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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Kent, William L., (Maude), milk dealer, h. 16 South Hallock.

Kenyon, Blanche, twister, bds. 122 Stewart ave.

Kenyon, Edward L., (Elizabeth), retired, h. 68 Rathbone.

Kepler, Code, photographer, r. 27 Marvin.

Kepler, Edgar A., (Sadie J.), photographer, 27 Marvin, h. do.

Kepler, Sarah M., widow T. H., dressmaker, 27 Marvin, r. do.

Kerrin, Ada F., r. 410 Main.

Kerrin, John T., (Ellen M.), rector St. Luke's church, h. 410 Main.

Kershaw, Rhoda, widow Jacob, r. 20 Forest ave.

Kestler, Esther, domestic, 156 Forest ave.

Kestler, Valentine, (Adaline), brewer, 612-620 West 8th, h. 26 Outlet.

Ketchum, Clarence W., lineman, r. 2 Falconer.

Ketchum, Everett H., (Clara), paper and stationery, 26 Main, h. 141 Warren.

Kettle, Arthur W., attorney-at-law, room 10 over 219 Main, bds. 222 Winsor.

Keyes, George W., (Mary A.), driver, h. 321 Palmer.

Kibling, Augustus, retired, r. 6 Crescent.

Kibling, Fred G., (M. Alice), machinist, h. 6 Crescent.

Kidd, Thomas, (Mary Ella), warp dresser, h. 36 Regent.

Kidd, William, laborer, r. 32 Regent.

Kidder, Eleanor, widow Samuel, h. 138 Warren.

Kidder, Fannie, r. 138 Warren.

Kilbow, Margrette, Mrs., weaver, r. 4 Orchard.

Kilborn, Rose, Mrs., r. 40 Victoria ave.

Kilburn, C. Harvey, (Alice M.), optician, 104 East 3rd, h. 539 East 5th.

Kiley, Belle E., clothfinisher,r. 119 Barrows.

Kiley, Edward, (S. Annie), wool sorter, h. 119 Barrows.

Kiley, Joseph C, r. 119 Barrows.

Killen, Frances H., teacher, bds. 552 West 3rd.

Kilmer, Kathrine, Mrs., h. over 118 East 3rd.

Kilpatrick, Annie, weaver, r. 5 Appleyard place.

Kilpatrick, John, (Mary), agent, 13 Gokey blk., h. 5 Appleyard place.

Kilpatrick, John, r. 5 Appleyard place.


Children's Suits. $ 1. 5 0 to $ 8 at PROUDFIT'S 266 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Kilroy, John, porter, 7-11 West 1st.

Kilstrom, Esther, domestic, 207 Foote ave.

Kimball, Allen B., (Julia A.), laborer, h. 110 Water.

Kimball, Frances L., r. Hunt road.

Kimball, James R., (Lottie), supt. of submissions, 95 J. & G. ave., h. 409 Lake View ave.

Kimball, Maurice P., laborer, h. Hunt road.

Kimball, Millie P., dressmaker, r. 152 Allen.

Kimberly, Clinton F., (Emma), laborer, h. 734 East 2d.

Kimberly, Mary, widow Edwin, h. 734 East 2d.

Kinander, Fred,finisher,bds. 16 Johnson.

King, Adam, (Caroline), retired, h. 207 Palmer.

King, Albert E., (Emrilla), carpenter, h. 22 Marvin.

King, Benjamin P., (Helen A.), carpenter, h. 74 Rathbone.

King, Charles S., agent, bds. 9 South Thayer.

King, Clara B., teacher, r. 33 Linden ave.

King, Clarence W., (Edna S.), contractor, h. 604 Palmer.

King, Earl C, r. 604 Palmer.

King, Ernest E., (Edith F.), shipping clerk, h. 16 Alpaca.

King, F. Earl, draughtsman, r. over 72 Rathbone.

King, Flora, r. 8 Center.

King, George, (Ella), carpenter, h. Lake View ave., Ext.

King, George, woolsorter, r. 8 Center.

King, Grant, (Jennie), carpenter, h. 50 Dickerson.

King, Harold, r. 8 Center.

King, Hattie M., widow Frank, h. over 72 Rathbone.

King, James W., (Zillah), loomfixer, h. 6y2 Center.

King, James W., (Clara E.), dyer, h. 8 Center.

King, John A., (Kittie), drayman^ h. 207 Palmer.

King, J. Wells, (Margaret M.), asst. cashier 1st National Bank, 222 Main, h. 432 East 6th.

King, Lida, Mrs., h. room 81 Allen Square bldg.

King, Lottie L., r. 22 Marvin.

King, Merle W., r. 604 Palmer.

King, Roscoe, drayman,r. 207 Palmer.

King, S. Harry, (Ethel M.), agt. 1 Main, h. 8 Adam.

King, Sidney E., (Charlotta), h. Ashville ave., beyond city limits.

King, Tom, textile worker, r. 8 Center.

King, William E., ( E m m a F.), attorney-at-law, 28-30 Wellman bldg., 101 West 3rd, h. 612 Cherry.

Kingan, Will J., rose grower, Lake View Rose Gardens, bds. Wellman ave., (Celoron).

Kingman, Charles H., teacher, r. 215 Fulton.

Kingman, J. Franklin, (Florence V.), carpenter, h. 215 Fulton.

Kingman, Ruby, student, r. 215 Fulton.

Kinne, Fred B., (Lizzie), clerk, 120 East 3rd, r. 35 West 9th.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Furnaces.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.


Kinney, Bridget, housekeeper, r. 208 Cherry.

Kinney, Martin, (Mary), bookkeeper, h. 40 Kent.

Kinsel, Maggie, textile worker, r. over 394 Falconer.

Kinsel, Mina, telephone operator, r. over 394 Falconer.

Kinsel, William, clerk, r. over 394 Falconer.

Kinsel, William, (Mary), bartender, h. over 394 Falconer.

Kirkpatrick, William, (Lenna), supt, 38-46 Winsor, h. 60 Broadhead ave.

Kistler, Samuel D., (Alice), motorman, h. 7 Rush.

Klaim, Anna C, seamstress, r. 152 Park.

Klaim, James C, (Anna), carpenter, h. 152 Park.

Klaim, Mary, seamstress, r. 152 Park.

Klaim, Tena, textile worker, r. 152 Park.

Klarquist, Fritz, (Edith), metal worker, h. 15 Valley.

Klayton, Belle, bds. Ill East 6th.

Klayton, Nellie, Mrs., bds. Ill East 6th.

Klayton, William, metal worker, bds. Ill East 6th.

Kleinsang, Henry, (Alta), tinner, h. 150 Lakin ave.

Kleinsang, Henry C. J., (Dora), tinner, h. 820 Lafayette.

Kleinsang, Paul, metal worker, r. 820 Lafayette.

Kleist, Betsey T., widow John, h. 64 Broadhead ave.

Kleist, Charles G., ( E m m a ), lumber hand, h. 26 Victoria ave.

Kleist, Gust A., laborer, r. 64 Broadhead ave.

Kling, Alfred, spring setter, r. 1026 Newland ave.

Kling, Andrew, (Amanda), upholsterer, h. 322 Forest.

Kling, Charles A., (Selma), finisher, h. over 1026 Newland ave.

Kling, E m m a, weaver, r. 1026 Newland ave.

Kling, Frank I., (Hilda), foreman, h. 233 Hazzard.

Kling, Gust A., (Amelia), upholsterer, h. 28 Lake.

Kling, Hazel, clerk, 16-18 West 3rd, r. 320 Forest ave.

Kling, Henry,finisher,r. 1026 Newland ave.

Kling, John, (Carrie), carpenter, h. 1026 Newland ave.

Kling, Matilda A., widow C. Alfred, r. 208 Benedict.

Klingstedt, John L., (Matilda S.), tailor, 149 Allen, h. do.

Klingstedt, V. William, apprentice, r. 149 Allen.

Klock, Adelbert, (Catherine), carpenter, h. 5 13th.

Klock, Carrie E., Mrs., seamstress, h. 42 Rathbone.

Klock, Charles G., telegraph operator, r. 42 Rathbone.

Klock, Iva C, r. 42 Foote ave.

Klock, Laura, widow Gleason F., h. 32 Kent.

Klock, Millard, carpenter, r. 32 Kent.

Klock, Milton E., (May), carpenter, h. 1018 Main.

Klumbach, William E., (Verna), custom cutter, 208 Main, h. 424 Winsor.

Klumpp &Cole—Joseph W. Klumpp and Pardon H. Cole—saloon, under 217 Main.

Klumpp, Joseph W., (Caroline)—Klumpp & Cole, under 217 Main—h. 104 Harrison.

Cedar Shingles, Lath and Plaster==L. F. SHEDD.


Klumpp & Cole, painters, rooms under 217 Main.

Knapp, Anna, widow John, r. 508 East 5th.

Knapp, Elizabeth J., clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 536 do.

Knapp, Fayette A., (Fannie E.), dentist, over 209 Main, h. 316 West 3rd.

Knapp, Fern, student, r. 536 East 2d.

Knapp, James, (Ellen), real estate, h. 848 Main.

Knapp, Laura, Mrs., h. 8 % Cheney.

Knapp, Lewis D., r. 848 Main.

Knapp, Martha A., dressmaker, h. 315 West 8th.

Knapp, Mary, widow Hiram, h. 536 East 2d.

Knapp, Saylor. H., (Grace), traveling salesman, h. 230 Crosby.

Knapp, William H., (Mary E.), clerk, 109 East 3rd, h. 24 Ashville ave.

Knight, Albert R., (Helen), packer, h. 8 Fulton place.

Knight, Emily, widow Walter D., grocery, 150 Foote ave., h. do.

Knight, Fred, laborer, (Augusta), h. 4 Rowley place.

Knight, Harriet, bds. 8 Fulton place.

Knight, Robert, (Margaret), Erie Tel. operator, h. 441 Winsor.

Knights of the Maccabees hall, over 101 East 3rd.

Knights of Pythias hall, 101-107. South Main.

Knorr, Clara, Mrs., cook, r. 10 Cleveland place.

Knorr, George, (Lena), laundryman, 10 Cleveland place, h. do.

Knorr, George H., (Rose), grocer, 615 Main, h. 10 Cleveland place.

Knorr, John A., (Margaret), barber, 222 Main, h. 708 Washington.

Knorr, Joseph R., upholsterer, r. 912 Main.

Knorr, Martin, (Eva), harness maker, h. 912 Main.

Knowles, Eva, telephone operator, r. 7 Williams.

Knowle's, James, (Elizabeth), twister, h. 7 Williams.

Knowles, Sadie, stock clerk, r. 7 Williams.

Knowlton, Anna, student, r. 515 East 8th.

Knowlton, Bernice, clerk, 16 Main, r. over 800 do.

Knowlton, Delroy B., mattress maker, h. over 800 Main.

Knowlton, Etta, widow Frank, h. over 800 Main.

Knowlton," Inez, r. 515 East 8th.

Knowlton, William A., (Rachel I.), grocer, 119 West 3rd, h. 515 East 8th.

Knox, John A., clerk, 7-11 West 1st, r. do.

Knox, S. H. & Co., R. P. Tolle, mgr., 5 and 10 cent store, 204 Main.

Knupp, Daisy M., student, r. 542 Lake View ave.

Knupp, Edward C, (Maud), com'l traveler, h. 542 Lake View ave.

Knupp, Hazel, student, r. 542 Lake View ave.

Knutson, Nels, (Anna), laborer, h. 23 Delaware ave.

Knutzer, Arvid, machinist, bds. 220 Bowen.

Kochersperg,, Clara, widow Charles, r. 110 Lake View ave.

Koehl block, 17-19 Steele.

Koehl, George W., (Ida M.), conductor, Erie R. R., h. Ashville ave., R. F. D., (Celoron).

Koehl, Margaret, widow Fred, r. 17 West 8th.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Roofing and Building Papers.

Always b u y your D r y G o o d s of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 269 Koehl, William, (Catherine)—The William Koehl Co., 17-19 Steele—h. 17 West 8th.

Koehl, William Co., (The)—William Koehl, pres and treas., E. Earl Carpenter, secy.—paper box mfg. and printing, 17-19 Steele.

Koerner, Henry, (Rosalia), upholsterer, h. 864 Spring.

Kofod, Anna, domestic, 417 Spring.

Kofod, Arthur J., (Hulda), carver, h. 185 Barrows.

Kofod, Fred, (Lena), weaver, h. 445 Winsor.

Kofod, George A., (Christine), metal worker, h. 1007 Main.

Kofod, Herman, machine hand, bds. 109 Kidder.

Kofod, James L., (Petra), livery and transient barn, 3 Race, h. over do.

Kofod, John A., (Dora M.), employed 3 Race, h. 35 Charles.

Kofod, John J., (Louise), confectionery, under 120 Willard, h. do.

Kofod, Julia, domestic, r. 31 Linden ave.

Kofod, Louis A., (Hansina), painter, 5 East 1st, h. 3 Lake.

Kofod, May, domestic, 121 Lake View ave.

Kofod, Peter, (Anna), teamster, h. 43 Charles.

Kohlbacher, Fred M., cigarmaker, r. 23 Derby.

Kohlbacher, George J., (Ida), sidewalk inspector, h. 18 King.

Kohlbacher, Henry, (Helen M.),finisher,h. 23 Derby.

Kohlbacher, Henry, Jr., (Minnie), bartender, r. 114 King.

Kohlbacher, William C, cigarmaker, r. 23 Derby.

Kohman, Fred W., (Katherine), hotel clerk, 13-23 West 3rd, r. do.

Kolber, John L., (Anna), baker, h. 857 Main.

Roller, William I., (Etta), jeweler and optician, 27 Main, n. 105 Hazzard.

Kopf, Edward F., (Emma), blacksmith, h. 11 West 9th.

Kopf, Fred, blacksmith, bds. 11 West 9th.

Kordenbrock, Fred, operative, r. 450 Warren.

Kordenbrock, Katherine, operative, r. 450 Warren.

Kordenbrock, Mary, widow Fred, h. 450 Warren.

Kordenbrock, Nora, operative, r. 450 Warren.

Kosthorst, Anthony B., (Estella), laborer, h. 354 Baker.

Kosthorst, Edward J., dyer, r. 354 Baker.

Kosthorst, E m m a H., mill hand, r. 354 Baker.

Kosthorst, Henry J., (Johannah F.), laborer, h. 354 Baker.

Kosthorst, Henry M., laborer, r. 354 Baker.

Kostlevy, Charles, (Lena), cableman, h. 1145 Prendergast ave.

Kraft, Oscar, laborer, bds. 62 Water.

Krantz, Alfred, laborer, bds. 118 Catlin ave.

Krantz, Charles G., (Marion), station master, Erie depot, h. 241 Sprague.

Krantz, Signa, domestic, 13-23 South Main.

See also Crantz.

Krentz, Carl A., tailor, bds over 151 Foote ave.

Kreps, Richard, (Grace), machinist, h. 6 Orchard.

Krieger, Henry T., (Emily), mgr. Union Lumber Co., 41 Shearman place, h.

630 Lake View ave.

CLEAN COAL. L. F. SHEDD. Both Phones.



Kroenlein, Leonard G., (Josephine), baker, h. 39 Harrison.

Krone, Fred, (Lena), h. 34 Rathbone.

Kruger, Carl, electrician, bds. 217 Warren.

Kruse, John, laborer, h. under 224 Steele.

Kullberg, John A., (Christina), laborer, h. over 179 Barrows.

Kullins, Libbie, h. 412 Monroe.

LaDow, Cora, Mrs., cook, r. 16 Dickerson.

LaDow, O. Henry, clerk, P. O., r. 43 West 9th.

LaDow, Susie, r. 16 Dickerson.

LaDue, William T., (Hortense), band sawyer, h. 45 Barrett.

Lafey, John G., (Mary J.), laborer, h. Jones _ Gifford ave.

LaForce, William M., (Mary), foreman, h. 380 Foote ave.

Lager, A. Gust, (Tilda S.), lumber handler, h. over 29 Kinney.

Lager, Arthur L., band sawyer, r. 26 Chapin.

Lager, Charles P., (Ida L.)—Manbert & Lager, 3 N e w Gifford bldg.—h. 26 Chapin.

Lagerdahl, Clara, widow Carl J., dressmaker, h. 31 Cedar ave.

Lagerdahl, David E., actor, r. 31 Cedar ave.

Lagergren, Carrie, boxmaker, r. 22 Sampson.

Lagergren, Enoch, plumber, r. 22 Sampson.

Lagergren, Joseph, U. S. Navy, r. 22 Sampson.

Lagergren, Lena, widow Andrew, h. 22 Sampson.

Lagerleaf, Gust, laborer, bds. 953 East 2d.

Lagerquist, Axel, (Amelia), carpenter, h. 225 Prospect.

Lagerquist, Gust A., (Amanda), metal worker, h. over 157 Allen.

Laggerquist, Ellen, widow Charles, weaver, h. 113 Crescent, Lahr, Martha, mill hand, bds. 614 East 2d.

Lahn, Ray, musician, rms. 415 West 3rd.

Laidler, Martha, teacher, r. 1281 Main.

Laidler, Mary H., teacher, h. 1281 Main.

Laing, William, barber, rms. over 103 South Main.

Laird, Mary, widow David, charwoman, r. over 298 East 2d.

Lake, Charles J, (Addie M.), h. 131 Hall ave.


Lake, Clara M., r. 31 Hall ave.

Lake, Clarence H., (Belle E.),financialclerk, P. O., h. over 21 West 2d.

Lake House—Henry Hotchkiss, propr.—635'West 8th.

Lake, Howard C, r. over 21 West 2d.

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