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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Anderson, Christine, widow Andrew, h. 238 Crescent.

Anderson, Christine, domestic, r. 50 Benson.

Anderson, Christine, r. 339 Price.

Anderson, Christine, spinner, bds. 497 Willard.

Anderson, Clara, widow John, char woman, h. over 210 Benedict.

Anderson, Clara C, clerk, 207 Main, r. 100 Buffalo.

Anderson, Clarence A., (Grace V.), bookkeeper, h. 121 Fairmount.

Anderson, Claus, (Hilda), machinist, h. 215 Bowen.

Anderson, Claus, wool washer, bds. 14 Vega.

Anderson, Claus F., (Mathilda), machinist, h. 336 Palmer.

Anderson, Clyde, machinist, bds. 17 Valley.

Anderson, Co., (The), veneer doors and tops—John S. Anderson, prop.—771 East 2nd.

Anderson, Conrad, motorneer J. S. Ry., bds. 120 Hamilton.

Anderson, Conrad, laborer, r. 17 Orchard ave.

Anderson, Cutler, laborer, bds. 1275 East 2d.

Anderson, Daniel,finisher,bds. 415 Bowen.

Anderson, David, laborer, r. 30 Wilton ave.

Anderson, David, (Augusta), weaver, h. 161% Allen.

Anderson, David L., (Margaret R.), bookkeeper, 335 Harrison, h. 127 Allen.

Anderson, Earl R., J. S. Ry. conductor, bds. over 17 West 3rd.

Anderson, Ed., machinist, bds. 17 Valley.

Anderson, Edith, stenographer, r. 9 Cheney.

Anderson, Edith A., domestic, r. 4 Willis.

Anderson, Edith C, twister, r. 119 Wescott.

Anderson, Edith J., clerk, 2-6 East 2d, 328 Foote ave.

Anderson, Edward, (Ellen S.),finisher,h. 210 Benedict.

Anderson, Edward, carver, r. 32 Barrows.

Anderson, Edward S—Anderson & Stahley, 16 East 2d—h. 108 Steele.

Anderson, Edwin, laborer, r. 378% Willard.

Anderson, Elias, (Charlotte), retired, h. 183 Barrows.

Anderson, Elias, (Johanna), laborer, h. 453 Willard.

Anderson, E. Lillian, textile worker, r. 35 Benson.

Anderson, Elizabeth, r. 13 Thayer.

Anderson, Ella, weaver, r. 109 Newland ave.


M e n ' s all W o o l Suits, $ 6 to $ 2 5, P R O U D F I T ' S 106 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Anderson, Ella, milliner, 210 Chandler, r. 811 East 2d.

Anderson, Ellen, twister, r. 22 South Walnut.

Anderson, Ellen, spinner, r. 115 Wescott.

Anderson, Elmer, (Bessie), laborer, h. 520 Foote ave.

Anderson, Elmer, upholsterer, r. 208 Benedict.

Anderson, Elmer, metal worker, r. 110 Cheney.

Anderson, Elmer, warp dresser, r. 493 Willard.

Anderson, Elmer S., (May L.), painter, h. 415 West 4th.

Anderson, Elof, (Hilma), h. 5 Williams.

Anderson, Emanuel, cabinet maker, h. 16 Vega.

Anderson, Emil, grocer, 100 Barrows, bds. 32 Barrows.

Anderson, Emil J., (Hilda), painter, h. 209 Clyde ave.

Anderson, Emily, domestic, 12 East 4th.

Anderson, Emily, domestic, 503 East 2d.

Anderson, Emily, domestic, r. 313 West 5th.

Anderson, Emily, piece mender, r. 378% Willard.

Anderson, E m m a, picker, r. 208 Benedict.

Anderson, E m m a, widow August P., h. 26 West 9th.

Anderson, Emray O., teamster, r. 110 Palmer.

Anderson, Eric, (Elizabeth), mechanic, h. 3 Rush.

Anderson, Eric H., clerk, 128 East 2d.

Anderson, Erick, butcher, r. 725 Camp (R. F. D. 82).

Anderson, Erick, laborer, h. 505 Willard.

Anderson, Ernest, laborer, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Anderson, Ernest, warp dresser, bds. 72 Hedges.

Anderson, Ernest, designer, bds. 16 Vega.

Anderson, Ernest, (Mabel), machinist, h. over 20 Terrace Place.

Anderson, Ernest, carver, r. 129 King.

Anderson, Ernest A., (Anna C ), upholsterer, h. 441 Baker.

Anderson, Escal W., (Ida), gluer, h. 28 Swan.

Anderson, Esther, duffer, r. 22 South Walnut.

Anderson, Esther, domestic, r. 195 Forest ave.

Anderson, Esther, r. 143 Chandler.

Anderson, Esther L., spooler, r. 35 Anderson.

Anderson, Ethel, spinner, r. 304 Willard.

Anderson, Fabian, (Anna), weaver, h. over 4 Willard.

Anderson, Florence, domestic, 421 East 2nd.

Anderson, Florence, spinner, r. 493 Willard.

Anderson, Florence twister, r. 275 Prospect.

Anderson, Floyd R., motorman, bds. over 17 West 2d.

Anderson, Foreman A., (Josephine), sander, h. 819 Cherry.

Anderson, Frank, (Augusta C ), machine hand, h. E. Barker, between Linwood ave. and Mahon Place.

Anderson, Frank, (Marie), laborer, h. 869 Spring.

Anderson, Frank, retired, h. over 8 Walnut.

Anderson, Frank lubber, bds. 312 Forest.

–  –  –

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 107 Anderson, Frank A., driver Rescue Engine Co., rooms 25 Winsor.

Anderson, Frank E., (Harma), machine operator, h. 259 East Buffalo.

Anderson, Frank E.—Anderson Bros., 397 English—bds. 401 English.

Anderson, Frank G., (Ida S.), machine hand, h. over 9 Cheney.

Anderson, Frank L., (Ida O.), painter, h. 114 Newland ave.

Anderson, Frank O., (Amelia)—Empire Furn. Co., 122 Foote ave.—h. 164 Allen.

Anderson, Frank O., (Emily), cabinet maker, h. 127 Falconer.

Anderson, Frank O., (Hilda), machine hand, h. 105 Wescott.

Anderson, Frans O., clerk, 219-21 East 2d, bds. 24 West 10th.

Anderson, Fred, (Anna), machinist, h. 56 Tower.

Anderson, Fred, (Augusta), arista worker, h. 314 Forest ave.

Anderson, Fred, (Eliza), mattress maker, h. 45 Harrison.

Anderson, Fred H., foreman, bds. over 37 Harrison.

Anderson, Fred H., wool sorter, r. 11 Alpaca.

Anderson, Fred V., student, r. 62 Rathbone.

Anderson, Frederick, warp dresser, h. 428 Willard.

Anderson, Frederick, veneer worker, r. 203 Crescent.

Anderson, Frederick, metal worker, bds. 825 Spring.

Anderson, Fredolph, employed 111 Cheney, bds. 27 Weeks.

Anderson, Fredrika, r. 519 Spring.

Anderson, Fritz E.,finisher,r. 1054 Main.

Anderson, Genevieve, r. 428 Willard.

Anderson, George H., (Sadie M.), mail sorter P. O., h. 5 Garfield.

Anderson, GeOrge L., mattress maker, bds. 113 Broadhead ave.

Anderson, Grace, r. 108 Steele.

Anderson, Gunner, metal worker, bds. Prendergast ave., near Buffalo.

Anderson, Gust, laborer, bds. 117 Catlin.

Anderson, Gust, porter, rms. 29 Allen Square bldg.

Anderson, Gust, (Charlotte), dyer, h. over 68 Tower.

Anderson, Gust, (Minnie), cabinet maker, h. 31 Scott.

Anderson, Gust, (Inga K.), laborer, h. 14 Vega.

Anderson, Gust, (Heda), laborer, h. 5 Great Jones.

Anderson, Gust, laborer, bds. 320 Bowen.

Anderson, Gust, (Elsie)—Lindbloom & Anderson, 516 Newland ave.—h.

1013 do.

Anderson, Gust, cabinet maker, r. 224% Crescent.

Anderson, Gust, (Anna), h. 2 5 % Columbia.

Anderson, Gust, painter, bds. 12 Peach.

Anderson, Gust, (Esther), warp dresser, bds. 45 Vega.

Anderson, Gust, (Emma), laborer, h. 35 Morton.

Anderson, Gust A., ( E m m a G.), cabinet maker, h. 401 English.

Anderson, Gust, (Ida), furniturefinisher,h. over 12 Barrows.

Anderson, Gust A., (Myra), policeman City Hall, h. 619 Falconer.

Anderson, Gust A., (Clara), lumber handler, h. 107 Wescott.

Anderson, Gust A., (Sophie), metal worker, h. 17 Hall ave.

Building Supplies all kinds. L. F- S H E D D.

B o y ' s C l o t h i n g, LaTh^§&**'" at PROUDFIT'S 108 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Anderson, Gust A., machine hand, r. 415 Newland.

Anderson, Gust H., employed 128 J. & G. ave., bds. 24 West 10th.

Anderson, Gust P., (Mary), sawyer, h. over 48 Pearl ave.

Anderson, Gust W., (Amanda), machinist, h. 114 Broadhead ave.

Anderson, Gust W., (Anna C ), dipper, h. 10 Webster.

Anderson, Gusta, weaver, bds. over 3 East Newland ave.

Anderson, Gustaf, laborer, bds. 209 Newton.

Anderson, Gustaf, (Mary G.)—Anderson & Ohlquist, 219 Main—h. 17 Center.

Anderson, Hannah, spinner, bds. 181 Barrows.

Anderson, Hannah, r. 38 Peterson.

Anderson, Hannah, widow Gust, r. 504 Crescent.

Anderson, Hannah, weaver, bds. 132 Prospect.

Anderson, Harry L., commercial traveler, r. 108 Steele.

Anderson, Hattie A., r. 11 Alpaca.

Anderson, Hedrig, mill hand, r. 14 Lincoln.

Anderson Henning, pattern maker, r. 703 Lafayette.

Anderson, Henry, butcher, 880 Main, r. 54 Marvin.

Anderson, Henry G., (Antonia), barber, h. 112% Chandler.

Anderson, Henry K., (Hilma), painter, h. 215 Prospect.

Anderson, Herbert, machine hand, bds. 30 Sampson.

Anderson, Herman, (Tecta), laborer, h. 764 E. 2d.

Anderson, Herman, (Mary H.), weaver, h. 32 Pearl.

Anderson, Herman, (Rosa), foreman, h. 18 Arnold.

Anderson, Herman, (Minnie), laborer, h. 20 Willis.

Anderson, Hildor, candymaker, bds. 4 Willis.

Anderson, Hilma, weaver, bds. 109 Newland ave.

Anderson, Hilma, weaver, bds. 16 Vega.

Anderson, Hugh, sander, bds. 520 Foote ave.

Anderson, Hulda, widow Gust N., h. 503 Warren.

Anderson, Hulda, domestic, r. 164 Allen.

Anderson, Hulda, domestic, r. 30 Warren.

Anderson, Hulda, mill hand, r. 5 Great Jones.

Anderson, Ida, operative, r. 38 Sampson.

Anderson, Ida A., twister, r. 816 Newland ave.

Anderson, Inga Eliza, widow Claude A., r. 20 Ellicott.

Anderson, Isaac, (Carolina), laborer, h. 80 Jones.

Anderson, Jacob L., (Emma), retired, h. 493 Willard.

Anderson, James H., (Amelia), teamster, h. 618 Palmer.

Anderson, J. August, (Anna), laborer, h. 13 Wilton ave.

Anderson, Jennie, domestic, 203 East 4th.

Anderson, JenDie, widow Gust A., h. 417 Barrett.

Anderson, Jessie, seamstress, r. 13 Weeks.

Anderson, Johana, h. over 103 Willard.

Anderson, Johanna, widow N. O., h. 412 Baker.

Anderson, John, machinist, r. 103 Lafayette.

Anderson, John, bds. 254 Willard.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies.

The Best G o o d s at the Lowest P r i c e s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 109 Anderson, John, laborer, bds. 254 Willard.

Anderson, John, laborer, h. 1054 Main.

Anderson, John, (Evaline), metal worker, h. 10 Lake.

Anderson, John, (Ida), mattress maker, h. over 323 Newland ave.

Anderson, John, (Mary),finisher,h. 118 Crown.

Anderson, John, (Matilda), steel worker, h. Ill Stowe.

Anderson, John, laborer, bds. 11/ Williams.

Anderson, John, tailor, r. 226 Broadhead ave.

Anderson, John, (Alfreda), mattress maker, h. over 230 Broadhead ave.

Anderson, John, (Christine), metal worker, h. 17 Valley.

Anderson, John, laborer, bds. 492 Crescent.

Anderson, John, laborer, bds. 10 Steele.

Anderson, John, laborer, bds. 30 Sampson.

Anderson, John, (Minnie), woodworker, h. 12 Peach.

Anderson, John, (Anna), textile worker, h. 378% Willard.

Anderson, John, (Emma), h. 811 East 2d.

Anderson, John A., (Anna), woodcarver, h. 14 Colfax.

Anderson, John A., machine hand, bds. 47 Hedges.

Anderson, John A., r. 209 Clyde ave.

Anderson, John A., (Emma), clerk, 207 Main, h. 62 Rathbone.

Anderson, John A., (Hulga M.),finisher,h. 33 13th.

Anderson, John A., (Johanna), cabinet maker, h. 126 Winsor.

Anderson, John A., (Jennie S.), machine hand, h. 8 Newland ave.

Anderson, John A.,finisher,r. 1054 Main.

Anderson, John A., (Amanda), upholsterer, h. 20 Charles.

Anderson, John A., (Emma), asst. foreman, h. 211 Crescent.

Anderson, John A., (Matilda C ),finisher,h. 328 Foote ave.

Anderson, John A., (Christine), retired, h. 32 Swan.

Anderson, John A., wool sorter, r. 35 Anderson.

Anderson, John A., (Charlotte), laborer, h. 119 Wescott.

Anderson, John B., (Mary), carpenter and contractor, h. 12 Arnold.

Anderson, John C, button sticker, r. 4 Willis.

Anderson, John E., ( E m m a C ), coachman, h. over 107 Hazzard.

Anderson, John H., (Amelia), teamster, h. 618 Palmer.

Anderson, John M., (Lizzie), transient and boarding stables, 20 Fillmore, h. 14 do.

Anderson, John M., (Ida), woodworker, h. 54 Chapin.

Anderson, John P., (Ullenricka), laborer, h. over 22 Jeffords.

Anderson, John R., (May),finisher,h. over 30 Barrows.

Anderson, John S., lounge trimmer, bds. 4 Willis.

Anderson, John S., ( E m m a ) — T h e Anderson Co., 771 East 2nd—h. 175 Allen.

Anderson, John V., (Sophia), woodworker, h. 38 Sampson.

Anderson, John W., (Sophia)—Anderson Bros., 5 Race—h. 132 Prospect.

Anderson, Jonas P., laborer, h. 14 Chapin.

Anderson, Jonas P., carpenter,, bds. 25 Myrtle.

Anderson, Jonas P., (Carrie), retired, h. 393 Baker.

Cedar Shingles, Lath a n d Plaster==L. F. S H E D D.



Anderson Jonas W., (Christine), farmer, h. 235 Barrows.

Anderson, Joseph, (Mary), retired, h. 15 Linwood ave.

Anderson Josephine, duffer, r. 511 Allen.

Anderson, Josephine, mill hand, r. 786 East 2nd.

Anderson Josephine, drawer, bds. over 68 Tower.

Anderson Josephine, domestic, 313 West 5th.

Anderson Judith E., weaver, r. 6 Peterson.

Anderson, Julia, r. 829 Newland ave.

Anderson Julia, weaver, r. 6 Peterson.

Anderson Julius, (Corinth), warp dresser, r. 462 Willard.

Anderson Lars, r. 5 Garfield.

Anderson Lars A., (Josephine), dyer, 335 Harrison, h. 202 Hazzard.

Anderson Laura, tailoress, r. 108 Steele.

Anderson Laverne F., machine hand, bds. 401 English.

Anderson, Lena, textile worker, bds. over 3 East Newland ave.

Anderson, Lena, widow Anders, spinner, h. 511 Allen.

Anderson Lena, drawer, r. 15 Linwood ave.

Anderson Lena, Mrs., boarding house, 292 Harrison.

Anderson, Lena, Mrs., h. 408 Willard.

Anderson, Lena, domestic, 37 Warren.

Anderson Leonard, operative, r. 20 Baker.

Anderson Leonard, farmer, r. 235 Barrows.

Anderson Leonard, cabinet maker, bds. 69 Hedges ave.

Anderson Lida J., piece picker, r. 35 Anderson.

Anderson Lillian, duffer, bds. 408 Willard.

Anderson, Linus,finisher,bds. 152 Chandler.

Anderson Lottie, weaver, r. 245 Crescent.

Anderson Lottie, widow Andrew, rooms 133 Sampson.

Anderson, Louis, (Conna), laborer, h. 502 Crescent.

Anderson, Louis, laborer, bds. 15 Lake.

Anderson Louis P., tinner, bds. 27 Water.

Anderson, Louisa, operative, bds. Buffalo.

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