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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Laycock, Thomas, (Martha), clerk, 13 East 2d, h. 220 Allen.

Lazell, Biram S., (Tilly), mechanic, Chad. Boat Co., Celoron, h. 44 Grant.

Lazell, M. Philinda, widow Biram, dressmaker, r. 44 Grant.

Lazenby, Lillian, domestic, 13-23 West 3rd.

Lazenby, Margaret, domestic, 13-23 West 3rd.

Leablad, Charles L., (Augusta A.), supt.finishingdept., 105 Winsor, h. 301 Allen.

See also Leidblad, Ledblad, Lieblad, Liedblad.

Leaburg, John W., (Amanda C ), painter, h. over 206 Falconer.

Leaburg, Oscar W., soldier, r. over 206 Falconer.

See also Leburg.

Leach, Charles B., (Marjorie), time keeper, 95 J. & G. ave., r. over 13 W. 2d.

Leach, John E., (Ida C ), supt. Allen Square Co., room 15 Allen Square bldg., h. over 13 West 2d.

Leaf, John, (Anna),finisher,h. 37 Morton.

Leafstone, Lars, (Cora M.),finisher,h. 24 Forest.

Learn, Miles, metal worker, bds. 149 J. & G. ave.

Learned, William C, (Effie P.), coffee roaster, h. 346 Crossman.

LeBoeuf, Harry J, (Clara), Jamestown Laundry, 212 East 2d, r. 543 do.


–  –  –

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 277 See also Leaburg.

Ledblad, Carl O., (Gustava C, carpenter, h. 203 Benedict.

Ledblad, Gust A., (Victoria),finisher,r. 203 Benedict.

See also Leidblad, Leablad, Lieblad, Liedblad.

Lederer, Glenn T., cashier 103 Main, bds. Ill East 6th.

Ledger, George, (Mary), mill hand, h. 25 Hall.

Lee, Ada, weaver, r. 26 Center.

Lee, Arthur A., (Cora), carpenter, h. 34 Price.

Lee, Bernice M., teacher, r. 105 Prospect.

Lee, Clinton, (Lulu), machinist, h. 610 Camp, R. F. D. 82.

Lee, David, bartender, rms. 209 Prendergast ave.

Lee, Eunice, weaver, r. 26 Center.

Lee, Emory S., (Maud N.), contractor and builder, h. 610 Lake View ave.

Lee, Francis O., (Carrie E.)—Lee & Haynes, 2 Livingstone ave.—h. 12 Whitley place.

Lee, George, weaver, r. 26 Center.

Lee & Haynes—Francis O. Lee, Walter H. Haynes—grocery, 2 Livingstone ave.

Lee, Isaac, (Lena), teamster, h. 207 Summit.

Lee, James, (Clara A.), designer, h. 19 Elk.

Lee, Joe, (Nellie), pin setter, h. 107 Cheney.

Lee, John A., (Mary), building mover, h. 147 Prospect.

Lee, Marion A., (Elizabeth), evangelist, h. over 16 Prospect ave.

Lee, Orsel, (Myrtle), machinist, h. 39 Dickerson.

Lee, Samuel J., (Persis M.), h. 16 Price.

Lee, Samuel J., Mrs., electric baths, 16 Price,r. do.

Lee, Uriah, (Mary), loomfixer, h. 26 Center.

Lees, Bessie, weaver, r. 32 Center.

Lees, Clara A., weaver, r. 32 Center.

Lees, John T., (Mary A.), warper, h. 32 Center.

Lees, Susan, domestic, 207 Allen.

Leet, Charles S., (Lillian), collector, 602-610 West 8th, h. 16 Bush.

Leet, Elsie E., teacher, r. 19 Euclid ave.

Leet, Fayette G., (Helen E.), home bakery, 12 Bush, h. do.

Leet, Frank F., ( E m m a A.), photographic printer, 207 Main, h. 5 East 9th.

Leet, Henry C, (Cordelia M.), h. 16 Rush.

Leet, Mary E., teacher, r. 16 Rush.

Lefgren, Godfried, tailor, bds. over 558 Allen.

Leid, James, (Nina), machinist, r. 226% Crescent.

Leif, John, (Anna),finisher,h. 37 Morton.

Leidblad, Anna, stock keeper, bds. 43 Tower.

See also Leadblad, Ledblad, Lieblad, Liedblad.

Lemm, Thomas, (Harriet), warp dresser, h. 118 Crescent.

Lenna, Alex W — Lenna & Malm, 62 Winsor—rms. do.

Lenna & Malm—Alex W. Lenna, Carl Malm—saloon, 62 Winsor.




Lenna, Oscar A., (Huldah M.)—Peterson & Lenna, 24 East 2d—h. 153 Chandler.

Lennartnare, Ture, metal polisher, bds. 103 Allen.

Lenning, Frank, machine hand, r. 193 Summit.

Lenning, George W., (Tula), carpenter, h. 193 Summit.

Leon, Etta, seamstress, h. 413 West 3rd.

Leonard, William C, (Efiie B.), h. 374 Foote ave.

Leonhart, Lizzie, Mrs., housekeeper, 118 East 2d, r. do.

Leopard, Frank J, (Lottie A.), machinist, h. 17 Walnut.


Lepar, C. Belle, teacher, r. 92 Steele.

Lepar, Harry D., (Gertrude), Chadakoin Boat Co., Celoron, h. over 103 E. 2d.

Lepar, Julia L., widow William A., h. 92 Steele.

Lepar, Loraine R., widow Edwin G., h. 16 Filmore.

Lepar, Mabel R., stenographer, 63 Taylor, r. 16 Filmore.

Lepp, John, (Sarah), yard conductor, Erie R. R., h. 4 Williams.

Lepp, William F., (Mary J.), engineer, J. C. & L. E. Ry., h. 20 Fairview ave.

Lepsch, William, (Lucy), mgr. Granger & Co., 11 West 2d, h. 10 Stearns ave.

Lerch, Hotel, F. A. Lerch, (Mrs. John I.), prop., 14 South Main.

Lerch, John I., (Flora A.), r. 14 South Main.

LeRoy, Bessie, Mrs., h. under 210 Falconer.

LeRoy, Charles, (Ina F.), laborer, h. Woodlawn ave.

LeRoy, Edward D., (Catherine), carpenter, h. 127 Buffalo.

Leroy, Ernest, spinning boss, r. 1276 East 2d.

LeRoy, Eva A., drawer, r. 226% Crescent.

LeRoy, Fred G., laborer, r. 213-215 East 2d.

LeRoy, G. Raymond, metal worker, r. 226% Crescent.

LeRoy, Gust, textile worker, r. 1276 East 2d.

LeRoy, Helena, widow Frank, dressmaker, over 811 Prendergast ave., h. do.

LeRoy, John, (Dianna), mason, h. under 790 East 2d.

LeRoy, John H., (Edith A.), butcher, h. 226y2 Crescent.

Leroy, John S., (Abbie), paperhanger, h. over 1G4 Marvin.

LeRoy, Leon C, metal worker, r. 22G% Crescent.

LeRoy, Merritt, (Mary), carpenter, h. 12 Stearns ave.

LeRoy, Richard F., (Eunice), laborer, h. 38 East Buffalo.

LeRoy, Shearman, laborer, r. under 210 Falconer.

Leroy, Willard F., Jr., twister, r. 1276 East 2d.

LeRoy, Willard F., (Emma), carpenter, h. 1276 East 2d.

LeRow, Huron H., (Florence), barber, h. 18 Willard.

Lessing, Fred, (Anna), engineer, h. 811 Lafayette.

Lessord, Lepold, (Flora), h. 3 Rowley place.

Lester, Margaret, bookkeeper, bds. 313 West 7th.

Lester, Mary, widow Frank, h. 313 West 7th.

Levander, Anna, textile worker, bds. Ill Stowe.

Levander, Rudolph, (Emma), boat carpenter, h. 504 West 7th.

Level Furniture C o. — W m. L. Bjork, pres.; John M. Anderson, vice pres.;

^(V'Frank O. Ruckman—Allen St. Extension.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves a n d Housefurnishings.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. T H EA D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 279 Levier, Daniel W., (Lizzie), carpenter, h. 218 Palmer.

Levin, Alice, domestic, 16 Foote ave.

Levine, Kingsley, metal worker, r. under 121 Cross.

Lewin, Samuel B., (Maria H.), cigar mfr. over 31 Main, h. 626 Prendergast avenue.

Lewis, A m y G., r. 856 Main.

Lewis block, 800-804 Main.

Lewis, Bertha, operator, r. over 128 Harrison.

Lewis, Bertina M., clerk, 304 Main, r. 514 East 8th.

Lewis, Charles A., student, r. 351 East 5th.

Lewis, Charles F., (Margaret)—P. F. Lewis & Sons, 804 Main—h. 7 East Sth.

Lewis, Clinton M., (Inez)—P. F. Lewis & Sons, 804 Main—h. room 7 over do.

Lewis, Cornelia J., r. 351 East 5th.

Lewis, David D., (Ella), commercial traveler, h. 109 Park.

Lewis, Eva, seamstress, r. over 37 Harrison.

Lewis, F. J., (Edith), painter, h. 930 Main.

Lewis,Fay, (Nellie M.), weaver, h. 386 Willard.

Lewis, Frances A., stenographer, room 8 Gifford block, r. 351 East 5th.

Lewis, George, baker, r. over 37 Harrison.

Lewis, Grace May, bookkeeper, r. 856 Main.

Lewis,Harry R., (Frances A.), attorney-at-law, room 8 Gifford bldg., over 8 East 3rd, h. 351 East 5th.

Lewis, Martin, (Lovinda), carpenter, h. 856 Main.

Lewis, Nathan D., (Emily L.), attorney-at-law, h. 513 Lafayette.

Lewis, Perrin F., (Harriet)—P. F. Lewis & Sons, 804 Main—h. 7 East 8th.

Lewis, P. F. & Sons—Perrin F., Charles F. and Clinton M.—hardware, 804 Main.

Lewis, Sadie, Mrs., dressmaker, h. over 37 Harrison.

Lewis, William, clerk, 7 South Main, bds. 213 West 2d.

Libby, Alice, housekeeper, r. 515 Washington.

Liberty Furniture Co.—F. P. Johnson, pres.; C. M. Johnson, vice pres.; L. C.

Stewart, secy, and treas.—11-15 Blackstone ave.

Lidblod, Charles A., (Estelle R.), cabinet maker, h. over 10 River.

Liden, Charles, (Oleiva), laborer, h. 72 Jones.

Lieblad, John, (Sophia), machine hand, h. 516 Hazzard.

Lieblad, Victoria, spinner, r. 516 Hazzard.

Liedblad, Gertrude, domestic, 559 East 2d.

Liedblad, Warner F., (Matilda), Marvel Furniture Co., Allen Ext., h. 571 Allen. • See also Ledblad, Leablad, Lieblad, Liedblad.

Lief, Esther, mill hand, r. 27 Colfax.

Lievy, Kedy, textile worker, bds. 252 Harrison.

Lillibridge block, 201-203 West 3rd.

Lillibridge, E m m a B., r. over 203 West 3rd.

Lillibridge flats, 221-223 Washington.

Lillibridge, Frank G., r. over 203 West 3rd.

CLEAN COAL. L. F. SHEDD. Both Phones.


Lillibridge, George, real estate, 203 West 3rd, h. do.

Lilja, E m m a, weaver, bds. 82 Hedges ave.

Liljenblad, Emil, metal worker, bds. 308 Barrett.

Liljgevist, David,finisher,bds. 105 Wescott.

Lilly, Harry O., driver, r. 616 Prendergast ave.

Lilly, Lucia M., widow Leonard M., h. 40 West 9th.

Lilly, Orrin H., (Ida), contractor, h. G16 Prendergast ave.

Limberg, Hilding, metal worker, bds. 508 Barrett.

Limberg, Charles J., woodworker, r. 9 Howard.

Linbeck, John W., clerk, 201 Forest ave., r. 22 Columbia ave.

Lincoln, David, (Minnie)—Henderson & Lincoln, 107 E. 2d—r. 110 Chandler.

Lincoln, Hannah M., r. 116 Chandler.

Lincoln, Julius, Rev., pastor First Lutheran church, h. 116 Chandler.

Lincoln, Selma E., nurse, bds. 116 Chandler.

Lind, Andrew J., (Christine), bookkeeper, 56 Blackstone ave., h. 135 Foote avenue.

Lind, Axel, (Alma), woodworker, h. over 248 Barrows.

Lind, Charlotte, widow John, r. 15 Cedar ave.

Lind, Charles A. J., (Elvina C ), plasterer, h. 215 Barrows.

Lind, Edward A., (Ida S.), electric light trimmer, city plant, h. 417 East 5th.

Lind, Fannie, clerk, 100-102 Main, r. over 787 East 2d.

Lind, Fred, (Dalmar), laborer, h. over 7S7 East 2d.

Lind, Gertrude, domestic, 70 Prospect.

Lind, Hannah, domestic, 11 West 5th.

Lind, Hans, (Andrea), musician, r. 25 West 9th.

Lind, Jennie M., clerk, 205 Main, r. 20 Cross.

Lind, John, (Lydia), tailor, h. 1034 Main.

Lind, John A., (Anna), mason, h. 20 Cross.

Lind, Theodore S., clerk, 113 Main, h. 20 Cross.

Lindahl, Albert C, deliveryman, r. 260 Prospect.

Lindahl, Andrew G., (Hilma C ), carpenter, h. 12 Crown.

Lindahl, Herman, woodworker, r. Axtel.

Lindahl, John, coachman, r. 30 Warren.

Lindahl, John A., accountant, r. 438 Maple.

Lindahl, John M., (Augusta E.), laborer, h. 749 Warren.

Lindahl, Nels E., (Eva C ), carpenter, h. 438 Maple.

See also Lindell.

Lindbeck, Amil, painter and paperhanger, r. 220 Prospect.

Lindbeck, Andrew, painter and paperhanger, r. 220.Prospect.

Lindbeck, Arthur, asst. secy. Y. M. C. A., r. 22 Columbia ave.

Lindbeck, August, (Hannah), foreman, h. 219 Prospect.

Lindbeck, Charles, (Ida), contractor and builder, room 5, Ellicott bldg., b 314 Foote ave.

Lindbeck, Charles J., (Mary), cabinet maker, h. 22 Columbia ave.

Lindbeck, Conrad, painter, r. 141 Broadhead ave.

Lindbeck, Edd, (Edie), paperhanger, h. 141 Broadhead ave.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

Carpets, Curtains, Draperies, Shades. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.


Lindbeck, Louise, r. 220 Prospect.

Lindbeck, Mabel C, twister, r. 141 Broadhead ave.

Lindbeck, Melvin, student, r. 219 Prospect.

Lindberg, Anna O., cashier and bookkeeper, 221 Main, r. 926 do.

Lindberg, Carl, machinist, bds. 18 Water.

Lindberg, Charles, (Augusta), laborer, h. 93 Steele.

Lindberg, Charles E., cabinet maker, r. 926 Main.

lindberg, E m m a, domestic, r. 12 Crossman.

Lindberg, Ernest E., clerk, r. 93 Steele.

Lindberg, Florence, picker, r. 93 Steele.

Lindberg, Hilding, toolmaker, bds. 508 Barrett.

Lindberg, John, (Anna),finisher,h. under 440 Maple.

Lindberg, John, (Augusta), carpenter, h. 120 Prospect.

Lindberg, John A., (Lydia M.), night watchman, h. 219 Prospect.

Lindberg, Maria, widow Gust, h. 220 East 1st.

Lindberg, Oscar W., cabinet maker, r. 926 Main.

Lindberg, Paul H., time keeper, r. 93 Steele.

Lindberg, Peter J., (Louise B.), cabinet maker, h. 926 M a m.

Lindberg, Peter U., (Emily), cabinet maker, h. 63 Dickerson.

Lindberg, Selma E., weaver, bds. over 614 Newland ave.

Lindberg, Seth G. A., (Mae), bookkeeper, r. 60 West 10th.

Lindblad, Anton, draughtsman, r. 27 Broadhead ave.

Lindblad, Augusta, nurse, r. 513 East 8th.

Lindblad Bros. & Co.—Olof J. Lindblad and Mrs. B. Bergquist—furniture specialty mfrs., over 11-13 Harrison.

Lindblad, Carl—Sundell & Lindblad, 229 Warren—r. do.

Lindblad, Clara, weaver, r. 229 Warren.

Lindblad, Lena, dressmaker, r. 229 Warren.

lindblad, Louise, widow August J., h. 27 Broadhead ave.

Lindblad, Olof J., (Matilda)—Lindblad Bros. & Co., over 11-13 Harrison—h.

14 West 7th.

Lindblad, Winfred, stenographer, 213 Main, h. 27 Broadhead ave.

Lindbloom & Anderson—Axel Lindbloom, Gust Anderson—meat market, 515 Newland ave.

Lindbloom, Axel, (Lydia)—Lindbloom & Anderson, 516 Newland ave.—h.

over do.

Lindbloom, Esther, clerk, 212 Main, r. over 2 5 % Park.

Lindbloom, Gustava, widow Charles, h. over 2 5 % Park.

Lindbloom, John A., (Ida C.)—Donelson Bros. & Lindbloom, 1 N e w Gifford bldg., h. 25 Park.

Lindbloom, Oscar C, (Ida C ), meat market, 423 Foote ave., h. 25 Linden ave.

Lindbloom, Oscar E.,(Hilda), laborer, h. 3 Vega.

Lindburg, Hans, (Anna), tailor, h. 46 Water.

Lindell, Adolph (May), laborer, h. 1269 Main.

Lindell, Anton E., (Emily C ), boilermaker, h. 393 Baker.

Lindell, Carl A., (Clara Marie), employed 101 Harrison, h. over 453 Warren.


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