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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Peterson, Christine, widow John A., h. 48 Eagle.

Peterson, Claburn, printer, 17-19 Steele, r. 644 East 6th.

Peterson, Clara, domestic, 101 East 4th.

Peterson, Clara, weaver, r. 6 Waterman.

Peterson, Clara, textile worker, bds. 825 Newland ave.

Peterson, Claus O., (Ida F.), carpenter, h. 612 East 8th.

Peterson, Clyde, (Beula), motorman, J. S. Ry., h. 105 Driving Park.

Peterson, Conrad, painter, r. 530 Winsor.

Peterson, Conrad C, (Mattie), metal worker, h. 123% Fairmount ave.

Peterson, Conrad H., (Emila B.), woodworker, h. Kipp cor. Falconer.

Peterson, Corinne, textile worker, r. 462 Willard.

Peterson, David A., shoemaker, 475 Willard, h. do.

Peterson, Dora, widow William O., lodging house, 130 Water.


M e n ' s all W o o l Suits, $ 6 to $ 2 5, P R O U D F I T ' S 338 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Peterson, Duane W., (Edith), clerk, 208 Main, rms. 317 East 5th.

Peterson, Eddie J. H., clerk, 943 Newland ave., r. 106 Sampson.

Peterson, Edith, operative, r. 25 Victoria ave.

Peterson, Edith, Mrs., r. 451 West 2d.

Peterson, Edith A. S., spinner, r. 10 East Ellicott.

Peterson, Edna M., laundress, r. 14 Marvin.

Peterson, Edward, grocery clerk, r. 106 Sampson.

Peterson, Edward, (Jennie A.), night watchman, h. 53 Harrison.

Peterson, Edward, (Ellen), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 26 Crosby.

Peterson, Edward, machinist, r. 20 Tilden ave.

Peterson, Edward A., (Kittie S.), clerk, 208 Main, h. 342 East 5th.

Peterson, Edward A., employed 413 Main, r. 216 Barrows.

Peterson.Edward A.,finisher,r. 4 Webster.

Peterson, Edward C, (Mary J.),finisher,h. over 52 Hedges ave.

Peterson, Edwin, operative, bds. 219 Prospect.

Peterson, Edwin A., janitor, bds. 116 Barrows.

Peterson, Effie J., student, r. 342 East 5th.

Peterson, Elenora W., widow Peter A., h. over 132 Prospect.

Peterson, Ella, r. 106 Sampson.

Peterson, Ella T., picker, bds. 285 Willard.

Peterson, Ellen, widow Otto, h. 296 Harrison.

Peterson, Ellen C, weaver, r. 296 Harrison.

Peterson, Elmer G., stenographer, 124 Foote ave., h. over 52 Hedges ave.

Peterson, Elmer J., (Lillian), printer, r. 35 Peterson.

Peterson, Emanuel, (Mary), laborer, h. 112 Cheney.

Peterson, Emel, (Aledda), tailor, 9 Main, r. 508 Barrett.

Peterson, Emil, contractor, bds. 314 Bowen.

Peterson, Emil, (Alida), tailor, h. 508 Barrett.

Peterson, Emil, (Annie), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 123 Fairview ave.

Peterson, Emil, laborer, r. 112 Cheney.

Peterson, Emil F., (Augusta), grocer, 105 South Main, h. 151 Prospect.

Peterson, Emily, maid, 316 East 5th.

Peterson & Engstrom—Leonard Peterson and John Engstrom—tailors, room 9 over 3 Main.

Peterson, Eric, laborer, r. 1 Chapman.

Peterson, Eric, (Alma J.), cabinet maker, h. 10 East Ellicott.

Peterson, Eric, laborer, r. 216 Barrows.

Peterson, Ernest, (Emma),finisher,h. 8 Metallic ave.

Peterson, Ernest, ( E m m a ), painter, h. over 3 Grandin.

Peterson, Esther, textile worker, r. over 400 Allen.

Peterson, Esther, domestic, 128 Forest ave.

Peterson, Esther, spinner, r. 220 King.

Peterson, Evelyn P., boxmaker, r. 13 Walnut.

Peterson, Frank, laborer, bds. 34 Hazeltine ave.

Peterson, Florence, textile worker, r. 462 Willard.

Peterson, Florence, laundress, r. 14 Marvin.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware a n d Mill Supplies.

A l w a y s b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 339 Peterson, Florence, bds. 24 Derby.

Peterson, F. Oscar, (Marie L.), druggist, 700 East 2d, h. 63 Chapin.

F. OSCAR PETERSON DRUGGIST Drugs, Chemicals, Patent Medicines and Toilet Articles 700 EAST SECOND STREET Peterson, Frank B., (Ellen), lumber handler, h. 12 Morse ave.

Peterson, Frances, twister, r. under 561 Allen.

Peterson, Frank B., (Ellen), laborer, h. 12 Morse ave.

Peterson, Frank E., machine hand, r. 10 East Ellicott.

Peterson, Frank L., (Carrie R.), insurance, h. 811 Main.

Peterson, Frank T., metal worker, r. 10 Jones.

Peterson, Fred, metal worker, r. 3 Metallic ave.

Peterson, Frederick R., (Edith)_, attorney, room 53 N e w Fenton bldg.. h. 105 Chandler.

Peterson, Fritchof, operative, bds. 505 Willard.

Peterson, Fritz, (Hilda), lumber handler, h. 516 Allen.

Peterson, George, employed 153 J. & G. ave., r. 42 West 9th.

Peterson, George B., h. 401 Prendergast ave.

Peterson, George H., engineer, r. 229 Crosby.

Peterson, Gertrude, clerk, 207 Main, r. 386 Willard.

Peterson, Gilbert, laborer, r. 35 Peterson.

Peterson, Gilbert, woodworker, r. 138 Park.

Peterson, Gotfred, carpenter, bds. 292 Harrison.

Peterson, Grace, teacher, r. 90 Hazzard.

Peterosn, Grace, drawer, r. 13 Walnut.

Peterson, Gust, furniturefinisher,bds. 128 Water.

Peterson, Gust, woodworker, bds. 12 Whitley place.

Peterson, Gust, textile worker, r. 12 Morse ave.

Peterson, Gust, laborer, h. 306 Steele.

Peterson, Gust, (Hilda), laborer, h. 25 Peterson.

Peterson, Gust, laborer, r. 112 Cheney.

Peterson, Gust, (Minnie), laborer, h. 1 Chapman.

Peterson, Gust A., (Minnie), dyer, h. 211 Allen.

Peterson, Gust E., shoemaker, r. over 210 East 2d.

Peterson, Gust W., (Hilma E.), packer, h. 25 Kinney.

Peterson, Gustava, r. 137 Broadhead ave.

Peterson, Hannah, picker, r. 541 Allen.

Peterson, Hans K., (Caroline), aristo worker, h. 25 West 9th.

Peterson, Harold,finisher,bds. 143-151 Fairmount ave.

Peterson, Hattie, r. 24 Jones.


J a e g e r ' s H e a l t h U n d e r w e a r at PROUDFIT'S 340 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Peterson, Henry, packer, r. 11 Hall ave.

Peterson, Herbert, woodworker, bds. 24 Derby.

Peterson, Hilma C, twister, r. 18 Chapin.

Peterson, Hulda, domestic, 3 Lake View ave.

Peterson, Ida, day work, r. over 18 West 8th.

Peterson, J. Albert, laborer, bds. 16 Johnson.

Peterson, James, (Fredrika),firemanand engineer, h. 42 West 9th.

Peterson, James C, (Nettie)—A. J. Peterson & Son, 208 Main—h. 105 E. 8th.

Peterson, J. August, (Annie L.), Troy Hand laundry, 705 Main, h. 14 Marvin.

Peterson, Jennie, packer, r. 504 Allen.

Peterson, Jennie, widow Andrew, h. 6 Waterman.

Peterson, Jennie, operative, r. 3 Lake.

Peterson, Johanna, widow Charles G., h. 17 Tower.

Peterson, Johanna, widow Nels P., r. 132 Sampson.

Peterson, Johanna, seamstress, r. over 154 Chandler.

Peterson, John, (Hildah), shoemaker, h. 504 Allen.

Peterson, John, woodworker, bds. 10 Alpaca.

Peterson, John, laborer, bds. 36 Sampson.

Peterson, John, (Christina), milk dealer, h. 220 King.

Peterson, John, (Johanna), h. 386 Willard.

Peterson, John, (Rose), teamster, h. 292 Harrison.

Peterson, John,finisher,r. 11 Hall ave.

Peterson, John, packer, bds. 109 Wescott.

Peterson, John A., foreman, r. 11 Hall ave.

Peterson, John A., retired, h. 644 East 6th.

Peterson, John A., (Lydia C ), cabinet maker, h. 6 Hedges ave.

Peterson, John A., (Huldah), teamster, h. 150 Stowe.

Peterson, John A., (Sarah A.), upholsterer, h. 22 Chapin.

Peterson, John A.,finisher,r. 4 Webster.

Peterson, John A., (Hilda),finisher,h. under 780 East 2d.

Peterson, John A., (Lillian M.)—Peterson Bros., 205 East 2d—h. 788 do.

Peterson, John A., (Hulda), woodworker, h. 246 Bowen.

Peterson, John A., (Reka), laborer, h. 418 Baker.

Peterson, John Alfred, (Ada), h. over 535 Allen.

Peterson, John H., (Carrie), retired, h. 22 Eagle.

Peterson, John M., machinist, r. 220 King.

Peterson, John Victor, (Eva F.), woodworker, h. 52 Hedges ave.

Peterson, John W., (Hilda), cabinet maker, h. 25 Myrtle.

Peterson, John W., (Matilda A.), bartender, h. 106-110 East 2d.

Peterson & Johnson—Isaac A. Peterson and Charles W. Johnson—meat markets, 710 Main and 9 Cowden place.

Peterson, Joseph, clerk, 203 Main, bds. 313 Newland ave.

Peterson, Josephine, widow Charles P., h. 230 Forest ave.

Peterson, Josephine F., Mrs., r. 42 Wescott.

Peterson, Julia, picker, r. 4 Webster.

Peterson, Julia, stenographer, r. 1091 East 2d.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

T h e Largest and Best Stock of Dry G o o d s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 341 Peterson, Karl, (Hannah S.)—J. P. Danielson Co., 50 Steele—h. 40 Kinney.

Peterson, Lawrence, woodworker, r. 493% Willard.

Peterson, Lena, weaver, bds. 152% Allen.

Peterson, Leonard, (Mathilda M.)—Engstrom & Peterson, tailors, over 1-5 Main—h. 134 Hedges ave.

Peterson, Lottie, domestic, 23 Victoria ave.

Peterson, Louisa, widow Charles, h. 4 Williams.

Peterson, Louisa, widow Peter J., h. 3 Briggs.

Peterson, Louisa, widow Samuel, h. 10 Jones. ' Peterson, Louisa A., r. 14 Marvin.

Peterson, Louis A., (Emily L.)—Peterson Bros., 205 East 2d—h. 59 Chapin.

Peterson, Ludwig, (Tilda), grocery, 516 Newland ave., h. do.

Peterson, Mabel, operative, r. 25 Victoria ave.

Peterson, Mable, student, r. 811 Main.

Peterson, MaBelle A., r. 11 Cross.

Peterson, Magnus A., (Ida C ), plumber, h. 37 Ellicott.

Peterson, Mamie, textile worker, r. 512 Newland ave.

Peterson, Mandus, carpenter, r. 306 Steele.

Peterson, Margaret, twister, r. under 561 Allen.

Peterson, Margaret, spinner, bds. 134 Hedges ave.

Peterson, Margarette, twister, bds. 74 Hazzard.

Peterson, Marshall, bartender, r. over 109 East 2d.

Peterson, Martin, (Christina), stone mason, h. 917 Main.

Peterson, Martin, (Mary), laborer, r. 116 Williams.

Peterson, Martin J., (Clara C ), machinist, h. over 1 Ellicott.

Peterson, Martin Luther, comber, bds. 17 Tower.

Peterson, Mary, Mrs., r. over 1091 East 2d.

Peterson, Mary, widow Charles, h. 14 Park.

Peterson, Mary, widow John, r. 703 Falconer.

Peterson, Mary, widow Niles, h. over 154 Chandler.

Peterson, Mary, widow Peter E., r. 13 Walnut.

Peterson, Matilda, weaver, r. over 154 Chandler.

Peterson, Matilda, widow August, h. 4 Webster.

Peterson, Matilda C, widow Theodore, h. 11 Cross.

Peterson, May, student, r. 4 Williams.

Peterson, Melvin A., paperhanger, r. 644 East 6th.

Peterson, Milton O.,finisher,bds. 17 Tower.

Peterson, Minnie C, widow Rudolph, h. 710 Lafayette.

Peterson, Nellie, stenographer, over 101 West 3rd, r. 20 Tilden ave.

Peterson, Nellie, clerk, 207 Main, r. 386 Willard.

Peterson, Nellie M., cashier, 13-15 Main, r. 1021 Newland ave.

Peterson, Nellie M., winder, r. 504 Allen.

Peterson, Nellie P., student, r. 20 Tilden ave.

Peterson, Nels, polisher, bds. 230 East Buffalo.

Peterson, Nels, (Dorothy), stone mason and cement walk builder, h. 915 Main.

Peterson, N. Magnus, (Lottie), cabinet maker, h. 34 Myrtle.

CLEAN COAL. L. F. SHEDD. Both Phones.


342 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY, Peterson, Olga, weaver, r. 246 Bowen.

Peterson, Oscar, (Anna), laborer, h. 405 Baker.

Peterson, Oscar, (Hannah), freight handler, h. 42 Charles.

Peterson, Oscar, (Josephine), laborer, h. over 128 Harrison.

Peterson, Oscar, packer, bds. 331 Foote ave.

Peterson. Oscar, (Hilma)—Jamestown Iron Works Co., 11 Shearman place— h. 19 West 9th.

Peterson, Oscar, woodworker, bds. 23 Center.

Peterson, Oscar F., upholsterer, r. 106 Sampson.

Peterson, Oscar L.—Peterson & Youngquist, 21 East 2d—h. over 837 Newland ave.

Peterson, Oscar W., (Anna), fireman, h. 405 Baker.

Peterson, Otto, bds. 500 Pine.

Peterson, Otto W., (Christine), retired, h. over 73 Tower.

Peterson, P. August, (Carlotta), carpenter, h. over 216 Barrows.

Peterson, Peter, cabinet maker, bds. 3 Rowley place.

Peterson, Peter, (Sene), h. 47 Charles.

Peterson, Peter, (Jennie), cabinet maker, h. over 19 Columbia ave.

Peterson, Peter A., laborer, h. 541 Allen.

Peterson, Peter J., (Mary L.), sawyer, h. 138 Park.

Peterson, Peter O., (Anna), laborer, h. rear 550 East 2d.

Peterson, Porter R., meat cutter, r. 10 Jones.

Peterson, Ragner, errand boy, r. 11 Elk Ext.

Peterson, Raney, upholsterer, r. 11 Hall ave.

Peterson, Robert, (Anna), laborer, h. 530 Winsor.

Peterson, Rosa, aristo worker, r. 10 Jones.

Peterson, Samuel, laborer, bds. 301 Barrett.

Peterson, Sagred E., clerk, 16-18 West 3rd, bds. 45 Harrison.

Peterson, S. Alfred, (Amanda), laborer,h. over 405 Baker.

Peterson, Sanford, (Anna), cooper, h. 207 Allen.

Peterson, Sarah, widow John P., r. 22 Hall ave.

Peterson, Selma, drawer, bds. 80 Tower.

Peterson, Selma, weaver, r. 27 Kinney.

Peterson, Selma, widow Andrew, h. 18 Water.

Peterson, Simmons, r. 401 Prendergast ave.

Peterson, Simon C. J., (Matilda), policeman, City hall, h. 13 Walnut.

Peterson, S. Ingrid, cook, r. 1381 East 2d.

Peterson, Sofus, mason, bds. 2 South Thayer.

Peterson, Swan A., (Jennie), laborer, h. 512 Newland ave.

Peterson, Theodore, woodworker, bds. 419 Newland ave.

Peterson, Teresa, maid, 208 Lafayette.

Peterson, Victor, (Augusta), band sawyer, h. 10 Shaw ave.

Peterson, Victor, (Caroline), dyer, h. 27 Kinney.

Peterson, Victoria B., spinner, r. 220 King.

Peterson, Walfred, woodworker, bds. 137 Broadhead ave.

Peterson, Walter, weigher, r. 386 Willard.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Furnaces.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. THE A D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 343 Peterson, Walter, (Minnie), teamster, h. 25 West 9th.

Peterson, William, (Celia), carpenter, h. over 27 Derby.

Peterson, William, (Julia) A.), finisher, h. 274 Prospect.

Peterson, William F., bobbin setter, r. 57 Chapin.

Peterson, William H., (Anna L.), machine hand, h. 229 Steele.

Peterson, William S., (Martha), laborer, h. 644 East 6th.

Peterson & Youngquist—Oscar L. Peterson and Carl O. Youngquist—boots and shoes, 21 East 2d.

See also Pedersen.

Pettis, John, (Hulda), h. 36 Marvin.

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