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Nelson, John A., (Andrea M.), teamster, h. 15 Charles.

Nelson, John A., (Emily S.), grocer, 14 Main, h. 453 Warren.

Nelson, John E., (Ida C ), packer, h. 441 Baker.

Nelson, John P., (Ida S.), carpenter, h. 109 Stowe.

Nelson, John W., (Frances Oakley), physician, 405 Pine, h. do.

Nelson & Johnson—Axel Nelson, Charles A. Johnson, Andrew W. Nelson— planing mill and sash and door factory, 233 Prospect.

Nelson, Joseph, metal worker, bds. 263 Forest ave.

Nelson, Lena, widow Nels, r. 16 West End.

Nelson, Leonard I., (Nina),finisher,h. over 119 West 3rd.

Nelson, Lillian, domestic, r. 929 East 2d.

Nelson, Lina, domestic, 310 Foote ave.

Nelson, Lottie, widow James P., h. near Wellman ave., (Celoron).

Nelson, Lydia A., r. 140 Barrows.

Nelson, Margaret, widow Carl, r. Thayer St. Ext.

Nelson, Markham, (Corina S.), carpenter, h. 520 Palmer.

Nelson, Martin, (Mable), clerk, 201 East 2d, h. 648 East 6th.

Nelson, Mary, picker, bds. 917 Main.

Nelson, Mary J, teacher, r. 114 Willard.


Nelson, Matilda, widow Eric, r. 114 Park.

Nelson, Matilda, widow Gust, h. over 429 Allen.

Nelson, Matt, laborer, r. 15 Charles.

Nelson, Millie, domestic, r. 235 Fulton.

Nelson, Nels A., (Matilda), stonemason, h. over 119 West 3rd.

Nelson, N. John, (Mary), sander, h. 30 Barrows.

Nelson, Ora, machine hand, bds. 12 Walnut.

Nelson, Oscar, (Aleda), laborer, h. 241 Sprague.

Nelson, Oscar, gluer, r. over 30 Barrows.

Nelson, Oscar, (Anna), hand sander, h. 63 Hazzard.

Nelson, Oscar, (Lottie), laborer, _ 763 East 2d.

Nelson, Oscar, (Matilda), wood turner, h. 541 Crescent.

Nelson, Oscar F., (Ida),finisher,h. over 208 Benedict.

Nelson, Otto, (Annie C ), laborer, h. 16 West 8th.

Nelson, Otto, (Lena C ), japaner, h. 224 Baker.

Nelson, Peter, (Jennie C ), butcher, h. 70 Benson.

Nelson, Peter, (Josephine), farmer, h. West Oak Hill ave.

Nelson, Ray S., student, r. 245 Barrows.

Nelson, Reuben G., employed 44-48 Steele, r. 245 Barrows.

Nelson, Rudolph, upholsterer, r. 112 Cross.

Nelson, Rudolph H., r. 32 Kinney.

Nelson, Rudolph W., packer, r. 39 Wescott.

Nelson, Ruth, textile worker, r. 109 Stowe.

Cedar Shingles, Lath a n d Plaster-L. F. S H E D D.


Nelson, Selma, domestic, 42 Allen.

Nelson, Selma, dressmaker, r. 10 Alpaca.

Nelson, Selma S., spinner, r. 39 Wescott.

Nelson, Signa, millhand, bds. 792 East 2d.

Nelson, Stura F., (Nettie J.),finisher,h. 114 Vega.

Nelson, Swan, (Mary), machine hand, h. 11 Partridge.

Nelson, Swan, grocery, 277 Willard, h. 275 do.

Nelson, Theodore, (Hilda), metal worker, h. 12 Osborn.

Nelson, Theodore, (Ida),finisher,h. 38 Vega Nelson, Theodore N., tailor, 9 West 3rd, rms. do.


Individual Style and S h a p e fo every Garment.

Good w o r k m a n s h i p and a perfect fit guaranteed.

Repairing, cleaning and pressing neatly done.

T H E O D O R E N. N E L S O N H o m e Phone Over 9 West Third Street Nelson, Tobias, laborer, r. 117 Williams.

Nelson, Victor, (Matilda), woodworker, h. 37 West 10th.

Nelson, Walter, (Mary), packer, h. over 36 Union ave.

Nelson, Warner, laborer, bds. 37 Morton.

Nelson, William H., machine hand, bds. 275 Willard.

See also Nilson and Neilson.

Nequist, Isaac, laborer, bds.23 Delaware ave.

Nessland, Victor, bookkeeper, 100-106 East 3rd, r. 417 Ashville.

Nestor, Elba, telephone operator, bds. 211 Allen.

Nethercott, Estella A., r. 207 Foote ave.

Neu, Philip, (Elizabeth), h. over 26 Taylor.

Neustrom, Anna, weaver, bds. under 52 Hedges ave.

Neustrom, John, cabinet maker, bds. 288 Willard.

Neustrom, Napoleon, policeman, City hall, r. 6 Briggs.

Neustrom, Sophia, widow Andrew G., h. 6 Briggs.

Neustrom, William, (Anna),finisher,h. over 47 Wescott.

Neville, Henry C, (Josephine), physician, Falconer, h. 8 Crosby.

Neville, J. Charles, (Rose), engineer, Buffalo St. water station, h. 129 Buffalo New, Charles E., printer, rms. 215 West 2d.

Newberry, Earl B., (Bessie M.), driver, J. F. D., h. 405 Newton.

Newberry, Elmer J., finisher, r. IS Weeks.

Newberry, Florence M., clerk, 13-15 Main, r. 18 Weeks.

Newberry, Franklin D., rug maker, 1 Hotchkiss, r. 18 Weeks.

Newberry, James O., Mrs., nurse, r. 18 Weeks.

Newberry, James O., (Ida M.), drayman, h. 18 Weeks.

Newberry, Thomas, (Pauline), engineer, Erie R. R., h. 128 Kent.

Newbloom, Carl, laborer, bds. 800 East 2d.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies.

Cloaks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 317 New Broadhead block, 101-107 South Main.

New Brooklyn House, Cowan Bros, props., 5 9 Harrison.

New Federal building, 200-210 West 3rd.

New Fenton building, 2 6 East 2d.

New Gifford building, 22-28 South Main.

Newhou'se, John, clerk, 109 East 3rd, r. 405 West 7th.

Newman, August F., (Margaret), laborer, h. 26 Newton.

Newman, Harriett A., widow Jared R., h. 17 College.

Newman, Oscar, laborer, r. 37 Holman.

Newman, William M., (Grace L.), teamster, h. 65 Tilden ave.

New Parochial school, 201-205 West 5th.

Newquist, John, cabinet maker, bds. 10 Alpaca.

New Sherman House, George F. Hurlbert, prop., 13-23 West 3rd.

Newsome, James, (Mary), woolsorter, h. 316 Allen.

Newsome, James, Jr., (Clara), apprentice, bds. 314 Allen.

Newton, Albert F., (Mary L.), janitor, St. Luke's church, h. 611 Washington.

Newton, Blanche, operator, 210 Pine, r. 611 Washington.

Newton, Chauncey, motorman, bds. 224 Sprague.

Newton, Corrie A., widow George R., h. 304 Lincoln.

Newton, Daniel, laborer, bds. 25 Steele.

Newton, Edna, dressmaker, r. 611 Washington.

Newton, Frank A., drayman, r. 60 West 10th.

Newton, George, roofer, r. over 14 East 3rd.

Newton, Harry, painter, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Newton, Helen, seamstress, r. 338 East 3rd.

Newton, Hubert M., (Lena L.)—Jamestown Razor Co., 20 West 3rd—h over 48 Prospect.

Newton, Marjory C, stenographer, r. 304 Lincoln.

Newton, Maude, student, r. 611 Washington.

Newton, Mildred, clerk, 212 Main, r. 611 Washington.

Newton, Nathan P., (Alice A.), piano and organ moving, 66 West 10th, h. do.

Newton, Nathan P., Jr., (Minnie), drayman, h. 18 West 10th.

Newton, Nellie G., teacher, r. 304 Lincoln.

Newton, Otis, (Ida), plasterer, h. 701 West 8th.

Newton, Paul, 35 Fenton bldg.

Newton, Rebecca A., widow Elihu R., r. 616 East 7th.

Newton, Samuel B., drayman, bds. 66 West 10th.

Newton, Will S., clerk, 20 East 3rd, r. 304 Lincoln.

New Warner hall, over 5 Main.

New York and Pennsylvania Telephone and Telegraph Co., Albert L. Piper, mgr., 113 East 3rd.

New York Life Insurance Co.—John Grosvenor, agency director, J. H. Ryan.

cashier—office Gokey block, 20 West 3rd.

New York Tea and Coffee Co., G. G. Hall, mgr., teas, coffee, etc., 106 East 3d.

New York & Western Oil Co.—C. M. Purdy, pres.; E. A. Fenton, vice pres.;

W. G. Purdy, sec.; Jay Pickard, treas.—47 Wellman bldg.

CLEAN COAL. L. F. SHEDD. Both Phones.



Nichols, Benjamin, (Jane M.), h. 119 South Main.

Nichols, Charles M., (Sadie S.)—Jamestown Iron Works, 11 Shearman place — h. 119 South Main.

Nichols, Frank G., woodworker, bds. 8 % Cheney.

Nichols, Fred A., (Louise), moulder, h. 110 Harrison.

Nichols, Frederick Herbert, physician, over 100 Main, h. do.

Nichols, Levant R., (Kate I.), retired, h. 501 Clinton.

Nichols, Maude, r. 119 South Main.

Nichols, Miles, metal worker, bds. 17 Ross.

Nichols, Watson D., conductor, J. S. Ry., r. 501 Clinton.

Nickerson, Alfonso, (Mertie), woodworker, r. 13 Hazzard.

Nickerson, Frank S., (Lottie B.), supt., 63 Taylor, h. 371 Baker.

Nickle, William S., (Harriet E.), pastor Buffalo St. M. E. church, h. 625 Falconer.

Nicoli, Ritz, (Severana), fruit peddler, h. under 435 Allen.

Nicteus, Dominique, (Anne Marie), weaver, h. Woodlawn ave.

Niederlander, Charles, (Minnie), engineer, h. 212 Park.

Niholm, Edwin, employed 335 Harrison, r. 5 Webster.

Niholm, Elof, painter, r. Benedict cor. Eagle.

Niholm, Fred, (Ida), painter and paperhanger, h. 5 Webster.

Niholm, Signa, bobbin winder, r. 5 Webster.

See also Nyholm.

Niles, Herbert A., (Florence), teacher, business college, h. 13 Elk.

Nilson, Charles A., (Hilda),finisher,h. 612 Fenton.

See also Nelson and Neilson.

Nisson, William F., (Lucy), contractor, h. 7 13th.

Nobbs, Arnet, clerk, r. 913 Prendergast ave.

Nobbs, Garnett A., r. 913 Prendergast ave.

Nobbs, Hazel E., student, r. 913 Prendergast ave.

Nobbs, Mulford M., (Marion), commercial traveler, h. 913 Prendergast ave.

Nobbs, Robert H., (Lona A.), teamster, h. 814 Jefferson.

Nobbs, Robert W., student, bds. 814 Jefferson.

Nobbs, William L., surveyor, bds. 814 Jefferson.

Noble, Clara W., r. over 205 East 2d.

Noble, Florie B., operator, 210 Pine, r. over 205 East 2d.

Noble, Nellie K., textile worker, r. over 205 East 2d.

Noble, Radliff J., (Sabina), clerk, 101 East 2d, h. over 205 do.

Noble, Sam, dyer, bds. 25 Water.

Nolander, Andrew, (Corrinne), cabinet maker, h. 47 Vega.

Nolander, Asa, carder, bds. 47 Vega.

Nolander, Carl, bds. 47 Vega.

Noncie, George, textile worker, r. 201 Winsor.

Noon, Elizabeth J., widow Patrick, h. 26 Maltby.

Noon, James E., (Gertrude), cigarmaker, h. 145 Warren.

Noon, John T., polisher, r. 26 Maltby.

Norberg, Hedwig, domestic, r. 28 Jones.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Roofing and Building Papers.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 319 Norberg, John, woodworker, bds. 433 Allen.

Norberg, John, (Anna), mechanic, h. 22 Price.

Norberg, Mary, dressmaker, bds. 520 Foote ave.

Norberg, Peter A., laborer, bds. 28 Jones.

Norberg, Roy, aristo worker, bds. 22 Price.

Nord, Alfred A., (Esther M.)—Union Furn. Co., 234 Crescent—h. over 105 Kipp.

Nord, August F., (Anna A.)—Union Furniture Co., 234 Crescent—h. 116 Bush.

Nord, Carl B., operator, r. 19 Park.

Nord, Carl W., woodworker, r. 510 Forest ave.

Nord, Carrie, spinner, bds. 117 Barrett.

Nord, Charles A., (Hulda M.), tailor, over 108 East 2d, h. 19 Park.

Nord, Edwin C, (Rosa)—Union Furn. Co., 234 Crescent—h. over 118 Bush.

Nord Furniture Co.—John A. Nord, prop.—furniture, 109-111 East 2d.

Nord, Hannah C, textile worker, r. 510 Forest ave.

Nord, John A., (Clara C.)—Nord Furn. Co., Ill East 2d—h. over 116 Bush.

Nord, Julia A., widow Andrew P., h. 18 Bowen.

Nord, Louisa, widow Andrew M., h. 118 Bush.

Nord, M. Nels, (Christine), aristo worker, h. 510 Forest ave.

Nord, Reuben C, apprentice tailor, r. 19 Park.

Nord, Theodore,finisher,bds. 126 Winsor.

Nordin, Albert U., (Josephine P.),fireman,h. 103 Colfax.

Nordin, Hendrick G., (Augusta), boilermaker, h. 8 Lake.

Nordin, John, retired, h. 35 Dearing.

Nordine, Alma, stenographer, 38-46 Winsor, r. 23 Newton.

Nordine, John O., (Eva), woodworker, h. 23 Newton.

Nording, Anna O., r. 129 Bush.

Nording, E m m a C, r. 129 Bush.

Nording, Olif, (Anna M.), laborer, h. 129 Bush.

Nording, Oscar, printer, r. 129 Bush.

Nordquist, John, (Marie), h. 110 Stowe.

See also Norquist.

Nordstrom, Axel, (Emma), woodworker, h. 395 Falconer.

Nordstrom, Frank G., (May F.), jeweler, 213 Main, h. 51 Fairmount ave.

Norene, Gust, woodworker, bds. 105 Winsor.

Norene, Jennie C, clerk, 221 Main, r. 448 Allen.

Norene, Mary, dressmaker, r. 448 Allen.

Norene, Oscar N., (Matilda), casemaker, h. over 8 Morse ave.

Norene, Peter A., retired, h. 448 Allen.

Norgren, August P., (Hulda), laborer, h. 8 Bowen.

Norland, Gothard, (Mary), machine hand, h. over 30 Water.

Norling, Chester, clerk, 101 West 3rd, bds. 22 Price.

Norling, Jennie, r. 212 Bowen.

Norling, John, cabinet worker, h. 212 Bowen.

Norling, Peter, bds. 167 Allen.

Norling, William O., cabinet maker, r. 212 Bowen.

Building Supplies of all kinds. L. F- SHEDD.



Norman, A. Albert, (Mary), sander, h. 112 Forest.

Norman, Andrew G., (Anna L.), woodworker, h. 230 Barrows.

Norman, Charles G., woodworker, bds. over 566 Allen.

Norman, Evan L., apprentice printer, r. 203 Barrows.

Norman, Herman, laborer, bds. over 224 Broadhead ave.

Norman, John A., (Selma J.), gardener, h. 28 Clyde ave.

Norman, John J, woodcutter, r. 28 Clyde ave.


Norman, Sidney, laborer, r. 32 Whitley ave.

Norquist, A. C. Co.—August C. and Frank O. Norquist—mfrs. bedroom furniture, 415-421 Chandler.

Norquist, August C, (Augusta)—A. C. Norquist & Co., 415 Chandler—h. 20 Bowen.

Norquist, Charles J, ( E m m a Carr)—Century Furniture Co., 129 J. & G. ave.—.

h. over 20 Cross.

Norquist, Clyde L., student, r. 20 Bowen.

Norquist, Frank O., (Josephine W. ) — A. C. Norquist Co., 415 Chandler—h.

779 East 2d.

Norquist, Glenn A., student, r. 20 Bowen.

Norquist, Marcus J., (Jane Etta)—Century Furniture Co., 129 J. & G. ave— h. 129 Kent.

Norquist, Selma, maid, 711 Washington.

See also Nordquist.

Norris, Frank, driver, bds. 610 Lake View ave.

North, Alphonse J., grocer, city line, East 2d, h. 18 Elm.

North, Nick, (Angeline), laborer, h. 24 Fenton place.

North, Ward, milk peddler, bds. 213 Park place.

Northrop, Claude M., (Maud E.), wood turner, h. 101 Maple.

Northrop, Delia J., Mrs., r. 18 Ashville ave.

Northrop, Delia J., r. 622 Palmer.

Northrop, John, retired, r. 18 Hess.

Northrop, Walter S., (Blanche L.), gardener, h. 18 Hess.

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