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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Lake View Cemetery Association, Robert N. Marvin, pres., L. L. Mason, secy., 217 Main.

Lake View Rose Gardens, A. N. Broadhead, prop., Woodworth ave., (Celoron), office 304 Main.

Lakewood Ice Co., E. L. Frisbee, pres., 602-610 West 8th.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

Ihe Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.


Lakin, Elizabeth S., widow Henry O., r. 605 Ashville ave.

Lakin, Henry J, r. 605 Ashville ave.


j_akin, Luther S., Sr., (Ella A.), real estate, h. 605 Ashville ave.

Lakin, Luther S., Jr., Field Oil & Gas Co., 12 West 2d, r. 605 Ashville ave.

Lakin, Martha E., widow Edward, r. 213 Clinton.

Lamac, John, wood carver, bds. 4-6 South Main.

Lambert, Robert F., retired, r. 32 Ashville ave.

Lammers, Edward F., (Jennie), shipping clerk, 38 Winsor, h. 103 Hazzard.

Lammers, Garret H., (Bedelia), retired, h. 20 West 10th.

Lammers, Harry J., meat cutter, r. 202 Barrett.

Lammers, Henry B., retired, h. 202 Barrett.

Lammers, Lucius W., switchman, Erie R. R., r. 202 Barrett.

Lamson, S. Wright, (Jennie), mechanic, h. 325 Warren.

Lancaster, James, (Johanna), teamster, h. right and west side Johnson ave.

Lancaster, Lizzie, cook, r. over 14 East 3rd.

Landberg, Catherine, operator, r. 11 Park.

Landberg, Edward, (Ellen), dyer, h. 11 Park.

Landein, Joseph A., (Josephine), woodworker, h. 12 Barrows.

Landers, Anna, widow Stephen, r. 38 Flagg ave.

Landes, Henry C, (Cora S.), machine hand, h. 366% Foote ave.

Landfried, Kittie, dressmaker, h. 321 Main.

Landon, A. Jesse, (Julia), wallpaper, 561 East 2d, h. 563 do.

Landon, A. J, Mrs., home baking, 561 East 2d.


Landquist, Oscar T., (Edith E.), woodworker, bds. 725 Camp.

Landrigan, Elizabeth, widow John, h. 718 Foote ave.

Landrigan, John, (Philomena), piece inspector, h. 10 Franklin.

Landrigan, Mary, r. 718 Foote ave.

Landry, Agnes, r. 64 Water.

Landry, Edward W., (Florence J.), conductor, Erie R. R., h. 64 Water.

Lane, Andrew J, (Ellen E.), sawyer, h. 106 Barrett.


Lane, Mertie, widow Grant A., stenographer, rooms 215 West 3rd.

Lane, Minnie, teacher, r. 36 West 10th.

Lane, Thaddeus S., (Lillian P.), secy. H o m e Tel. Co., 210 Pine, h. 540 Lake View ave. / Lane, William M., laborer, r. 36 West 10th.

Langdon, Anna, teacher, rooms 12 Chandler.

Langford, Edward R., (Mary L.), jewelery repairing, over 18 West 3rd, h.

213 Clinton.

Langford, Laura, widow John, h. 503 West 3rd.

Langford, L. Alleine, r. 213 Clinton.

Langford, Mary L., r. 503 West 3rd.

Langford, Rebecca, teacher, r. 503 West 3rd.

Lannes, Andrew J, (Alada G.), fireman Federal bldg., h. 536 Allen.


Lansing, James, (Elizabeth),fireman,h. 16 Prospect ave.

Lansing, William I., (Belle M.), operative, h. 54 Allen.

Lantz, Mamie, widow Walter, h. 354 Baker.

Building Supplies of all kinds. L. F- SHEDD.

BesureyguWi^tJhe^ ^ ^ Q l o t h i n g at P R O U D F I T ' S 272 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Larmonth, Helen Mar, r. 401 East 6th.

Larmonth, James T., (Laura K.), postmaster, P. O., h. 401 East 6th.

Larry, Minnie, Mrs., h. 16 Morton.

Larson, Alfred, (Augusta), carpenter, h. 145 Barrows.

Larson, Andrew, (Charlotte), h. 112 Bowen.

Larson, Andrew, (Hilda), foreman, h. 511 Newland ave.

Larson, Andrew P., (Louisa), night watchman, h. 19 Alpaca.

Larson, Andrew J, (Matilda), carpenter and builder, h. Thayer St. Ext.


Larson, Amel, carpenter, bds. 335 Baker.

Larson, Anna, domestic, -701 East 2d.

Larson, Anna, cook, 23 South Main, r. do.

Larson, Arvid E., sander, r. 145 Barrows.

Larson, August, retired, r. 787 East 2nd.

Larson, C. Conrad, (Emma),finisher,r. 251 Colfax.

Larson, Carl E., (Ida S.), meat market, 81 Allen, h. 123 do.

Larson, Carl W., (Celia), tailor, h. 33 Charles.

Larson & Carlson—Victor J. Larson & Walfrid Carlson—merchant tailors, 36 Main.

Larson, Charles, laborer, r. 28 Hazeltine ave.

Larson, Charles, (Christine),finisher,h. 28 Hazeltine ave.

Larson, Charles J., (Maud E.),finisher,h. over 33 Tower.

Larson, Charles V., machine hand, bds. 23 Center.

Larson, Edith F., spinner, r. 117 Barrett.

Larson, Ella B., widow Berndt, r. 434 Willard.

Larson, E m m a L., domestic, r. 31 Holman.

Larson, Emily E., student, r. 231 Barrows.

Larson, Freda, domestic, r. 517 East 2nd.

Larson, Gust, operative, bds. 138 Park.

Larson, Gust, (Freda), woodworker, h. 609 English.

Larson, Gust A., (Ida),finisher,h. 50 Jones.

Larson, John, laborer, rms. 80 Allen square bldg.

Larson, John, metal worker, bds. 1246 Prendergast ave.

Larson, John A., (Emma), cabinet maker, h. 258 Broadhead ave.

Larson, Lars, (Fredrika), laborer, h.,320 Bowen.

Larson, Lars A., (Amanda S.), Nelson & Co., 44-48 Steele, h. 231 Barrows.

Larson, Magnus, retired, r. 217 East 8th.

Larson, Ole, (Christina), metal worker, h. 50 Jones.

Larson, Oscar F., (Hulda), artist, 218 East 2d, h. over 216 do.

Larson, Oscar W., laborer, r. 19 Alpaca.

Larson, Peter,finisher,bds. 246 Crescent.

Larson, Peter, (Sophie A.), milk dealer, h. 28 Jones.

Larson, Philip, warp dresser, bds. 220 Bowen.

Larson, Swan J, (Caroline E.), sash maker, h. 117 Barrett.


Larson, Victor J, (Anna)—Larson & Carlson, over 36 Main—h. over 310 Price.

Larson, Walter E„ laborer, r. 28 Jones. LaSalle, Carl, (Dena), teacher, h. 19 Crossman.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

The Largest and Best Stock of Dry G o o d s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 273 Lasgang, Mary, waitress, r. 7-11 West 1st.

Laskaris, George, teamster, bds. over 15 East 2d.

Lato, Otto, carver, r. 311 Pine.

Latten, George, bicycle repairer, 15 East 3rd, rms. 26 Fenton place.

Laudenslager, Charles A., (Elizabeth G.), glazier, h. 108 Newland ave.

Laudenslager, Harry B., bookkeeper, 109-111 Main, r. 23 East Ellicott.

Laudenslager, Torence A., (Anna M.), carpenter, h. 23 East Ellicott.

Laughlin, Donald, teamster, r. 824 Forest ave.

Laughlin, George M., teamster, r. 824 Forest ave.

Laughlin, Henry C, farmer, r. 824 Forest ave.

Laughlin, John, laborer, bds. 10 Steele.

Laughlin, Leo C, laborer, r. 824 Forest ave.

Laughlin, Mary J., Mrs., h. 824 Forest ave.

Lausterer, William J, (Julia), supt. 153 J. & G. ave., h. 19 East 9th.


Lawrence, Frank, r. 609 East 2d.

Lawrence, James A., h. 608 East 2d.

Lawrence, Mott, commercial traveler, 101 Harrison, r. 516 East 2d.

Lawrenceson, Carl,finisher,bds. 152 Chandler.

Lawson, Agnes A., twister, bds. 51 Tower.

Lawson, Agnes E., weaver, bds. 59 Tower.

Lawson, Albin,finisher,r. 335 Foote ave.

Lawson, Alex, operative, h. 258 Broadhead ave.

Lawson, Alexander, laborer, bds. 117 Catlin.

Lawson, Alfred, (Margaret), laborer, h. 45 Hickory.

Lawson, Alfred T., (Matilda), Breed-Johnson Fur. Co., 129 J. & G. ave.— h.

37 Wescott.

Lawson, Algert, tinner, r. 12 Columbia ave.

Lawson, Alice, r. 756 East 2d.

Lawson, Alida E., twister, r. 51 Tower.

Lawson, Alida, bds. 14 Johnson.

Lawson, Amanda, mender, r. Ill Hazzard.

Lawson, Amel, r. 20 Harrison.

Lawson, Amel, bds. 118 Williams.

Lawson, Amel T., bds. 432 Allen.

Lawson, Andrew E., painter, h. 51 Tower.

Lawson, Andrew J., (Hulda F.), contractor and builder, h. 18 Cedar.

Lawson, Anna, domestic, 143 Chandler.

Lawson, Anna, h. 20 Harrison.

Lawson, Anna, widow John, h. 332 Palmer.

Lawson, Anna O., r. 1009 Newland ave.

Lawson, Anton G., carpenter, r. 251 Willard.

Lawson, August, (Josephine),finisher,h. 137 Superior.

Lawson, Axel, (Hulda), machine hand, h. 339 Price.

Lawson, Axel F. T., (Clara M.), cobbler, 108 Main, h. 1009 Newland ave.

Lawson, Bertha, domestic, 501 Lake View ave.

Lawson, Carl, metal worker, bds. Prendergast ave. near Buffalo St.


LorldeVtorr Fine Custom Clothing at Proudfit's 274 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Lawson, Carl V., (Ida F.), carver, h. 393 Falconer.

Lawson, Charles, woodworker, bds. 286 Harrison.

Lawson, Charles, (Ida C ), woodworker, h. 32 Institute.

Lawson, Charles, (Jennie), foreman, h. 257 Willard.

Lawson, Charles E., (Ida), gardener, h. Walnut Grove.

Lawson, Charles A., (Eva), contractor, h. 309 Newland ave.

Lawson, Charles A., (Matilda),finisher,h. 23 Stark ave.

Lawson, Charles A., (Alice B.), com'l traveler, 10 West 3rd, r. 37 Wescott.

Lawson, Charles J,finisher,bds. 14 Johnson.


Lawson, Charles F., shoemaker, r. 1009 Newland ave.

Lawson, Charles G., (Lottie), metal worker, h. 326 Forest ave.

Lawson, Charles J, (Johanna G.), machinist, h. 59 Tower.


Lawson, Charles O., (Anna), plumber, h. Ill Hazzard.

Lawson, Charles O., (Alfreda), cabinet maker, h. 89 Hazzard.

Lawson, Charles W., (Hulda), teamster, h. 1048 Main.

Lawson, Christine, widow John, r. under 335 Foote ave.

Lawson, Clara, millhand, r. 7 Hanley.

Lawson, Clarence A., woodworker, bds. 59 Tower.

Lawson, Conrad, painter, 41 Outlet, bds. 300 King.

Lawson, David, mechanic, r. 7 Hanley.

Lawson, David J, packer, bds. 51% Tower.


Lawson, Delia A., clerk, 203 Main, r. 18 Cedar.

Lawson, DeEtta E., drawer, bds. 51% Tower.

Lawson, Dora A., bookkeeper and stenographer, 129 J. & G. ave., r. 18 Cedar.

Lawson, Edna R., winder, r. 59 Tower.

Lawson, Edward, sander, bds. 14 Johnson.

Lawson, Edward, (Augusta), machine hand, h. 920 Newland ave.

Lawson, Edward R., apprentice, r. 8 Axtel.

Lawson, E. Elizabeth, twister, bds. 51 Tower.

Lawson, Ella, seamstress, r. 756 East 2d.

Lawson, Ellen C, clerk, 205 Main, r. Cedar.

Lawson, Elmer, woodcarver, r. 756 East 2d.

Lawson, Elmer L., warpdresser, bds. 14 Johnson.

Lawson, Emil G., (Carrie), steel worker, h. 1010 Prendergast ave.

Lawson, Emma, teacher, r. 54 Water.

Lawson, Ernest, meat cutter, r. 326 Forest ave.

Lawson, Eva, r. under 335 Foote ave.

Lawson, Eva, widow L. TL, h. 432 Allen.

Lawson, Frank E., (May M.), foreman, h. 202 Barrett.

Lawson, Fred A., (Alice),finisher,h. 114 Bowen.

Lawson, Fred L., (Jennie), clerk, 126 East 2d, h. 96 Vega.

Lawson, Fred S., (Hannah), asst. baggageman, h. 72 Hedges ave.

Lawson, Freda M. E., clerk, 203 Main, r. 18 Cedar.

Lawson, Gust, (Hilda), textile worker, h. Thayer St. Ext.

Lawson, Gust, clerk, 103 East 2d, r. 143 Chandler.

Lawson, Gust, (Amanda), laborer, h. 748 East 2d.

CLARK H A R D W A R E CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies Always b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 275 Lawson, Gust A., clerk, 103 East 2d, r. 143 Chandler.

Lawson, Gust P., (Josephine), cabinet maker, h. 934 Newland ave.

Lawson, Gustaf, (Louise), carpenter, h. 14 Johnson.

Lawson, Gustave, widow John, h. 12 Columbia ave.

Lawson, Harry L., apprentice case maker, bds. 59 Tower.

Lawson, Hattie, duffer, r. 8 Axtel.

Lawson, Herman, employed 23 Briggs, bds. 300 King.

Lawson, Hilda, duffer, r. 5 1 % Tower.

Lawson, Hilma, domestic, r. 504 West 3rd.

Lawson, Ingeborg, r. 7 Hanley.

Lawson, Jennie, seamstress, r. over 219 Warren.

Lawson, Jennie, weaver, r. 54 Water.

Lawson, John, (Tilda), laborer, h. 625 Warren.

Lawson, John, (Agnes), h. 4 Waterman.

Lawson, John, (Mary), bartender, h. 219 Newland ave.

Lawson, John, (Matilda C ), sander, h. 5 1 % Tower.

Lawson, John, laborer, h. 10 Highland ave.

Lawson, John, (Emma), machine hand, h. 8 Axtel.

Lawson, John, farmer, h. 362 Willard.

Lawson, John, (Clara), grocer, 52 Water, h. 54 do.

Lawson, John B., (Anna B.), cabinet maker, h. 16 Cedar ave.

Lawson, John E., (Jennie), meat cutter, h. under 756 East 2d.

Lawson, John M., (Emily), machinist, h. 211 Barrows.

Lawson, John S., case maker, r. Walnut Grove.

Lawson, John T., (Amanda C ),finisher,h. over 145 Barrows.

Lawson, Julia M., twister, bds. 51 Tower.

Lawson, Leonard E., (Alma L.), tinner, h. 79 Hedges ave.

Lawson, Lillian, operative, r. 112 Francis.

Lawson, Lillian, twister, bds. 23 Fenton place.

Lawson, Lillian H., milliner, r. 748 East 2d.

Lawson, MabeJ, spinner, r. 326 Forest ave.

Lawson, Malcom A.,finisher,bds. 251 Willard.

Lawson, Magnhild, mill hand, r. 7 Hanley.

Lawson, Marie, widow Charles, h. 244 Forest ave.

Lawson, Marie, seamstress, r. 12 Columbia ave.

Lawson, Martin L., (Minnie), teamster, h. 112 Francis.

Lawson, Mary, widow Charlie, drawer, bds. 509 Newland ave.

Lawson, Mary C, domestic, r. 609 East 8th.

' Lawson, Mary L., widow Carl, r. 553 Allen.

Lawson, Mathilda, widow Axel, h. 7 Hanley.

Lawson, Minnie, seamstress, r. 219 Warren.

Lawson, Nels, laborer, r. 25 Palmer.

Lawson, Nora A., milliner, r. 1048 Main.

Lawson, Olga, mill hand, bds. 18 Steele.

Lawson, Olof, (Hannah), laborer, h. 368 Willard.

Lawson, Oscar A., (Stella), deliveryman, r. 1009 Newland ave.


Underwear, Hosiery and Gloves a Specialty at PROUDFIT'S 27G JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Lawson, Oscar J, laborer, r. 332 Palmer.


Lawson, Samuel, retired, bds. 135 Allen.

Lawson, Selma, dressmaker, r. 362 Willard.

Lawson, Selma, domestic, 204 West 5th.

Lawson, Theodore, spring setter, r. 1009 Newland ave.

Lawson, Thyra, weaver, r. 7 Hanley.

Lawson, Titus, shoemaker, r. Newland ave.

Lawson, Victor G., (Augusta), laborer, h. over 561 Allen.

Lawson, Victor, woodcarver, bds. 220 Bowen.

Lawson, Victor, compositor, bds. 152% Allen.

Lawson, Walter, metal worker, r. 326 Forest ave.

Lawson, William, clerk, bds. 11 East 2d.

Lawton, Lodaisky, widow John, r. 904 Main.

Lay, Grace G., widow Frank, life insurance solicitor, h. 512 Jefferson.

Laycock, James, (Martha E.), machinist, h. over 13 Hazzard.

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