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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Northrop, Harriet, widow Thomas, h. 30 Water.

Northrop, Jessie, dressmaker, h. over 24 Harrison.

Northrope, Nancy, r. 119-121 East 2d.

Northrope, Ralph A., dray driver, bds. 24 Woodworth ave.

Norton, Charles, upholsterer, r. 9 Dickerson.

Norton, Dennis, deliveryman, r. 9 Dickerson.

Norton, Frederick L., h. 310 East 6th.

Norton, George W., (Mary), teamster, h. 840 Clinton.

Norton, John, upholsterer, r. 840 Clinton.

Norton, Joseph, driver, h. under 10 West 4th.

Norton, Joseph J, (Elizabeth), freight handler, h. 125 Marvin.


Norton, Lavina, starcher, r. 125 Marvin.

Norton, Lucy S., r. 310 East 6th.

Norton, Mary A., spinner, r. 840 Clinton.

Norton, Ora, spinner, r. 125 Marvin.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

Always b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 321 Norton, Robert S., metal worker, bds. 840 Jefferson.

Norton, Willis W., (Mina), h. 840 Jefferson.

Norton, Zachariah, (Mary), watchman, J. C. & L. E. Ry., h. 9 Dickerson.

Norwall, Nels P., ( E m m a C ), cabinet maker, h. 546 Crescent.

Noyes, Floyd, clerk, 5-9 Harrison, bds. do.

Noyes, Frank, (Mary), operative, h. over 115 Cross.

Nugent, Mary, weaver, h. over 123 Steele.

Nuttall, Jane A., Mrs., r. 13 Prospect ave.

Nutter, Arthur, (Ollie), agt. A. P. Tea Co., h. 93 Hazzard.

Nutter, Gertrude, music teacher, r. over 149 Allen.

Nutter, James, (Maria), watchman, bds. 44 Taylor.

Nutter, Mary E., piece mender, bds. over 10 King.

Nutter, Samuel, (Mary E.), warp twister, h. over 149 Allen.

Nutter, Sophia, piece mender, bds. over 10 King.

Nutter, Thomas, wool handler, h. over 10 King.

Nutting, Paulona, widow Hazel C, h. 325 Allen.

Nyberg, Frank, (Helen), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 131 Foote ave.

Nyberg, Fritz, woodworker, bds. 62 Allen.

Nyberg, Hannah L., widow Charles, h. 98 Water.

Nyberg, Ida, weaver, h. over 42 Barrows.

Nyberg, James, (Laura), bartender, h. 55 Ellicott.

Nyberg, John F., (Hilma), clerk, h. 28 Forest.

Nyberg, Jonas,finisher,bds. 23 Center.

Nye, John, packer, h. 29 Kinney.

Nygren, Axel, (Anna), painter, h. 244 Bowen.

Nylander, Andrew, (Amelia),finisher,h. over 112 Williams.

Nylander, Anna, widow Gustaf, h. over 117 Williams.

Nystrom, Herman,finisher,r. Thayer Street Ext.

o Oak Cafe, Patrick Moynihan, Jr., prop., 9 West 2d.

Oakison, Nels M., (Johanna), laborer, h. 272 Prospect.

Oakland, Minnie, second cook, r. room 53 Allen Square bldg.

Oakland, Theodore, (Elsie), painter, h. 3 Williams.

Oakleaf, John J., salesman, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Oakley, Hannah C, widow Francis, bds. 405 Pine.

Oaks, Frank H., (Pearl), commercial traveler, h. 71 Allen.

Oates, John C, (Alice), stone cutter, h. 26 Water.

Oberg, Agnes W., weaver, r. 11 Cowden place.

Oberg, Charles,finisher,bds. 22 Eagle.

Oberg, Charles, (Pauline), stone mason, h. 11 Cowden place.

Oberg, David, toolmaker, r. 32 Jones.

Oberg, Edith, textile worker, r. 277 Prospect.

Oberg, Elizabeth L., operative, r. 32 Jones.


Leaveryt°r F i n e C u s t o m C l o t h i n g at Proudfit's orde 322 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Oberg, Gunner, blacksmith, bds. 14 Bishop.

Oberg, Gust A., (Anna), polisher, h. over 513 East 8th.

Oberg, Herbert, (Mary), dye maker, h. 76 Jones.

Oberg, Hilda U., spinner, r. 11 Cowden place.

Oberg, Hulda, r. 32 Jones.

Oberg, J. Alfred, cabinet maker, bds. 444 Allen.

Oberg, John, machine hand, r. 32 Jones.

Oberg, John, ( E m m a C ), carpenter, h. 500 Barrett.

Oberg, John P., tailor, h. 32 Jones.

Oberg, Joel, metal worker, r. 32 Jones.

Oberg, Josephine M., weaver, r. 11 Cowden place.

Oberg, Martin L., student, r. 126 Colfax.

Oberg, Nellie H., r. 32 Jones.

Oberg, Nels H., (Selma C ), tailor, h. 126 Colfax.

Oberg, Robert, (Olive), metal worker, h. 9 Grandin.

O'Brien, Charles, gardener, r. 614 Buffalo.

O'Brien, Ellen, weaver, r. 614 East 6th.

O'Brien, James, plumber, r. 614 East 6th.

O'Brien, James, (Rose S.), h. 116 Water.

O'Brien, John G., (Ada S.), Jamestown Boiler Works, 602 West 7th, h. 816 East 2d.

O'Brien, Lydia, clerk, 10 West 3rd, r. 614 Buffalo.

O'Brien, Michael, (Minnie), laborer, h. 105 Buffalo.

O'Brien, Patrick, (Margaret), tailor, h. 614 East 6th.

O'Brien, Rosena, widow Joseph, h. 616 Buffalo.

Obum, William, machinist, bds. 27 Weeks.

O'Connell, Catherine, clerk, r. 502 West 6th.

O'Connell, Daniel, engineer, r. 412 West 6th.

O'Connell, Ella, r. 508 West 7th.

O'Connell, John, (Hattie), brakeman, Erie Ry., h. 109 Steele.

O'Connell, John, polisher, h. 508 West 7th.

O'Connell, Mabel H., r. 109 Steele.

O'Connell, Margaret, r. 412 West 6th.

O'Connell, Michael, (Ella), upholsterer, h. 507 West 7th.

O'Connell, Morris, engineer, J. C. & L. E. Ry., r. 412 West 6th.

O'Connell, Morris, (Carrie), polisher, h. 29 Barrett.

O'Connell, Patrick, h. 412 West 6th.

O'Connell, Thomas, machinist, r. 412 West 6th.

Odd Fellows' hall, Gokey bldg., West 3rd.

Oddy, L. William, belt maker, r. 45 Water.

Odell & Doolittle—Josiah Odell estate and George S. Doolittle—grocers, 344 East 3rd.

Odell, Henry W., (Lenna I.)—Ahrens & Odell, over 101 East 2d—h. 519 Washington.

Odell, H. Louis, student, bds. 519 Washington.

Odell, Mary E., widow Josiah, h. 49 Grant.

–  –  –

Odell, Levi S., (Lillian), tinner, h. 1 0 % Whitley place.

O'Donnel, Fannie B., stenographer, 113 East 3rd, r. 14-20 West 1st.

O'Donnel, John J., physician, r. 14-20 West 1st.

O'Donnel, Nellie May, music teacher, r. 14-20 West 1st.

O'Donnell, Agnes, r. 24 13th.

O'Donnell, George, oil driller, r. 801 East 2d.

O'Donnell, Kate, widow Thomas, h. over 24 13th.

O'Donnell, Richard B., (Melda C ), clerk, over 111 East 2d, r. do.

O'Donnell, Richard J., (Anna), prop. Hotel Ellicott, 14-32 West 1st, h. do.

O'Donnell, Rose, child's nurse, 211 Lake View ave.

Ogden, Allen, bookkeeper, r. 311 Warren.

Ogden, Robert, (Mittie J.), loomfixer,h. 57 Center.

Oger, Amos E., (Louise), shoemaker, h. 71 Hazzard.

Oger, Ella, widow Hadoram, h. under 335 Foote ave.

Oger, Flora M., r. 71 Hazzard.

Oger, Laura F., spooler, r. 336% Foote ave.

Oger, Louise, seamstress, r. 71 Hazzard.

Ogilvie, Daniel G., (Robina), clerk, 30-32 Main, h. 24 Prospect ave.

Ogilvie, William J, clerk, 30-32 Main, r. 24 Prospect ave.


Ogren, Anna, weaver, r. 136 Foote ave.

Ogren, Charles, metal worker, rooms 27 Forest ave.

Ogren, Charlotte, widow Andrew, h. 136 Foote ave.

Ogren, Helen, twister, bds. 245 Crescent.

Ogren, J. Peter, (Anna M.), carpenter, h. 115 Barrows.

Ogren, Ludwig, tool maker, bds. 245 Crescent.

Ogren, Oscar, machinist, r. 136 Foote ave.

Ogren, Robert, employed 335 Harrison, bds. 319 Allen.

O'Hagan, Elizabeth, widow Michael, h. over 605 West 7th.

O'Hagan, Mary, dressmaker, r. over 605 West 7th.

O'Hearn, John, employed 63 Taylor, bds. over 412 Allen.

Ohlin, John, (Edith), clerk, 6 West 3rd, h. over 500 West 7th.

Ohlquist, John, (Anna)—Anderson & Ohlquist, 219 Main—h. 841 Spring.

Gustaf Anderson John Ohlquist




219 Main Street Ohlquist, John, (Josephina), mason, h. 57 Hotchkiss.

Ohlstermark, Victor, (Emma), h. 117 Cross.

Ohlstrom, Hulda O., domestic, 210 West 6th.

Ohnstrand, Charles, (Matilda), foreman, h. 22 West 8th.

Ohnstrand, Enoch, (Hannah G.), supt. 95 J. & G. ave,, h. 106 Fairmount ave.

Cedar Shingles, Lath a n d Plaster-L. F. S H E D D.

B o y ' s Clothing, Lanft?!ft°y:kln at PROUDFIT'S 324 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Okerlind, Charles A., (Elvena), city accountant, room 5, City hall, h. 29 Center.

Oklund, Charles, painter, rms. 213 East 2d.

Olander, E m m a, boxmaker, r. Ill Williams.

Olander, Frank E., (Nellie), tailor, h. Ill Williams.

Olds, Myrtie, widow Warren E., r. 16 Ashville ave.

Olds, Horace P., r. 12 Bush.

Olds, William H., (Dessie B.), machinist, h. 11 East Ellicott.

Oliver, Nettie G., teacher, r. 412 Winsor.

Olman, Albert N., (Amanda), foreman, h. 14 Crescent.

Olmstead, Addie, clerk, 13 Main, r. 310 Jefferson.

Olmstead, Ernest M., (Lucy A.), laborer, h. 404 East 2d.

Olmstead, Louis N., (Jennie C ), office clerk, 38 Winsor, h. 14 Fairmount ave Olmstead, William S., (Delia), motorneer, J. S. Ry., h. 310 Jefferson.

Olsen, Charles W., rms. room 8 Smith block, over 9 South Main.

Olsen, Gust, (Ida), driver, h. 8 1 % Water.

OlsOn, Adolf E., U. S. navy, r. 145 Superior.

Olson, Adolph,finisher,r. 35 Vega.

Olson, A. John, (Hannah), carpenter, h. 378 Willard.

Olson, Albert O., employed 41 Outlet, r. 32 Benson.

Olson, Albin, laborer, r. 760 East 2d.

Olson, Alma, weaver, r. 148 Sampson.

Olson, Alma, textile worker, rms. 44 Harrison.

Olson, Amanda, twister, r. 148 Sampson.

Olson, Amel C, metal worker, r. 32 Benson.

Olson, Andrew, laborer, r. 125 Chapman.

Olson, Andrew, (Christene), carpenter, h. 329 Willard.

Olson, Andrew, retired, bds. 29 Marvin.

Olson, Andrew W., (Syrnea),finisher,h. 8 Stearns ave.

Olson, Anna, widow John, r. 32 Eagle.

Olson, Anna, clerk, r. 125 Chapman.

Olson, Anna B., weaver, r. 32 Benson.

Olson, Anna C, weaver, bds. 238 Barrows.

Olson, Anna L., widow Andrew P., r. 493 Willard.

Olson, Annie, r. 760 East 2d.

Olson, Anton, tinner, bds. 12 Partridge.

Olson, Anthon E., mason, h. over 300 Foote ave.

Olson, Arthur, paperhanger, bds. 113 Hedges ave.

Olson, August P.—pres. Diamond Furn. Co., 7-11 Fillmore—h. 15 Barrett.

Olson, August T., (Annie), machine hand, h. over 39 Myrtle.

Olson, Axel, (Hulda), lineman, J. S. Ry., h. 148 Sampson.

Olson, Axel W., (Edith), engineer, h. 120 Hall ave.

Olson, Bertha, spinner, r. 23 Colfax.

Olson, Bettie, teacher, r. 211 Prospect.

Olson Bros.—Oscar S. Olson, prop.—grocers, 300 Foote ave.

Olson, Carl, (Augusta), laborer, h. 92 Falconer.


Cloaks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. ' 325 Olson, Carl, casemaker, bds. 16 West End.

Olson, Carl L., (Inez R.), upholsterer, h. 24 Dexter.

Olson, Carl Q., painter, r. 211 Prospect.

Olson, Carl O., (Hannah), retired, h. 145 Superior.

Olson, Charles, machine hand, bds. 254 Willard.

Olson, Charles, (Ella), driver, h. 14 Orchard.

Olson, Charles A., (Anna), machine hand, h. over 225 Prospect.

Olson, Charles A., (Hannah), metal worker, h. 338 Forest ave.

Olson, Charles R., (Sarah), tinner, h. 62 Harrison.

Olson, Christian, (Ida), commercial traveler, h. under 617 Prendergast ave.

Olson, Clarence, metal worker, bds. 2 5 % Columbia ave.

Olson, Conrad C, repairer, bds. 16 West 8th.

Olson, Constantin, Rev., (Matilda C ), pastor Swedish Zion church, h. 18 Barrett.

Olson, David, painter, bds. 119 Williams. i Olson, Edward, employed 208 Pine, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Olson, Ellen J., r. 15 Barrett.

Olson, Ellen, textile worker, r. under 12 Stowe.

Olson, Elvira C, r. 109 Bowen.

Olson, Erick A., (Alma C ), grocer, 700 East 2d,h. 15 Orchard.

Olson, Ernest, laborer, r. 150 Sampson.

Olson, Esther, domestic, 423 East 4th.

Olson, Esther E., r. 32 'Benson.

Olson, Florence, teacher, r. 43 Foote ave.

Olson, Florence, r. 150 Sampson, Olson, Frank A., ( E m m a C.)—Olson, Johnson & Co., 208 East 2d—h. 101 Bush.

Olson, Frank O., (Agnes), commercial traveler, h. 604 Newland ave.

Olson, Fred, lumber handler, bds. 516 Allen.

Olson, Fred Chester, clerk, r. 341 Foote ave.

Olson, Freda, weaver, r. Thayer St. Ext.

Olson, George, (Minnie), carver, h. 55 Kinney.

Olson, George K., (Caroline), shoemaker, h. 129 Hall ave.

Olson, Gertie, textile worker, r. 28 Thayer.

Olson, Gertrude, textile worker, r. 760 East 2d.

Olson, Gertrude S., r. 125 Chapman.

Olson, Gilbert, machine hand, r. 43 Foote ave.

Olson, Gust, (Louise), machinist, h. 40 Thayer.

Olson, Gust, (Ida), cabinet maker, h. 248 Broadhead ave.

Olson, Gust, (Josephine), laborer, h. 148 Sampson.

Olson, Gust, (Ida), cabinet maker, h. 248 Broadhead ave.

Olson, Gust, (Johanna), laborer, h. 268 Steele.

Olson, Gust F., weaver, r. 145 Superior.

Olson, Gust P., (Ida), driver, r. 8 1 % Water.

Olson, Gust T., (Mary W. ), driver Eagle Hose Co., h. over 31 Derby.

Olson, Hannah, twister, bds. 80 Jones.

CLEAN COAL. L. F. SHEDD. Both Phones.



Olson, Harold, comber, r. 392 Bowen.

Olson, Henning L., metal worker, r. 125 Chapman.

Olson, Hilda, widow Charles, h. 28 Thayer.

Olson, Hilma, domestic, 308 West 5th, Olson, Hilma, spinner, r. 150 Sampson.

Olson, Ida, operative, bds. 561 Allen.

Olson, Iva, laborer, bds. 19 Walnut.

Olson, Jacob, (Mary), metal worker,h. 30 Tew.

Olson, J. Edward, (Emily M.), machine hand, h. over 317 Willard.

Olson, Jennie, twister, r. 408% Washington.

Olson, Jennie, domestic, 171 Forest ave.

Olson, Jennie C,finisher,r. 109 Bowen.

Olson, John, (Hulda J.), laborer, r. 932 East 2d.

Olson, John, (Hannah), carpenter, h. 378 Willard.

Olson, John, painter, r. 148 Sampson.

Olson, John, (Amelia), laborer, h. under 12 Stowe.

Olson, John, cabinet maker, bds. 1026% Main.

Olson, John, r. 335 Price.

Olson, John, (Agnes A.), woodcarver, h. 211 Prospect.

Olson, John A., (Bettie), janitor,firedepartment, h. 28 West 9th.

Olson, John S., (Johanna), retired, h. 32 Benson.

Olson, Johnson & Co.—Frank A. Olson, John D. Johnson and Andrew F.

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