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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Johnson, Algert, woodworker, bds. 53 Prospect ave.

Johnson, Algert, laborer, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Johnson, Algot G., (Matilda),finisher,h. 100 Charles.

Johnson, Allen J., (Hulda), woodworker, h. over 320 Bowen.

Johnson, Alma, domestic, r. 11 Broadhead ave.

Johnson, Alma, domestic, 305 West 3rd.

Johnson, Alma, drawer, r. 41 Lee ave.

Johnson, Alma, waitress, r. 7-11 West 1st.

Johnson, Alma M., stenographer, 38 Winsor, bds. 23 Newton.

Johnson, Aimer, clerk, 302 Foote ave., r. 42 Mechanic.

Johnson, Amanda, widow Frank, milliner, 210 Chandler, h. do.

Johnson, Amanda, operative, r. 443 West 2d.

Johnson, Amanda, domestic, r. over 529 Allen.

Johnson, Amandus, painter, bds. 20 Colfax.

Johnson, Amel, (Freda), laborer, h. 39 Hedges ave.

Johnson, Amel,fireman,bds. 368 Willard.

Johnson, Amel, hand sander, r. 40 Holman.

Johnson, Amel, woodfinisher,bds. 320 Bowen.


Underwear, Hosiery and Gloves a Specialty at PROUDFIT'S 244 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Johnson, Amel, metal worker, bds. 32 Barrows.

Johnson, Amel, cabinet maker, r. 123 Prospect.

Johnson, Amel C, carpenter, bds. 51 Kinney.

Johnson, Amelia, weaver, r. 12 Crescent.

Johnson, Amelia, weaver, bds. 410 Foote ave.

Johnson, Amelia C, domestic, over 14-16 Ashville ave., r. do.

Johnson, Andrew, (Alexena), retired, h. 33 Wescott.

Johnson, Andrew, (Mary), laborer, h. 509 Newland ave.

Johnson, Andrew, (Alma), metal worker, h. 531 Allen.

Johnson, Andrew, (Hilma), metal worker, h. 660 Camp.

Johnson, Andrew, (Louisa), laborer, h. 26 Clyde ave.

Johnson, Andrew,fireman,h. over 44 Vega.

Johnson, Andrew, bricklayer, bds. 8 Metallic ave.

Johnson, Andrew, laborer, bds. 147 Barrett.

Johnson, Andrew A., (Sophia), machine hand, h. 285 East Buffalo.

Johnson, Andrew G., (Hedwig), cabinet maker, h. 31 Holman.

Johnson, Andrew J., clerk, 325 Chandler, r. 443 West 2d.

Johnson, Andrew J., (Augusta), cabinet maker, h. 106 Charles.

Johnson, Andrew J, (Edla), clerk, 200 Main, h. 858 Spring.


Johnson, Andrew L., (Christeen), laborer, h. 246 Crescent.

Johnson, Andrew M., (Sophia), carpenter, h. 574 Allen.

Johnson, Andrew M., (Charlotte), laborer, h. 168 Allen.

Johnson, Anna, twister, r. over 44 Vega.

Johnson, Anna, drawer, r. over 516 Crescent.

Johnson, Anna, milliner, 210 Chandler, r. do.

Johnson, Anna, r. 6 Tilden ave.

Johnson, Anna, weaver, bds. 79 Hedges ave.

Johnson, Anna, spinner, r. 41 Lee ave.

Johnson, Anna, spinner, r. 400 Allen.

Johnson, Anna, clerk, 212 Main, r. 784 East 2d.

Johnson, Anna, spinner, bds. 13 English.

Johnson, Anna, drawer, r. over 46 Thayer.

Johnson, Anna, weaver, r. 79 Hedges ave.

Johnson, Anna, Mrs., r. 11 Axtel.

Johnson, Anna, widow August, h. over 448 Chandler.

Johnson, Anna, widow John, r. 343 Foote ave.

Johnson, Anna, widow Nels, h. 572 Allen.

Johnson, Anna B., twister, bds. 3 Vega.

Johnson, Anna B., winder, bds. 77 Eagle.

Johnson, Anna E., drawer, bds. 35 Anderson.

Johnson, Anna H. M., milliner, r. 1051 North Main.

Johnson, Anna L., duffer, r. over 52 Pearl ave.

Jobnson, Anna M., weaver, r. 40 Holman.

Johnson, Anna S., r. 500 East 6th.

Johnson, Annie, widow Charlie, boarding house, 8 Fairfield ave.

Johnson, Anton E., (Esther), laborer, h. Prendergast ave., and Buffalo.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Housefurnishings.

The Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 245 Johnson, Anton V., deliveryman, bds. 31 Holman.

Johnson, Archie, printer, r. 19 Prospect ave.

Johnson, Archie A., (Mae), drug clerk, 300 Main, h. 10 West 8th.

Johnson, Arthur, woodworker, r. 12 Crescent.

Johnson, Arthur F.,finisher,bds. 31 Holman.

Johnson, Arthur L., woodworker, r. 15 Peterson.

Johnson, Arthur W., machinist, r. 443 West 2d.

Johnson, Arthur W., (Jennie S.), packer, h. 434 Maple.

Johnson, Arvid, oiler, r. 247 Crescent.

Johnson, Arvid H. L., (Mary L.), steelworker, h. 114 Vega.

Johnson, Arvid L., machinist, r. 247 Crescent.

Johnson, Arvid W., clerk, 200 Main, r. 134 King.

Johnson, August, (Anna), carpenter, h. 812 Jefferson.

Johnson, August, (Anna), painter, h. 11 Stowe.

Johnson, August, (Sophia), engineer, h. 220 Broadhead ave.

Johnson, August, (Selma S.), h. 225 Barrows.

Johnson, August, (Amanda J.), foreman Vart Land, over 12 West 2d, h. 246 Hazzard.

Johnson, August, (Anna), laborer, h. 763 East 2d.

Johnson, August, (Sophie), cabinet maker, h. 557 Allen.

Johnson, August, (Anna), metal worker, h. 763 East 2d.

Johnson, August, (Mary),finisher,bds. 1027 Newland ave.

Johnson, August, (Emma), laborer, h. 78 Norton ave.

Johnson, August, (Emma), carpenter, h. 31 Peterson.

Johnson, August, (Sophia), laborer, h. 104 Sampson.

Johnson, August, (Annie), metal worker, h. 7 Valley.

Johnson, August, (Lena), laborer, h. 492 Crescent.

Johnson, August A., (Anna), laborer, h. 224 Crescent.

Johnson, August A., (Ida), up setter, h. 18 Linden ave.

Johnson, August C, (Emma), carpenter, h. 47 Wescott.

Johnson, August E., weaver, bds. 40 Holman.

Johnson, August G., (Dora H.), sander, h. 5 Hedges ave.

Johnson, August H., (Christine M.), h. 222 Barrows.

Johnson, August J., (Louisa), cabinet maker, h. 784 East 2d.

Johnson, August T., laborer, r. 383 Baker.

Johnson, August W., (Charlotte S.), clothfinisher,h. 77 Eagle.

Johnson, Augusta, domestic, 637 Lake View ave.

Johnson, Augusta, domestic, 500 East 6th.

Johnson, Augusta, weaver, bds. 243 Crescent.

Johnson, Augusta, domestic, r. 341 East 5th.

Johnson, Augusta W., weaver, h. over 15 Dickerson.

Johnson, A. William, (Josephine), machinist, h. 763 East 2d.

Johnson, Axel, painter, bds. 786 East 2d.

Johnson, Axel, carpenter, bds. 220 Bowen.

Johnson, Axel, clerk, 321 Prospect, r. 200 Prospect ave.

Johnson, Axel, student, bds. 411 Barrett.

The Best Cement at L. F. SHEDD'S.



Johnson, Axel, meat cutter, bds. 20 Colfax.

Johnson, Axel, woodworker, bds. 27 Forest ave., (flat B ).

Johnson, Axel, tinner, bds. 92 Water.

Johnson, Axel, (Carolina), case maker, h. 29 Myrtle.

Johnson, Axel, (Amanda C ), employed 105 Harrison, h. 73 Tower.

Johnson, Axel, (Sadie), upholsterer, h. 24 Dickerson.

Johnson, Axel F., ( E m m a T.), drugs, 31 Main, h. 101 East 2d.

Johnson, Axel R., (Huldah M.), machine hand, h. 13 Ellicott Johnson, Benjamin, tinner, r. 557 Allen.

Johnson, Bennard, lather, r. 404 Barrett.

Johnson, Bernard, laborer, bds. 784 East 2d.

Johnson, Bertha C, stenographer, over 301 Main, r. 364 Baker.

Johnson, Bessie C, spinner, r. 51 Kinney.

Johnson, Betty, h. under 243 Willard.

Johnson block, 132-134 Fairmount ave.

Johnson, Breta, widow Johanus, r. 492 Crescent.

Johnson Bros.—Christopher and William Johnson—tinners, 315 Lincoln.

Johnson Bros. & Prather—Everett D. and W. Russell Johnson and John H.

Prather—general insurance, over 101 East 3rd.



AGENTS OFFICE 101 EAST THIRD STREET Johnson, Bunhard, tinner, bds. 557 Allen.

Johnson, Calvin M., (Blanche) livery stable, 228 East 2d, h. over do.

Johnson, Carl, laborer, bds. 953 East 2d.

Johnson, Carl, driver, bds. 21 Sturges.

Johnson, Carl, porter, r. 13-23 South Main.

Johnson, Carl, hand sander, bds. 819 Newland ave.

Johnson, Carl, (Ella), metal worker, h. over 621 Prendergast ave.

Johnson, Carl A., apprentice machinist, r. over 12 Morse ave.

Johnson, Carl A., (Josephine), case maker, 6 Seymour ave.

Johnson, Carl A., (Laura), machinist, h. over 309 Palmer.

Johnson, Carl A., cabinet maker, bds. 77 Eagle.

Johnson, Carl A., (Carolina), tailor, r. 383 Baker.

Johnson, Carl A., (Louisa), painter, h. 448 Warren.

Johnson, Carl E., ( E m m a C ), carpenter, h. 25 Wilson place Johnson, Carl F., (Gertrude C.)-Johnson & Jones, 121 Willard-h. over 304 do.

Johnson, Carl G. J, deliveryman, r. 133 Prospect.


Johnson, Carl I., (Gusta M.), woodfinisher,h. over 217 Bowen.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Furnaces.

The Largest and Best Stock of Dry G o o d s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 247 Johnson, Carl O., packer, r. 54 Hotchkiss.

Johnson, Carrie, weaver, r. 509 Newland ave.

Johnson, Carrie, widow Peter, h. over 46 Thayer.

Johnson, Charles, meat dealer, 213 Barrett, r. 404 do.

Johnson, Charles, (Ellen), cabinet maker, h. over 22 Pearl ave.

Johnson, Charles, (Hannah), laborer, h. 360 Baker.

Johnson, Charles, (Johanna), laborer, h. 76 Eagle.

Johnson, Charles, bobbin setter, r. 5 Camp.

Johnson, Charles, laborer, bds. 117 Catlin.

Johnson, Charles, (Mary), laborer, h. over 12 Morse ave.

Johnson, Charles, pattern maker, r. 243 Willard.

Johnson, Charles, deliveryman, bds. 133 Prospect.

Johnson, Charles, laborer, r. 22 Eagle.

Johnson, Charles, (Christine), laborer, h. 367 Baker.

Johnson, Charles, laborer, r. over 46 Thayer.

Johnson, Charles, (Jennie), laborer, h. 32 Water.

Johnson, Charles, brickmakerj bds. 32 Swan.

Johnson, Charles, (Hannah), foreman, h. 501 Crescent.

Johnson, Charles, (Hulda), carpenter, h. 224 Baker. (Incorrectly numbered) Johnson, Charles, (Mary), farmer, h. Fluvanna ave.

Johnson, Charles, (Amanda), motorneer, J. S. Ry., h. 120 Hamilton.

Johnson, Charles, (Ethel), steamfitter,h. 21 Dickerson.

Johnson, Charles A., (Emily), carpenter, 126 East 1st, h. 11 Axtel Johnson, Charles A., (Alice)—Johnson Ice & Coal Co.,602-610 West 8th—h. 504 West 7th.

Johnson, Charles A., vice pres., Atlas Furniture Co., h. 501 Crescent.

Johnson, Charles A., (Selma), upholsterer, h. 116 Sampson.

Johnson, Charles A., (Christine), operative, h. 200 Prospect.

Johnson, Charles A., (Johanna B.), fruit and confectionery, 117 East 2d, h.

824 Newland ave Johnson, Charles A., steel worker, r. 703 Falconer.

Johnson, Charles A., (Anna), contractor and builder, h. 263 Forest ave.

Johnson, Charles A., (Ella), tailor, 109 East 3rd, h. 1076 East 2d.

Johnson, Charles A., ( E m m a ), laborer, h. 504 Crescent.

Johnson, Charles D., (Anna), metal worker, h. over 7 Todd ave.

Johnson, Charles E., (Hilma C ), cabinet maker, h. 542 Allen.

Johnson, Charles E., (Matilda), carpenter, h. 703 Lafayette.

Johnson, Charles E., (Mary E.), bicycle repairer, h. 38 Peach.

Johnson, Charles F., (Matina), polisher, h. 1051 Main.

Johnson, Charles F., r. 703 Falconer.

Johnson, Charles F., (Ida M.), laborer, h. 249 English.

Johnson, Charles F., (Elsie), painter and decorator, h. over 11 Peach.

Johnson, Charles G., (Jennie), sander, h. over 31 Kinney.

Johnson, Charles G., (Ida),finisher,h. 14 Park., Johnson, Charles G., (Tilda C ), carpenter, h. 251 Colfax.

Johnson, Charles H., laborer, r. 64 Broadhead ave.

Cedar Shingles, Lath and Plastef—L. F. SHEDD.


Johnson, Charles H., (Gertrude), deliveryman, h. 257 Prospect.

Johnson, Charles I., grocer, 344 Allen, h. 172 do.

Johnson, Charles J., (Teckla), retired, h. 53 Hickory.

Johnson, Charles J., (Maude M.), dyer, h. over 104 Barrows.

Johnson, Charles J., (Hannah M.), laborer, h. 13 English.

Johnson, Charles J., (Mary), machinist, h. 21 Cowden place.

Johnson, Charles J., ( E m m a S., carpenter, h. 12 Crescent.

Johnson, Charles J., ( E m m a M.), foreman, h. 14 Barrows.

Johnson, Charles J., (Louise), wool sorter, h. over 549 Allen.

Johnson, Charles M., (Ethel), steamfitter,h. 327 East 2d.

Johnson, Charles M., (Anna S.)—Liberty Furniture Co.—h. 169 Allen.

Johnson, Charles M., (Minnie), machinist, h. 25 Whitley ave.

Johnson, Charles W., driver, r. Crescent.

Johnson, Charles W., (Lena), trimmer, h. 45 Bush.

Johnson, Charles W., (Amy)—Peterson & Johnson, 710 Main and 9 Cowden place—h. 7 Valley.

Johnson, Charles W., (Lena), bartender, h. over 249 English.

Johnson, Charlie, driver, rms. 118 East 2d.

Johnson, Charlie, (Christine), laborer, h. 41 Lee ave.

Johnson, Charlie'P., (Eva C ), laborer, h. 5 Camp.

Johnson, Charlina, widow William, h. 368 Baker.

Johnson, Chris, r. 165 Forest ave.

Johnson, Christine, domestic, r. 72 Allen.

Johnson, Christena A., widow Joseph, r. 40 Kinney.

Johnson, Christina, widow John h. 1279 Main.

Johnson, Christina, widow Charles, seamstress, h. over 102 Sampson.

Johnson, Christine, widow Carl A., h.443 West 2d.

Johnson, Christopher, (Johanna C ), mason, h. 42 Mechanic.

Johnson, Clara, spinner, r. 8 Webster.

Johnson, Clarence, (Alma), machinist, bds. 268 Steele.

Johnson, Claus, laborer, bds. 128 Water.

Johnson, Clayton I., student, r. 711 West 8th.

Johnson, Clyde, laborer, r. 26 Clyde ave.

Johnson, Conrad, machinist, r. 12 Crescent.

Johnson, Conrad, printer's apprentice, r. 246 Hazzard.

Johnson, Conrad, stripper, r. 784 East 2d.

Johnson, Cora M., r. Fluvanna ave.

Johnson, C. Oscar, (Louise), carpenter, h. 45 Chapin.

Johnson, C. William, (Leva M.), woodworker, h. 249 English.

Johnson, C. William, (Theresa), metal worker, h. 602 Winsor.

Johnson, David, (Charlotte), h. 303 Winsor.

Johnson, David A., metal worker, h. 232 Forest.

Johnson, DeForest, porter, r. 207% Barrett.

Johnson, Delia A., r. 703 Lafayette.

Johnson, Delia E., picker, r. 340 Willard.

Johnson, Dewey, woodworker, r. 557 Allen.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. H a r d w a r e a n d Mill Supplies.

Cloaks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery.. T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 249 Johnson Dora, operative, r. 229 Prospect.

Johnson. Dora A., r. 619 West 7th.

Johnson. Earl A., (Lola V.), grocery, 843 North Main, h. over do.

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