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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Payne, Perry J, (Jane V.), physical director, J. H. S., h. 857 Prendergast ave.


Pawn, Gust, laborer, r. over 18 Willard.

Pawn, William, laborer, h. over IS Willard.

Peal, Peter, blacksmith, bds. 3 Lake.

Pearce, William, (Alma K.), pastor Free Methodist church, h. 511 East 7th.

See also Pierce and Peirce.

Pearl City Laundry, Edgar C. Myers, prop., 21-23 Steele.

–  –  –

Pearl City Realty Co.—F. P. Hall, president; Wilson Price, secretary—44-4 N e w Fenton bldg.

Pearl City Stone Co.—John Wood, prop.—cut stone, 56 Steele.

Pearl City Veneer Co.—T. D. Hanchett, pres., Chas. E. Fisk, vice pres., N. M.

Willson, sec. and treas.—46-48 Steele.

Pearson, Amel, metal worker, bds. 263 Forest ave.

Pearson, August C, (Dora), metal worker, h. 7 Lakin ave.

Pearson, Christian, laborer, bds. 500 Baker.

Pearson, Gust, (Johanna A.), dyer, h. 41 Anderson.

Pearson, Hilmer J., comber, r. 41 Anderson.

Pearson, John E., (Crena M.), boss comber, h. 27 Anderson.

Pearson, Julia A., operative, r. 41 Anderson.

Pearson, Minnie J., duffer, r. 41 Anderson.

Pearson, Morris, (Elna), laborer, h. under 254 Forest ave.

Pearson, Peter, laborer, bds. 36 Sampson.

Pearson, Thomas, (Hannah M.), loomfixer,h. 37 Harrison.

Pearson, Willlain (Esther), transient and boarding stable, 118 West 4th, h. do.



118 W e s t Fourth Street Home Phone 459 Pearson, William, sawmaker, bds. 15 Prospect ave.

Pearson, William, machine apprentice, bds. 37 Harrison.

Peart, Richard, (Carrie), commercial traveler, hr 225 Forest ave.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 333 Pease, Bert E., (Julia), h. 134 Fairmount ave.

Pease, Edward H., clerk, 22-24 East 2d, h. 11 East 8th.

Pease, George R., (Lydia A.), h. 59 Marvin.

Peaslee, Augustus, wagonmaker, bds. 809 Jefferson.

Peate, John, fruit, confectionery and cigars, 209 East 2d, r. 5 Taylor.

Peate, Richard, metal worker, rms. 215 West 2d.

Peck, Almina A., music teacher, bds. 815 Jefferson.

Peck, Daniel W., (Martha), butter buyer, 25 Kent block, h. 114 West 7th.

Peck, Joseph R., (Ella J.), carpenter, h. 112 Hall ave.

Peckham, Clayton J., (Minnie S.)—Jamestown Roofing Co., 120 East 3rd— h. 12 Cross.

Peckham, Mary C, r. 602 Lafayette.

Peckham, Mary J, widow Lauriston, h. 9 East Hamilton.


Peckham, Vernon E., (Helen C ), attorney-at-law and referee in bankruptcy, rms. 28-29-30 Wellman bldg., over 101 West 3rd, h. 602 Lafayette.

Peckham, William G., (Almira J.)—Jamestown Roofing Co., 120 East 3rd— h. 205 Chandler.

Pedersen, Carl C, (Ida), architect and furniture designer, over 2 East 3rd, h. 519 East 6th.

Pedersen, Ernest A., Mrs., portraiturist, Gifford block, over 2 East 3rd, h. do.

Pedersen, Ernest A., (Carrie), architect, Gifford block, over 2 East 3rd, h. do.

Pedersen, Florence, stenographer, over 20 West 3rd, r. 519 East 6th.

Pedersen, Martin A., (Thora K.), clerk, 112-114 East 3rd, h. 2 South Thayer.

See also Peterson.

Peebles, Edwin, (Marie), carver, h. 408 Winsor.

Peer, Catherine A., nurse, bds. 214 Winsor.

See also Pier.

Peirce, Harry E., r. 617 East 2d.

Peirce, M. Frances, widow George W., h. 617 East 2d.

See also Pierce.

Pell, Leigh, machinist, r. 8 West 7th.

Pelletier, LeRoy, mgr. Duquesne Motor Car Co., rms. 21 Derby.

Pelt, Alma, domestic, 154 Forest ave.

Pelton, Adeline, duffer, r. 16 Fulton place.

Pelton, Alice, duffer, r. 16 Fulton place.

Pelton, Frank D., insurance, 4 Main, rooms do.

Pelton, Judd, (Amanda), stainer, h. 16 Fulton place.

Penfield, Amelia, widow Burnham, h. 317 Forest.

Penfield, Augusta E., librarian, Buffalo, r. 204 Lafayette. * Penfield, Eunice M., student, r. 204 Lafayette.

Penfield, Henry S., (Carrie), commercial traveler, h. 204 Lafayette.Penfield, Millie, r. 317 Forest.

Penfield, Scott H., secy, and mgr. Salisbury Wheel Co., Allen Ext., h. 317 Forest.

Penfield, Theodora C, student, r. 204 Lafayette.

Penhollow, Ethel, waitress, 113-117 West 3rd.

Cedar Shingles, Lath and Plaster==L. F. SHEDD.

DOUBLE! Y O U R M O N E Y = = J o i n the G o l d e n Seal.


Penn, William, (Carrie), street sweeper, h. over 501 Allen.

Pennell, Emeline, widow Ezra, h. 375 Foote ave.

Pennell, Eugene, (Ethel M.), woodcutter, h. 41 Broadhead ave.

Pennell, L. S., (Ida), carpenter, h. 213 Fulton.

Pennell, Orin, (Mary), grocer, 9 Kidder, h. 200 Warren.

Pennock, Arthur J., (Mary), woodcarver, h. 1062 Main.

Pennock, A. Hugh, freight handler, r. 209 East 6th.

Pennock, Effie, r. 209 East 6th.

Pennock, Floreen, milliner, r. 209 East 6th.

Pennock, Frank A., (May)—Pennock & Hopkins, 1 East 6th—h. 610 Prendergast avenue.

Pennock, Frank E., (Dollie), retired, h. 209 East 6th.

Pennock, Clara, widow John P., h. 209 East 6th.

Pennock & Hopkins—Frank A. Pennock and Theodore Hopkins—grocers, 1 East 6th.

Pennock, Louis D., janitor, r. 101 Cherry.

Pennock, Marjorie, student, r. 610 Prendergast ave.

Pennock, Will J., student, r. 610 Prendergast ave.

Pennsylvania Gas Co., Eugene M. Schlaudecker, mgr., 110 East 3rd, ware rooms 100 Institute.

People's Mutual Life Insurance and League, division mgr., Chas. R. Jackson, over 1 Main. "• Perdrick, Mattis, (Sophia),finisher,h. 252 Harrison.

Peregrine, John M., (Vina), commercial traveler, 24 Main, h. 208 McDannell avenue.

Perkins, Septimus, plant raiser, r. 345 Foote ave.

Perkins, Thomas E., (Minnie), supt. 105 Winsor, h. 24 Broadhead ave.

Perrin, R. Maila, widow Dwight W., h. 124 Forest ave.

Perring, Forrest J., (Hulda), warp dresser, h. 10 Williams.

Perring, Frank, (Ada), foreman, h. 16 Williams.

Perring, Nellie F., student, r. 16 Williams.

Perry, Benjamin, (Rhoda M.), h. 613 Monroe.

Perry, Irene, seamstress, r. 209 Warren.

Perry, Sarah J., widow Harry B., h. 207% Barrett.

Perry, Satira, widow Clinton, h. 209 Warren.

Perry, Susan C, widow Ebenezer, h. 16 Crossman.

Perryman, Fannie E., Mrs., h. over 24 Champlin.

Perryman, Ivory, laborer, r. over 24 Champlin.

Persell, Charles*W., driver, 222 Winsor, bds. do.

Persell, Daniel F., (Lottie J.—Goodenough & Persell, 103 West 3rd—h. ovef 128 East 2d.

Persell, Fred S., (Caroline), insurance, r. 125 Fulton.

Persell, George A., (Mary D.), principal preparatory dept. high school, h. 811 East 2d.

Persell, Hannah, widow Charles, h. under 504 Crescent.

Persell, Whitney L., (Grace), laborer h. 614 East 2d.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

Always b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. 5 h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 335 Persons, Charles W., (Caroline), retired, h. 225 Forest ave.

Persson, Andrew, (Anna), metal worker, h. over 1109 Newland av.e.

Persson, Carl, laborer, bds. over 1109 Newland ave.

Perssons, Nils, carpenter, bds. 917 Main.

Peters, Alfred, foreman, bds. 214 Barrows.

Peters, Hannah, domestic, r. 113 Cross.

Peters, Lena, picker, r. 13 Bassett.

Peters, Mary A., widow William B., h. 045 Falconer.

Peters, Severin, (Caroline), brickmason, h. 13 Bassett.

Peterson, Adolph S., shoemaker, 475 Willard, h. do.

Peterson, A. John, (Sophie)—A. J. Peterson & Son, 208 Main—h. 167 Chandler Peterson, A. J. & S o n — A. John and James C.—clothiers and merchant tailors, 208 Main.

Peterson, Albert, pressman, r. 7 Metallic ave.

Peterson, Albert, (Hilma),finisher,h. 136 Jones.

Peterson, Albert, (Florence C ), cabinet maker, h. 843 Prendergast ave.

Peterson, Albert, (Amelia), upholsterer, h. 15 Davis.

Peterson, Albert, employed 105 Winsor, r. 534 do.

Peterson, Albert G., clerk, r. 541 Allen.

Peterson, Albert J., (Carolina), lumber handler, h. 106 Sampson.

Peterson, Albert L., upholsterer, r. 57 Chapin.

Peterson, Albert L., clerk, 205 East 2d, bds. 57 Chapin.

Peterson, Albert W., (Ida C ), grocer, 4 N e w Gifford bldg., h. 162 Forest ave.

Peterson, Albin, (Amelia), woodworker, h. 12 Peach.

Peterson, Albin, woolsorter, r. 3 Metallic ave.

Peterson, Aledy, hairdresser, bds. 142 Prospect.

Peterson, Alfred, (Amanda), laborer, h. 405 Baker.

Peterson, Alfred, (Henriette), tinner, h. 11 Elk Ext.

Peterson, Alfred, (Hilda), carpenter, h. 311 Barrett.

Peterson, Alfred C. M., (Amelia)—Peterson Bros., 205 East 2d—h. 41 Chapin. ' Peterson, Alfred C, cabinet maker, bds. 310 Price.

Peterson, Alfred I., (Hannah)—Peterson & Johnson, 710 Main—h. 534 Winsor.

Peterson, Alveda, rubber worker, r. 7 Metallic ave.

Peterson, Alvin, glass blower, r. 296 Harrison.

Peterson, A. Lorinda, beamer, r. 475 Willard.

Peterson, Amanda, weaver, bds. 3 Vega.

Peterson, Amanda, Mrs., drawer, bds. 17 Tower.

Peterson, Amanda, housekeeper, r. 315 East 4th.

Peterson, Amanda, spinner, r. 22 Eagle.

Peterson, Algot, (Tina), machine hand, h. 1117 Newland ave.

Peterson, Alfred, (Henriette), tinner, h. 11 Elk St. Ext.

Peterson, Alfred J., (Ada), street repairer, h. 535 Allen.

Peterson, Alice C, spinner, r. 246 Bowen.

Peterson, Alice, h. 90 Hazzard.

Peterson, Alma A., weaver, r. 6 Waterman.

Peterson, Amanda M., widow August A., weaver, r. 35 Myrtle.

–  –  –


Peterson, Amel F., (Augusta E.), grocer, 105 South Main, h. 151 Prospect.

Peterson, Amel W., stockhandler, r. 18 Chapin.

Peterson, Amelia, hairdresser, r. 514 East 8th.

Peterson, A. Bartholdi, student, r. 342 East 5th.

Peterson, Andrew, (Emma), steelworker, h. over 12 Myrtle.

Peterson, Andrew, (Theresa), upholsterer, h. 7 Bennett.

Peterson, Andrew J., (Amelia), stone mason, h. 24 Derby.

Peterson, Andrew J., woodworker, r. 42 West 9th.

Peterson, Ann, domestic, 412 East 6th.

Peterson, Anna, mender, r. 216 Barrows.

Peterson, Anna, weaver, bds. 2 Charles.

Peterson, Anna, dressmaker, over 33 Winsor, h. do.

Peterson, Anna C, widow Charles, h. 130 Falconer.

Peterson, Anna E., student, r. 220 King.

Peterson, Anna K., milliner, r. 915 Main.

Peterson, Anna S., widow John, r. 16 Bowen.

Peterson, Anton, (Tillie E.), carpenter, h. 108 Charles.

Peterson, Anton, (Florence), painter, h. 115 Park.

Peterson, Antone, (Hulda), cabinet maker, h. 1021 Newland ave.

Peterson, Antone, (Christena), laborer, h. under 7 Barrows.

Peterson, Arthur L., bobbin setter, bds. 134 Hedges ave.

Peterson, Arthur K., upholsterer, r. 106 Sampson.

Peterson, Arvid A., (Louise M.), painter, h. 386 Willard.

Peterson, Arvid C, (Anna C ), upholsterer, h. 157 Barrows.

Peterson, Arvilla, widow Frank, bds. 210 East 4th.

Peterson, August, (Sophie), retired, h. 462 Willard.

Peterson, August H., (Sophia L.)—Lenna-Peterson Co., 22-24 East 2d— h. 124 Prospect.

Peterson, August M., (Mathilda), engineer, h. 122 Hall ave.

Peterson, August P., (Marie), metal worker, h. over 151 Prospect.

Peterson, Augusta, widow Gust S., r. 224 Forest ave.

Peterson, Augusta, widow Otto, h. 122 Cross.

Peterson, Augusta C, widow Andrew P., h. 504 Willard.

Peterson, Augustus J., (Anna L.), Troy Hand laundry, 705 Main, h. 14 Marvin.

Peterson, Axel, tailor, bds. Ill Stowe.

Peterson, Axel, laborer, bds. 17 Hall ave.

Peterson, Axel, (Anna), metal worker, h. 7 Metallic ave.

Peterson, Axel, (Hilda),finisher,h. over 12 Whitley place.

Peterson, Axel G., (Ellen M.), machine hand, h. 44 Hedges ave.

Peterson, Axel G., machinist, r. over 132 Prospect.

Peterson, Axel W., (Josephine), cutter, h. over 415 Newland ave.

Peterson, Beda, domestic, 37 Warren.

Peterson, Bernard W., ( E m m a C ), laborer, h. over 213 Barrows.

Peterson, Bernhard,finisher,bds. 26 Barrows.

Peterson, Bessie, student, r. 90 Hazzard.


Cloaks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 337 Peterson Bros.—John A., Alfred and Louis A.—furniture and uphols 205 East 2d.

Peterson, Carl, metal worker, r. 3 Metallic ave.

Peterson, Carl, painter, r. 220 King.

Peterson, Carl F., (Signa M.), machine hand, h. 8 Morse ave.

Peterson, Carl J., (Christine F.), lumber handler, h. 18 Chapin.

Peterson, Carl O., (Lottie), woodworker, h. 780 East 2d.

Peterson, Carrie, widow Carl F„ h. 48 Water.

Peterson, Charles, r. over 463 Willard.

Peterson, Charles, laborer, r. 16 Morton.

Peterson, Charles, laborer, bds. 800 East 2d.

Peterson, Charles, (Annie),finisher,h. over 118 Tower.

Peterson, Charles, laborer, bds. 12 Peach.

Peterson, Charles, stone mason, r. 915 Main.

Peterson, Charles, (Hulda), woodworker, h. over 833 Newland ave.

Peterson, Charles, (Anna L.), sander, h. 57 Chapin.

Peterson, Charles A., (Alma), carpenter, h. over 327 Willard.

Peterson, Charles A., (Amanda), printer, r. 11 Cross.

Peterson, Charles A., (Nellie), laborer, h. 1 Reynolds place.

Peterson, Charles E., (Augusta), woodworker, h. 130 Fairview ave.

Peterson, Charles E., bds. 541 Allen.

Peterson, Charles E., (Mary), dyer, h. 11 Peterson.

Peterson, Charles G., carpenter, h. 35 Peterson.

Peterson, Charles H., (Lena), h. over 109 East 2d.

Peterson, Charles H., comber, r. 18 Chapin.

Peterson, Charles J., (Sophia), carriage painter, h. 20 Tilden ave.

Peterson, Charles M., (Hannah), laborer, h. 11 Hall ave.

Peterson, Charles M., (Albertina), carpenter, h. 106 Willard.

Peterson, Charles N., ( E m m a ), janitor Arcade bldg., 28 Main, h. do.

Peterson, Charles O., woodworker, r. 112 Cheney.

Peterson, Charles V., ( E m m a M.), millhand, h. 324 Willard.

Peterson, C. William, machinist, bds. 17 Bush.

Peterson, Christine, widow Charles, h. over 303 Crescent.

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