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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Pettit, James T., (D. Belle),finisher,h. under 341 Foote ave.

Petyt, Jonathan J., (Ellen), foreman, h. 16 Alpaca.

Pew, Charles H., bicycle dealer and repairer, 111 East 3rd, h. over 110 do.

Pfound, Carry, r. 206 East 2d.

Pfound, Julia, r. 206 East 2d.

Pharo, Anna L., widow Allen R., h. 311% East 6th.

Phelps, C. Allene, student, r. 37 13th.

Phelps, Clyde N., (Nettie), driver, 10 West 3rd, h. over 17 West 2d.

Phelps, George N., (Arvilla M.), sealer of meters, 110 East 3rd, h. 37 13th.

Phelps, Robert H., commercial traveler, h. 40 Prospect.

Phillips, Aaron J, retired, r. Ill Allen.


Phillips, Brewer D., (Ida), president Bank of Jamestown, 216 Main, h. 501 Lake View ave.

Phillips Bros.—Ralph M., Ross S. and Harry P. Phillips—machine shop, 11-13 Harrison.

Phillips & Brown—Glenn P. Phillips, Harold LeF. Brown—Jamestown pharmacy, 8 East 2d.



Reliable Drugs and Medicines. Fine Druggists' Sundries Both Phones 209 8 EAST SECOND STREET Phillips, Cassius M., (Mary K.), h. 25 Steele.

Phillips, Emmett A., (Estelle), engineer, h. 50 Prospect ave.

Phillips, Fred W., brakeman, Erie R. R., rooms over 107 East 2d.

Phillips, George H., (Elizabeth E.), barber, 109 South Main, h. 122 Bowen.

Phillips, Glenn P., (Birdie)—Phillips & Brown, 8 East 2d—h. 40 Prathor ave.

Phillips, Harry P., (Etta M.)—Phillips Bros., 11-13 Harrison—h. 254 Prospect.

Phillips, James, woodworker, rms. 863 Spring.

Phillips, Jane, widow George, r. 42 Regent.

Phillips, Jessie, r. 501 Lake View ave.

Phillips, Julia, Mrs., domestic, rms. 31 Allen Square bldg.

Cedar Shingles, Lath and Plaster-L. F. SHEDD.

Besureyou^n^h^n ^ ^ C l o t h i n g at P R O U D F I T ' S 344 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Phillips, Julia, rms. 31 Allen Square bldg.

Phillips, Leanda, widow Niram, r. 123 South Main.

Phillips, Legrand A., (Jennie), h. 195 Forest ave.

Phillips, Leonard, upholsterer, bds. 352 East 4th.

Phillips, Lephe L., widow Corydon J., h. 195 Forest ave.

Phillips, Martin, (Flora C ), teamster, h. 41 Flagg ave.

Phillips, Milton E., ( E m m a ), draughtsman, h. 146 Stewart ave.

Phillips, Olive, widow Alvin, h. 109 Forest ave.

Phillips, Ralph M., (Clara B.)—Phillips Bros., 11-13 Harrison—r. 47 Prospect avenue.

Phillips, Ross S., (Lena)—Phillips Bros., 11-13 Harrison—r. 116 Broadhead avenue.

Phillips, Verlon M., (Petra), bartender, h. 10 Price.

Philo-Burt Mfg Co., mfrs. spinal appliances, E. W. Sheldon, pres., R. Jay Barrows, sec and treas., 10-18 Ellicott bldg.

Philo, Stewart W., (Clara P.), chief clerk, J. C. & L. E. freight depot, h. 419 West 6th.

Philo, William B„ (Blanche S.), office manager, 122 Foote ave, h. 413 W. 6th.

Phinex, Adeline, Mrs., h. 25 Walnut.

Pickard, Allen, (Myra E.), lather, h. 15 Crossman.

Pickard, Alonzo C, attorney-at-law, room 19-20 Gokey bldg., over 16 West 3rd, h. 1037 East 2d.

Pickard, Bessie, r. over 13 East 2d.

Pickard, Clare A., (Rachel Giles)—Pickard & Dean, 1-2 Ellicott bldg—h. 611 Prendergast ave.

Pickard & Dean—Clare A. Pickard and Benjamin S. Dean—attorneys-at-law, rooms 1-2 Ellicott bldg.

Pickard, Emerson B., shoe cutter, bds. 630 Palmer.

Pickard, Frank, mechanic, bds. 10 Steele.

Pickard, Horace T., (Delia), manager, Hotel de Celoron, h. 26 13th.

Pickard, Jay, (Pearl D.)—Jamestown Commercial Gallery, 320 Harrison— r. 12 Crossman.

Pickard, Joe, (Mary), foreman, h. over 45 Water.

Pickard, Mable B., telephone operator, r. over 147 Fairmount ave.

Pickard, Ray F., (Blanche L.), attorney-at-law, room 7 Gifford block, over 6 East 3rd, h. 312 Crossman.

Pickard, Richard D., (Mary), photographer, 320 Harrison, h. 15 Crossman.

Pickard, Richard L., plumber, r. 15 Crossman.

Pickard, Rose F., Mrs., h. 312 Crossman.

Pickett, Fayette H., butter buyer, h. 533 East 5th.

Pickett, Frank, woodcarver, bds. 217 East 3rd.

Pickles. Mary and Sarah, bakers and confectioners, 10S Foote ave., h. do.

Piehl, Peter, (Eline O.), metal worker, h. 22 Columbia ave.

Pier, Clara L., insurance solicitor, bds. 512 Jefferson.

See also Peer.

Pierce, Ernest, (M. Arabel), music teacher, h. 55 Steele.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Housefurnishings.

Carpets, Curtains, Draperies, Shades. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 345 Pierce, Elbridge G., (Florence), accountant, 335 Harrison, h. 112 Church.

Pierce, Harriett, r. 202 J. _ G. ave.

Pierce, Harry Allen, groceries, 7 South Main, r. 55 Steele.

Pierce, Jennie Simmons, operative, r. 59 Steele.

Pierce, ^John, retired, h. 59 Steele.

Pierce, Lena M., Mrs., r. 302 Hallock.

Pierce, Parker E., (Estella D.), boots and shoes, 223 Main, h. 511 East 2d.

Pierce, Thomas J., (Carrie S.), loomfixer,h. 603 East 7th.

See also Peirce.

Pihl, Adelaide, weaver, bds. 415 Ashville ave.

Pihlblad, Carl, laborer, bds. 7 Orchard.

Pihlblad, Carl W., (Selma L.), clerk, 700 East 2d, h. over 129 Bush.

Pihlblad, Ernest, textile worker, r. 7 Orchard.

Pihlblad, Gust, woodworker, r. 7 Orchard.

Pihlblad, Henry, (Adelena),finisher,h. over 218% Crescent.

Pihlblad, John, woodworker, bds. 7 Orchard.

Pihlblad, John, (Ida), metal worker, h. over 40 Union ave.

Pihlblad, William C, (Anna), machine hand, h. 7 Orchard.

Pike, Harrison, retired, h. 29 Mechanic.

Pike, Lois L., widow Adin M., h. 312 Pine.

Pilgrim Memorial church, cor. Forest ave. and Prospect ave.

Pillsbury, Carl G., (Lona A.), mason, h. over 366% Foote ave.

Pillsbury, Flossie, textile worker, r. 366% Foote ave.

Pillsbury, Lewis A., (Annette), barber, 119 East 2d, h. 116 Hazzard.

Pillsbury, Otis V., weaver, r. 116 Hazzard.

Pillsbury, Sybil, weaver, r. 116 Hazzard.

Pillsbury, Walter L., woodworker, r. 116 Hazzard.

Piper, Albert L., (Etta M.), mgr. N. Y. & Pa. Tel. & Tel. Co., 113 East 3rd, h. 310 West 2d.

Pitts, George B., (Lucy E.)—Clark Hardware Co., 109-111 Main—h. 14 Lake View ave.

Pitts, Lucy E., widow John W., r. 14 Lake View ave.

Pitts, William B., (Minnie V.), clerk, 2-6 East 2d, h. 20 13th.

Plaisted, Lizzie, widow Charles, mender, h. over 635 Prendergast ave.

Ploss, Grant S., (Georgianna), teamster, h. 58 Ridgway ave.

Ploss, Jacob F., laborer, h. 62 Ridgway ave.

Plumb, Hilma, domestic, 10 Chandler.

Plumbing inspector, room 10, City hall, 202-212 East 3rd.

Plure, George, rag peddler, h. under 38 East Buffalo.

Poland, E m m a, r. over 206 East 2d.

Polhemus, Albert, (Lizzie), coachman, h. 120 Driving Park road.

Police headquarters, 6-7 City hall.

Pollard, Anna, spinner, r. 12 Institute.

Pollard, Albert, (Clara M.),florist,h. 12 McDannell ave.

Pollard, Clifford, (Ida), waiter, 15 East 3rd, h. 211 West 2d.

Pollard, Ernest C, (Elida), waiter, rms. 215 West 2d.

The Best Cement at L. F. SHEDD'S.

Underwear, Hosiery and Gloves a Specialty at PROUDFIT'S 346 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Pollard, Frank, (Susanna), finisher, h. under 14 Maple.

Pollard, Rachel, spinner, r. 12 Institute.

Pollard, Rhodes, woodworker, h. 4 Orchard.

Pollard, Smith, (Eliza), employed Erie R. R. Co., h. 451 West 2d.

Pollard, Uriah, (Sarah), loomfixer,r. over 12 Institute.

Polley, George, bds. 311 West 2d.

Pomeroy, Jacob R., (Rosetta), h. 402 West 7th.

Pond, Charles, (Otelia), painter, h. 7 Bennett.

Poole, Arthur, (Mary), warp dresser, h. over 157 Prospect.

Pooler, Henrietta, widow Silas S., h. 222 East 1st.

Poormaster, basement City hall, 202-212 East 3rd.

Pope, Ellis, shoemaker, r. 863 Spring.

Pope, Frank L., (Matilda), laborer, h. 614 East 8th.

Pope, Thomas, woodworker, bds. 863 Spring.

Poppleton, Alice, nurse, r. 321 Allen.

Porter, David R., teamster, bds. 307 Allen.

Porter, E. L., Mrs., janitress, rms. 70 Allen Square bldg.

Porter, Elmer E., (Myra), laborer, h. 1083 East 2d.

Porter, Flora H., widow Samuel, h. 315 West 5th.

Porter, Hubert E. V., (Grace E.), principal Jamestown Business college, Gokey bldg., West 3rd, h. 209 West 7th.

Porter, James, (Myrtle), teamster, h. 1309 West 6th.

Porter, Mary E., r. 1083 East 2d.

Porter, May, widow Charles, r. 508 East 5th.

Porter, William, (Amanda M.), retired, h. 307 Allen.

Ports, Adam, (Mary), carpenter, h. Ill Crossman.

Ports, Stella M., teacher, r. Ill Crossman.

Postal Telegraph Cable Co., G. Victor Wilson, mgr., 19 West 3rd.

Post, Cora, mender, r. 301 Warren.

Post, Clyde A., upholsterer, r. 301 Warren.

Post, Evelyn N., widow Daniel H., h. 500 Pine.

Post, Earl, operative, r. 301 Warren.

Post, Eugene, (Sarah), carpenter, h. 20 Crosby.

Post, Jerome W., (Lydia), laborer, h. 301 Warren.

Postoffice, 200-210 West 3rd.

Post Publishing Co.—Ralph C. Sheldon, pres., Robert K. Beach, business mgr.—19 Steele.

Potsie, Chris, bootblack, r. 35 Steele.

Potter, Catherine A., widow Roderick L., h. under 26 Bush.

Potter, George T., deliveryman, r. 8 Rathbone.

"•-"t. George W., (Bertha B.), canvasser, h. 8 Rathbone.

Potter, Mark M., r. 8 Rathbone.

Potter, Mary E., clerk, 114 Main, r. 8 Rathbone.

Potter, May, stenographer, over 20 West 3rd, r. 200 West 5th.

Potter, Rodney, polisher, h. under 26 Bush.

Potter, Ruth G., clerk, r. 8 Rathbone.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Roofing and Building Papers.

,he Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 347 Potter, Stephen, (Caroline E.), retired, h. 6 Institute.

Potter, Truman, r. 8 Rathbone.

Potter, Willard L., (Lida), plasterer, h. 618% Pine.

Powell, Ethel L., duffer, r. 422 Allen.

Powell, John C, (Emma), carder, h. 422 Allen.

Powell, Minerva, rms. 32 N e w Gifford bldg., 22-28 South Main.

Powell, Sarah, r. 422 Allen.

Powell, William, operative, r. 422 Allen.

Powers, Alton C,fireman,h. 403 Main.

Powers, Francis, student, r. 151 East 9th.

Powers, Ivan A., farmer, r. 403 Main.

Powers, Joseph, (Anna)\ blacksmith, h. 3 East 7th.

Powers, Joseph, clerk, bds. 40 Fairmount ave.

Powers, Lorenzo D., (Mary J.), undertaker, 616 Pine, h. do.



DIRECTOR Also District Agent for the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co.

of Milwaukee, Wis.

OFFICEAND _,,_ _.., _ _ _ _ _ _ _ HOME PHONE 120 residence 6 1 6 P I N E S T R E E T bell phone 74 Powers, Louis M., (Almedia), deliveryman, h. 854 Prendergast ave.

Powers, Mary, r. 40 Fairmount ave.

Powers, Nellie, h. 403 Main.

Powers, Ora L., r. 616 Pine.

Prachthauser, Fred C, (Frances), supt. of orders, 95 J. & G. ave., h. 001 Lafayette.

Prather, Abraham S., (Martha F.),farmer, h. 863 Prendergast ave.

Prather, John H., (Margaret M.)—Johnson Bros. & Prather and JohnsonPrather Co., over 101 East 3rd—h. 354 East 4th.

Pratt, Arthur, commercial traveler, rms. 417 Prendergast ave.

Pratt, Arthur N., (Jessie), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. over 10 West End.

Pratt, Burton R., (Rosabel), butter, eggs and cheese, 207 Cherry and 633 East 2d, h. 401 Prendergast ave.

Pratt, Clayton D., (Lottie)—Jamestown Panel and Veneer Co., 50 Steele— h. 817 Main.

Pratt, Dudley,fireman,bds. 10 West End.

Pratt, Edwin P., express messenger, rooms Y. M. C. A. dormitory.

Pratt, J. Quincy, (Mary), retired minister, r. 105 Park.

Pratt, John S., (Dora), loomfixer, 866 Main.

Pratt, Levi E., farmer, bds. 817 Main.

Pratt, Richard, (Mary), farmer, h. 180 East Buffalo.

Pratt, Robert M., (Addie),finisher,h. 105 Park.

Pratt, Thomas, bricklayer, bds. 180 East Buffalo.



Pratt, William H., (Lucy J.), florist, h. 21 Glendale ave.

Prendergast block, 301-307 Main.

Prendergast Free Library, West 5th, between Cherry and Washington.

Prendergast Hose Co., 216 Spring.

Prendergast Hose Co., assembly rooms, 22-24 East 2d.

Prescott, Robert A., (Mae I.), commercial traveler, h. 824 Prendergast ave.

Preston, Charles J., (Beryl B.), machinist, r. over 219 Hazzard.

Preston, Chester A., musician, r. 776 East 2d.

Preston, George, (Martha), night watch, h. 776 East 2d.

Preston, Hannah, widow1 Jerome, h. 203 East 4th.

Preston, Ira, (Nellie), laborer, h. 130 Institute.

Preston, Obediah, stone cutter, bds. 296 Barrows.

Preston, R. Bertha, h. 203 East 4th-.

Prewer, George H., junk dealer, r. 937 East 2d.

Price, Albert S., office mgr., room 6 Ellicott bldg., r. 310 Lake View ave.

Price, Aleda E., r. 907 Prendergast ave.

Price, Alvin, aristo worker, bds. 63 Prospect.

Price, Bertha, milliner, r. Ashville ave., R. F. D. 77.

Price, Carrie, r. 801 Main.

Price, Charles H., (Mary E.), oil operator, r. 310 Lake View ave.

Price, Charlotte A., r. 225 East 8th.

Price, Cheston A., lawyer and justice of peace, r. 907 Prendergast ave.

Price, Clayton E., (Mary), commercial traveler, h. 801 Main.

Price, Ernest V., r. 310 Lake View'ave.

Price, Fred A., (Emily A.), carpenter, h. 135 East 9th.

Price, Gaylord W., (Florence), foreman, J. S. Ry. barns b. over do.

Price, Hattie E., widow A. M., h. 907 Prendergast ave.

Price, Henry C, (Florence), retired, h. 225 East 8th.

Price, James H., (Lillian A.), real estate, h. 628 East 6th.

Price, Laura, millhand, r. 27 Outlet.

Price,Louise Osborn, r. 300 East 6th.

Price, Marion J., (Bertha), aristo worker, h. 424 Hallock.

Price, Orsell C, r. 225 East Sth.

Price, Oscar F., (Elizabeth Osborn), real estate, h. 300 East 6th.

Price, Walter S., (Bertha), dipper, h. over 409 Palmer.

Price, Wilson A., (Amy E.), retired, h. 310 Lake View ave.

Price, Wilson C, attorney-at-law, 46 N e w Fenton bldg., 2-6 East 2d, r. 310 Lake View ave.

Prichard, Grace, clerk, 13-17 Main, rooms 619 Lafayette.

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