave.

Johanson, Louise, widow August, h. 12 Fairfield ave.

Johnson, Abraham, (Augusta), metal worker, h. over 7 Hedges ave Johnson, Adelia M. T., clerk, 13-15 Main, r. 8 Barrows.

Johnson, Adelbert, (Ella), carpenter, h. 311 Pine.

Johnson, Adolph, painter, bds. 26 Bush.

Johnson, Adolph, (Alma), cabinet maker, h. over 516 Newland ave.

Johnson, Adolph, (Anna), steel worker, h. 30 Peach.

Johnson, Agnes, maid, 12 Lake View ave.

Johnson, Albert, (Lillian), metal worker, h. 514 Newland ave.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. BuiTders' Hardware.

Carpets, Curtains, Draperies, Shades. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 243 Johnson, Albert, (Eliza), upholsterer, h. over 51 Kinney.

Johnson, Albert, carpenter, bds. Ill King.

Johnson, Albert, laborer, bds. 16 Morton.

Johnson, Albert, (Anna M.), ca»ptain, Chaut. Steamboat Co., h. 130 Fulton.

Johnson, Albert, painter, h. 314 Forest ave.

Johnson, Albert, clerk, 2 Forest ave., bds. 53 Prospect ave.

Johnson, Albert, (Nettie), landscape painter, over 18 E. 3d, h. 314 Forest ave.

Johnson, Albert, (May), farming implements, 30 South Main, h. 35 Mechanic.

Johnson, Albert, laborer, h. over 6 Willis.

Johnson, Albert, laborer, bds. 29 Kinney.

Johnson, Albert C, (Serena S.), h. 5 Waterman.

Johnson, Albert G., (Alma J.), grocery, 222 Price, h. 80 Eagle.

Johnson, Albert J., ( E m m a W. ), car inspector, Erie R. R., h. 13 Charles.

Johnson, Albert S., (Flora), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 214 Clinton.

Johnson, Albertina, Mrs., h. 6 Walnut.

Johnson, Albin, laborer, r. 1408 Falconer.

Johnson, Aleda, textile worker, bds. 113 Hedges ave.

Johnson, Alexander, (Maude M.), bartender, h. over 121 West 3rd.

Johnson, Alexander, metal worker, bds. 14 Valley.

Johnson, Alexander, (Augusta), musician, h. 310 West 7th.

Johnson, Alfred, (Christine N.), metal worker, h. over 566 Allen.

Johnson, Alfred, (Emma), laborer, h. 520 Baker.

Johnson, Alfred, (Selma), laborer, h. 24 Crown.

Johnson, Alfred, laborer, bds. 322 Foote ave.

Johnson, Alfred, (Ida), contractor, h. 404 Barrett.

Johnson, Alfred, finisher, bds. 167 Allen.

Johnson, Alfred O., (Alma S.), laborer, h. 51 Kinney.

Johnson, Alfred W., operative, r. 443 West 2d.

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