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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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McConnell, Arthur, employed 153 J. & G. ave., r. 314 West 8th.

McConnell, Daniel F., bellboy, r. 314 West 8th.

McConnell, Edward A., (Elizabeth A.), h. 314 West 8th.

McConnell, Mary, widow Arthur, h. 503 West 8th.

McConnell, William E., clerk, 209 Main, r. 314 West 8th.

McCormack, John, laborer, bds. 119-121 East 2d.

McCormick, Frank J, McCormick News Co., 112 Main, r. 513 East 6th.


McCormick, Katherine, McCormick News Co., 112 Main, r. 513 East 6th.

McCormick, Mary B., clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 513 East 6th.

McCormick, Rose A., widow Andrew, h. 513 East 6th.

McCormick, Rose M., student, r. 513 East 6th.

McCormick News Co.—Frank J. McCormick, Mary B. McCormick, Catherine McCormick—112 Main.

McCrorey, J. G. & Co., G. Otto Frampton, mgr., 5 and 10 cent store, 205-207 Main.

McCue, Michael, (Rose),florist,h. Ashville ave., beyond city limits.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Roofing and Building Papers.

Cloaks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery. T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 299 McCutcheon, Charles A., (Emma), machinist, h. 2 Barrows.

McDerrhid, E m m a, r. 850 Prendergast ave.

McDermid, Margaret, widow James, h. 850 Prendergast ave.

McDermid, Mattie, seamstress, r. 850 Prendergast ave.

McDonald, Bertha, picker, r. 123 Steele.

McDonald, Donald, bill poster, r. 829% Spring.

McDonald, George, porter, bds. over 309 Main.

McDonald, John J., (Myrtle P.), inspector, Ross Lumber Co., h. 12 Culver.

McDonald, Lake, (Mary), laborer, h. over 14 Ashville ave.

McDonnell, George, bootblack, 31 Main, r. 61 West 10th.

McElroy, Mary, picker, h. over 56 Harrison.

McElroy, William D., (Emily), telegraph operator, Erie station, h. 19 Fenton place.

McGee, Catherine, seamstress, r. 35 Marvin.

McGee, Catherine, widow John, h. 35 Marvin.

McGee, Edward J, (Jennie), traveling salesman, h. 37 Marvin.


McGee, Mary, seamstress, r. 35 Marvin.

McGee, William. T., r. 35 Marvin.

See also Magee.

McGinity, Jennie, r. 24 Kent.

McGinity, John, (Lelia)—McGinity, Johnson & Co., 210 East 2d—h. 1035 Main.

McGinity, Johnson & Co.—John McGinity, Amil A. Johnson, Allen T. Morley and Joseph Trainor—plumbing shop, 210 East 2d.

McGinity, Margaret, r. 24 Kent.

McGinity, Michael, (Jennie), mason, h. 24 Kent.

McGowan, Catherine, widow Michael, h. 310 West 8th.

McGowan, James H., upholsterer, r. 310 West 8th.

McGowan, Jennie, music teacher, r. over 142 Forest ave.

McGowan, M. John, plater, r. 310 West Sth.

McGowan, Mary, domestic, 13-23 West 3rd.

McGowan, Thomas F., freight conductor, J. C. & L. E. Ry., r. 310 West 8th.

McGuire, Carrie, operator, 210 Pine, r. over 24 East 3rd.

McGuire, Peter, (Lottie), h. over 24 East 3rd.

See also Maguire.

McIIhaney, J. Clarence, (Anna), clerk, 203 Main, r. 302 Clinton.

Mcintosh, Elizabeth, r. 8 Livingstone ave.

Mcintosh, Grace J., r. 8 Livingstone ave.

Mcintosh, James, commercial traveler, h. 8 Livingstone ave.

Mcintosh, Mary B., nurse, r. 8 Livingstone ave.

Mclntyre, Fred, wool sorter, bds. over 17 Bush.

Mclntyre, Garfield, cutter, bds. 131 South Main.

Mclntyre, George, comber, r. 43 Pennsylvania ave.

Mclntyre, H. C, r. 148 Jones & Gifford ave.

Mclntyre, Levi, (Levina), teamster, h. 43 Pennsylvania ave.

Mclntyre, Nat, pin setter, r. 43 Pennsylvania ave.

McKane, Carrie, textile worker, rms. 62 Harrison.

CLEAN COAL. L. F. SHEDD. Both Phones.

T w o cutters in C u s t o m D e p t. at P R O U D F I T ' S 300 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

McKane, Margerette, textile worker, rms. 62 Harrison.

McKean, George, steward, 13-23 West 3rd, rooms 215 West 2d.

McKee, Peter, (Elizabeth), towel bleacher, h. 903 West 6th.

McKenna, William, steamfitter,Lake View Rose Gardens, bds. J. & G.ave.

McKenzie, Frank A., (Lena), bookkeeper, 22-24 East 2d, r. 800 Prendergast avenue.

McLean block, 220-224 East 2d.

McLean, Gertrude E., r. over 224 East 2d.

McLean, James C, (Margaret), machinist, h. over 134 Fairmount ave.

McLean, Louis E., liveryman, 224 East 2d, r. over do.

McLean, Maurice, (Mary A.), collector, h. 27 Derby.

McLean, William, (Elizabeth H.), livery, horse furnishings, carriages, etc., 222-224 East 2d, h. over 224 do.

McMahan, Thomas G., barber, 313 Winsor, r. 8 West 4th.

McMillan, Andrew J., (Mary), farmer, h. Ashville ave., beyond city limits.

McMurray, Mary A., picker, h. 614 East 6th.

McMurray, Michael R., bds. 16 Valley.

McNair, E m m a T., r. 117 East 5th.

McNair, Eugene L., r. 117 East 5th.

McNall, Eugene W., reporter, 19 Steele, bds. 20 Rush.

McNeal, Albert, (Emogene), commercial traveler, h. 235 Fulton.

McNeal, Earl, commercial traveler, r. 235 Fulton.

McNeal, Myra, r. 235 Fulton.

McNeight, Harry, laborer, r. over 216 East 2d.

McNeight, James S., (Genevieve), woodworker, h. over 216 East 2d.

McNeight, Joseph, (Marion S.), retired, h. over 216 East 2d.

McPherran, Ivan L., (Minnie), operator, h. 7 Warren.

McVay Bros.—William L. and Henry M.—cigars and tobacco, 24 East 3rd.

McVay, Henry M., (Grace)—McVay Bros., 24 East 3rd—h. 29 Rathbone.

McVay, James, (Mary), retired, h. 48 Rathbone.

McVay, William L., McVay Bros., 24 East 3rd—h. 48 Rathbone.

McVeigh, Alexander, bartender, bds. 113-117 West 3rd.

McVeigh, George, upholsterer, r. 12 Carroll.

McVeigh, James M., (Mary), stone mason, h. 12 Carroll.

McVeigh, John A., laborer, r. 9 Marvin.

McVeigh, Joseph P., upholsterer, r. 9 Marvin.

McVeigh, Kate, dressmaker, room 70 N e w Fenton bldg., r. 12 Carroll.

McVeigh, Mary, dressmaker, room 70 N e w Fenton bldg., r. 12 Carroll.

McVeigh, Patrick, (Ellen), stone mason, h. 9 Marvin.

MacVeigh, Rosamond I., Mrs., hairdressing, over 10 West 3rd, r. 616 Prendergast ave.

McTigue, James, (Mary), contractor, h. 19 Valley.

Mead, Bertha H., duffer, r. 535 Baker.

Mead, Emory, farmer, h. Fluvanna ave.

Mead, Levi, gardener, bds. 202 J. & G. ave.

Mead, Martha S., widow Rev. Lynn, r. 415 East 4th.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Furnaces.

A l w a y s b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 301 Mead, Walter S., (Eleanor), woodworker, h. 535 Baker.

Meade, Minnie M., Mrs., boarding house, 39 Ridgeway ave.

Meade, Whitman P., (Sarah), teamster, h. 615 Main.

Meas, Hazel D., aristo worker, r. over 103 Hazzard.

Meas, John B., (Alice), tailor, h. over 103 Hazzard.

Meas, Ralph, pad maker, r. 103 Hazzard.

Mechanics Laundry and Soap Works—John Harris, prop.—rear 21 Whitley avenue.

Mecusker, Horace R.—Mecusker & Son, 211 Cherry—r. 204 West 6th.

Mecusker, James, (Julia)—Mecusker _ Son, 211 Cherry—h. 204 West 6th.

Mecusker, James, Jr., (Bertha M.), driver, r. 19 West 10th.

Mecusker & Son—James and Horace R.—livery, 211 Cherry.

Meehan, John J., (Luna), motorman, h. 723 East 2d.

Mehr, Mandel, (Bessie), junk dealer, 69-71 Foote ave., h. 36 Harrison.

Meleen, Rev. Charles, (Lena), h. 10 Highland ave1.

Melhuish, Charles D., (Mary W.), insurance and real estate, 7 East 3rd, h.

245 Fulton.

Meli, Frank, barber, 8 South Main, r. 21 West 8th.

Meli, Italia, r. 21 West 8th.

Meli, John F., barber, 31 Main, r. 21 West 8th.

Meli, Joseph S., ( E m m a D.), barber, 31 Main, h. 21 West 8th.

Melin, Augusta M., widow Swan E., millinery, 209 West 3rd, r. 29 Center.

Meller, Mamie, textile worker, r. 26 Scott.

Mellor, David, warp dresser, r. 10 South Walnut.

Mellor, Fred, (Ada), warp dresser, h. 320 Allen.

Mellor, Harry, textile worker, r. 10 South Walnut.

Mellor, Mary E., piece picker, r. 320 Allen.

Mellor, Olivett, spinner, r. 320 Allen.

Mellquist, Hedric, widow John, h. 21 Alpaca.

Melquist, Albin G., (Emma), driver,-h. 828% Cherry.

Melquist, Joseph L., (Selma O.), painter, h. 1055 Main.

Mentzer, Harry T., (Alice), G. F. & P. A., J. C. & L. E. Ry., h. 402 West 7th.

Meredith, George O., (Florence B.), pres. Falconer Worsted mill, h. 302 Allen.

Meredith, Thomas H., (May), clerk, 101 West 3rd, h. 405 Cherry.

Mericle, Jay P., (Lucy C.)—Hulquist & Mericle, 12 Gokey bldg—h. 313 Clinton

–  –  –

Merrill, David E., (Anna H.)—W. T. Falconer Mfg. Co., Empire Washer Co., and A m. Mfg. Concern, Falconer—h. 130 Lake View ave.

The Best Cement at L. F. SHEDD'S.



Merrill, Ida M., dressmaker, r. 416 Lake View ave.

Merrill, Mary M., widow Robert, r. 409 West 3rd.

Merrill, Mary S., widow Newton, r. 101 West 5th.

Merrill, William A., ( E m m a ), engineer, h. 416 Lake View ave.

Merriam, Sheldon, (Clara), bookkeeper, 716 East 2d, h. '408 East 6th.

Merritt, Manfred D., (Mary G.), retired, h. 17 Thayer.

Merz, Benjamin, furniture, 211 West 3rd, h. 15 Barrett.

Merz, Frank, (Lena C ), pres. Union Trust Co., 211 Main, h. 6 West 6th.

Merz, Grace E., teacher, bds. Ashville ave., (Celoron).

Merz, Martin, (Annie C.)—Martin Merz & Son, over 202 Main—h. 11 Crane.

Merz, Martin, Jr., (Viola L.)—Martin Merz & Son, 202 Main—h. 8 Crane.

Merz, Martin & Son—Martin Merz and.Martin Merz, Jr.—bookbindery and foreign ticket agency, over 202 Main.

Merz, May, teacher of oratory, over 202 Main, r. 11 Crane.

Merz, Myrtle, student, r. 11 Crane.

Messenger, Adelbert E., (Lenna A.), laborer, h. 135% Chandler.

Messenger, Emmet, mechanic, r. 103 Stewart ave.

Messenger, George, works Rose Gardens, h. Ashville ave., beyond city limits.

Messenger, H. Edgar, (Jennie), carpenter, h. 103 Stewart ave.

Metcalf, Georgian, seamstress, r. 27 Prospect ave.

Metcalf, James, (Margaret), agt., h. 27 Prospect ave.

Metcalf, Joseph, rooms 565 Allen.

Metcalf, Joseph, agt., 309 Main, r. 27 Prospect ave.

Metcalf, Richard, (Elizabeth), farmer, r. Ashville ave., (Celoron).

Metcalf, Walter, clerk, 209 Main, r. 27 Prospect ave.

Metcalfe, Alfred, (Miriam), wool sorter, h. 36 Center.

Metcalfe, Thomas C, ( E m m a F.), Jamestown Tile works, rear 87 Falconer, h. do.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., P. Phillipson, supt., rooms 13-14 Gokey bldg over 18 West 3rd.


Home office N E W YORK CITY ASSETS, 1905. OVER ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLIONS District office 13-14 GOKEY BLDQ., 18 W. 3rd St., JAIIESTOWN, N. Y. Home Phone 26S-K P. PHILLIPSON, Superintendent. ELOF ALDEN \.,. t „ „„,„•„„_„..

J. E. MULHALL, Cashier. C. BLATCHLEY [Assistant Superintendent,.

Branch Offices—Dunkirk, N. Y. QJean, N. Y. Salamanca, N. Y.

Metz, Levi, cabinet maker, r. 312 Pine.

Meyer, Fred M., (Augusta), furniture mfr., 340% Steele, h. 22 Whitley ave.

Meyer, George F., (Minnie), plasterer, h. 207% West 3rd.

Meyer, Henrietta, bookkeeper, rm. 40 over 101 West 3rd, r. 22 Whitley ave.

Meyers, George H., laborer, r. rear 342 Steele.

See also Myers.

Middleton, Frank R., (Nellie T. S.), machinist, h. 821 Prendergast ave.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 303 Middleton, Margarett, music teacher, r. 124 Catlin ave.

Middleton, Smith, (Edith), warp dresser, h. 27 Walnut.

Mikkelson, James, laborer, bds. 16 Charles.

Millard, Charles W., (May S.), carpenter, h. 624 Palmer.

Millard, Lona B., clerk, 202 Main, r. 624 Palmer.

Miles, Mary A., widow Stephen A., h. 804 Prendergast ave.

Miles, May E., clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 804 Prendergast ave.

Miller, Adela A., widow William C, h. 16 Harrison.

Miller, Albert E., r. 16 Foote ave.

Miller, Alfred, bellboy, r. 21 East 3rd.

Miller, Alice L., music teacher, r. 338 Crossman.

Miller, Amelia, Mrs., r. 931 Newland ave.

Miller, Bertha, weaver, r. 148 Foote ave.

Miller, Bessie M., clerk, 304 Main, r. 18 Ashville ave.

Miller, Burt A., (Matie), band sawyer, h. 1175 East 2d.

Miller, Carrie L., stenographer, r. 30 Rathbone.

Miller, Charles P., (Carolina), finisher, h. 26 Scott.

Miller, Corinne C, bds. 17 Hedges ave.

Miller, Emmett W., reporter, 14-16 West 2d, r. 338 Crossman.

Miller, Frank E., (Nannie), electrician, J. S. Ry., h. 926 Newland ave.

Miller, Hoyt R., ticket and freight agt., Chaut. Trac. Co., r. 41 Kent.

Miller, James F., clerk, r. 30 Rathbone.

Miller, John E., (Anna R.), bartender, r. 926 Newland ave.

Miller, John W., (Mayme), bartender, h. over 107 East 3rd.

Miller, May B., Mrs., h. over 21 East 3rd.

Miller, Melvina E., widow Robert, h. 209 Warren.

Miller, Mollie, housekeeper, r. 931 Newland ave.

Miller, Morton, TJ. S. navy, r. 21 East 3rd.

Miller, Myrtle, clerk, 13-15 Main, r. 21 East 3rd.

Miller, M., (Nell), retired, h. 41 Kent.

Miller, Richard, (Hattie W.), coal heaver, h. 58 Ridgeway ave.

Miller, Rosa, r. 26 Scott.

Miller, Roxa, widow Charles, r. over 126 East 2d.

Miller, Sarah, dressmaker, r. 16 Harrison.

Miller, William, finisher, r. 21 East 3rd.

Miller, William H., clerk, r. 30 Rathbone.

Miller, William H., (Ida), clerk, 109-111 Main, h. 338 Crossman.

Miller, William J., (Eva), shoe cutter, h. 30 Rathbone.

Miller, Winifred E., bookkeeper and cashier, 210 Pine, r. 331 East 3rd.

Millering, Eleanor, student, r. 315 West 2d.

Millner, Gust, (Hilda), laborer, h. 206 Barrett.

Mills, Arthur L., barber, r. 561 Allen.

Mills, Betsey, widow Solomon, r. 125 Barrett.

Mills, Cynthia M., widow Samuel, h. 529 East 5th.

Mills, F. Adelbert, (Nellie H.), reader, and barber, under 205 East 2d, h.

610 East 7th.

Building Supplies of all kinds. L. F. SHEDD.


Mills, Georgia G., Mrs., r. 68 Marvin.

Mills, James H., (Alice E.), tinner, h. 125 Barrett.

Mills, Leon, waiter,7-11 West 1st.

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