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Anderson, Louisa, seamstress, h. over 68 Tower.

Anderson, Louise, r. 32 Barrows.

Anderson Louise, widow Gust, h. 38 Peterson.

Anderson, Louise, dressmaker, rooms 219 Spring.

Anderson Louise, widow Andrus, r. 25 College.

Anderson, L. Peter, (Louise), employed 25 Shearman place, h. 24 West 10th.

Anderson, Ludwig, (Halfid), woodworker, h. over 116 Park.

Anderson, Mabel A., student, r. 143 Chandler.

Anderson Magnus, (Anna), laborer, h. 32 Highland ave.

Anderson Magnus, (Sophie), metal worker, h. S9 Tower.

Anderson Malcom, (Ida F.), weaver, h. 103 Hazzard.

Anderson Mamie L., domestic, r. 139 Forest ave.

Anderson, Martha, twister, r. 869 Spring.

Anderson Martin, loomfixer,r. 20 Willis.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Fine Cutlery and Tools.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. T H E A. D. S H A R P E C O.


Anderson, Martin A., woodworker, bds. 243 Willard.

Anderson, Mary, textile worker, r. 146 Stowe.

Anderson, Mary, widow John, h. 148 Sampson.

Anderson, Mary C, r. 207 Foote ave.

Anderson, Mary, widow August G., h. 324 Forest.

Anderson, Mary, Mrs., picker, h. over 123 Allen.

Anderson, Matilda, r. 925 Main.

Anderson, Maud A., r. 108 Steele.

Anderson, Melquad, teamster, r. 1 Hebner.

Anderson, Melvin C, oiler, r. 35 Anderson.

Anderson, Milton, laborer, bds. 1275 East 2d.

Anderson, Minnie, r. 25 College.

Anderson, Minnie, Mrs., weaver, h. 31 Scott.

Anderson, Minnie, clerk, 212 Main, r. 760 East 2nd.

Anderson, Myrtie O., twister, r. 119 Wescott.

Anderson, N. Alfred, carpenter, h. 9 Cheney.

Anderson, N. Alfred, (Selma A.)—The Anderson, 17 East 2d—h. 108 Cross.

Anderson, Nathan J, bill clerk, bds. 11 Arnold.


Anderson, Nels, (Matilda), machine hand, h. 108 Steele.

Anderson, Nels, (Johanna), operative, h. 275 Prospect.

Anderson, Nels P., (Carrie L.), retired, h. 131 Barrows.

Anderson, Nelson, (Minnie), laborer, h. 18 Crown.

Anderson, Noah, (Amanda), laborer, h. 650 Camp, (R. F. D. 82).

Anderson, Nora, twister, 63 Hedges ave.

Anderson, Olga, mill hand, r. over 24 East 3rd.

Anderson, Oliver C, spring setter, bds. 6 Peterson.

Anderson, Olof, (Ingre), cabinet maker, h. 702 Foote ave.

Anderson, Olof, comber, r. 15 Linwood ave.

Anderson, Oscar, clerk, 154 Baker, bds. 20 Colfax.

Anderson, Oscar, laborer, r. 412 Baker.

Anderson, Oscar, (Minnie L.), machine hand, h. 110 Palmer.

Anderson, Oscar, woodworker, r. 110 Cheney.

Anderson, Oscar, woodworker, bds. 12 Peach.

Anderson, Oscar, painter, bds. 106 Willard.

Anderson, Oscar, (Amanda), metal worker, h. 20 Sturges.

Anderson, Oscar, woodworker, r. 303 Willard.

Anderson, Oscar A., (Clara), shoemaker, h. 268 Broadhead ave.

Anderson, Oscar B., (Manda),finisher,h. 164 Chandler.

Anderson, Oscar C, teamster, r. 25 College.

Anderson, Oscar E.—Marvel Furn. Co., 615 West 8th—bds. 11 Arnold.

Anderson, Oscar F., cabinet maker, h. 816 Newland ave.

Anderson, Otto, laborer, bds. 37 Sampson.

Anderson, Otto E., (Clara M.), woodturner, h. 39 Myrtle.

Anderson, Otto, retired, r. 19 Newland ave.

–  –  –

Anderson, Pearl A., spinner, r. 650 Camp.

Anderson, Peter, laborer, r. 26 Palmer.

Anderson, Peter, (Stella S.), woodworker, h. 11 Delaware ave.

Anderson, Peter J, (Anna),fireman,h. 426 Warren.


Anderson, Peter J., laborer, h. 208 Benedict.

Anderson, Peter J., (Anna), engineer, h. 129 King.

Anderson, Rena, duffer, r. 16 Walnut.

Anderson, Reynold, polisher, bds. 109 Wescott.

Anderson, Richard, laborer, r. 336 Palmer.

Anderson, Richard E., (Clara L.), butcher, r. 142 Broadhead ave.

Anderson, Richard H., (Mary), woodworker, h. 263 Prospect.

Anderson, Robert, machine hand," bds. 113 Hedges.

Anderson, Robert, r. 126 Winsor.

Anderson, Roy D., bookkeeper, 415 Chandler, r. 18 Bowen.

Anderson, Rudolph, painter, bds. 254 Willard.

Anderson, Ruth L., spooler, r. 428 Willard.

Anderson, Sarah, r. 126 Winsor.

Anderson, Satt, widow John, h. 4 Willis.

Anderson, S. Edward, (Ida C ), jeweler, 10 East 2d, h. 138 Prospect.

Anderson, Selma, spinner, bds. 129 King.

Anderson,* Selma, seamstress, bds. 800 East 2d.

Anderson, Selma, twister, r.4 Willis.

Anderson, Selma, bds. 37 Sampson.

Anderson, Seraphia, twister, bds. 37 Sampson.

Anderson, Seth, (Ida), laborer, h. over 13 Pardee ave.

Anderson, Signa, textile worker, r. 110 Cheney.

Anderson, Signa, mill hand, r. 868 East 2d.

Anderson, Simon,finisher,bds. 46 Peterson.

Anderson, Signe, operative, r. 505 Willard.

Anderson, Sophie, weaver, r. 235 Barrows.

Anderson, Swan, hand sander, r. 15 Linwood ave.

Anderson, Swan J., (Minnie N.), tailor, h. 20 Barker.

Anderson, Swante, (Hannah), janitor, Warner block, h. 24 do.

Anderson & Sandburg—Axel E. Anderson and Charles A. Sandburg—boots and shoes, 108 Main.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

A l w a y s b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 113 Anderson & Stahley—Edward Anderson and Jacob F. Stahley—meat market, 16 East 2d.

Anderson, Tecla, domestic, r. 35 Cedar ave.

Anderson, Teckla, domestic, r. 53 Prospect ave.

Anderson, Thea, student, r. 829 Newland ave.

Anderson, Thyra B., r. 816 Newland ave.

Anderson, Tilda, weaver, bds. 109 Newland ave.

Anderson, Tildie C, picker, h. 115 Cross.

Anderson, The, wines and liquors, 17 East 2d.

Anderson, Verne F., (Minnie)—Anderson Bros., 397 English—h. over 407 English.

Anderson, Verner, machinist, bds. 152% Allen.

Anderson, Victor, gluer, r. 15 Linwood ave.

Anderson, Victor, (Hannah), clerk, 103 East 2d, h. 20 Forest ave.

Anderson, Victor, hand sander, r. 17 Orchard ave.

Anderson, Victor, (Anna), band sawyer, h. 13 Charles.

Anderson, Wilhelmina, housekeeper, 25 College, r. do.

Anderson, William, clerk, r. 175 Allen.

Anderson, William, packer, bds. 230 East Buffalo.

Anderson, William, (Edith M.), crater, h. 307 Winsor.

Anderson, William C, (Ella),finisher,h. 17 East 1st.

Anderson, William H „ (Anna H.), clerk, 104-106 Main, h. 208 Prospect.

Anderson, William J., (Anna L.), foreman, h. 17 Valley.

Anderson, Winnie, twister, r. 203 Crescent.

Anderson & Wicander—Charles P. Anderson and Elof Wicander—cigars, tobacco and pool, 8 South Main.

Andrean, Charles, sash and door maker, bds. 137 Broadhead ave.

Andrews, Mabelle L., stenographer, 56 Blackstone ave., bds. 14 Maple.

Andrus, Llllie, spinner, bds. 12 Waterman.

Andruss, George D., (Corrie)—Fenton & Andruss, 4 Forest ave.—h. 706 Foote ave.

Andruss, Jennie, r. 706 Foote ave.

Andruss, Pearl I., r. 706 Foote ave.

Andruss, William E., (Myrtle), clerk, 19-21 Main, h. 872 East 2d.

Angstenberger, Mary, widow Fred, r. 1135 Prendergast ave.

Anker, Hans P., (Petra M.), laborer, h. 101 Colfax.

Anstrom, Charles A., (Selinda D.), teamster, h. 114 Price.

Apgar, Hulett S., (Jennie), farm produce, h. 156 Allen.

Apgar, Louis S., (Elizabeth),'machinist,, r 156 Allen.

Aplin, Horace F., (Ida), printer, r. 117 Hazzard.

Aplin, Horace W., deliveryman, rms. 118 East 2d.

Aplin, Louise, r. 117 Hazzard.

Appleby, Frank H., (Carrie A.), contractor, h. 214 Price.

Appleton, Alfred A., student, r. 312 Prendergast ave.

Appleton, Leonora, Mrs., housekeeper, 312 Prendergast ave., r. do.

Appleton, Paul A., bookkeeper, r. 312 Prendergast ave.

The Best Cement at L. F. SHEDD'S.

BesureyouVe^h^ther. ^ ^ C | o t h i n g at P R O U D F I T ' S 114 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Appleton, Rhea I., student, r. 312 Prendergast ave.

Appleyard, Albert E., (Elizabeth SJ, asst. cashier, 215 Main, h. 29 Foote ave.

Appleyard, Edward, superintendent, 126 East 1st, h. 31 Foote ave.

Appleyard, Ethel L., r. 31 Foote ave.

Appleyard, Francis J., (Bessie), supt. Meadow Brook Mills, Falconer, h. 5 Crane.

Appleyard, Joseph, superintendent, 126 East 1st, h. 39 Center.

Appleyard, Sara, r. 39 Center.

Appleyard, Wilbur S., student, r. 31 Foote ave.

Arcade building, 24-32 Main.

Archer, Gertrude May, r. 207 Foote ave.

Arend, Helen, clerk, 203 Main, r. 46 West 10th.

Arend, Josephine, widow Nicholas, h. 46 West 10th.

Arend, Martin N., (Grace E.), yard clerk, Erie R. R., r. 636 East 6th.

Arird, Erma B., student, r. 559 East 2nd.

Arird, James D., (Cora B.), conductor, J. S. Ry., r. 559 East 2d.

Armitage, Charles F., (Bertha S.), Chatfield & Armitage, 304 Pine r. 805 West 5th.

Armitage, Fred E., (Anna B.), jeweler, 306 Pine, r. 11 Hamilton.

Armory, 13th Sep. Co., N. G. N. Y., 36-44 South Main.

Armstrong, Clara, milliner, r. 55 Hazzard.

Armstrong, Grace P., student, r. 36 Allen.

Armstrong, George T., (Elizabeth B.), lawyer, 32-33 N e w Fenton bldg— Breed & Armstrong, 33 N e w Fenton bldg.—r. 36 Allen.

Armstrong, Isabella A., r. 36 Allen.

Armstrong, J. A., (Carrie),finisher,h. 59 Marvin.

Armstrong, Nettie J., principal No. 4, r. 36 Allen.

Armstrong, Thomas G., (Ruth), track supervisor, Erie R. R., r. 36 Allen.

Armstrong, William D., (Anna), carpet layer, h. over 21 East 2d.

Arnold, Charles J., (Myra), teamster, h. 620 Pine.

Arnold, G. Henry, (Jennie L.), letter carrier, P. O., r. 810 Main.

Arnold, George A., laborer, r. 620 Pine.

Arnold, Grace, seamstress, 53 Fairmount ave., rooms 224 Crosby.

Arnold, J. Quincy, (Clara), laborer, h. over 211 Main.

Arnold, Joseph S., h. Fluvanna ave.

Arnold, Maude O., clerk, r. 620 Pine.

Arnold, Sarah A., clerk, 205 Main, r. 210 East 4th.

Arnoldson, Frank, (Anna), cabinet maker, r. 34 Hazeltine ave.

Arnson, Benjamin L., (Anna A.), jeweler and pawn broker, 105 Main, h. 29.

Barrett., Arter, William O., (Anna), contractor, r. 1052 Main.

Art Metal Cons. Co.—A. C. Wade, prest.—metal vault and library fixtures, etc., 95-105 J. & G. ave.

Art Wallpaper Co.—John G. Tuxford and Chas. R. DeWitt—114 Main.

Ash, William G., (Netta), stationary engineer, h. 3 Waterman.

Ashton, Ruth, nurse, r. over 312 Allen.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Builders' Hardware.

The Bestfloodsat the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 115 Ashwell, Edwin J., (Kate)—E. J. Ashwell & Co., 113 Foote ave.—r. 417 E. 2d.

Ashwell, E. J. & Co., converters of cotton yarns, 113 Foote ave.

Ashworth, Abraham, (Alice)—Chadakoin Worsted Mill, 15-23 Holmes—r.

540 East 2nd.

Ashworth, Agnes, r. 540 East 2d.

Ashworth, Alfred, asst. overlooker, 15-23 Holmes, r. 540 E. 2d.

Ashworth, Asa—Chadakoin Worsted Mill, 15-23 Holmes—r. 540 East 2d.

Ashworth, Harry, r. 540 East 2d.

Ashworth, Louisa M., r. 540 East 2d. ' Askerburg, Otto L., (Ellen C ), machinist, h. 104% Weeks.

Askergren, Gust, (Caroline),finisher,h. under 562 East 2nd.

Asian, Chris, laborer, bds. 35 Steele.

Asper, Eliza, widow Lewis, r. 108 Rathbone.

Asper, George F., (Blanche), conductor, J. C. & L. E. R. R., r. 607 West 7th.

Aspinwall, John H., plumber's apprentice, bds. 215 East 3rd.

Assessors, room 8, City Hall, 202-212 East 3rd.

Atkinson, Mary, r. 17 Weeks.

Atlas Furniture Co.—Frank O. Stranburg, Prest.—mfs. chiffoniers and dressers, Allen Ext.

Atwood, Elmer C, (Ruth), letter carrier, P. O., r. 108 Francis.

Atwood, Louise M., widow Homer, r. 108 Francis.

Audette, Charles L., (Caroline)—Jones & Audette, 2-6 East 2d—r. 17 Lake View ave.

Auer, William, carver, r. 311 East 3rd.

Aussen, George S., voting machine tester, h. 367% Foote ave.

Austin, Edward, woodworker, r. 20 Institute.

Austin, John, engineer, (Lina), h. 321 Palmer.

Austin, Victoria, Mrs., r. 20 Institute.

Axelson, Conrad, woodworker, bds. 7 Orchard.

Ayers, Grace L., r. 30 East Buffalo.

Ayers, James H., P. O. janitor, r. 30 East Buffalo.

Ayers, Ullman S., driver Jeffords Hose Co., h. 1062 North Main.

Aylesworth, Flora S., widow Frank—Hill & Aylesworth, 706 Main—r. 3 E. 7th.

Aylesworth, Ina, stenographer, 22-28 South Main, r. 3 East 7th.

B Babcock, Albert, (Mary J.), laborer, h. 814 East 2d.

Babcock, Alice, r. 119-121 East 2nd.

Babcock, Blanche, student, r. 13 Fulton.

Babcock, David, ( E m m a B.), drayman, h. over 516 Crescent.

Babcock, Grant, clerk, 206 East 2d, r. 18 Prather ave.

Babcock, House—John D., Babcock, prop.—119-121 East Second.

Babcock, Jerome, teamster, r. 1038 N. Main.

Babcock, John D., ( E m m a E.), prop. Babcock House, 119-121 East 2d, h. do.

Cedar Shingles, Lath and Plaster==L. F. SHEDD.

T w o cutters in C u s t o m D e p t. at P R O U D F I T ' S 116 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Babcock, Lloyd J., letter carrier, r. 3 East 6th.

Babcock, May, clerk, 218-220 Main, r. 327 Price.

Babcock, William, (Lillian), agt. 309 Main, h. 327 Price.

Babcock, Wallace O., (Alice), metal worker, r. 834 Lafayette.

Babcock, Willis E., (Melisa F.), deputy sheriff, over 215 Main, r. 316 Forest.


Backstrand, Charles E., (Anna C ),finisher,r. 474 Willard.

Backus, Abbie C, widow Dana, r. 200 West 5th.

.1 Backus, Charles D., (Amelia D.), employed 101 Harrison, r. 49 Rathbone.

Backus, Charles E.—Davis, Backus & Co., 18 Shearman—r. 49 Rathbone.

Backus, D., bds. 953 East 2d.

Backus, Gertrude M., teacher, r. 49 Rathbone.

Backus, Jennie, teacher, r. 49 Rathbone.

Backus, Pauline, clerk, 207 Main, r. 32 Ashville ave.

Backus, Robert E., student, Cornell, r. 200 W. 5th.

Badgley, Eliza, widow Nathan, r. 69 Rathbone.

Badhorn, Martin L., bookkeeper, 153-163 J. & G. ave., bds. 304 West 3rd.

Baeurlin, Charles, (Caroline), Mgr. 26 Main, h. 35 Cross.

Bailey, Annie L., weaver, bds. 117 English.

Bailey, B. Milton, (May A.)—Bailey-Jones Co., 105 Winsor—h. 155 Forest ave.

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