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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Mullen, Peter H., (Jennie E.), sand and gravel dealer, h. 1022 Main.

Mullen, William H., (Mary), teamster and sand dealer, h. 11 East Dickerson.

Municipal Electric Light Plant—Charles G. Sundquist, supt.—132-136 Steele.

Munroe, Catherine, widow James, h. 147 Foote ave.

Munroe, Delia, clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 147 Foote ave.

Munroe, Minnie, milliner, 101 South Main, r. 147 Foote ave.

See also Monroe.

Munson, Charles, laborer, r. 502 Crescent.

Munson, Charles, ( E m m a ), band sawyer, h. 46 West 9th.

Munson, Charles F., ( E m m a ) — M u n s o n & Johnson, 712-714 East 2d—h. 707 do.

Munson, John, (Nellie), laborer, h. 502 Crescent.

Munson, John, (Clara), laborer, h. 30 Vega.

Munson & Johnson—Charles F. Munson and Fred J. Johnson—mfrs. wood mantles, 710-714 East 2d.

Munson, Martin, switchman, Erie R. R., r. 20 Sampson.

Munson, Minnie, domestic, r. 502 Crescent.

Munson, Nels, (Anna), frame maker, h. 3 Lake.

Munson, Nels, (Anna), framemaker, h. 91 East Buffalo.

Munson, Nels, ( E m m a ), laborer, h. 20 Sampson.

Munson, Peter, (Ottilie), truckman, h. 317 Palmer.

Munson, Thomas, (Ellen M.), upholsterer, h. 48 Charles.

Murdoch, Grover C, dentist, over 34 Main, r. do.

Murkett Bros.—George W. and John Murkett—saloon, 214 East 2d.

Murkett, George W., (Matilda)—Murkett Bros., 214 East 2d—h. 48 Foote ave.

Murkett, J. Elizabeth, student, r. 48 Foote ave.

Murkett, Jessie M., laundress, r. 48 Foote ave.

Murkett, John, (Ellen)—Murkett Bros., 214 East 2d—h. over do.




Murphy, Arthur B., bookbinder, over 202 Main, r. 41 Foote ave.

Murphy, Frank, student Business college, r. 41 Foote ave.

Murphy, George, (Anna), warp dresser, h. 41 Foote ave.

Murphy, Georgie B., r. 8 East 4th.

Murphy, G. Frederick, clerk, r. 41 Foote ave.

Murphy, N., widow Nathaniel, r. 310 West 2d.

Murphy, Sophia A., widow Samuel B., r. 8 East 4th.

Murray, Andrew W., (Amelia), wholesale liquor dealer, 34 Main, h. 641 Prendergast ave.

Murray, Anna, cook, 13-23 South Main.

Murray, B. Agnes, r. 150 Fairview ave.

Murray, Frank, (Ida), plumber, h. 705 Jefferson.

Murray, George T., (Iva J.), carpenter, h. 24 Cowing.

Murray, John, employed Lake View Rose Gardens, h. 150 Fairview ave.

Murray, Louise, paper box maker, r. 410 West 7th.

Murray, Martin J, (Minnie)—M. J. Murray & Co., 122 West 3rd—h. 511.

West 7th.

Murray, Mary, widow James M., h. 116 Fairmount ave.

Murray, Minnie A., r. 116 Fairmount ave.

Murray, M. J. & Co.—M. J. Murray and Evlyn A. Todd—plumbers, 122 West 3rd.

Murray, Patrick, laborer, r. 610 Monroe.

Murray, William G., r. 116 Fairmount ave.

Murry, Thomas, h. 150 Fairview ave.

Muzzy, Lester H., (Clara A.), collector, 19 Steele, h. 57 Marvin.

Myers, Ada, weaver, r. 52 Harrison.

Myers, Albert E., (Jessie), physician and surgeon, rooms 7 8 9 over 103

-West 3rd, h. 411 do.

Myers, Arthur, dyer, r. 52 Harrison.

Myers, Edgar E., (Minnie E.), Pearl City Laundry, 21-23 Steele, h. 315 Forest ave.

Myers, Edward, (Maude), foreman, h. over 122 Harrison.

Myers, Fred A., ( E m m a M.), bookkeeper, 211 Main, h. 39 Foote ave.

Myers, F. Lavern, (Nellie), sorter, h. 7 Terrace place.

Myers, George, rag peddler, h. 342 Steele.

Myers, George, (Annie), loomfixer, h. 6 1 % Harrison.

Myers, Henry, laborer, bds. 50 Hazzard.

Myers, Herbert, bobbin setter, r. 52 Harrison.

Myers, John F., (Margarett J.), foreman, h. over 12S East 2d.

Myers, Lura B., r. 142 Allen.

Myers, Mary, mender, r. 52 Harrison.

Myers, Mary, dressmaker, r. 210 East 4th.

Myers, Mary, widow Joseph, h. 52 Harrison.

Myers, Melinda I., widow Sidney J., h. 142 Allen.

See also Meyer.

–  –  –

Nash, Anna M., spinner, r. 295 Crescent.

Nash, John F., (Belle), metal worker, h. 1009 East 2d.

Nash, Matthew, (Mary), shoemaker, 781 East 2d, h. 295 Crescent.

Nash, Morris A., waiter, r. 295 Crescent.

National Furniture Co.—Carl J. Johnson, pres.; Charles P. Sandberg, vice pres.; Ray Anderson, secy, and treas.—501-503 West 5th.

National Waterproof Boot Co.—O. C. Frisbee, gen. mgr.—rm. 52 Gokey blk., over 12 West 3rd.

Naylor, James, (Sarah), foundryman, r. 303 Newton.

Neff, Fredrick L., woodworker, bds. over 83 Allen.

Neff, Isaac H., shoemaker, 7 Pyre, r. do.

Neff, Willis A., (Winnifred), metal worker, h. 213 Forest.

Negren, John, machine hand, bds. 12 Peach.

Neil, Charles O., (Amelia), metal worker, h. 21 Seymour ave.

Neil, Grant E., (Lillian C ), attorney-at-law, room 41 Wellman bldg., over 101 West 3rd, h. 19 Catlin ave.

Neild, Clara, picker, r. 760 East 2d.

Neild, Florence, weaver, r. 760 East 2d.

Neild, Sarah E., weaver, r. 760 East 2d.

Neild, Thomas, (Betsy), waste sorter, h. 760 East 2d.

Neill, John H., (Mary), harness and trunks, 121 West 3rd, h. over 21 West 2d.

Ncill, N. Victoria, r. over 21 West 2d.

Neill, Will H., (Maude), dry goods, 218-220 Main, h. 126 East 2d.

Neilsen, Christian, (Julia), cigars and tobacco, 111 Main, h. 322 Forest ave.

Neilson, Erick M., (Emma), cabinet maker, h. 238 Forest ave.

Neilson, Esther, cashier, 16 Main, r. 238 Forest ave.

Neilson, Huldah, bookkeeper, 2-6 East 2d, r. 238 Forest ave.

Neilson, Jennie, clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 238 Forest ave.

Neilson, John, (Hansine), band sawyer, h. 17 Wilton ave.

Neilson, Oscar F., electrician, r. 238 Forest ave.

Neilson, Sophie, widow Nels,, h. 322 Forest.

Nelson, Ada, spinner, r. 438 Winsor.

Nelson, Adolph, woodworker, bds. over 511 Allen.

Nelson, Alis C, r. 608 Barrows.

Nelson, August, hand sander, r. 63 Hazzard.

Nelson, A. Fred, (Augusta), casemaker, h. 19 Cedar ave.

Nelson, Albert, (Christine),finisher,h. 15 Axtel.

Nelson, Albert, (Georgianna)—Jamestown Art Carving Co., 38 Steele—h. 34 Hazzard.

Nelson, Albert V., foreman, r. 8 Waterman.

Nelson, Alfred, (Johanna), laborer, h. 751 English, R. F. D. 82.

Nelson, Alfred, (Olga), cabinet maker, h. over 125 Stowe.

The Best Cement at L. F. SHEDD'S.

Underwear, Hosiery and Gloves a Specialty at PROUDFIT'S 312 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Nelson, Alfred, (Ida), stationary engineer, h. 510 Barrett.

Nelson, Alfred, (Johanna), retired, h. 529 Allen.

Nelson, Alfred, carpenter, h. 745 Foote ave.

Nelson, Alfred, machine hand, r. 12 Walnut.

Nelson, Alfred, (Anna), tailor, h. Ill Mechanic.

Nelson, Alma, millhand, r. 3 Great Jones.

Nelson, Amanda, teacher, r. 1231 Main.

Nelson, Amel, machinist, r. 15 Bush.

Nelson, Amel, (Hannah L.), machine hand, h. 438 Winsor.

Nelson, Andrew,finisher,r. 305% Warren.

Nelson, Andrew, (Anna), woodfiller, h. 319 Allen.

Nelson, Andrew, (Sophia A.), laborer, h. 15 Bush.

Nelson, Andrew W., (Anna J.)—Nelson & Johnson, 233 Prospect—h. over 614 Newland ave.

Nelson, Anna, domestic, r. 600 Prendergast ave.

Nelson, Anna, domestic, 415 West 3rd.

Nelson, Anna, h. 222 Price.

Nelson, Anna, widow Gust, h. 1231 Main.

Nelson, Anna, housekeeper, 2 Morse ave., r. do.

Nelson, Anna M., widow Bengt, r. 114 Willard.

Nelson, Arthur, laborer, r. 110 Francis.

Nelson, Arvid, cabinet maker, r. 608 Barrows.

Nelson, August F., (Mary B.), barber, h. 722 East 7th.

Nelson, August J., (Emolia), laborer, h. 14 Bishop.

Nelson, Axel, laborer, bds. Ill Williams.

Nelson, Axel, (Anna)—Nelson & Johnson, 233 Prospect—h. 227 do.

Nelson, Axel, machine hand, r. 14 Bishop.

Nelson, Axel C, (Matilda), shoemaker, h. 18 Crown.

Nelson, Axel R., (Pearl E.), deliveryman, h. over 514 Foote ave.

Nelson, Axel V., (Emily), machine hand, h. over 12 Morton.

Nelson, Berger, wood polisher, bds. 566 Allen.

Nelson, Bernard N., paperhanger, r. 319 Allen.

Nelson, Benjamin, machine hand, r. 20 Vega.

Nelson, Carl, (Esther), metal worker, h. 22 Charles.

Nelson, Carl, (J. Matilda), machine hand, h. 401 Falconer.

Nelson, Carl, (Ellen),finisher,h. 15 Park.

Nelson, Carl A., clerk, 34 Willard, r. 32 Kinney.

Nelson, Carl A., cabinet maker, bds. 554 Allen.

Nelson, Carl S„ machinist, r. 14 Bishop.

Nelson, Carrie, r. 305% Warren.

Nelson, C. August—Swanson & Nelson, 110 Willard—h. 114 do.

Nelson, Cecelia, twister, r. 438 Winsor.

Nelson, Charles, r. 860 Spring.

Nelson, Charles, (Selma),finisher,h. over 37 Morton.

Nelson, Charles, (Hildah), furniture polisher, h. over 74 Water.

Nelson, Charles, (Gertie), employed 101 Harrison, h. 80 Jones.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Housefurnishings.

Carpets, Curtains, Draperies, Shades. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 313 Nelson, Charles, (Anna), Golden Furniture Co., 502 West 4th, h. 120 Bush.

Nelson, Charles, cook, 118 East 2d, r. do.

Nelson, Charles A., gluer, h. 140 Barrows.

Nelson, Charles, (Marie L.), woodworker, h. 608 Barrows.

Nelson, Charles A., (Ida), h. 44 Tower.

Nelson, Charles C. A., (Christine), janitor, h. 209 Newton.

Nelson, Charles I., laborer, bds. 634 Falconer.

Nelson, Charles L., metal worker, bds. 27 Forest ave.

Nelson, Christine, domestic, r. 110 Forest ave.

Nelson, Christine, widow August, h. 10 Alpaca.

Nelson, Christine, cook, 3 Lake View ave.

Nelson, Clara, h. over 13 Victoria ave.

Nelson, Clarence,florist,r. near Wellman ave., (Celoron).

Nelson, Clarence L., (Mabel), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 506 Palmer.

Nelson, Clarence R., janitor, r. 541 Crescent.

Nelson, Claus, (Sophie), carpenter, h. 238 Hall ave.

Nelson, C. Lawrence, student, r. 401 Falconer.

Nelson & Co.—Gust A. Nelson and Lars A. Larson—extension tables, 44-48 Steele.

Nelson, C. Pearl, student, r. 34 Hazzard.

Nelson, Ed, laborer, r. 3 Great Jones.

Nelson, Edith, textile worker, r. 438 Winsor, Nelson, Edward, metal worker, bds. 1013 Newland ave.

Nelson, Edward, machine hand, r. 12 Walnut.

Nelson, Elias, comber, r. 608 Barrows.

Nelson, Ellen, weaver, bds. 25 Derby.

Nelson, Ellen, weaver, r. 14 Bishop.

Nelson, Elizabeth M., twister, bds. 8 Morse ave.

Nelson, Emanuel, (Hulda), metal worker, h. 244 Forest ave.

Nelson, Emel, metal worker, bds. 11 Partridge.

Nelson, E m m a, Mrs., h. over 18 West 8th.

Nelson, E m m a, domestic, 341 East 5th.

Nelson, E m m a E., nurse, r. 124 Prospect.

Nelson, Erick, (Helen), carpenter, h. over 111 Stowe.

Nelson, Ernest, clerk, 16 Main, r. 209 Newton ave.

Nelson, Esther, dressmaker, r. 429 Allen.

Nelson, Esther, weaver, r. 7 Waterman.

Nelson, Eva A., widow John P., h. 39 Wescott.

Nelson, Fabian, (Augusta), laborer, h. 410 Foote ave.

Nelson, Florence, milliner, r. near Wellman ave., (Celoron).

Nelson, Florence J., milliner, r. 140 Barrows.

Nelson, Frank,florist,r. near Wellman ave., (Celoron).

Nelson, Frank, (Ida), furniture, 105 East 2d, h. 112 Cross.

Nelson, Frank A., (Ida H.), clerk, 13 East 3rd, h. 23 Cedar ave.

Nelson, Frank A., (Minnie),finisher,h. 235 Steele.

Nelson, Frank A., (Alberta A.), wood turner, h. 314 Bowen.


Call u p N o. 3 3 for C l o t h i n g a n d Furnishings 314 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Nelson, Frank O., (Metta), laborer, h. 8 Waterman.

Nelson, Fred, deliveryman, bds. over 29 Linden ave.

Nelson, Fred, dyer, h. 131 East 9th.

Nelson, Fred, (Kate), warper, h. over 115 East 2d.

Nelson, Fred A., (Belle F.), commercial traveler, 38 Winsor, r. 131 East 9th.

Nelson, Fred O., (Augusta), metal worker, h. over 51 Kinney.

Nelson, Freda, widow Charlie, r. 828 Newland ave.

Nelson, Freda, weaver, bds. 25 Derby.

Nelson, Freda H., weaver, r. 14 Bishop.

Nelson, Fredericka, picker, r. 230 Steele.

Nelson, Gilbert, r. over 429 Allen.

Nelson, Gunborg, dressmaker, r. 14 Bishop.

Nelson, Gunhild, spinner, r. 438 Winsor.

Nelson, Gunner, machinist, bds. 751 English.

Nelson, Gust, (Carolina), dyer, h. 56 Eagle.

Nelson, Gust, laborer, r. 860 Spring.

Nelson, Gust, (Amanda), laborer, h. over 790 East 2d.

Nelson, Gust, (Lottie), woodworker, h. 241 Broadhead ave.

Nelson, Gust A., (Minnie W.)—Nelson & Co., 44-48 Steele—h. 245 Barrows.

Nelson, Hannah, weaver, r. 751 English.

Nelson, Hans, laborer, r. 520 Baker.

Nelson, Hans, laborer, bds. 11 Highland ave.

Nelson, Hans, (Sophie), laborer, h. 3 Great Jones.

Nelson, Hansine, domestic, r. 192 East Buffalo.

Nelson, Harry, woodworker, h. 14 Weeks.

Nelson, Harry, metal worker, bds. 621 Prendergast ave.

Nelson, Helen, spinner, r. 751 English, R. F. D., 82.

Nelson, Helena, widow John, h. 305% Warren.

Nelson, Herbert A., student, r. 227 Prospect.

Nelson, Herbert L., packer, r. 15 Bush.

Nelson, Herman, upholsterer, bds. 23 Center.

Nelson, Hilda, domestic, 7 Fairmount ave.

Nelson, Hildar E., r. 608 Barrows.

Nelson, Hilma, domestic, r. 10 Alpaca.

Nelson, Hilma C, r. 429 Allen.

Nelson, Hulda, weaver, bds. 25 Derby.

Nelson, Ida, mender, r. 305% Warren.

Nelson, Ida, domestic, 1 Fenton place.

Nelson, Ida, operative, bds. 463 Willard.

Nelson, Ida, dressmaker, r. 131 East 9th.

Nelson, Isaac, twister, bds. 230 Steele.

Nelson, Jennie, domestic, 117 East 6th.

Nelson, Jennie H., bookkeeper, 6 Steele, r. 16 West 8th.

Nelson, J. Martin, (Frances), operative, h. 114 Park.

Nelson, John, woodworker, bds. 566 Allen.

Nelson, John, (Huldah), tailor, h. 24 Crown.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

The Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 315 Nelson, John, (Louise), woodworker, h. 110 Francis.

Nelson, John, aristo worker, bds. 400 Barrett.

Nelson, John, bds. 314 Bowen.

Nelson, John, metal worker, r. 16 West End.

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