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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Johnson Earl E., manager, 208 East 2d, r. 115 Prospect.

Johnson Ebba M., duffer, r. 114 Vega.

Johnson. Ebert, laborer, bds. 28 Jones.

Johnson. Eddie, (Annie),finisher,h. 152% Allen.

Johnson Edelia, clerk, 203 Main, r. 253 Prospect.

Johnson; Edith, boxmaker, r. over 29 Palmer.

Johnson Edith, textile worker, r. 7 Barrows.

Johnson Edward, (Alida), h. over 554 Allen.

Johnson Edward, (Mary), laborer, h. 223 Steele.

Johnson. Edward, (Hilma C ), foreman, h. 116 Hall ave.

Johnson. Edward, (Christine), cabinet maker, h. 50 Water.

Johnson Edward, (Hilma), painter, h. 361 Baker.

Johnson. Edward J., (Bertha), packer, bds. 13 Bassett.

Johnson Edward L., (Sophie), bookkeeper, 131 Winsor, h. 137 Barrows.

Johnson Edwin, clerk, r. 29 Palmer.

Johnson Elbert, (Ida), painter, h. 3 Williams.

Johnson. Elisha S., (Nettie), shoe dealer, 306 Main, h. 402 East 4th.

Johnson Elizabeth, r. 411 Barrett.

Johnson Ella, domestic, 13-23 West 3rd.

Johnson Ella L., r. 364 Baker.

Johnson Ellen, r. 26 Clyde ave.

Johnson Ellen, r. 1051 Main.

Johnson Elmer, clerk, r. 42 Mechanic.

Johnson Elmer C, machine hand, r. 10 Peterson.

Johnson Elmer C, laborer, r. 251 Colfax.

Johnson. Elmer E., foreman, r. 135 Allen.

Johnson. Elof, (Sophie), milk peddler, h. 44 Vega.

Johnson Elof S., (Matilda), coachman, h. 50 Grant.

Johnson, Elsie, aristo worker, r. 253 Prospect.

Johnson, Emil, (Josephine), woodworker, h. 1135 Prendergast ave.

Johnson Emil C, clerk, 108 Main, r. 221 Price.

Johnson, E m m a, r. 24 Park.

Johnson, E m m a, winder, bds. 77 Eagle.

Johnson, E m m a, winder, r. 150 Stowe.

Johnson, E m m a, domestic, 15 West 5th.

Johnson, E m m a H., spinner, r. 251 Colfax.

Johnson, Erick, laborer, r. 147 Barrett.

Johnson Ernest, carpenter, r. 41 Grant.

Johnson Ernest, laborer, bds. 2 South Thayer.

Johnson, Ernest T., draughtsman, r. 21 Cowden place.

Johnson, Ernest W., (Oliva),finisher,h. Charles.

Johnson, Erwin H., (Alburta), electrical worker, h. 715 Falconer.

Johnson Erwin H., (Lottie), wheel setter, h. 122 West 3rd.


M e n ' s all W o o l Suits, $ 6 to $ 2 5, P R O U D F I T S 250 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Johnson, Eskel, woodworker, bds. 23 Center.

Johnson, Esther, domestic, r. 222 Winsor.

Johnson, Esther, boxmaker, bds. 37 Marvin.

Johnson, Esther C, weaver, r. 154 Barrows.

Johnson, Esther J., duffer, r. 13 English.

Johnson, Esther L., stenographer, r. 12 Crescent.

Johnson, Eva, widow Joseph, h. over 30 Peach.

Johnson, Everett D., (May E.)—Johnson Bros. & Prather and JohnsonPrather Co., over 101 East 3rd—h. 25 Maple.

Johnson, E. Victoria, student, r. over 105 East 2d.

Johnson, Florence C, spinner, r. 154 Barrows.

Johnson, Florence D., duffer, r. 51 Kinney.

Johnson, Florence E., weaver, r. 222 Barrows.

Johnson, Florence E., stenographer, 95 J. & G. ave., r. 364 Baker.

Johnson, Florence L., student, r. 703 Falconer.

Johnson, Florence M., dressmaker, 106 Crosby, h. do.

Johnson, Florence W., kindergarten teacher, r. 39 Marvin.

Johnson, Francis O., (Emma), tailor, 214 Main, h. 14 West End.

Johnson, Frank, machine hand, bds. 705 Camp.

Johnson, Frank, laborer, r. 125 Stowe.

Johnson, Frank, weaver, bds. 530 Allen.

Johnson, Frank, (Signa), metal worker, h. 156 Sampson.

Johnson, Frank A., (Anna S.), chief of police, 7 City Hall, h. 703 Falconer.

Johnson, Frank D., woodworker, bds. 12 Willard.

Johnson, Frank G., (Caroline), laborer, h. 36 West 9th.

Johnson, Frank L., grocer, 128 East 2d, h. 10 West 13th.

Johnson, Frank L., (Josephine), grocery, 128 East 2d, h. 10 13th.

Johnson, Frank M., aristo worker, r. 226 Allen.

Johnson, Frank O., laborer, r. 411 Barrett.

Johnson, Frank O.,finisher,r. 40 Holman.

Johnson, Frank O., (Hilma), cabinet maker, h. 16 Maltby.

Johnson, Frank O., (Mathilda), h. over 216 Forest ave.

Johnson, Frank P., (Hannah)—Liberty Furniture Co., Blackstone ave.—h.

897 East 2d.

Johnson, Fred, (Huldah), twister, h. 514 Newland ave.

Johnson, Fred, (Mary), laborer, h. 210 Barrett.

Johnson, Fred, (Louise), deliveryman, r. 850 North Main.

Johnson, Fred A., (Hulda)—Johnson Table Co., 167 J. & G. ave.—h. 114 Stowe Johnson, Fred J.—Munson & Johnson, 710-714 East 2d—r. 39 Marvin.

Johnson, Fred W., (Mary), woodworker, h. over 9 Barrows.

Johnson, Frederick, (Anna), laborer, h. over 227 Barrows.

Johnson, Fredericka, widow John, weaver, h. over 117 Williams.

Johnson, Fredricka L., h. 106 Crosby.

Johnson, Frits, (Bada), cabinet maker, h. over 211 Benedict.

Johnson, Fritz H., (Susanna), carpenter, h. 25 Sturges.

Johnson, George A., bobbin setter, r. 114 Vega.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Roofing and Building Papers.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. T H EA D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 251 Johnson, Gertrude, mill hand, bds. 25 Steele.

Johnson, Gertrude, spinner, rms. 130 Water.

Johnson, Gertrude Warren, widow Willis N., h. 200 Allen.

Johnson, Gilbert T., cabinet maker, r. 10 Peterson.

Johnson, Godfred, laborer, r. 756 East 2d.

Johnson, Godfrey, (Sophia), laborer, h. 304 Steele.

Johnson, Godfrey, (Carlina), laborer, h. over 516 Crescent.

Johnson, Gust, overseer, bds. 572 Allen.

Johnson, Gust, milk peddler, bds. 28 Jones.

Johnson, Gust, machinist, r. 35 Cedar ave.

Johnson, Gust, metal worker, bds. 216 Forest ave.

Johnson, Gust, (Johanna), steel worker, h. 757 East 2d.

Johnson, Gust, laborer, bds. 411 Barrett.

Johnson, Gust, (Hilda), woodworker, h. over 227 Prospect.

Johnson, Gust, (Alma), woodworker, h. 119 Williams.

Johnson, Gust, (Ingaborg)—Johnson & Hammerstrom—h. 26 Linden ave.

Johnson, Gust, (Caroline), carpenter, h. 20 Vega.

Johnson, Gust, machine sander, bds. 917 North Main.

Johnson, Gust, laborer, bds. 22 Bowen.

Johnson, Gust, machine hand, bds. 286 Harrison.

Johnson, Gust, (Hannah), case maker, h. 505 Palmer.

Johnson, Gust A:, (Hilda F.),filer,h. 54 Hotchkiss.

Johnson, Gust A., (Hulda B.), metal worker, h. 79 Hedges ave.

Johnson, Gust A., (Julia), steelworker, h. 840 East 2d.

Johnson, Gust C, carpenter, bds. 14 West 7th.

Johnson, Gust E., laborer, bds. 393 Baker.

Johnson, Gust F., (Sophie), shoemaker, h. 8 Barrows.

Johnson, Gust P., (Mathilda), tinner, h. 57 Water.

Johnson, Gust S., (Hilda M.), tinner, h. 136% Foote ave.

Johnson, Gust T., (Anna), asst. postmaster, h. 764 East 2d.

Johnson, Gust V., machinist, r. 411 Barrett.

Johnson, Gust W., clothfinisher,bds. 77 Eagle.

Johnson, Gusta, Mrs., h. 14 West 7th.

Johnson, Gusta Carolina, twister, r. 12 Partridge.

Johnson, Gustaf, (Lotta), metal worker, h. 10 Bowen.

Johnson, Gustaf W., (Emma), cabinet maker, h. under 52 Hedges ave.

Johnson, Gustave A., mason, h. 254 Forest ave.

Johnson, Gustus, (Emma), laborer, h. 78 Norton ave.

Johnson & Hammerstrom, boot and shoe dealers—Gust Johnson, Charles J.

Hammerstrom—103 South Main.

Johnson, Hannah, domestic, r. 172 Allen.

Johnson, Hannah, widow Peter, h. 40 Holman.

Johnson, Harold, r. 1076 East 2d.

Johnson, Hattie, bookkeeper, Kent block, r. 509 Newland ave.

Johnson, Hattie, h. 214 East 3rd.

Johnson, Hattie O., student, r. 103 Falconer.

CLEAN COAL. L. F. SHEDD. Both Phones.

B o y ' s Clothing, LaTh2fft°y°kln at PROUDFIT'S 252 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Johnson, Harvey, (Iva), moulder, h. 105 Marvin.

Johnson, Hazel C, music teacher, r. 38 Charles.

Johnson, Hebena, domestic, 305 East 4th.

Johnson, Hedwig, widow Charles J., h. 296 Willard.

Johnson, Helen, clerk, 17 Steele, r. 229 Prospect.

Johnson, Helen F. M., twister, r. 1051 North Main.

Johnson, Helm, r. 2 Charles.

Johnson, Henning, (Lida), machinist, h. over 247 Crescent.

Johnson, Henry, (Christine), laborer, h. over 64 Tower.

Johnson, Henry, (Hilma), metal worker, h. 106 Water.

Johnson, Henry, (Ida S.), wallpaper and hardware, 12 East 2d, h. 311 Monroe.

Johnson, Henry C. A., (Ida H.), machine hand, h. 134 Hedges ave.

Johnson, Henry M., (Maude),fireman,h. 24 Whitley ave.

Johnson, Herman, stationary engineer, rms. 51 Allen square bldg.

Johnson, Herman, clerk, 5-7 Main, r. 220 Broadhead ave.

Johnson, Herman A., (Amelia), liquor dealer, 124 East 2d, h. over do.

Johnson, Hilda, seamstress, bds. 214 East 3rd.

Johnson, Hilda, domestic, r. 27 Lake View ave.

Johnson, Hilda, clerk, 212 Main, r. 784 East 2d.

Johnson, Hilda, operative, r. 224 Crescent.

Johnson, Hilda J., widow Otto Edward, h. 33 Myrtle.

Johnson, Hildagarde, domestic, r. 20 Mechanic.

Johnson, Hildah, picker, r. 400 Allen.

Johnson, Hilma, widow Alfred, h. 229 Prospect.

Johnson, Hilma, picker, r. 400 Allen.

Johnson, Hilma, domestic, r. 509 Prendergast ave.

Johnson, Hilma, Mrs., weaver, h. over 7 Ahrens ave.

Johnson, Hjalmer J., shop hand, bds. 393 Baker.

Johnson, Hugo, laborer, r. 41 Grant.

Johnson, Hulda, operative, r. 296 Willard.

Johnson, Hulda N., weaver, r. 20 Davis.

Johnson, Hulda, bookkeeper, 207 Main, r. 168 Allen.

Johnson Ice & Coal Co.—Oscar F. Johnson, gen. mgr.; M. R. Stevenson, secy.

and treas.—602-610 West 8th.

Johnson, Ida, duffer, bds. over 64 Tower.

Johnson, Ida, domestic, 10 East 4th.

Johnson, Ida, domestic, 337 East 5th.

Tohnson, Ida, spinner, r. 79' Hedges ave.

Johnson, Ida, domestic, r. 613 East 7th.

Johnson, Ida, chamber maid, r. 13-23 South Main.

Johnson, Ida, spinner, r. 400 Allen.

Johnson, Ida, domestic, r. 362 East 4th.

Johnson, Ida, domestic, r. 415 East 4th.

Johnson, Ida O., domestic, r. 413 West 5th.

Johnson, Ira W., (Flora), engineer, h. 18 Valley.

Johnson, Jacob P., (Leila M.), rural mail carrier, postoffice, h. 11 Ellicott ave.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

The Best G o o d s at the Lowest P r i c e s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.


Johnson, J. Alfred, machine hand, bds. 16 Johnson.

Johnson, J. August, bookkeeper, 58 Center, bds. 23 do.

Johnson, James, furniture packer, r. 557 Allen.

Johnson, James A., retired, r. 225 Allen.

Johnson, Jeddah, spinner, bds. 44 Hedges ave.

Johnson, J. Emil, (Jennie E.), city mayor, 3 City Hall and Wiquist & Johnson, 9 Main, h. 364 Baker.

Johnson, Jennie M., bookkeeper, 210 Pine, r. 106 Weeks.

Johnson, Jennie, domestic, r. 932 East 2d.

Johnson, J. Ernest, (Emy B.)—Martin & Johnson, over 204 Main—h. 225 Allen Johnson, Joe, laborer, r. 7 Todd ave.

Johnson, Johanna, housekeeper, over 42 Barrows.

Johnson, Johanna, widow John, h. over 529 Allen.

Johnson, John, woolfiller,bds. 319 Allen.

Johnson, John, (Nina),finisher,h. 545 Allen.

Johnson, John, woodworker, bds. 1109 Newland ave.

Johnson, John, (Carlena), galvanizer, h. 147 Barrett.

Johnson, John, ( E m m a C ), carpenter, h. 411 Barrett.

Johnson, John, (Hannah E.), farmer, h. 174 Barrows.

Johnson, John, woodworker, h. 35 Cedar ave.

Johnson, John, (Ida A.), cabinet maker, h. 20 Davis.

Johnson, John, (Mathilda), h. 212 Forest ave.

Johnson, John, (Hannah), lumber handler, h. over 25 Kinney.

Johnson, John, (Anna), metal polisher, h. 403 Newton.

Johnson, John P., (Sana M.), carpenter, h. 455 Willard.

Johnson, John, laborer, J. S. Ry., bds. 100 Willard.

Johnson, John, painter, rms. over 8 South Main.

Johnson, John A., (Johanna), cabinet maker, h. over 1024 Newland ave.

Johnson, John A., (Hedwig L.), laborer, h. 1014 Newland ave.

Johnson, John A., (Christine), machine hand, h. 12 Partridge.

Johnson, John A., (Ida W. ), contractor, h. 229 Forest ave.

Johnson, John C, (Carrie),finisher,h. 317 Warren.

Johnson, John D., (Bessie)—Olson, Johnson & Co., 208 East 2d—h. 115 Prospect.

Johnson, John E., carriage painter, h. 19 Prospect ave.

Johnson, John E., Metropolitan Ins. agt., r. 784 East 2d.

Johnson, John E., (Ellen), metal worker, h. 40 Jones.

Johnson, John E., (Josephine C ), elevator hand, h. 243 Willard.

Johnson, John Elmer, laborer, bds. 932 East 2nd.

Johnson, John F., (Lena), carpenter, h. 133 Prospect.

Johnson, John F., laborer, r. 7 Todd ave.

Johnson, John G., (Ida S.), section foreman, h. 121 Chapman.

Johnson, John G., carpenter, h. 360 Baker.

Johnson, John G., (Selma), cement walk builder, h. 211 Benedict.

Johnson, John H., (Tena), metal worker, h. over 1014 Newland ave.

Johnson, John Henry,finisher,r. 174 Barrows.

F O R C E M E N T A N D T I L I N G C A L L L. F. S H E D D.

DOUBLE YOUR M O N E Y = = J o i n the G o l d e n Seal.


Johnson, John L., (Genevieve), painter and paperhanger, h. 3 Howard ave.

Johnson, John L., (Edith M.), warp twister, h. over 9 English.

Johnson, John M., (Josie), laborer, h. 26 Dickerson.

Johnson, John O., (Arlouine M.), pressman, 14-16 West 2d, h. 307 Price.

Johnson, John O., (Emma), laborer, h. 121 Weeks.

Johnson, John Oscar, (Anna L.), piano maker, h. 311 Allen.

Johnson, John P., cabinet maker, bds. 574 Allen.

Johnson, John P., casemaker, bds. 230 East Buffalo.

Johnson, John P., (Caroline C ), retired, h. 15 Peterson.

Johnson, John P., (Alice), carpenter, h. 221 Price.

Johnson, John W., rms. over 116 Water.

Johnson, John W., (Mary A.), h. 39 Marvin.

Johnson, Jonas, contractor, r. 100 Hazzard.

Johnson, Jonas E., (Tillie)—Anchor Furniture Co., 14 Holmes, h. 142 Forest ave.

Johnson, Jonas P., (Christine), farmer, h. 340 Willard.

Johnson, Jonas P., (Eva), lumberman, h. over 344 Bowen.

Johnson & Jones—Carl F. Johnson and Carl A. Jones—meat market, 121 Willard..

Johnson, J. Pete, (Lena),fireman,J. C. & L. E. Ry., h. 84 Marvin.

Johnson, Joseph, apprentice machinist, bds. 18 Water.

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