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Berg—wallpaper and paints, 208 East 2d. • Olson & Johnson—Victor Olson and Charles Johnson—meat market, 213 Barrett.

Olson, Joseph, carpenter, r. 257 Prospect.

Olson, J. Otto, (Mary J.), engineer, h. 23 Colfax.

Olson, Judith, dressmaker, r. 125 Chapman.

Olson, Julia M., r. 32 Benson.

Olson, J. Victor, (Freda), laborer, h. 23 Lake.

Olson, Lena, domestic, bds. 3 Lake.

Olson, Leonard, laborer, r. 378 Willard.

Olson, Leonard, machine hand, bds. 760 East 2d.

Olson, Leonard K., policeman, r. 109 Bowen.

Olson, Lillian, clerk, 211 Main, bds. 109 Maple.

Olson, Louis, turner, r. 15 Barrett.

Olosn, Louise, domestic, 309 East 2d.

Olson, Louise, widow Andrew, h. 313 Barrett.

Olson, Ludwig, (Emma), h. 150 Sampson.

Olson, Magnus, (Sophia L.), carpenter, h. 33 Ellicott.

Olson, Mary, weaver, r. 313 Barrett.

Olson, Mathilda, h. under 108 West 8th.

Olson, Matilda, h. 335 Price.

Olson, Nels, stone mason, h. 112% Hazzard.

Olson, Nels A., clerk, 315 Sprague, r. 125 Chapman.

Olson, Olive, laundress, bds. 404 West 2d.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Housefurnishings.

Carpets, Curtains, Draperies, Shades. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 327 Olson, Olof A., (Anna), attorney-at-law, over 214 Main, h. 137 Prospect.

Olson, Oscar, metal worker, bds. 12 Peach.

Olson, Oscar O., (Jennie S.), h. 341 Foote ave.

Olson, Oscar S., (Anna)—Olson Bros., 300 Foote ave.—h. over 302 do.

Olson, Oscar T., (Christine), weaver, h. 32 Eagle.

Olson, Ottilea M., dressmaker, r. 125 Chapman.

Olson, Peter, (Hannah), laborer, h. 125 Chapman.

Olson, Peter, (Ida), laborer, h. 43 Foote ave.

Olson, Peter A., (Christine), night watchman, h. 109 Bowen.

Olson, Raymond, bookkeeper, r. 341 Foote ave.

Olson, Robert E., restaurant clerk, r. over 31 Derby.

Olson, Selma, weaver, bds. 115 Park.

Olson, Selma M., dressmaker, r. 109 Bowen.

Olson, Trickof, laborer, bds. 30 Sampson.

Olson, Victor—Olson & Johnson, 213 Barrett—r. 23 Lake.

Olson, Walfred, (Ellen), carpenter, h. 133 Buffalo.

Oman, John, (Anna C.), laborer, h. over 531 Allen.

O'Neil, Edward, (Ethel), barber, h. 20 West 7th.

O'Neil, Hannah, widow John, r. over 107 South Main.

O'Neil, Jerry M., telegraph operator, Erie R. R., h. over 107 South Main.

O'Neil, John J, (Agnes T.), painter, h. over 16 Pearl ave.


Opera House block, 18-24 East 2d.

Option House, Sam'l Borts, prop., 118 East 2d.

Order of Golden Seal, Jerome M. Hobart, mgr., Gokey block.

Orhman, Edward, case maker, r. 121 Palmer.

Ormes, C. Frank, physician, 318 Main, r. 408 West 5th.

Ormes, Frank D., physician, 318 Main, h. 408 West 5th.

Ormondroyd, Smith, (Josephine), bookkeeper, 335 Harrison, h. over 541 Allen.

Ormondroyd, William, clerk, 335 Harrison, bds. 14-21 West 1st.

Orr, Austin J., (Elizabeth), traveling representative, h. 4 Marvin.

Osberg, Andrew W., (Mary L.), weaver, h. over 106 Hedges ave.

Osberg, Christina, widow August, h. 028 Barrows.

Osberg, Hilma, twister, r. 628 Barrows.

Osberg, John, (Matilda S.), weaver, h. 700 Barrows.

Osborn, G. Ralph, metal worker, r. 621 Prendergast ave.

Osborn, Lewis M., (Ella), machinist, h. 255 Warren.

Osborn, Lyman, retired, h. 312 East 6th.

Osborn, Sarah, widow John, fortune teller, h. over 17 East 2d.

Osborn, Susie, r. 255 Warren.

Orborne, Walter, laborer, bds. 6 Short Eagle.

Osbourn & Burnham—Nelson T. Osbourn, Royal T. Burnham—real estate and insurance, room 4 Gokey block, over 20 West Third.

Osbourn, Nelson T., (Josephine)—Osbourn & Burnham, room 4 Gokey block— h. 63 Prospect.

Oscargren, Gust, r. under 562 East 2d.

Oser, Henry H., clerk, 880 Main, r. 36 Kent.


Headquarters torFCu?Si,8lhfn«Wa?nd 33, Proudfit's 328 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Oser, Jacob, (Frances), shoemaker, S53% Main, h. 36 Kent.

Osmer, John Alden—Proudfit Clothing Co., 206 Main—r. 213 East 4th.

Osmer, Margaret E., widow Richard A., r. 25 Fairmount ave.

Osmer, The, 413-419 West 3rd.

Osmer, William P., (Berdina W.)—Proudfit Clothing Co., 206 Main—r. 514 Jefferson.

Osmosson, Chris, (Johanna), laborer, h. 3GS Baker.

Ost, Albin,finisher,bds. 25 College.

Ost, Carl, pafhter, bds. 25 College.

Osterlind, Oscar A., laborer, r. over 108 Falconer.

Osterstrom, Alfreda C, spinner, r. 48 Hedges ave.

Osterstrom, Axel (Christine J.), cabinet maker, h. 48 Hedges ave.

Ostman, Charles J., (Hulda A.), lumber inspector, h. 21 Peterson.

Ostrander, Fred H., (Theresa), clerk, h. Falconer, cor. Curtis.

Ostrander, John, asst. engineer, J. S. Ry. power house, bds. 120 Hamilton.

Ostrom, Adolph, (Matilda), engineer, h. 35 Vega.

Ostrom, Agnes, cook, 72 Allen.

Ostrom, Alvin, woodworker, r. 35 Vega.

Ostrom, Axel L., (Signa C ), wool sorter, h. over 216 Barrows.

Ostrom, Charles G., (Ida A.), tailor, h. 106 Hedges ave.

Ostrom, Minnie, cook, 303 West 3rd.

Ostrom, Peter F., (Matilda), laborer, h. 516 Foote ave.

Ostrom, Selma, domestic, 105 East 8th.

Ostrum, Claus J, (Matilda), operative, h. 11 Partridge.


Ostrum, Hulda, r. 11 Partridge.

Ostrum, John W., (Emma), steel worker, h. over 756 East 2d.

Ostwall, Ellen, textile worker, bds. 18 Linden ave.

Otander, John A., (Carrie), teamster, h. 136 Water.

Ott, Frank, baker, bds. 39 Harrison.

Ottander, Carl A., (M. Sophie), lumber handler, h. 430 Allen.

Ottoson, Andrew, metal worker, bds. Prendergast ave. near Buffalo.

Overend, Joseph, (Carrie), retired, h. 800 Main.

Overend, Joseph H.,finisher,r. 800 Main.

Oviatt, Fern, clerk, rooms 3 East 7th.

Owens, Ellen, textile worker, bds. 40 Peach.

Owens,, Harry W., counter man, 9 East 2d, r. 11 do.

Owens, James, commercial traveler, bds. 311 Pine.

Owens, Lola Ogden, widow George, h. 311 Warren.

Owens, Reuben G., (May), pressman, h. 210 West 7th.

Owens, Thomas, (Lena), prop. Iroquois hotel, 4-6 South Main, h. 314 W. 6th.

Pace, Fred, porter, bds. over 309 Main.

Pacius hall, over 18 East 3d.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies.

The Largest and Best Stock of Dry G o o d s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

J A M E S T O W N DIRECTORY. 329 Page, Alton E., (Maude R.), bookkeeper, 24 Steele, h. 9 Orchard.

Page, Charles, carpenter, bds. 119-121 East 2d.

Page, Nettie, Mrs., r. 139% East 9th.

Page, Sylvia, widow Thomas, h. 427 East 5th.

Paine, C. H., rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Painters, Decorators and Paperhangers' Union, over 28 Main.

Paley, Joseph, spinning boss, bds. 56 Water.

Palm, Ebba, textile worker, bds. 18 Linden ave.

Palm, Frank, (Freda), woodfinisher,h. 328 Bowen.

Palm, Oscar, (Anna), clerk, h. 6 Grandin.

Palmater, John R., (Lillie), printer, h. 210 West 7th.

See also Palmeter.

Palmer, Alva, weaver, r. 16 Palmer.

Palmer, Andrew G., (Hilma),fishpeddler, h. 16 Pearl ave.

Palmer, Christine, widow Charles O., h. 22 Hall ave.

Palmer, Charles O., (Otilia), laborer, h. 107 Hall ave.

Palmer, Clarence L., mason's apprentice, r. over 11 Steele.

Palmer, David D., motorneer, J. S. Ry., r. over 11 Steele.

Palmer, Frank, sander, bds. 107 Hall ave.

Palmer, Hilmer, warp dresser, r. 16 Pearl ave.

Palmer, John O., (Augusta C ), meat market, 24G Willard, h. 12 Kinney.

Palmer, Leland W., (Anna)—Salisbury Wheel Co., Allen Ext—h. 711 East 2d.

Palmer, Mable C. M., actress, r. 312 Pine.

Palmer, Martha J, r. 40 Fairmount ave.


Palmer, William A., (Edith), commercial traveler, h. 415 West 3rd.

Palmer, Walter, (Eliza), gardener, h. over 11 Steele.

Palmeter, Frank J, (Hattie E.), traveling salesman, h. 835 Main.


Palmeter, Frank W., (Anna E.), druggist,'9 South Main, h. 13 Foote ave.

Palmeter, John, (Lillie F.), foreman, 7-9 Hall block, h. 14 West 9th.

Palmeter, John, r. 13 Foote ave.

Palmeter, Minnie B., r. 835 Main.

See also Palmater.

Palmquist, Albert E., (Christene), carpenter, h. 211 Barrows.

Palmquist, Elsie, domestic, r. 211 Barrows.

Palmquist, Elsie, operative, r. 211 Barrows.

Palmquist, Freda, operative, r. 211 Barrows.

Palmgren, Peter A., (Emma), woodworker, h. 115 Stowe.

Panzica, Tony, laborer, r. over 81 Allen.

Pang, F. W., rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Pang, Oscar R., (Gertrude K.), bookkeeper, 118 Foote ave., h. over 185 Barrows.

Pantafy, Thomas, shoe shining, 10 South Main.

Pappaynokos, A. J.—Greek A m. Fruit Co.—bds. 509 West 4th.

Paquin, Charles J., meat cutter, r. 11 Arnold.

Paquin, Elizabeth, widow Joseph, h. 11 Arnold.

Paquin, Herman, clerk, 342 Foote ave., r. 11 Arnold.


T w o cutters in C u s t o m D e p t. at P R O U D F I T ' S 330 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Paquin, Margaret R., music teacher, r. 11 Arnold.

Paquin, Martin J., (Katherine C ), jeweler, 105 Main, r. 324 Foote ave.

Paquin, Mary G., clerk, 205 Main, r. 11 Arnold.

Paquin, Teresa, bookkeeper, 7 9 Gifford bldg., r. 11 Arnold.

Pardee, Eudora Klock, widow Myron, vocal instructor, 358 East 4th, h. do.

Pardee, Jay W., student, r. 622 Palmer.

Pardo, Annie, waitress, bds. 404 Lafayette.

Park, D. R., (Cornelia), lumberman, h. 18 Prather ave.

Park, Raymond, plumber, r. 18 Prather ave.

Park, Shubal, r. 18 Prather ave.

See also Parks.

Parker, Albert, bds. 869 Main.

Parker, Arthur J., (Lena), motorman, J. S. Ry., h. 9 Metallic ave.

Parker, Cathrine, waitress, rms. 206 East 2d.

Parker, Charles D., (Jane), retired, h. 21 Fenton place.

Parker, Charles D., (Sylvia), horseradish dealer, h. 150 Marvin.

Parker, Edson C, (Beatrix), linotype operator, 14-10 West 2d, h. 313 West 3d.

Parker, George, comber, h. Lafayette, lower end driving park.

Parker, Jason, (Florence W. ), physician, room 2 over 7 South Main, h. 35 Maple.

Parker, Jesse Perkins, (Anna Eva),finisher,h. 614 English.

Parker, John W., laborer, bds. 10 Steele.

Parker, Josephine L., agent, bds. Ill East 6th.

Parker, Otto D., bds. Ill East 6th.

Parker, Walter E., porter, rms. 61 West 10th.

Parkhurst, Charles W., (Maude), ticket agt., Erie R. R., h. 33 Linden ave.

Parkhurst, Sidney P., (Emma), grocery, 880 Main, h. 1036 do.

Parkinson, Alice, weaver, r. 7 Water.

Parkinson, Anna, widow Simion, h. 7 Water.

Parkinson, Edith, weaver, r. 7 Water.

Parkinson, Lillie, weaver, r. 7 Water.

Parkinson, Mary H., weaver, r. 7 Water.

Parks, Charles Ev h. 516 East 2d.

Parks, Ella A., r. 516 East 2d.

See also Park.

Parmalee, Earl, cabinet maker, bds. 25 Barrett.

Parrott, Rufus A., (Minnie), millinery, 316 Main, h. 312 Lincoln.

Parson, Aleck, clerk, 17 Shearman place, r. 207 Buffalo.

Parson, Arthur T., (Bessie), drayman, h. 207 Buffalo.

Parson, Carl O., college student, r. 207 Buffalo.

Parson, Charles T., (Bertha), agt. h. over 508 Newland ave.

Parson, Harry L., student, r. 207 Buffalo.

Parson, John, textile worker, bds. 110 Mechanic.

Parson, Nels P., (Mariah), farmer, h. over 207 Buffalo.

Parson, Robert, (Matilda), chemist, h. 112 Mechanic.

Parsons, Axel, laborer, bds. 800 East 2d.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Roofing a n d Building Papers.

Ihe Best Goods at the Lowest Prices T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

• JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 331 Parsons, Charles H., (Matilda), painter, h. 130 Harrison.

Parsons, Daniel G., (Jennie H.), h. 830 Prendergast ave.

Parsons, Frank, (Hulda), metal worker, h. 7 Sampson.

Parsons, George W., tinner, r. 1403 Newland ave.

Parsons, John A.,finisher,r. 1403 Newland ave.

Parsons, John E., (Anna O.), carpenter, h. 34 Foote ave.

Parsons, Nancy, widow R. W., r. 830 Prendergast ave.

Parsons, Timothy, woodworker, h. 207 Buffalo.

Partridge, A. Irene, college student, r. 82 Prospect.

Partridge, Elbridge G., (Florence C ), undertaker, 19-21 West 2d, h. 25 Mechanic.






PHONE 110 19-21 W E S T SECOND STREET Partridge, Frank E., (Anna E.), real estate, h. 82 Prospect.

Partridge, George, clerk, 19 West 2d, r. do.

Partridge, Imogene, student, r. 82 Prospect.

Partridge, James S. H., retired, h. 10 Arnold.

Partridge, Louis M., undertaker, 19 West 2d, r. 25 Mechanic.

Partridge, Sophia E., widow James N., h. 22 Hazzard.

Patch, Matilda M., Mrs., h. 3 West 4th.

Patric, Jennie M., widow William, nurse, h. 215 Crescent.

Patterson, Alexander J, (Eleanora), decorator, J. S. Ry., h. 860 Spring.


Patterson, Elbert H., painter, r. 860 Spring.

Patterson, Etta, drawer, bds. over 28 Derby.

Patterson, Frank, shipping clerk, r. 1 Harrison.

Patterson, Frank B., (Katherine), shipping clerk, h. 635 Winsor.

Patterson, Margaret M., r. 3 Lake View ave.

Patterson, Marian, r. 3 Lake View ave.

Patterson, Marmaduke R., oil producer, r. 3 Lake View ave.

Patterson, Nancy M., r. 3 Lake View ave.

Patterson, Rufus, painter, bds. 105 West 2d.

Patterson, William C, (Jane M.), oil producer, h, 3 Lake View ave.

Pattison, Marie E., student, Vassar, r. 328 East 4th.

Pattison, Thomas W., (Flora), Am. Aristotype Co., 56 Prospect, h. 328 E. 4th.

Paul, Clara, telephone operator, r. 516 Palmer.

Paul, Ella, bookkeeper, 16-18 West 3rd, r. 516 Palmer.

Paul, Holland F., (Rose T.), hackman, h. 516 Palmer.

Paul, Nicholas, (Martha), brewer, h. 187 Marvin.

Paulson, Andrew J, (Hilda), farmer, h. 95 Martin road, R. F. D. 81.


The Best Cement at L. F. SHEDD'S.


Paulson, Carl, laborer, h. under 788 East 2d.

Paulson, John, painter, bds. 489 Winsor.

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