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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Johnson, Joseph, woodworker, bds. 15 Cowden place.

Johnson, Josephine, operative, r. 224 Crescent.

Johnson, Juan, (Betty), stationary engineer, h. 118 King.

Johnson, Judith, domestic, 522 East 2d.

Johnson, Julia, clerk, 205 Main, r. 42 Mechanic.

Johnson, Julius, (Ticla),finisher,h. 429 Allen.

Johnson, Julius R., woodworker, r. 15 Peterson.

Johnson, J. V., Mrs., millinery, 211 West 3rd, h. 210 West 4th.

Johnson, J. Victor, (M. Rebecca), printer, 19 Steele, h. 210 West 4th.

Johnson & Kelly—Mrs. A. F. Kelly and Mrs. Clara A. Johnson—millinery, 38 Charles, h. do.

Johnson, L. J., commercial traveler, r. 216 Fulton.

Johnson, Lawrence.textile worker, r. 246 Hazzard.

Johnson, Lawrence E., (Agnes A.), machinist, r. 6 Walnut.

Johnson, Leander, (Helga J.), piano maker, h. 142 Prospect.

Johnson, Lena, textile worker, bds. 8 Short Eagle.

Johnson, Lena, stenographer, 210 Pine, r. 147 Barrett.

Johnson, Lena, cook, 337 East 5th.

Johnson, Leonard, (Jessie)—Lundquist & Johnson, 208 Pine—h. over 201 East 2d.

Johnson, Leonard, cloth inspector, r. 50 Water.

Johnson, Lewis G., laborer, r. 21 Cowden place.

Johnson, Lillian, r. 367 Baker.

Johnson, Lillian A., stenographer, over 101 West 3rd, r. 383 Baker.

Johnson, Lillian F., r. 703 Lafayette.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

Always b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 255 Johnson, Lillie V., weaver, r. 330 Allen.

Johnson, Linea, chamber maid, 13-23 South Main.

Johnson, Lloyd, cabinet maker, bds. 143-151 Fairmount ave.

Johnson, Lotta, widow Peter, h. 216 Bowen.

Johnson, Louis J., (Augusta M.), clerk, 109-111 Main, r. 619 West 7th.

Johnson, Louisa A., waitress, 13-23 South Main, r. do.

Johnson, Louise, widow Felix, h. 41 Grant.

Johnson, Ludwig, (Hilda), woodworker, h. over 12 Sampson.

Johnson, Mabel, drawer, r. 5 Camp.

Johnson, Mabel, weaver, bds. over 24 Derby.

Johnson, Mabel S., spinner, bds. 494 English.

Johnson, Manley E., (Agnes), Boston Store, dry goods and notions, 201-203 East 2d, h. 921 Main.

Johnson, Mariah, widow William, h. 40 Barrows.

Johnson, Marion, widow Levi, h. 617 Washington.

Johnson, Markham, carpenter, r. 520 Palmer.

Johnson, Martha, milliner, r. 246 Hazzard.

Johnson, Martin, blacksmith, bds. 34 Foote ave.

Johnson, Martin, (Sophia), band sawyer, h. 448 Chandler.

Johnson, Martin J., (Anna), blacksmith, 15 Forest ave., h. 120-122 East 2d.

Johnson, Martin O., grocer, 324 Newland ave., h. 200 Prospect.

Johnson, Mary, Mrs., housekeeper, Fluvanna ave.

Johnson, Mary, widow Lewis H., weaver, h. 324 Forest.

Johnson, Mary, Mrs., h. 756 East 2nd.

Johnson, Mary, Mrs., day work, r. 407 Cherry.

Johnson, Mary, cook, 509 Prendergast ave.

Johnson, Mary, aristo worker, r. 1076 East 2d.

Johnson, Mary C, widow John, r. 482 Willard.

Johnson, Mary J;, widow Samuel, h. 300 Winsor.

Johnson, Matilda, domestic, 44 Lake View ave.

Johnson, Matilda, widow John, domestic, r. 819 Newland ave.

Johnson, Matilda, weaver, r. over 529 Allen.

Johnson, Maude, r. 57 Fairmount ave.

Johnson, Milton, J. S. Ry. conductor, bds. 105 West 2d.

Johnson, Milton M., (Anna), machinist, h. over 211 Crescent.

Johnson, Minnie, textile worker, bds. 60 Harrison.

Johnson, Minnie, textile worker, r. 125 Stowe.

Johnson, Minnie, domestic, 929 Main.

Johnson, Minnie, domestic 38 Lake View ave.

Johnson, Minnie, r. over 101 East 2d.

Johnson, M. Maud, clerk, 31 Main, r. 101 East 2d.

Johnson, Nannie, operative, bds. 38 Sampson.

Johnson, N. August, (Christine), night watchman, h. 125 StowvJ.

Johnson, N. August, (Hannah), laborer, h. 81 Tower.

Johnson, Nellie, bds. 60 Harrison.

Johnson, Nellie R., cloth mender, r. 330 Allen.

Building Supplies of all kinds. L. F- SHEDD.

Call u p N o. 3 3 for C l o t h i n g a n d Furnishings 256 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Johnson, Nels, (Anna), laborer, h. 35 Morton.

Johnson, Nelson A., machinist, r. 411 Barrett.

Johnson, Nelson E., (Mary A.), dentist, rm. 30 N e w Gifford bldg., h. do.

Johnson, Nettie, mill hand, r. 16 Lincoln.

Johnson, N. Oscar, (Emma)—Anchor Furniture Co., 14 Holmes—h. 309 Winsor.

Johnson, O. John, (Sophia), laborer, h. 400 Allen.

Johnson, Olof, (Louise), retired, h. under 32 Kinney.

Johnson, Olive E., student,r. 39 Marvin.

Johnson, Oliver O.,finisher,bds. 31 Holman.

Johnson, Oliver R., student, r. 210 Chandler.

Johnson, Olof, (Clara A.), tailor, h. 38 Charles.

Johnson, Oscar, spring setter, r. 1014 Newland ave.

Johnson, Oscar, textile worker, r. 54 Water.

Johnson, Oscar, (Signe), machine hand, h. 15 Cowden place.

Johnson, Oscar, clerk, r. Fluvanna ave.

Johnson, Oscar, carpenter, r. 45 Chapin.

Johnson, Oscar, machine hand, r. 104 Sampson.

Johnson, Oscar, (Eva), woodworker, h. 114 Stowe.

Johnson, Oscar A., textile worker, r. 825 Newland ave.

Johnosn, Oscar A., (Esther A.), warp dresser, h. 108% Chandler.

Johnson, Oscar D., laborer, bds. 5 Camp.

Johnson, Oscar F., (Augusta), supt. Johnson Ice & Coal Co., 602-610 West 8th, h. 711 do.

Johnson, Oscar F., grocer, 207 West 3rd, h. 850 Main.

Johnson, Oscar F., r. 221 Price.

Johnson, Oscar F., bookkeeper, r. 133 Prospect.

Johnson, Oscar T., (Alma), furniture packer, h. 635 Prendergast ave.

Johnson, Otto, (Helga), carpenter, h. Ill King.

Johnson, Otto, (Nettie), employed 20 Winsor, h. over 29 Palmer.

Johnson, Paul, (Otelia), metal worker, h. over 225 Barrows.

Johnson, Paul, cabinet maker, bds. 8 Webster.

Johnson, Pearl, r. 19 Prospect ave.

Johnson, Perl A., (Grace), laborer, h. over 5 Taylor.

Johnson, Peter, (Pauline),fireman,h. 18 Whitley ave.

Johnson, Peter A., (Hannah), carpenter, h. 134 King.

Johnson, Peter J, (Matilda), machine hand, h. 247 Willard.


Johnson, Peter J., stonemason, h. over 52 Pearl ave.

Johnson, Peter M., (Albertina C ), clerk, 203 Main, h. 57 Fairmount ave.

Johnson-Prather Co., (The)—Everett D. Johnson, John H. Prather—real estate, over 101 East 3rd.

Johnson, Ralph A., (Angie T.), aristo worker, h. 226 Allen.

Johnson, Ray S., driver, r. 168 Allen.

Johnson, Richard, night clerk, 119-121 East 2d.

Johnson, Richard, laborer, bds. 224 Broadhead ave.

Johnson, Richard A., student, r. 115 Prospect.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Furnaces.

The Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 257 Johnson, Richard E.—Smith & "Johnson, over 14 East 3rd—h. Ill East 2d.

Johnson,' Ricker, (Hannah), painter, h. over 628 Barrows.

Johnson, Robert L., driver, r. 617 Washington.

Johnson, Roy C, upholsterer, bds. 315 Warren.

Johnson, Ruby, sorter, r. 6 Walnut.

Johnson, Ruth E. H., clerk, 212 Main, r. 50 Grant.

Johnson, Sagred, student, r. 246 Hazzard.

Johnson, Sallie, piece mender.r. 243 Willard.

Johnson, Samuel, (Alma), cabinet maker, h. 26 Columbia ave.

Johnson, Samuel A., (Christine),finisher,h. 50 Water.

Johnson, Samuel M., (Elizabeth), stable attendant, 228 East 2d, h. over do.

Johnson, Sarah J, dressmaker, 106 Crosby, h. do.


Johnson, Selma.domestic, 405 Spring.

Johnson, Selma, widow John, drawer, h. under 29 Wescott.

Johnson, Selma A., twister, bds. 562 Allen.

Johnson, Selma V., bookkeeper, 129 J. &.G. ave., r. 574 Allen.

Johnson, Signa, domestic, r. 800 East 2d.

Johnson, Sophia, Mrs., char woman, h. over 912 Newland ave.

Johnson, Stella V., teacher, r. 115 Prospect.

Johnson, Swan, r. 17 Valley.

Johnson, Swan, (Lena), painter, h. 8 Webster.

Johnson, Swan A., (Alice), employed Allen Ext, h. 368 Willard.

Johnson, Swan F., (Matilda).laborer, h. 247 Crescent.

Johnson, Swenberg, widow John P., r. 824 Newland ave.

Johnson Table Co.—President, D. W. Alsdorf; vice pres., Fred A. Johnson;

sec. and treas., A. F. Jenks—167 J. & G. ave.

Johnson, T. Raymond, spring setter, r. 14 Barrows.

Johnson, Theodore, mason helper, bds. 1109 Newland ave.

Johnson, Theodore, bds. 8 Metallic ave.

Johnson, Theodore, (Christena), retired, h. 10 Peterson.

Johnson, Therese, music teacher, bds. 507 East 2d.

Johnson, Thomas W., (Ellen Y.), embosser, h. 132 Barrows.

Johnson, Tilda, domestic, 547 Lake View ave.

Johnson-Truesdell Co.—estate of Robert H. Johnson and William H. Truesdell —wholesale and retail liquors, 101 Main.

Johnson, Ulrika S., domestic, 14 West 4th.

Johnson, Victor, laborer, J. S. Ry., r. 121 Chapman.

Johnson, Victor, (Anna), lumber handler, h. over 32 Pearl ave.

Johnson, Victor C, (Amelia), stationary engineer, h. 21 Park.

Johnson, Victor C, (Isabel S.), clerk, 210 Main, h. 600 East 2d.

Johnson, Victor E., (Mertina), metal worker, h. 4 Short Eagle.

Johnson, Victor J. (Hannah), sewer inspector, h. 109 Forest.


Johnson, Victoria, r. over 101 East 2d.

Johnson, Virginia E., clerk, 202 Main, r. 263 Forest ave.

Johnson, Walfred, laborer, r. 332 Forest ave.

Johnson, William, laborer, r. 7 Todd ave.


T w o cutters in C u s t o m D e p t. at P R O U D F I T ' S 25"8 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Johnson, William, painter, Lake View Rose Gardens, rms. over 8 S. Main.

Johnson, William, (Josephena), employed 105 Winsor, h. 763 East 2d.

Johnson, William A., (Eva C ), flagman Erie R. R., h. 22 Peterson.

Johnson, William G., (Annabel S.), h. 123 Hamilton.

Johnson, William O., carpenter, r. 19 Park.

Johnson, William R., (Jessie C.)—Johnson Bros. & Prather, over 101 East 3rd — h. Falconer.

Johnson, Winfred, clerk, 38 Main, bds. 16 West 5th.

Johnston, Andrew W., (Sophie C ), employed 95 J. & G. ave., h. 205 Fenton.

Johnston, Axel, woodworker, bds. 53 Prospect ave.

Johnston, Annie S., spinner, r. 205 Fenton.

Johnston, Axel, woodworker, bds. 53 Prospect ave.

Johnston, Florence G., music teacher, r. 13 Fulton.

Johnston, Jennie, spinner, r. 205 Fenton.

Johnston, Kate McKeen, r. Ill East 5th.

Johnston, Mary Yates, widow Dennis, h. 13 Fulton.

Johnston, Siddeth, (Selman A.), farmer, r. 724 Camp.

Johnston, William A., (Annie), turner, h. over 12 Willard.

Johnston, William S., carver, 101 Harrison, bds. over 14 Willard.

Jonas, John P., cabinet maker, bds. 574 Allen.

Jones, Adelia M., widow Richard S., h. 260 Marvin.

Jones, Adeline H., h. 414 Winsor.

Jones, Adolph, woodworker, r. 1018 Newland ave.

Jones, Albert, woodworker, bds. 827 Cherry.

Jones, Albert, student, r. 12 Fulton place.

Jones, Albert C, (Emma), bartender, h. 107 Stowe.

Jones, Albert M., (Jennie), boots and shoes, 117 East 2d, h. over do.

Jones, Albin, woodworker, r. 1018 Newland ave.

Jones, Alfred N., (Anna), machine hand, h. 40 Pearl ave.

Jones, Alta, bookkeeper and stenographer, 131 Institute, r. 46 Prospect ave.

Jones, Amel, furniture packer, r. 1018 Newland ave.

Jones, Amel J, (Hilda C ), cabinet maker, h. over 10 Hedges ave.


Jones, Amil C,finisher,r. 403 Baker.

Jones,. Andrew A"., stonemason, h. 403 Baker.

Jones, Andrew P., (Sophia), h. over 113 East 2d.

Jones, Anna, weaver, r. 1018 Forest ave.

Jones, Anna, widow Levi, r. 819 Lafayette.

Jones, Anna M., widow Samuel, h. 231 Steele.

Jones, Arthur, messenger boy, bds. 217 Johnson ave.

Jones, August, (Amanda), machine hand, h. 11 Garfield.

Jones, August J, (Hulda A.), carpenter, h. over 52 Vega.


Jones, August T., (Hilda), foreman, h. 118 Palmer.

Jones, Augusta E., r. 403 Baker.

Jones, Augusta M., r. 862 Main.

Jones, Augustus N., retired, bds. 862 Main.

Jones, Austin A., (Mattie S.), h. 303 West 4th.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves a n d Housefurnishings.

Cloaks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.


Jones, Axel R., (Selma), painter, h. 101 Kipp.

Jones, Axel C, woodworker, bds. 207 Barrows.

Jones & Audette—Edward F. Jones and Charles L. Audette—dry goods and carpets, 2-6 East 2d.

Jones, Burton J., machinist, bds. 125 Stowe.

Jones, Bertha, dining room girl, 119-121 East 2nd.

Jones, Bessie A., r. 103 Allen.

Jones, Bessie B., employed over 12 East 3rd, r. 27 Forest ave.,flatD.

Jones block, 113-121 East 2d.

Jones, Cap, laborer, bds. 10 Steele.

Jones, Carl A., (Selma M.)—Johnson & Jones, 121 Willard—h. 288 do.

Jones, Charles, coachman, r. 110 Forest ave.

Jones, Charles, carpenter, rms. 24 Center.

Jones, Charles, student, r. over 113 East 2nd.

Jones, Charles, (Belle), plumber, h. 112 Lincoln.

Jones, Charles A.—J. A. and C. A. Jones, 2 Main—h. over 5 do.

Jones, Charles A., (Christina S.), gluer, h. 1018 Newland ave.

Jones, Charles E., (Alma), piano maker, h. over 16 Bowen.

Jones, Charles F., (Augusta), h. over 245 Willard.

Jones, Charles F., (Lydia L.), mill hand, h. over 12 Crown.

Jones, Charles J., (Christina M.), watchman, h. 103 Allen.

Jones, Charles J., woodworker, r. 1018 Newland ave.

Jones, Charles W., (Augusta C ), insurance, room 5 over 12 West 3rd, h. 107 Maple.

Charles W. Jones


–  –  –

Jones, Clara R., dressmaker, r. 40 Flagg ave.

Jones, Clarence, shoemaker, h. 302 Barrett., Jones, Claude W., student, r. 213 East 3rd.

Jones, Clayton M., r. over 113 East 2d.

Jones, Clement B., (Mary P.), city clerk, City Hall,h. over 201 East 2d.

Jones, Corrinne E., widow Owen, h. 40 Prospect ave.

Jones, C. Oscar, (Josephine), clerk, 109-111 East 2d, r. 42 Hazzard.

Jones, Cyrus E., (Minnie B.), capitalist, h. Ashville ave., R. F. D., (Celoron).

Jones, Delbert C, (Effie), clerk, 119 West 3rd, h. over 117 Lincoln.

Jones, Dillard A., (Gertrude), electrician, h. 75 Prospect.

Jones, Dorothy A., student, r. 9 Foote ave.

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