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«DATE DUE James Prendergast Library Association 509 Cherry Street Jamestown, N e w York 14701 M e m b e r Of Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System THE ...»

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Ridall, Minnie L., winder, bds. 202 J. & G. ave.

Rider, Abigail, widow Samuel, r. 1111 East 2d.

Rider, Alice, widow Orion, h. Falconer near Curtis, (basement).

Rider, Harry, (Belle), plumber, h. 36 Harrison.

Rider, Jay B., salesman, rms. 405 West 3rd.

Rider, Mary M., spinner, r. Falconer, cor. Curtis.

Rider, L. L. clerk, 301 Main, h. Falconer, N. Y.

Rider, M a y A., spinner, r. Falconer near Curtis.

See also Ryder.

Ridgway, Guy E., (Frances), physician, rm. 5 N e w Gifford, h. 124 Forest ave.

Ridgway, William W., (Juliette), h. 124 Forest ave.

Riding, Matthew, (Elizabeth), moulder, h. 10 Metallic ave.

Riker, John, laborer, r. 3 Barrett.

Riker, Nellie, domestic, r. 3 Barrett.

Riker, Ophelia, widow Charles, h. 3 Barrett.

Riley, Alfred, (Sarah A.), warp dresser, h. 42 Foote ave.

Riley, Caroline, Mrs., h. over 218 East 2d.

Riley, Catherine, weaver, r. 47 Foote ave.

Riley, Edward M., electrician, r. over 218 East 2d.

Riley, Ellen, widow John O., h. 47 Foote ave.

Riley, Henry, barber, r. 42 Foote ave.

Riley, Linna, teacher, r. over 218 East 2d.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Furnaces.

Ihe Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 355 Riley, Louisa, bookkeeper, 59 Taylor, r. 42 Foote ave.

Riley, Rebecca M., piece picker, r. 42 Foote ave.

Rimph, Jerome, (Anna), retired, h. 144 Broadhead ave.

Rinaldo, Signe, domestic, 303 West 2d.

Ringquist, Ephraim, (Anna), metal polisher, h. 18 Rathbone.

Ringquist, Johanna, widow Carl, r. 18 Rathbone.

Risley, Benjamin, (Mary J.), deliveryman, h. 9 Lincoln.

Risley, George, (Hope), musician, h. 824 Cherry.

Risley, William H., (Minnie), conductor J. S. Ry., h. 234 Sprague.

Rivers, C. C, r. 26 West 9th.

Riverside Hotel, John Starkweather, prop., 143-151 Fairmount ave.

Rnew, Charles, weaver, bds. 212 Pine.

Roach, Ella, r. 103 East 6th.

Roach, Emily, student, r. 103 East 6th.

Roark, James, (Mary), hotel keeper, 10 Steele, h. do.

-Robbins, Arvilla I., stenographer, bds. 129 Steele.

Robbins, A. Jerome, (Ida H.), physician, 304 Main, h. do.

Robbins, Marie, Mrs., r. 18 West 8th.

Robbins, Mason, (Lucy), metal worker, h. Ill Sprague.

Roberts, Charles, barber, r. 85 Marvin.

Roberts, Daniel, (Martha J.), carpet layer, h. 85 Marvin.

Roberts, David, stone mason, bds. 304 West 3rd.

Roberts, Ethel M., operative, r. 116 Prospect.

Roberts, Franklin O., canvasser, h. 13 Tower.

Roberts, Gertrude, musician, r. 85 Marvin.

Roberts, Ida L., r. 203 East 2d.

Roberts, John E., (Ella A.), electrician and machinist, h. 116 Prospect.

Roberts, Louis, pianist, r. 85 Marvin.

Roberts, Melissa B., widow Albert, r. over 11 Bishop.

Roberts, Sophia, widow Napoleon, r. 508 Foote ave.

Roberts, Theodore M., (Mary W. ), bookkeeper, 95 J. & G. ave., h. 43 Fairmount ave.

Roberts, William, machinist, r. 85 Marvin.

Robertshaw, Elizabeth, widow Samuel, weaver, h. over 106 Foote ave.

Robertshaw, Fred, machinist, r. over 106 "Foote ave.

Robertson, Albert J., laborer, r. 32 Whitley ave.

Robertson, A m o s T., (Julia A.), conductor, J. S. Ry., h. 149 J. & G. ave.

Robertson, A m o s T., Mrs., boarding house, 149 J. & G. ave.

Robertson, DeForest, baker, r. 203 Warren.

Robertson & Gaitor—Harvey W. Robertson and Benjamin B. Gaitor—caterers, over 5 Taylor.

Robertson, George H., farmer, r. 800 Camp, R. F. D., 82.

Robertson, Harvey W., (Hettie)—Robertson & Gaitor, over 5 Taylor—h. do.

Robertson, Henry P., (Lucy C.)—H. P. Robertson Co., 30 Steele—h. 109 Lake View ave.

CLEAN COAL. L. F. SHEDD. Both Phones.

Call u p N o. 3 3 for C l o t h i n g a n d Furnishings 356 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Robertson, H. P. Co.—H. P. Robertson, pres.' and treas.; Chas. Ipson, vice pres.; Jno. Ipson, sec.—mfrs. folding beds and tables, 38 Steele.

Robertson, Jennie, widow Harry, cook, 5-9 Harrison, bds. do.

Robertson, John, (Hannah), woodworker, h. 53 13th.

Robertson, Oscar L., (Jane J.), farmer, h. 800 Camp, R. F. D. 82.

Robertson, Peter C, (Lena), carpenter, h. 203 Warren.

Robertson, Robert P.—Proudfit Clothing Co., 206 Main—h. 24 West 7th.

Robertson, William W., laborer, r. 32 Whitley ave.

Robinson, Alice A., weaver, r. 734 East 2d.

Robinson, Carrie E., weaver, r. over 2 Short Eagle.

Robinson, Donald, real estate, rooms 7 Smith block, over 9 South Main.

Robinson, Jennie, r. over 24 Harrison.

Robinson, John W., barber, under 14 East 3rd, r. do.

Robinson, Mary J, weaver, r. 734 East 2d.


Robinson, Sidney, (Martha),finisher,r. over 2 Short Eagle.

Robinson, William, retired, bds. 231 Prospect.

Rockwell, Fred, (Susie E.), commercial traveler, h. 112 Cross.

Roddick, Mary, widow William, h. 36 Derby.

Roddick, Susan, r. 36 Derby.

Rodgers, Charles, teamster, bds. 313% Warren.

Rodgers, Herman, carpenter, r. 12 Grant.

Rodgers, Howard S., (Nellie I.), engineer, h. 12 Grant.

See also Rogers.

Rodney, Albert C, (Edith F.), r. 19 West 8th.

Rodney, Jay, polisher, r. 19 West 8th.

Rodney, Walter, (Cora), nickle plater, h. 19 West 8th.

Rody, John, (Bridget), laborer, h. 23 Alpaca.

Roe, Margaret, widow Herman, r. 21 Ashville ave.

Rogers, A. Edward, (Maud), teamster, h. 780 East 2d.

Rogers, Clarence R., mechanical engineer, rms. over 213 Main.

Rogers, Dorcas A., widow Junius, r. 110 East 6th.

Rogers, Edith M., r. 627 East 6th.

Rogers, Frank B., (Margaret)—Rogers Bros., 714 Main—r. over do.

Rogers, Harold L., r. 627 East 6th.

Rogers, Hugh, (Mary E.), dyer, h. 613 East 7th.

Rogers, James D., metal worker, rooms 801 Prendergast ave.

Rogers, John G., (Sarah), horse trainer, h. 861 Main.

Rogers, Joseph D., stockkeeper, r. 12 Cedar.

Rogers, Joseph,finisher,h. 610 West 6th.

Rogers, Joseph R., (Gertrude)—Rogers Bros., 714 Main—h. 869 do.

Rogers, Mary Mrs., r. 610 West 6th.

Rogers, Rovillus R., (Celeste), supt. of schools, h. 627 East 6th.

Rogers, William J., (Agnes W. ),florist,h. Wellman ave., (Celoron).

See also Rodgers.

Rogerson, David M., (Alberta M.), contractor and builder, h. 114 Barrett.

Rogerson, Frank E., r. 114 Barrett.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

Carpets, Curtains, Draperies, Shades. T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 357 Rogerson, Frank E., packer, r. 10 Stearns ave.

Rogerson, Lorene A., r. 114 Barrett.

Rogerson, Robert C, (Mary), retired, h. over 17 Cowden place.

Rohde, Allis, bookkeeper, 95 J. & G. ave., r. 418 East 5th.

Rohde, Carrie J., widow Emil O., h. 418 East 5th.

Rohde, Claire, teacher, r. 418 East 5th.

Rohde, Martinette H., student, r. 418 East 5th.

Rohde, Mary, weaver, r. over 222 East 2d.

Rohlfn, Charles, (Hilda), weaver, h. 346 Foote ave.

Rohlin, Oscar G., (Emily C ), tailor, h. over 34 Myrtle.

Rohn, John, (Gustave), woodworker, h. over 415 Ashville ave.

Rohn, Pauline, dressmaker, r. over 415 Ashville ave.

Rohn, William M., (Lena), collector, h. 415 Ashville ave.

Roline, John, (Minnie), tailor, h. 33 Fluvanna ave.

Rolland, George A., deliveryman, 12 West 1st, r. 112 Palmer.

Rolland, George W., (Dora), junk dealer, h. 210 Steele.

Roney, Charles H., (Agnes), mgr. Lake View Rose Gardens, h. Ashville ave., R. F. D., (Celoron).

Roosenblan, Edward, (Ellen), textile worker, r. over 310 East 2d.

Root, Bernard A., (Margaret), barber, r. 311 Pine.

Root, Elizabeth, cutter, bds. 341 Foote ave.

Root, Marion, student, r. 194 Forest ave.

Root, Nancy, widow William, h. 334 Foote ave.

Root, Theodore Z., insurance, h. 194 Forest ave.

Rosdahl, Ralph, (Selma), weaver, h. under 81 Hazzard.

Rose, Albin, (Mary), metal worker, h. 223 Prospect.

Rose, Carl Otto, (Jennie), contractor and painter, r. 25 College.

Rose, Clarence D., (Ellen), music teacher and organist Presbyterian church, h. 637 Lake View ave.

Rose, Elizabeth, r. 46 Marvin.

Rose, Henry, (Minnie), fireman, h. 1062 East 2d.

Rose, I. Francis, (Mary M.), retired, h. over 853 Main.

Roseberg, Ella, domestic, 300 King.

Roselle, Charles, (Amelia), laborer, h 230 Broadhead ave.

Roselle, John S., (Flora), painter, h. 236 Prospect.

Roselle, Myrtle, milliner, r. 236 Prospect.

Roselli, Severio, (Katie), musician, h. 32 Tilden ave.

Rosenberg, Augusta, weaver, bds. 118% Crescent.

Rosenberg, Cecelia A., bookkeeper, 15-17 Steele, r. 220 Prospect.

Rosenberg, Gertrude, widow Lyman, h. 220 Prospect.

Rosenberg, Harry, (Lottie), weaver, h. 615 Main.

Rosenberg, Joseph, (Grace L.), weaver, h. 14 Broadhead ave.

Rosenberg, Leonard, printer apprentice, h. 220 Prospect.

Rosencrantz, Elof, (Minnie)—Elof Rosencrantz & Co., 2 South Main—h. 21 Allen.

The Best Cement a t L. F. S H E D D ' S.



Rosencrantz, Elof & Co.—Elof and Paul Rosencrantz and Carl A. Lundquist—hardware, 2 South Main.

Rosencrantz, Lillian F., r. 21 Allen.

Rosencrantz, Paul B.—Elof Rosencrantz & Co., 2 South Main—r. 21 Allen.

Rosendahl, John O., (Hilma),finisher,h. 203 Crescent.

Rosengren, Ajnar A., sample clerk, r. 119 Willard.

Rosengren, Alford, woodworker, bds. 116 Crosby.

Rosengren, E m m a J., widow August E., h. 119 Willard.

Rosengren, Rachel A., spinner, r. 119 Willard.

Rosenquist, Anna, domestic, h. Buffalo and Davis.

Rosenquist, Arthur, metal worker, r. Buffalo and Davis.

Rosenquist, Elin, domestic, 106 Fairmount ave.

Rosenquist, Ellen, domestic, r. 106 Hedges ave.

Rosenquist, Elsie, domestic, r. 106 Hedges ave.

Rosenquist, F. August, (Mary), foreman, h. over 246 Crescent.

Rosenquist, Henry,finisher,bds. 113 Hedges ave.

Rosenquist, Hjalona, carver, r. Buffalo and Davis.

Rosenquist, Oscar, upholsterer, r. Buffalo and Davis.

Rosenquist, Theodore, (Petornella), metal worker, h. 185 Buffalo.

Rosenski, Joseph, porter, bds. 113-117 West 3rd.

Rosier, Margaret S., widow Robert A., h. 715 Washington.

Rosequist, Gust E., (Laura H.), coachman, h. 109 Jones.

Rosequist; Gust E., (Laura H.), laborer, h. over 1109 Newland ave.

Ross, Arthur P., (Lucy F.), commercial traveler, r. 404 West 5th.

Ross, Carl, contractor painter, 16 East 1st, r. 25 College.

Ross, Clara C, teacher, r. 315 Lincoln.

Ross, Claus R., machinist, r. 115 Driving Park road.

Ross, Florence S., r. 115 Driving Park road.

Ross, Elizabeth, widow George A., r. 12 Bishop.

Ross, Emory A., (Anna M.), retired, h. 315 Lincoln.

Ross, E. Winfield, (Fern), wholesale lumber, h. 508 East 2d.

Ross, George A., r. 20 Meadow Lane.

Ross, James B., pres. Ross Machine Mfg. Co., 49-59 J. & G. ave., h. over 112 East 3rd.

Ross, Louise A., r. 20 Meadow Lane.

Ross Lumber Co.—Warren Ross—Monroe and Isabella ave.

Ross Machine Mfg. Co.—J. B. Ross, president; C. H. Walters, vice president;

W. M. Hoffer, sec—49-59 J. & G. ave.

Ross, Warner, (Hilda), engineer, h. 115 Driving Park road.

Ross, Warren, (Margaret L.)—Ross Lumber Co., Monroe and Isabella ave.— h. 610 Lake View ave.

Ross, William, (Louise J.), master mechanic, h. 20 Meadow Lane.

Rouse, Dora E., Mrs., matron, Erie depot, h. room 15 Warner block, over 13 Main.

Rousi, Santa, laborer, bds. 22 Alpaca.

Rousseau, Joseph, (Sarah E.), junk dealer, h. 1403 Newland ave.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

The Largest and Best Stock of Dry G o o d s - T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 359 Rousseau, Peter, (Nellie), bartender, h. 947 East 2d.

Rowan, Patrick J, (Ella), clerk, 16-18 West 3rd, h. over 213 do.


Rowan, Patrick J, Mrs., dressmaker, over 213 West 3rd, r. do.


Rowe, Hulda, widow Herbert B., waistmaker, h. over 120 East 3rd.

Rowe, Orvis S., student, r. 17 College.

Rowe, Robert N., baker, r. 311 Pine.

Rowe, Selmser, (Susie), polisher, h. 17 College.

Rowland, Hannah, widow Rev. Geo. W., r. 122 Lakin ave.

Rowley, Cecil G., (Mary E.), laundry, 110 East 3rd, h. do.

Rowley, Cecil G., Mrs., massage, h. 110 East 3rd.

Rowley, Charles A., (Olive), contractor, h. 516 Hazzard.

Rowley, Ella, domestic, 13 West 3rd.

Rowley, James, waiter, r. 118 East 2d.

Rowley, Katherine, widow Demmon, h. over 705 Main.

Rowley, Kittie, widow James, bds. 308 Falconer.

Rowley, C. Lynn, clerk, 201 Main, rms. 824 Prendergast ave.

Rowley, Merritt B., (Emma), Brooklyn fish and meat market, 2 Main, h. 36 Mechanic.

Rowley, Sarah S., widow James, h. 18 Elm.

Rowley, Thomas F., (Agnes), men's furnishings, 16 East 3rd, h. 413 Prendergast ave.

Ruckman, Frank, (Alma), treas. Level Furniture Co., Allen Ext., h. 719 E. 2d.

Ruckman, John, (Hattie S.), stationary engineer, h. 6 Morse ave.

Ruden, Louis E., (Elizabeth), printer, h. 49 Prospect.

Rudolph, Elmer, laborer, bds. 500 Barrett.

Rugg, Arthur, r. 801 East 2d.

Rugg, Catherine, Mrs., h. 801 East 2d.

Rugg, Corydon A., (Jennie M.), physician, h. 744 East 2d.

Rugg, Clayton, r. 801 East 2d.

Rugg, Gertrude M.,., r. 801 East 2d.

Rugg, Harold C, laborer, r. 744 East 2d.

Rugg, James, millhand, r. 801 East 2d.

Rulifson, John W., (Mable S.), architect, h. Woodworth ave., (Celoron).

Rummer, Frank, (Bertha), hackman, h. 22 Fletcher ave.

Rumple, Harmon F., (Ella), h. 714 Main.

Rundell, Cecil, r. 1029 East 2d.

Rundell, Dwight, (Helen)—president E. W. Curtis Lumber Co., 104-106 East 2d—h. 306 East 6th.

Rundell, James, laborer, r. 1029 East 2d.

Rundell, Robert, woodworker, r. 1029 East 2d.

Rundell, Royal, gardener, h. 1029 East 2d.

Rundquist, Andrew, (Matilda S.), assessor, 8 City hall, h. 428 Winsor.

Rundquist, Gust, laborer, rms. 213-215 East 2nd.

Rundquist, Jennie, r. 428 Winsor.

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