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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Prichard, Jennie, clerk, 13-17 Main, rooms 619 Lafayette.

Priestly, Tom, (Ann), foreman, h. 636 East 6th.

Primitive Methodist church, Allen between King and English.

Prince, Arthur L., (Lulu M.), farmer, h. 620 Warren.

Prince, George F., operator, r. 114 Harrison.

Prince, John, (Anna), meat cutter, h. 114 Harrison.

Probst, Ernest C, draughtsman, rooms Y. M. C. A. dormitory.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

Always b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 349 Probst, Mandus W., (Anna), tinner, h. 1001 Prendergast ave.

Proctor, Arthur,finisher,r. 15 Elk Ext.

Proctor, Benjamin, (Elizabeth), stone cutter, h. 15 Elk Ext.

Proctor, James D., (Ora), woodworker, h. 128 Park.

Proctor, Lillie, weaver, r. 15 Elk Ext.

Proctor, Pauline, spinner, r. 15 Elk Ext.

Prosser, David W., (Laura L.), commercial traveler, h. 9 East 9th.

Prosser, Louis, (Alice), wood carver, h. 316 Falconer.

Prosser, Sarah E., h. 102 Barrows.

Proudfit Clothing Co.—William H. Proudfit, pres.—clothiers and merchant tailors, 206 Main.

Proudfit, William H., (Ellen H.), president Proudfit Clothing Co., 206 Main, h. 213 East 4th.

Prout, Albert P., city employe, bds. 120-122 East 2d Provancha, Alex, (May), freight handler, h. 175 Livingstone ave.

Prudden, Fred B., (Blanche), photographer, 326 E. 3rd, r. 208 Broadhead ave.

Prudden, Jennie, Mrs., h. 208 Broadhead ave.

Prudden, Lulu E., aristo worker, r. 208 Broadhead ave.

Prudential Insurance Co. of America, (The), Singleton Gardiner, supt, room 3-4-5 Gokey bldg., over 20 West 3rd.

Pruvot, Edward, (Dorilla), weaver, h. 254 Harrison.

Pugh, Emeline S., widow John M., hf 10 Beulah place.

Pugh, Joseph J., (Harriett), traveling evangelist, h. 1255 Main.

Pulver, Guy L., (Myra B.) letter carrier, postoffice, h. 113 Kent.

Purdy Bros.—William G. and Charles M.—commission merchants, room 47 Wellman bldg., over 101 West 3rd.

Purdy, Carl S., (Flora M.), commercial traveler, h. 15 Lincoln.

Purdy, Charles M., (Ella M. ) — Purdy Bros., rm. 47 Wellman bldg.—h. 107 Lincoln.

Purdy, William G., (Maud)—Purdy Bros., rm. 47 Wellman bldg., h. 147 E. 9th.

Putnam, Clyde A., elevator hand, 205 Main, bds. 17 West 4th.

Putnam, Davis O., (Flora A.), drayman, h. 115 West 8th.

Putnam, Edgar P., (M. Eppie), retired, h. 347 East 4th.

Putnam, Eugene, (DeEtta), laborer, h. 106 Hazzard.

Putnam, George, (Estelle), engineer, h. 48 Broadhead ave.

Putnam, Glenchore, widow Frank, h. over 133 King.

Putnam, Horace A., (Laura P.), hackman, 217 Cherry, h. 229 Crosby.

Putnam, Louis A., (Hilma), postal clerk, h. 17 Tew.

Putnam, Murvin A., (Hattie A.), butcher, h. 815 Jefferson.

Putnam, W. Crandall, telegraph operator, 19 West 3rd, bds. 115 West 8th.

Q Quiding, Ida, widow J. Herman, Swedish and American newspapers, medicines, 292 Willard, h. do.




Quigley, Honora, widow Andrew, h. 14 Crosby.

Quigley, Mary, domestic, r. 14 Crosby.

Quinlan, Dennis, (Elizabeth), retired, h. 760 Foote ave.

Quinlan, James, (Myra), policeman, h. 630 Spring.

Quirk, Katherine, clerk, 2-6 East 2d, r. 1259 Main.

Quirk, William, (Mary), brickmason, h. 1259 Main.

Quist, Carl F., (Selma L.), wool sorter, h. Thayer St. Ext.

Quist, Charles G., (Augusta), retired, h. 39 Oak.

Quist, David, cement walk builder, bds. 39 Oak.

Quist, Oscar, (Tillie), casemaker, h. 12 Myrtle.

Quist, Sophia, h. 157 Allen.


Radium Oil and Gas Co.—Laban Hazeltine, president; Jay A. Butler, vice president; Daniel F. Persell, treasurer; C. A. Pickard, secretary—103 West 3rd.

Radley, James, (Florence E.), commercial traveler, bds. 435 Willard.

Rafael, Harry, bootblack, bds. 35 Steele.

Rafferty, Emma,- r. 411 West 3rd.

Rafferty, Louise, r. 411 West 3rd.

Ragan, Daniel T., (Mary J.), metal worker, h. 22 Ashville ave.

See also Regan.

Rahl, Eva, Mrs., cook, r. 405 Cherry.

Rahm, Carl A. S., machinist, r. 42 Eagle.

Rahm, Frank A. L., spinner, r. 42 Eagle.

Rahm, John A., (Mary O.), engineer, h. 42 Eagle.

Rahm, Yerda M. A., duffer, r. 42 Eagle.

Rainey, Julia, cook, 22 East 3rd, r. 28 Institute.

Rainey, Margaret, cook, rooms 28 Institute. :

Rainey, Walter, (Bridget), laborer, h. 28 Institute.

Rainey, William, upholsterer, r. 28 Institute.

Raistrick, Albert,finisher,r. 36 Barrett.

Raistrick, Edwin, (Sarah), weaver, h. over 121 Weeks.

Raistrick, Emily, widow John, h. 36 Barrett.

Raistrick, James W., (Bertha), twister, h. over 760 East 2d.

Raistrick, John, warp twister, r. over 121 Weeks.

Raistrick, William,finisher,r. 36 Barrett.

Ralph, Carl, (Lizzie), machinist, h. 243 Marvin.

Ralph, Joseph, laborer, h. 243 Marvin.

Ramlow, Carl, (Oteilia), cigarmaker, r. 367 Foote ave.

Ramsey, Charles C, (Maggie), distributor, h. 1015 Main.

Randall, Anna M., drawer, r. 3 Waterman.

Randall, Charles A., (Kate), upholsterer, h. 28 Tilden ave.

Randall, Claud, laborer, r. 3 Waterman.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

Cloaks, Shawls, Gloves, Hosiery. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 351 Randall, Cliff E., machinist, r. 3 Waterman.

Randall, Frank M., janitor, Prendergast library, h. 60 Water.

Randall, Helece R., stenographer, 14-16 West 2d, h. over 410 Winsor.

Randall, Jane, widow Edward W., h. over 15 Kidder.

Randall, Mary, h. 60 Water.

Randall, Mynette A., proofreader, 14-16 West 2d, r. over 410 Winsor.

Randall, William E., (Nellie), engineer, h. 321 Warren.

Ranlet, Marion, student, r. 194 Forest ave.

Rankin, Josiah R., (Martha), presiding elder M. E. church, h. 114 Kent.

Rankin, Louise, stenographer, r 114 Kent.


Ransom, Marion A., h. 403 Main.

Rapp, John A., (Pauline C ), clerk, 218-220 Main, r 26 West 8th.


Rapp, Manley, electrician, 132-136 Steele, bds. 37 Mechanic.

Rappole, DeForest, (Dora), engineer, h. 86 Marvin.

Rappole, Frank B., (Romina), laborer, h. 208 West 8th.

Rappole, Henry F., (Celina), retired, h. 241 Fulton.

Rask, Alfred, laborer, r 96 Falconer.


Rask, August, (Matilda), laborer, h. 96 Falconer.

Rask, Axel, laborer, r 96 Falconer.


Rask, Hannah, domestic, 4 Chandler.

Rask, John, (Anna),finisher,h. 1 Bowen ave.

Rasmussen, Hans, (Carrie), laborer, h. 41 Tilden ave.

Rasmussen, Lilly, r. 41 Tilden ave.

Rasmussen, Nels, laborer, r. 41 Tilden ave.

Rathbone, William, bookkeeper, bds. over 83 Allen.

Rathburn, William, bookkeeper, 99 Institute, rooms 20 Harrison.

Rawley, Jay, counterman, 20 Main, rms. 118 East 2d.

Rawlings, John F., (Susan M.), meter repairer, h. 518 Foote ave.

Rawnsley, Ada, weaver, r. 624 Foote ave.

Rawnsley, James, (Clara), millhand, h. 624 Foote ave.

Rawnsley, Lilly, twister, r. 624 Foote ave.

Rawnsley, Percy, warpdresser, r. 624 Foote ave.

Rawson, Charles H., carpenter, r 304 Prendergast ave.


RawsOn, Clark H., (Minnie W.), dentist, 1 2 Allen Square bldg., 119 Main, h. 701 East 2d.

Rawson, Ellen H., widow John B., h. 416 West 3rd.

Rawson, Fred H., machinist, bds. 143 Fairmount ave.

Ray, Eliza, widow John, r. 15 Flagg ave.

Raymond, Seth, (Ada), employed 101 Winsor, h. Lake View ave. Ext.

Reader, George W., (Marion), barber, under 215 Main, h. 415 West 4th.

See also Reeder.

REAL ESTATE The Johnson-Prather Real Estate Agency 101 East Third Street Building Supplies of all kinds. L. F- SHEDD.



Reardon, Dennis, (Ellen), laborer, h. 313 Steele.

Reardon, Edmund, tinner, r. 313 Steele.

Reardon, Margaret Ellen, spinner, r. 313 Steele.

Reardon, Mary Ann, spinner, r. 313 Steele.

Reardon, Olive A., widow Dennis, nurse, bds. 826 Spring.

Rearick, Eva, winder, r. 17 Sherman.

Rearick, Henry J., (Adella), insurance agt., h. 17 Sherman.

Reddye, James, houseman, r. 39 Fairmount ave.

Reed, Alma V. D., r. 545 Allen.

Reed, Andrew J, ( E m m a S.), dyer, h. over 545 Allen.


Reed, Bessie B., music teacher, 63-68 N e w Fenton bldg., r. 609 East 7tn.

Reed, Charles D., (Mabel B.), pastor Calvary Baptist church, cor. Ashville and Livingstone aves., h. 16 Hall ave.

Reed, Eva M., milliner, bds. 707 Ashville ave.

Reed, Frank E., (Lillian), city plumber and water inspector, h. 18 Park.

Reed, Frank R., (DeEtte),florist,h. 110 Stewart ave.

Reed, Jane A., widow James C, r. 320 East 3rd.

Reed, John, gardener, r. 24 Prospect ave.

Reed, John W., (Helen M.), contractor and carpenter, h. 7 Cross.

Reed, Lemuel C, (Celestia A.), undertaking and picture framing, 107 East 3rd, h. 609 East 7th.

Reed, Lena, housekeeper, 333 Allen.

Reed, Robert, clothfinisher,bds. 25 Water.

Reed, Sarah A., widow John, h. over 18 Park.

See also Reid.

Reeder, Charles, r. 615 Falconer.

Reeder, Harry E., casemaker, r. 615 Falconer.

Reeder, Thomas E., police captain, room 7 City hall, h. 615 Falconer.

See also Reader.

Reeves, Warren L., retired, r. 838 Lafayette.

Regan, John, upholsterer, r. 9 Seymour ave.

Regan, Margaret, widow James, h. 9 Seymour ave.

Regan, Mary, weaver, r. 9 Seymour ave.

See also Ragan.

Regenar, Carl P., (Margaret), painter, h. 192 East Buffalo.

Rehn, Anna, widow Adolph, weaver, h. under 317 Allen.

Rehn, John, (Anna), stonemason, h. over 36 Pearl ave.

Rehn, Oscar, (Mary), carpenter, h. 22 Pearl ave.

Rehnberg, Albert, (Sophia), laborer, h. 12 Partridge.

Rehnberg, August, (Mary), metal worker, h. 17 Park.

See also Renberg.

Reid, Alexander H., (Alice I.), carder, h. 9 % Sherman.

Reid, Ivo F., waiter, 22 East 3rd, r. 24 East 2d.

Reid, John, gardener, bds. 24 Prospect.

Reid, Robert, (Millie), shipping clerk, h. 79 Hazzard.

Reide, Eliza, r. 113-117 "West 3rd.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies.

The Largest and Best Stock of Dry G o o d s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.


Reiter, Bennett, (Jennie), peddler, h. 941 East 2d.

Reiter, Tillie, r. 941 East 2d.

Relf, Orvis A., (Anna C ), r. 5 Church.

Renberg, Adolph, ( E m m a C.)—Renberg & Colander, 3 Main—h. 26 Palmer.

Renberg & Colander—Adolph Renberg and Ernest Colander—shoe dealers, 3 Main.

See also Rehnberg.

Renner, James E., (Maude), polisher, h. 20 Ashville ave.

Renouard, Janett, r. 615 Palmer.

Rescue Engine Co., 25-27 Winsor.

Reuben, Frederica, widow P. M., h. 174% Barrows.

Revells, Edith C, stenographer, r. 752 East 2d.

Revells, Jennie E., widow William, h. 752 East 2d.

Rew, Dey, (Nellie), overseer, h. 8 Bowen.

Rexford, E. Lee, (Maud),fireman,h. 715 East 2d.

Reynolds, A. Harrison, accountant, 126 East 1st, r. 30 Warren.

Reynolds, Axel, (Catherine), machinist, h. 303 Crescent.

Reynolds, Clinton I.,fireman,bds. 119-121 East 2d.

Reynolds, Frank, painter and paperhanger, rms. 4-6 South Main.

Reynolds, Harvey F., (Ellen C ), h. 209 Forest ave.

Reynolds, Helen, waitress, 13-23 South Main.

Reynolds, Margaret C, r. 308 West 5th.

Reynolds, Ned, shipping clerk, 129-135 J. & G. ave., bds. 404 Lafayette.

Reynolds, William R., (Helen B.), business mgr. and sec, 116 East 1st, h. 308 West 5th.

Rheubottom, Jennie, r. 36 Marvin.

Rhinehart, Ralph L., (Anna), casemaker, h. 26 Catlin ave.

Rhoades, C. Guy, collection clerk, 201 Main, rms. 1 East 6th.

Rhodes, Bertha L., shoemaker, r. 5 Walnut.

Rhodes, Charles H., (Hattie H.), district mgr. Travelers Life Ins. Co., h. 9 Cook ave.

Rhodes, Daniel, (Mariette M.), retired, h. 1031 Main.

Rhodes, Fred L., (Minnie), contractor, h. 247 Marvin.

Rhodes, Lester, (Ada) driver Hook & Ladder Co., h. 217 Spring.

Rhodes, Lester L., draughtsman, r. 247 Marvin.

Rhodes, Mary A., weaver, bds. over 103 South Main.

Rhodes, William H., (Anna E.), laborer, h. 42 Regent.

Ribbing, John E., (Lenora), metal worker, h. 440 Hallock.

Rice, Alice M., table decorator, r. 26 Derby.

Rice, Bertha E., dressmaker, r. 26 Derby.

Rice, Den H., (Nora), machine hand, h. over 20 Harrison.

Rice, Frank C, (Nettie H.), laborer, h. 122 Fulton.

Rice, Helen M., widow Alvin B., h. 117 Fairmount ave.

Rice, Jay D., (Elizabeth), metal worker, r. 105 Fairview ave.

Rice, Jennie P., tailoress, h. 102 Barrows.


Children's Suits $ 1. 5 0 to $ 8 at PROUDFIT'S 354 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Rice, Louisa A., domestic, r. 102 Barrows.

Rice, Rosetta, widow Willis, h. 45 Harrison.

Rice, Stephen L., (Alice S.), carpenter, h. 26 Derby.

Rice, Zella H., teacher, r. 26 Derby.

Ricely, Charlotte M., bds. 842 Spring.

Rich, Bert F., teacher of penmanship, r. 210 Lincoln.

Rich, Frederick M., (M. Ella), asst. secy. Chaut. County Trust Co., h. 26 Cedar.

Rich, Israel, (Rachael), junk dealer, h. 210 Steele.

Rich, William H., (Ellen A.), real estate, rms. 21-22 Gokey bldg., over 16 West 3rd, h. 210 Lincoln.

Richards, Clayton G., bellboy, r. 213-215 East 2d.

Richer, Frank, metal worker, rms. 415 West 3rd.

Richmond, Alfred, bobbin setter, r. over 32 Eagle.

Richmond, Kenneth, (Tillie), bricklayer, h. over 217 Fulton.

Rick, Antoinette, teacher, r. 84 Steele.

Rick, Bertha, r. 84 Steele.

Rick, John, (Elizabeth), h. 84 Steele.

Rick, Julius D. F., (Mildred A.), bookkeeper, CO Foote ave., h. 14 Royal ave.

Rickard, Charles, (Mary), shoe repairer, h. over 634 East 2d.

Rickard, Edward M., steelworker, r. 634 East 2d.

Rickard, Thersa, Mrs., h. 338 Steele.

Ricker, Levant E., (Ina), real estate, h. 13 Prospect ave.

Ricker, Theresa, widow Charles, pastry cook, 113-117 West 3rd.

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