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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Maharon, John, (Margaret), policeman, City hall, h. 417 Murray ave.

Maharon, Margaret A., r. 310 West 6th.

Maharon, Margaret, sorter, r. 417 Murray ave. ' Maharon, Mary A., bookkeeper, 30 Main, r. 417 Murray ave.

Maher, Charles, moulder, r. 628 West 5th.

Maher, Gertrude, r. 628 West 5th.

Maher,Patrick, (Margaret), foundry and machine shop, 20 Taylor, h. 628 West 5th.

Maher, Thomas F., (Catherine), moulder, h. 622 West 5th.

Maher, William J., moulder, r. 622 West 5th.

Mahoney, David, bricklayer, r. 508 Winsor.

Mahoney, Edward J., (Marcella), mason, h. over 630 East 2d.

Mahoney, Edward, (Mary), retired, h. 898 East 2d.

Mahoney, Edward H., mason, r. 262 East Buffalo.

Mahoney, Ella, aristo worker, r. 520 Winsor.

Mahoney, Evaline B., r. 262 East Buffalo.

Mahoney, James J., retired, h. 520 Winsor.

Mahoney, John, (Ella), contractor, h. 225 Foote ave.

Mahoney, John, retired, h. 508 Winsor.

Mahoney, John H., cigar maker, bds. 14 South Main.

Mahoney, John J., (Mary M.), physician, 9 West 4th, h. do.

Mahoney, Julia, stenographer, 25 Shearman place, r. 508 Winsor.

Mahoney, Katherine, sorter, r. 417 Murray ave.

Mahoney, Margaret L.,"school teacher, r. 262 East Buffalo.

Mahoney, Mary, housekeeper, r. 508 Winsor.

Mahoney, Mary A., teacher, r. 262 East Buffalo.

Mahoney, Matthew P., student, r. 262 East Buffalo.

Mahoney, Richard, (Evna M.), foreman, r. 502 Winsor.

Mahoney, Sadie M., r. 898 East 2d.

Mahoney, Thomas, (Margaret), contractor, h. 151 East 9th.

Mahoney, Thomas, Jr., mason, r. 262 East Buffalo.

Mahoney, Thomas, Sr., (Margaret), mason, h. 262 East Buffalo.

Malier, Gertrude, stenographer, 56 Prospect, r. 860 Main.

Malier, James, (Alvena), teamster, h. over 860 Main.

Mallen, Andrew, carver, r. 220 Sprague.

Mallen, James, (Mary), carpenter, h. 220 Sprague.

Mallen, John,finisher,r. 220 Sprague.

Mallory, Cora A., r. 42 Peach.

Mallory, Dexter, (Amanda), waste sorter, h. 42 Peach.

F O R C E M E N T A N D T I L I N G C A L L L. F. S H E D D.

DOUBLE YOUR M O N E Y = = J o i n the G o l d e n Seal.


Mallory, Edith, textile worker, r. 42 Peach.

Mallory, Hilma, h. 792 East 2d.

Mallory, Lewis, h. 17 East 1st.

Malm, Carl—Lenna & Malm, 62 Winsor—rms. do.

Malm, John, (Adeline), cabinet maker, h. Vega and Benedict.

Malm, Ruth, spinner, bds. Vega, beyond Benedict.

Malmberg, Agnes R., r. 20 Tilden ave.

Malmberg, G. Albert, metal worker, bds. 4 Cross.

Malmberg, Alfred, machinist, bds. 110 Mechanic.

Malmberg, Arvid, metal worker, bds. 489 Winsor.

Malmberg, Charles J, (Ida C ), h. 862 Main.


Malmberg, Hjalmer, tailor, bds. 489 Winsor.

Malmberg, Ida C, Mrs.—Malmberg sanitarium, 862 Main—h. do.

Malmberg, T. Marie, r. 862 Main.

Malmberg, Warren, masseur, r. 862 Main.

Malmgren, Charles, Mrs., midwife, h. 92 Water.

Malmquist, Charles E., carpenter, r. 261 Broadhead ave.

Malmquist, E m m a C, textile worker, r. 261 Broadhead ave.

Malmquist, George A., carpenter, r. 261 Broadhead ave.

Malmquist, Henry C, meat cutter, r. 261 Broadhead ave.

Malmquist, Jennie O., r. 261 Broadhead ave.

Malmquist, John, carpenter, r. under 36 Kinney.

Malmquist, John A., (Charlotte), carpenter, h. 261 Broadhead ave.

Maloney, Frank, electrician, bds. 404 Lafayette.

Malquist, C. Henry, bds. 143 Barrett.

Malquist, Thurston, (Anna), teamster, h. 332 Forest ave.

Malstrom, Algot, (Alma L.), upholsterer, h. 51 Charles.

Maltby, George E., (Anna L.), mgr. J. S. Ry. Co., and Celoron Amusement Co., h. 503 East 5th.

Maltby, George L., city pass, and ticket agt., 301 Main, r. 503 East 5th.

Maltby, Laura C, r. 503 East 5th. * Manbert, Allen R., (Mary A.)—Manbert & Lager, 3 N e w Gifford bldg.—h.

420 Foote ave.

Manbert, Fern M., r. 420 Foote ave.

Manbert & Lager—Allen R. Manbert and Charles Lager—boots and shoes, 3 N e w Gifford bldg.

Manchester, Ed., (Sarah), farmer, h. 880 English.

Manchester, Flossie M., mill hand, r. 18 Lincoln.

Manchester, Frank, (Mary A ), painter, h. 14 Axtel.

Manchester, Harry E., (Alborun),fireman,h. 12 Linwood ave.

Mancino, Antonio, (Tressa), musician, h. 40 Tilden ave.

Manges, Edgar A., (Eliza), engineer, h. 106 Francis.

Mano, Harry, bootblack, 29 Main, r. do.

Mansfield, Fred W., (Vinnie D.), engineer, h. 4 Cook ave.

Manufacturers' Association, over 213 Main.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies.

The Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 295 Manufacturers' Warehousing Co.—Cyrus E. Jones, M. R. Stevenson, Scott Penfield, B. D. Phillips—office Tiffany ave.

Marcello, Frank, (Rosie), fruit dealer, 3 East 3rd, h. over 217 Main.

Margerison, John, (Ellen), tailor, 310 East 2d, h. 308 do.

Margerison, John, Mrs., home bakery, 308 East 2d, h. do.

Markel, Adolph, (Hansina), upholsterer, h. 320 Stowe.

See also Markle.

Marker, Ambrose, (Marie), woodworker, h. 327 Warren.

Marker, Corydon J., operative, r. 12 Victoria ave.

Marker, Ludwig, (Amanda),finisher,h. 316 Warren.

Marker, Rudolph, (Augusta),finisher,h. over 16 Union ave.

Marker, Waldmere, (Henrietta), h. 213 Myrtle.

Markham, Bert, (Hattie), carpenter, h. over 21 Stowe.

Markham, Ethel M., clerk, 108 Main, r. over 708 do.

Markham, G. Edith.teacher, r. 225 Crosby.

Markham, Sophia, widow John, h. 225 Crosby.

Markham, Sidney,finisher,r. 225 Crosby.

Markle, John C, (Minnie), barber, 222 Main, h. 23 Fenton place.

See also Markel.

Markman, Darrell, pastor Primitive Methodist church, h. 41 Maple.

Marks, Thomas H., (Anna), carpenter, h. 12 West 10th.

Mars, Hattie J, r. over 11 Webster.


Marsh, Albert C, (Minnie I.), warptwister, h. 129 Steele.

Marsh, Bertha, bookkeeper, r. 11 Marvin.

Marsh, Carl, (Laura),finisher,h. over 122 Crescent.

Marsh, Daniel A., wood turner, h. 21 Crescent.

Marsh, Edson D., (Diana), teamster, h. 68 Dickerson.

Marsh, Edward, (Pearl), carpenter,h. 210 West 5th.

Marsh, Edward J., (Anna), tinner, h. 810 Jefferson.

Marsh, Elmer, (Mary), metal worker, h. 011 Monroe.

Marsh, Frank O., (Alice M.), plumber and tinner, under 121 West 3rd, h. 869 Main.

Marsh, Fred S., (Leah W. ), h. 1086 East 2d.

Marsh, George E., tinner, r. 11 Marvin.

Marsh, Harry, machinist, bds. over 11 Webster.

Marsh, James H., (Mary)—J. H. Marsh & Co., 1 Marvin—h. over do.

Marsh, J. H. & Co.—James H. Marsh—grocers, 1 Marvin.

Marsh, John H., plumber, r. 11 Marvin.

Marsh, Leo G., clerk, 1 Marvin, r. 11 do.

Marsh, Mulford C, (Ann E.), carpenter, h. 822 Lafayette.

Marsh, Ozias C,filler,bds. over 11 Webster.

Marsh, Pearl A., student, r. 5 Sturges.

Marsh, Percy, employed J. S. Ry., r. 10 West 8th.

Marsh, Rose, Mrs., h. 102 South Main.

Marsh, Thomas F., (Lucy), tinner, h. 11 Marvin.

Marsh, William A., retired, rooms 44 Allen.

Cedar Shingles, Lath and Plaster==L. F. SHEDD.

Besure|°^hr|arigahntdtbeuny your C l o t h i n g a t PROUDFIT'S 296 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Marsh, William T., janitor, City hall, h. 822 Lafayette.

Marshall, Annie, nurse, 207 Foote ave.

Marshall, Davis, (Almira H.), farmer, r. over 10 Cook ave.

Martheller, Joseph, cigarmaker, bds. 119-121 East 2d.

Martin, Abram J, (Alice)—Martin & Johnson, over 204 Main—h. 109 Chandler.

Martin, Alfred G., coachman, 72 Allen.

Martin, Anna V. L., r. over 115 Crossman.

Martin, Archie J., (Fanny V.), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 112 Hamilton.

Martin, Charlotte, widow Adelbert H., h. 18 Marvin.

Martin, Delia, widow Rufus, h. 20 Rush.

Martin, Frank J, pressman, 14-10 West 2d, r. 18 Marvin.


Martin, Frederick P., student, r. 333% East 5th.

Martin, Jeanette, widow Marcus A., h. over 332 East 3rd.

Martin, John H., (Mattie C ), tire maker, r. 874 Spring.

Martin & Johnson—Abram J. Martin and J. Ernest Johnson—shirt mfrs., over 204 Main.

Martin, Mabelle, student, r. 109 Chandler.

Martin, Margaret, student, r. 333% East 5th.

Martin, Mark H., commercial traveler, h. 416 Lafayette.

Martin, Melville H., photographer, r. over 115 Crossman.

Martin, Olos L., (Anna), tailor, h. 48 Water.

Martin, Rupert W., machinist, r. 416 Lafayette.

Martin, Telia E., widow Geroge, stamp clerk, P. O., h. 333% East 5th.

Martin, Velora G., r. 416 Lafayette.

Martin, William E., (Eliza), retired, h. over 715 Murray ave.

Martindale, John H., (Orpha), real estate, h. 513 Allen.

Martindale, Leslie C, woodworker, r. over 513 Allen.

Martindale, Stephen B., retired, r. 15 Dickerson.

Martindale, Willard G., (Mabel), motorman, h. 15 Dickerson.

Martinson, E m m a, widow James, h. over 104 Harrison.

Martinson, Otto, (Betty), carpenter, h. 415 Bowen.

Martyn Bros.—M. George Martyn—lounge and mattress mfr., 516 West 4th.

Martyn Hose house, 506 West 5th.

Martyn, Marius George—Martyn Bros., 516 West 4th—h. do.

Marvel Furniture Co.—Warner F. Liedblad, Alfred A. and Oscar E. Anderson—mfrs. chiffoniers, 615 West 8th Marvin, Bert, teamster, h. under 224 Forest ave.

Marvin, Henry C, (Belle B.), commercial traveler, 318 Cherry, h. 223 Crossman.

Marvin House, Hiram Thompson, prop., 105 West 2d.

Marvin, Robert N., (Elizabeth W.), lumber dealer, 111 West 2d, h. 2 West 5th.

Mason, Charles O., foreman, 38 Winsor, r. 105 West 2d.

Mason, Glenn E., (Elma), train dispatcher, 706 West 8th, h. 617 Prendergast avenue.

Mason, James H., (Emogene), printer, h. 11 Charles.

Mason, John C, (Carrie), optician, 217 Main, h. 12 Fulton.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Housefumishings.

The Largest a n d Best Stock of Dry G o o d s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 297 Mason, Levant L., jeweler, 217 Main, h. 204 Lafayette.

Mason, Oliver M., optician, r. 11 Charles.

Mason, Rolland K., (Ella), newsdealer, bicycles, tobacco and cigars, 630 East 2d, and 8 Main, h. 117 Forest.

Mason, Thomas, porter, rms. 61 West 10th.

Mason, William, student, r. 12 Falconer.

Masonic hall, over 301-307 Main.

Masson, Alice, piecepicker, r. 29 Water.

Masson, Catherine, widow Joseph, h. 29 Water.

Masson, Laura, piecepicker, r. 29 Water.

Masson, Theodore, r. 29 Water.

Master Plumbers Association, room 12 over 101 East 3rd.

Masterson, Arley E., (Jennie), porter, 21-23 West 3rd, h. over 309 Main.

Mathers, Anna B., home cooking, over 298 East 2d, h. do.

Mathers, Bertha M., home cooking, r. over 298 East 2d.

Mathews, Raymond R., (Belle), coachman, h. 14 East 6th.

Matson, Thaddeus E., (Jennie), foreman, h. 321 Hallock.

See also Mattison, Matteson and Mattson.

Matterson, Luther B., (Ida), engineer, h. 214 Newland ave.

Matteson, George E., (Myrtie), linotype operator, h. 8 West 7th.

See also Matson and Mattison.

Matthews, Alice, widow Alvaro, r. 50 Broadhead ave.

Matthews, Benjamin, woodcarver, bds. 60 West 10th.

Matthews, Ernest A., laborer, r. 88 Falconej-.

Matthews, Jay, (Amanda), laborer, h. over 33 Dickerson.

Matthews, Lizzie, clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 536 do.

Matthews, Nettie, widow Orrin H., grocery, 88 Falconer, h. do.

Mattison, E m m a, Mrs., h. over 13 Orchard.

Mattison, Emer, spinner, r. over 13 Orchard.

See also Matson, Mattson and Matteson.

Mattox, Earl, mill hand, r. Hopkins ave.

Mattox, Fred, painter, r. Hopkins ave.

Mattox, Maud, mill hand, r. Hopkins ave.

Mattox, Orsel, mill hand, r. Hopkins ave.

Mattox, Roy, (Emma), shop hand, h. Hopkins ave.

Mattson, Alice D., nurse, bds. 507 East 2d.

Mattson, Bert L., (Myrtle), baggage agent, 706 West 8th, h. 112 Stewart ave.

Mattson, Charles, (Carrie), carpenter, h. over 14 Cedar ave.

Mattson, E m m a, Mrs., h. under 22 Bush.

Mattson, John, (Mary C ), carpenter, h. 115 Peterson.

Mattson, Waldemer, woolwasher, r. under 22 Bush.

See also Mattison, Matson and Matteson.

Maxson, Ina, stenographer, rooms 3-5 Gokey bldg., 20 West 3rd, r. Lakewood.

Maxson, William C, teamster, bds. 10 Kidder.

Maxwell, Julia, cook, rms. over 14 East 3rd.

Maxwell, Thomas H., (Florence), photographer, 309 Main, h. 41 Chapin.


J a e g e r ' s H e a l t h U n d e r w e a r at PROUDFIT'S 298 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

May, Myrtle, widow George, h. over 210 East 2d.

Maybee, Ernest E., (Frances E.), upholsterer, h. over 36 Peach.

Maybee, Frank, bds. over 113 East 2d.

Maybee, Nicholas H., (Delia), engineer, Erie R. R., h. over 19 West 3rd.

See also Mabee.

Maylander, Paul, (May), machinist, h. 52 West 9th.

Maynard, Perry C, (Rose), motorman, h. 503 Ashville ave.

Mayor, room 3 City hall, 202-212 East 3rd.

McAdam, Arthur J, bookkeeper, 215 Main, r. R. F. D. 78.


McAvoy, James, (Caroline), butcher, h. 270 East Buffalo.

McCall, Julia, Mrs., shirt maker, r. 12 Water.

MeCall, Margarett, widow James, nurse, h. over 763 East 2d.

McCallum, James S., (Alice M.), linotype operator, 14-16 W. 2d, h. 2 Falconer.

McCallum, Thomas, (Eva), clerk, 209 Main, h. 1026'do.

McCallum, William S., (Mary D.), clerk, 13-23 West 3rd, h. over 40 Bush.

McCarthy, Florence S., (Sarah A.), h. 401 West 7th.

McCarthy, John, barkeeper, 143-151 Fairmount ave., bds. do.

McCarthy, Katherine, r. 401 West 7th.

McCarthy, Nina, r. 401 West 7th.

McCartney, Thressa, nurse, 207 Foote ave.

McCloskey, John, bartender, rms. 51 Allen square bldg.

McClease, Mary, r. 861 Main.

See also Maclease.

McClellan, Eliza, r. 207 Foote ave, McClintock, Lizzie, weaver, bds. 322 Steele.

McClurg, Alice, r. 562 East 2d.

McClurg, Edward L., painter, h. 562 East 2d.

McCluskey, Anna, millhand, r. 939 East 2d.

McCluskey, Sarah, widow Patrick, h. 939 East 2d.

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