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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Lordfryforr Fine Custom C l o t h i n g at Proudfit's 100 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Almquist, Arnold, (Helen M.), foreman, 40 Winsor, h. 126 Park.

Almquist, Emil J.finisher,r.524 Willard.

Almquist, Florence E., piece mender, r. 524 Willard.

Almquist, George, case maker, bds. 33 Myrtle.

Almquist, John, (Johana), machine hand, h. 524 Willard.

Almy, Carrie R., teacher, r. 520 West 5th.

Almy, Floyd P., commercial traveler, bds. 313 Jefferson.

Almy, J. Ebenezer, (Martha R.), dentist, 2 East 4th, h. 520 West 5th.

Alsdorf, Daniel, (Mary), laborer, h. 113 W. 5th.

Alsdorf, Dewitt W., (Myrata)—Johnson Table Co., J. & G. ave.—h. 559 E. 2d.

Alsdorf, Harry, r. 559 East 2nd.

Althum, Sarah, widow William, r. 404 Hazeltine ave.

Altice, Catherine A., widow William, r. over 120-22 East 2nd.

Altice, Samuel H., (Leah)—S. H. Altice & Son, City Hotel, 120-22 East 2nd.— h. do.

Altice, S. H. & Son—Samuel H. and William W., City Hotel—120-22 East 2nd.

Altice, William W. — S. H. & Son, City Hotel, 120-22 East 2d—r. do.

Alton, J. Charles, (Mary), letter carrier P. O., r. 119 Fulton.

Alvord, Sarah M., widow Frederick, r. 119 Fairmount ave.

Amazon Rubber Co.—J. B. Ross, pres.; C. H. Walters, vice pres. and gen'l mgr.; Geo. W. Quinlan, sec; Brewer D. Phillips, treas.—49-59 Jones & Gifford ave.

Ambrose, John, (Letta), laborer, h. over 20 Willard.

American Aristotype Co.—Ralph C. Sheldon, president and treasurer; T. W.

Pattison, secretary—mfrs. Aristo paper, 56 Prospect.

American Clothing Co., men's and women's clothing, 219-221 East 2d.

American Express Co.—B. R. Hiller, agent—103 Main.

American M'fg Concern—William T. Falconer and David E. Merrill—mfrs.

office supplies (Falconer).

Ames, Adrian S., (Eliza F.) drayman, h. 126 Bowen.

A. M. E. Zion church, 610 Spring, Rev. George Henry Morse, pastor.

Amidon, Arthur A., (Hannah), lumber dealer, h. 38 Broadhead ave.

Amidon block, 201-207 East 2d.

Amidon, Levi L., (Eva), lumberman, h. 29 Charles St.

Amidon, Otto M., lumberman, r. 38 Broadhead ave.

Amidon, Pearl M., student, r. 38 Broadhead ave.

Amros, Mary, operative, r. 34 Scott.

Amros, Tony, machinist, r. 34 Scott.

Amsdell, Charles, (Maud), lodging house 219 Chandler.

Amsdell, Matilda, Mrs., seamstress, h. 212 Pine.

Amsdell, Mrs. Maude, millhand, r. over 20 East 2nd.

Amsdell, Nettie, r. 219 Chandler.

Anchor Fence Co.—Scott H. Penfield, Mgr.—(Inactive) mfrs. wire fence, etc., 59 Taylor.

Anchor Furniture Co.—Nicholas O. and Jonas E. Johnson, John Vanstrom and Charles Forsgren—14 Holmes.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

A l w a y s b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 101 Anderburg, Cecelia, widow Andrew, h. 421 Hazeltine ave.

Anderburg, Celia, widow Carl, h. 400 Hazeltine ave.

Anderburg, Evar, tinner, r. 421 Hazeltine ave.

Anderburg, Hjelmar, elevator boy, r. 400 Hazeltine ave.

Anderburg, Minnie, spinner, r. 421 Hazeltine ave.

Anderburg, Oscar, case maker, r. 421 Hazeltine ave.

Anderburg, Ragner, helper, r. 400 Hazeltine ave.

Anderson, Aaron G., (Augusta), painter, h. 30 Crown.

Anderson, Abram, (A. Louise), woodworker, h. over 501 Allen.

Anderson, Addie, textile worker, r. 816 Newland ave.

Anderson, Adolph, street sprinkler, h. 25 College.

Anderson, Adolph E., clerk, r. 302 Barrett.

Anderson, A. Elmer, clerk, 943 Newland, bds. 302 Barrett.

Anderson, A. Frank, (Sophie), carpenter, h. 305 Winsor.

Anderson, A. Lillian, picker, r. 35 Benson.

Anderson, A. Magnus, laborer, r. 37 Sampson.

Anderson, Albert, barber, r. 13 Thayer.

Anderson, Albert, laborer, bds. 255 Baker.

Anderson, Albert, (Hattie), hand sander, h. 518 Willard.

Anderson, Albert, ( ), woodworker, h. 358% East 4th.

Anderson, Albert, agent, r. Buffalo.

Anderson, Albert, meat cutter, r. 9 Cheney.

Anderson, Albert G., packer, Allen Ext., r. 127 Falconer.

Anderson, Albin B., (Gertrude), assistant, clerk, h. 1135 Prendergast ave.

Anderson, Alfred, (Edith S.), machinist, h. over 56 Allen.

Anderson, Alfred, machinist, r. 702 Foote ave.

Anderson, Alfred, textile worker, r. 453 Willard.

Anderson, Alfred (Tilda), grocery, 120 Willard, h. 22 S. Walnut.

Andersonj Alfred A., (Alice)—Marvel Furn. Co., 615 West 8th—h. Kipp, cor.


Anderson, Algert, laborer, r. 20 Willis.

Anderson, Algot, spinner, bds. 3 7 8 % Willard.

Anderson, Alma V., duffer, r. 72 Hedges.

Anderson, Alma, weaver, r. 18 Linden ave.

Anderson, Alma, milliner, 506 Newland, r. 868 East 2d.

Anderson, Almeda J., r. 11 Arnold.

Anderson, Almeda, spinner, r. 408 Willard.

Anderson, Almeda, dressmaker, 218 East 2d, r. do.

Anderson, Alvin, millhand, bds. 118 Crown.

Anderson, Alvina, domestic, r. 113-117 W. 3rd.

Anderson, Amanda, domestic, 1 Fenton Place.

Anderson, Amanda, C. V., Mrs., spinner, h, 1391 Newland ave.

Anderson, Amanda G., spinner, r. 10 Webster.

Anderson, Amel, laborer, bds. 800 E. 2d.

Anderson, Amel, (Josephine), plasterer, h. over 581 Allen.

Anderson, Amel,finisher,r. 22 Eagle.




102 Anderson Amel, (Ida), warp dresser, h. 493% Willard.

Anderson Amel A., (Lillie A.), loomfixexr,h. 412 Allen.

Anderson Amelia, widow Andrew, h. 17 Orchard ave.

Anderson. Amelia, domestic, r. 35 Lake View.

Anderson Amelia E., domestic, 25 Mechanic.

Anderson Amelia L., r. 110 Palmer.

Anderson. Andrew, (Christine), contractor, h. 829 Newland ave.

Anderson. Andrew, (Ida), stone mason, h. 415 Newland ave.

Anderson Andrew, (Emelia), wagon maker, h. 203 Crescent.

Anderson. Andrew, (Olga C. E.), cabinet maker, h. over 105 Hedges ave.

Anderson Andrew, laborer, r.133 Sampson.

Anderson Andrew, (Eliza M.), machine hand, h. 11 Arnold.

Anderson Andrew, (Ellen), laborer, h. 35 Benson.

Anderson. Andrew, paperhanger, h. over 31 Scott.

Anderson Andrew E., (Minnie), laborer, h. 13 Weeks.

Anderson Andrew G., (Fredia], metal wkr., h. 262 Forest ave.

Anderson, Andrew O., (Anna), h. 322 Foote ave.

Anderson, Andrew P., (Ellen A.), woodworker, h. 346 Willard.

Anderson Andrew P., (Johanna), machine hand, h. over 452 Chandler.

Anderson Andrew P., (Emma), machine hand, h. 16 Walnut.

Anderson Andrew T., (Josephine), carpenter, h. 11 Alpaca.

Anderson, Andrew W., (Emma), machine hand, h. over 204 Benedict.

Anderson. Anna, domestic, 164 Allen.

Anderson Anna, widow Swan, h. room 39 N e w Fenton building.

Anderson. Anna, domestic, r. 13-23 West 3rd.

Anderson Anna, spinner, r. 15 Linwood ave.

Anderson, Anna, spinner, r. 203 Crescent.

Anderson Anna, weaver, r. 324 Forest.

Anderson Anna, r. over 218 East 2d.

Anderson, Anna, domestic, r. over 124 Winsor.

Anderson, Anna, boards 119 Willard.

Anderson, Anna A., spinner, r. 14 Vega.

Anderson Anna B., r. 54 Chapin.

Anderson, Anna L., h. 245 Crescent.

Anderson, Anna L., domestic, 303 West 3rd.

Anderson Anna M., weaver, bds. 106 Willard.

Anderson Anna M., domestic, r. 7-11 West 1st.

Anderson, Anna M., r. 20 Willis.

Anderson Anna S., widow John B., h. 35 Anderson.

Anderson Anton M., painter, bds. 126 Winsor.

Anderson Amelia, r. 26 West 9th.

Anderson Arthur R., student, r. 138 Prospect St.

Anderson, Arthur W., student, r. 142 Broadhead ave.

Anderson Arvid J, (Augusta), dock builder, h. Thayer Street Extension.


Anderson August, wood polisher, bds. 220 Bowen.

Anderson, August, (Clara M.), drayman, h. 120 King.

Stoves and Housefurnishings.


The Largest and Best Stock of Dry G o o d s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.


Anderson, August, (Caroline), finisher, h. 148 Marvin.

Anderson, August, (Anna), woodworker, h. 110 Cheney.

Anderson, Augusta, domestic, r. 113 East 8th.

Anderson, Augusta, weaver, r. 34 Derby.

Anderson, August A., (Helen), shoemaker, h. 323 Willard.

Anderson, August C, (Anna M.)—A. C. & C. A. Anderson Co., 212 M a i n — h. 109 Lincoln.

Anderson, A. C. & C. A. Co., dry goods—August C. and Charles A. Anderson —212 Main.

Anderson, August G., (Augusta S.), foreman, h. 204 Benedict.

Anderson, August H., tailor, r. over 8 Walnut.

Anderson, August P., (Johanna L.), janitor school No. 5, h. 16 Jones.

Anderson, Austin E. E., student, r. 2 Morse ave.

Anderson, Avea Marie, domestic, r. 405 Spring.

Anderson, Axel, (Lizzie), mason, h. 241 Sprague.

Anderson, Axel, (Mattie), upsetter, h. over 28 Linden ave.

Anderson, Axel, (Augusta), case maker, h. 22 Columbia.

Anderson, Axel, laborer, bds. 36 Sampson.

Anderson, Axel, (Hannah), woodworker, h. over 44 Thayer.

Anderson, Axel, (Selma), carver, h. 558 Allen.

Anderson, Axel, machine hand, r. 408 Willard.

Anderson, Axel C, (Lillian), laborer, r. 107 East 3rd.

Anderson, Axel E., (Edith M.)—Anderson & Sandburg, 108 Main—h. 213 Fulton.

Anderson, Axel R., sander, bds. 725 Camp.

Anderson, Benjamin, woodworker, bds. 516 Allen.

Anderson, Berger, laborer, bds. 324 Forest.

Anderson, Berger, laborer, bds. 125 Chapman.

Anderson, Bessie, r. 1054 Main.

Anderson, Bessie L., spooler, r. 428 Willard.

Anderson Bros.—Frank E. Anderson, Verne F. Anderson—grocers, 397 English.

Anderson Bros.—Charles J. Anderson, propr.—machine shop, 5 Race.

Anderson, C. Albert, (Bessie), machinist, 5 Race, h. 8 Walnut.

Anderson, Carl, (Emma),fireman,h. over 607 Allen.

Anderson, Carl, (Ida), shoemaker, h. 130 Jones.

Anderson, Carl, (Jennie), polisher, h. 20 Union ave.

Anderson, Carl A., (Hilma), axemaker, h. 114 Bush.

Anderson, Carl A. M., clerk, 216 East 2d, bds. 54 Chapin.

Anderson, Carl E., (Anna), machine hand, h. 649 East 6th.

Anderson, Carl E., packer, bds. 109 Wescott.

Anderson, Carl E., (Huldah), cabinet maker, h. 303 Willard.

Anderson, Carl J., (Clara S.), carpenter, h. 15 Davis.

Anderson, Carl M., (Mary), tinner, under 29 Main, h. 259 Baker.

Anderson, Carl R. L., cash boy, r. 2 Morse ave.

Anderson, Carl S., teamster, bds. 1 Hebner.

CLEAN COAL. L. F. SHEDD. Both Phones.

Children's Suits $ 1. 5 0 to $ 8 at PROUDFIT'S


104 Anderson, Carl W., laborer, bds. 2 Cook.

Anderson, Carl W., (Hulda S.), sawyer, h. over 101 Bush.

Anderson Caroline M., widow John E.—Samuelson & Anderson, 232 Warren — h 142 Broadhead ave.

Anderson Carrie, widow Peter, r. 119 Wescott.

Anderson, Cecelia H., clerk, TO East 2d, r. 138 Prospect.

Anderson, Charles, laborer, bds. 148 Sampson.

Anderson, "Charles, laborer, 500 Barrett.

Anderson Charles, (Mary), laborer, h. 146 Stowe.

Anderson, Charles, carpenter, r. over 12 W. 3rd.

Anderson Charles, (Agnes C ), woodworker, h. 304 Willard.

Anderson, Charles, (Lena), laborer, h. 72 Hedges.

Anderson, Charles, coachman, 37 Warren, r. do.

Anderson, Charles, (Mary), laborer, h. 146 Stowe.

Anderson Charles, (Tilda), weaver, h. over 20 Willis.

Anderson Charles, (Hannah), machinist, h. 217 Bowen.

Anderson Charles, laborer, bds. 368 Willard.

Anderson, Charles A., (Augusta M.), grocer, 425 Foote ave., h. over do.

Anderson Charles A., tinner, bds. 119 Wescott.

Anderson Charles A., (Anna), works Celoron, h. 868 East 2d.

Anderson, Charles A., (Minnie A.), machinist, h. 11 English.

Anderson, Charles A., (Hilda E.), rubber, h. 109 Wescott.

Anderson Charles A., (Phoebe), engineer, h. over 5 Taylor.

Anderson Charles A., (Anna C.)—A. C. & C. A. Anderson Co., 212 Main—r.

109 Fulton.

Anderson Charles A., (Lena), quarryman, h. 60 Tower.

Anderson Charles A., (Josephine), cabinet maker, h. 6 Peterson.

Anderson Charles A., (Minnie), operative, h. 277 Prospect.

Anderson Charles A., bartender, 17 East 2d, bds. over 11 do.

Anderson Charles C, woodworker, r. 69 Jones.

Anderson, Charles E., machine hand, h. 2 Morse ave.

Anderson, Charles E., (Henrietta C.)—Swetland & Anderson, over 2 East 3rd — h. 156 Forest ave.

Anderson, Charles F., (Christine L.), machine hand, h. 105 Benedict.

Anderson, Charles F., (Louisa C ), stone mason, h. 1 Hebner.

Anderson Charles F., Jr., teamster, r. 1 Hebner.

Anderson, Charles G., brickmaker, bds. 32 Swan.

Anderson Charles G., (Christene), tailor, h. 121 Chapman.

Anderson Charles J., metal worker, bds. 412 Allen.

Anderson Charles J., (Anna)—Anderson Bros., 5 Race—h. 925 Main.

Anderson Charles J., (Augusta), laborer, h. 115 Wescott.

Anderson, Charles J, (Louise), boots and shoes, 103 East 2d, h. 139 Chandler.


Anderson Charles J., (Charlotte C ), tailor, r. 220 Park.

Anderson Charles John, (Christine C ), laborer, h. 31 Tower.

Anderson, Charles L., (Hannah), machine hand, h. 13 Orchard ave.

Anderson, Charles M., (Sophie), machine hand, h. 69 Hedges ave.

Stoves and Furnaces.


Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.


Anderson, Charles O., (Celia), bartender, h. 8 Stearns.

Anderson, Charles O., (Josephine), bottler, h. over 16 Willard.

Anderson, Charles P., (Augusta)—Anderson & Wicander, 8 South M a i n — h. 232 Sprague.

Anderson, Charles P., (Helen), laborer, h. 69 Jones.

Anderson, Charles W., milk peddler, h. 318 Forest ave.

Anderson, Charlie, (Albertina), laborer, h. 30 Wilton ave.

Anderson, Charlie A., (Hannah), farmer, h. 725 Camp, (R. F. D. N. 82).

Anderson, Charlotte, domestic, 36 Prospect.

Anderson, Charlotte, widow Charles A., h. 32 Barrows.

Anderson, Christian, laborer, bds. 11 Highland.

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