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Rundquist, John, laborer, rms. 213-215 East 2d.

Rundquist, Ruby R., r. 428 Winsor.


B o y ' s Clothing, Lar\VSgl?y°?ln at PROUDFIT'S 360 JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY.

Rush, Charles T., (Carlie I.), machinist, h. 419 West 3rd.

Rushworth, Abraham, (Josephine), warp dresser, h. 109 Maple.

Rushworth, Anne B., clerk, 17-19 Steele, r. 18 Franklin.

Rushworth, Benjamin, (Alice), warpdresser, h. 145 Prospect.

Rushworth, Ethel L., proofreader, 19 Steele, r. 18 Franklin.

Rushworth, Frank E., machinist, r. 18 Franklin.

Rushworth, Harry N., (Maud S.), wood carver, bds. 434 Maple.

Rushworth, Isaac, (Elizabeth), machine shop, 112 Foote ave., h. 18 Franklin.

Rushworth, Lydia, Mrs., bds. 9 King.

Rushworth, O. Nelson, (Isabel D.), cashier Farmers and Mechanics bank, 215 Main, h. 224 Kent.

Rushworth, Raymond L., machinist, r. 18 Franklin.

Russell, Augusta R., widow Henry T., h. over 37 Peach.

Russell, Bessie, clerk, 16-18 West 3rd, r. over 11 East 3rd.

Russell, Charles H., (Eva C ), h. over 11 East 3rd.

Russell, E m m a, domestic, r. 10 Steele.

Russell, Estella F., Mrs., h. over 880 Main.

Russell, Eugene F., (Edith B.), woodcarver, h. 112 Lincoln.

Russell, Evaline, dressmaker, r. 11 East 3rd.

Russell House—George M. Carlton, prop.—113-121 West 3rd.

Russell, John C, (Mary), teamster, h. 539 Crescent.

Russell, Laura B., widow Francis, h. 119-121 East 2d.

Russell, Mary L., widow George, h. 23 Broadhead ave.

Russell, Matthew E., (Alice B.), messenger, 115 Main, r. 119-121 East 2nd.

Russell, Thomas, (Inez), prop. Brooklyn Park green houses, 810 Forest ave., h. do.

Russell, Wallace G., clerk, 17 Shearman place, r. over 880 Main.

Russell, Wallace B., (Nellie), engineer, Erie Ry., rms. Allen Square bldg.

Ruthquist, Annie, weaver, bds. over 248 Broadhead ave.

Ryan, Frank M., laborer, r. 308 Falconer.

Ryan, James, (Elizabeth),finisher,h. 10 Crane.

Ryan, J. Burton, (Jennie), meat cutter, h. 308 Falconer.

Ryan.Johanna, widow Jeremiah, h. 1042 Main.

Ryan, John J., cashier N. Y. Life Ins. Co., Gokey bldg., East 3rd, rms. 20 West 6th.

Ryan, Kate, widow John, h. 308 Falconer.

Ryberg, Charles P., (Hulda), painter, h. over 20 Willard.

Rybloom, Nels, (Anna C ), lumber handler, h. 82 Hedges ave.

Rydeen, Arvid, laborer, bds. 34 Hazeltine ave.

Ryden, Ellen, weaver, bds. 207 Myrtle.

Ryden, Huldah, widow Charles, h. 19 Victoria ave.

Ryden, Mary, domestic, 547 Lake View ave.

Ryding, Matthew, (Elizabeth), brass moulder, h. over 327 Lincoln.

Ryder, Hulda E., housekeeper, 135 Allen.

See also Rider.

Rykert, Gilbert M., (Jennie R.), h. 307 West 2d.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Housefurnishings.

Always b u y your D r y Goods of T h e A. D. S h a r p e Co.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 361 Saderstrom, Hugo, paperhanger, bds. 23 Stowe.

Saeli, Joseph, (Louisa), laborer, h. 59 Foote ave.

Safford, Glenn L., barber, bds 215 West 3rd.

Sage, Carrie, domestic, 634 Lake View ave.

Sager, Lee W., (Hilda H.), laborer, h. 93 Tower.

Sager, Rudolph, laborer, bds. 117 Catlin ave.

Sager,Ruth, widow Henry, r. 6 Orchard.

Sagerdahl, Charles F., (Sophia), blacksmith, h. over 810 Cherry.

Sagerdahl, Harold, steelworker, r. 810 Cherry.

See also Segerdahl.

Sagerstrom, Gust, (Badia), clerk, 100-102 Main, h. 102 Falconer.

Sagorny, Ella, r. 113 Driving Park road.

Sagorny, John, (Gothia), woodworker, h. 113 Driving Park road.

Sahlstrom, Leonard L., (Anna S.), carver, h. 20 Pearl ave.

Sahlstrom, Mamie J. H., r. 20 Pearl ave.

Saint Luke's Episcopal church, cor. East 4th and Main, Rev. John T. Kerrin, rector.

Saint Peter and Paul's R o m a n Catholic church, cor. Cherry and 5th, R%v.

Father Richard Coyle, rector, Rev. Father Luke S. Sharkey, asst.

Salander, Alexander, (Grace O.)—Jamestown Laundry, 212 East 2nd—h. 113 Allen.

See also Selander and Sallander.

Sales, Harry, (May), paperhanger, h. over 842 Lafayette.

Sales, William E., (Myrtie), clerk, h. 16 Valley.

Salin, Betty, widow John, h. 40 Chamber.

Salisbury, Clarke W., (Almira)—Salisbury & Son, machinists, 211-215 West •3rd—h. 901 Main.

Salisbury, Claude C, machinist—Salisbury & Son, 211-215 West 3rd—r. 901 Main.

Salisbury, Edwin M., (Nina), painter, h. 814 Prendergast ave.

Salisbury, Elma G., student, r. 901 Main.

Salisbury, George, (Mary), mason, h. 315 East 5th.

Salisbury, John, millhand, r. 315 East 5th.

Salisbury, Laura, milliner, r. 315 East 5th.

Salisbury Wheel Mfg. Co.—Edwin D. Cook, pres.; Scott H. Penfield, secy, and mgr.—Allen Extension.

Sallander, Arvid, casemaker, bds. 16 West End.

See also Selander and Salander.

Salmon, Andrew, (Eureka), packer, h. over 395 Falconer.

Salmon, Betsey, bds. 125 Barrett.

Salmon, Oscar, weaver, r. over 395 Falconer.

Salt, Herbert, proofreader, 19 Steele, bds. 254 Prospect.


Headquarters foVcuSfngHsfssard 33, Proudfit.


Saltenstall, Joseph, (Elizabeth), metal worker, h. over 14 Hall ave.

Salvan, George, textile worker, r. 201 Winsor.

Salvation Army Hall, 121 East 3rd.

Sample, Chester H., r. 532 Lake View ave.

Sample, Samuel J., (Mariam J.), retired, h. 532 Lake View ave.

Sampson, Albion W., (Clara), woodcarver, h. 865 Main.

Sampson, Andrew M., (Christine), machine hand, h. under 347 Foote ave.

Sampson, Bertha E. M., clerk, 13-15 Main, r. 57 Water.

Sampson, David, (Mary A.), retired, h. 127 Chandler.

Sampson, Erick L., (Ellen), metal worker, h. 635 Winsor.

Sampson, Frank A., (Josephine A.), painter, r. 548 Allen.

Sampson, George F., machine hand, r. 57 Water.

Sampson, George O., (Lizzie), aristo worker, h. 21 College.

Sampson, H. Ellnora, student, r. 113 Bush.

Sampson, Henry F., (Clara M.), cabinet maker, h. 113 Bush.

Sampson, John, (Mary), employed 3 South Main, h. 368 Baker.

Sampson, John T., (Matilda C ), engineer, h. 117 Bush.

Sampson, Laura, operative, r. 57 Water.

Sampson, Lottie, widow Fred, picker, h. over 31 Kinney.

Sampson, Martha C. S., duffer, bds. over 31 Kinney.

Sampson, Nettie Elizabeth, h. 237 Forest.

Sampson, Swan, (Freda), operative, h. 24 Park.

Sampson, Theodore R., cutter, r. 117 Bush.

Samuel, John C, (Augusta), laborer, h. 230 East Buffalo.

Samuels, Charles, (Clara)—Dry goods, 16-18 West 3rd—h. 512 do.

Samuels, Lillian, r. 512 West 3rd.

Samuels, Rosa, r. 512 West 3rd.

Samuels Opera House, 22 East 2d, M. Reis, lessee, James J. Waters, local mgr.

Samuelson, Alfred G., (Lovis)—Samuelson & Anderson, 232 Warren, h. 137 Broadhead ave.

Samuelson & Anderson—Alfred G. Samuelson and Mrs. Caroline M. Anderson — m e a t market, 232 Warren.

Samuelson, Charlie, butcher, h. 313 Newland ave.

Samuelson, Christene, widow Samuel, bds. 31 Kinney.

Samuelson, David,finisher,bds. 314 Bowen.

Samuelson, Edward W., (Emily), shipping clerk, h. 163 Barrows.

Samuelson, Ellen, spinner, bds. 103 Wescott.

Samuelson, Frank, (Josephine), painter, h. over 548 Allen.

Samuelson, Fred A., machinist, r. 6 Hanley.

Samuelson, Gust L., (Hulda), carpenter, h. 103 Wescott.

Samuelson, Helga, carver, bds. 106 Hedges ave.

Samuelson, Henry A., machinist, r. 6 Hanley.

Samuelson, Hilda, spinner, bds. 314 Bowen.

Samuelson, John, laborer, bds. 507 Chandler.

Samuelson, John C, (Augusta), night watchman, Allen Ext., h. 230 E. Buffalo.

Samuelson, John O., (Tillie), cigarmaker, h. 16 Union ave.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Hardware and Mill Supplies.

Silks, Satins, Velvets, Trimmings. THE A D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 363 Samuelson, Martin, (Selma), blacksmith, h. 820 Cherry.

Samuelson, Mary, widow Andrew P., h. 6 Hanley.

Samuelson, Samuel A., (Clara S.), retired, h. 96 Water.

Samuelson, Thurston S., bds. 56 Tower.

Sanborn, Sadie, housekeeper, 21 Victoria ave.

Sanctuary, Rudolph, designer, r. 29 Kent.

Sanctuary, Thomas, (Susie), wool sorter, h. 29 Kent.

Sanctuary, Vernon, deliveryman, r. 29 Kent.

Sandberg, Alma, clerk, 203 Main, r. 23 Stowe.

Sandberg, Amanda, spinner, r. 29 West 8th.

Sandberg, Charles P., (Selma E.), cabinet maker, h. 444 Allen.

Sandberg, Corinne, operative, r. 23 Stowe.

Sandberg, Emily, widow Alfred, h. 23 Stowe.

Sandberg, E m m a, picker, r. 24 Jones.

Sandberg, Gust, wood carver, r. 23 Stowe.

Sandberg, Gust, (Minnie)—Sandberg, Johnson & Co., 354 Baker—h. 20 Colfax.

Sandberg, Henry, woodworker, bds. 96 Water.

Sandberg, Hjalmer, (Freda H.), metal worker, h. 407 Baker.

Sandberg, Huldah, cash girl, 203 Main, r. 23 Stowe.

Sandberg, Iver, carver, bds. 152 Chandler.

Sandberg, John, (Augusta), wood turner, h. over 24 Maple.

Sandberg, Johnson & Co.—Gust Sandberg, Otto Johnson and John A. Haag — grocery, 354 Baker.

Sandberg, Joseph, (Alma)—Alliance Furn. Co., 611-615 Allen—h, over 347 Foote ave.

Sandberg, Peter, grocer, 222 East 2d, h. 35 Cross.

Sandberg, Selma, domestic, 853 Main.

Sandberg, Swan, (Ida), real estate, h. 116 Williams.

Sandberg, William, (Anna M.), laborer, h. 7 Hall ave.

Sandburg, Charles A., (Ella M.)—Anderson & Sandburg, 108 Main—h. 160 Forest ave.

Sandburg, Louis, (Nellie), stonemason, h. 27 Palmer.

Sanders, Frank, laborer, h. 63 Foote ave.

Sanders, James P., (Clara), tailor, r. 567 East 2d.

Sanders, John, (Dorthea), shoemaker, 610 Main, h. 17 West 7th.

See also Saunders.

Sanderson, Axel, (Anna S.), cabinet maker, h. 100 Willard.

Sanderson, Susie, stenographer, rooms 10-18 Ellicott bldg., rms. 112 W. 7th.

Sandford, John, (Annie), h. 400 Lafayette.

Sandgren, Anna, widow John, r. 719 East 2d.

Sandgren, Charles, (Anna), plate worker, h. 126 Barrett.

Sandgren, Cornelius T., clerk, r. 719 East 2d.

Sandgren, Gust, sander, bds. 126 Winsor.

Sandin, Lena, widow August, housekeeper, 246 Broadhead ave., r. Ill Falconer Sandquist, K. E., (Anna), cabinet maker, h. 368 Willard.

Sandstrom, Matilda, widow Adolf, h. 215 Hazzard.

Cedar Shingles, Lath and Plaster^L. F. SHEDD.


Sandstrom, Nellie, finisher, r. 215 Hazzard.

Sandstrom, William, textile worker, r. 215 Hazzard.

Sanitary inspector, room 10 City hall, 202-212 East 3rd.

Satinstalth, Lizzie, twister, r. 228 Warren.

Saunders, Belle, spinner, r. 109 Sprague.

Saunders, Charles J., (Carrie), laborer, h. 109 Sprague.

Saunders, John, (Minnie), wool sorter, h. 402 Foote ave.

Saunders, Mary, widow Francis, picker, r. 244 Broadhead ave.

Saunders, Mary, millhand, r. 109 Sprague.

Saunders, Maud, spinner, r. 109 Sprague.

Saunders, William, (Bertha), polisher, h. 244 Broadhead ave.

See also Sanders.

Savage, Thomas A.,florist,r. 2 Rowley place.

Sawyer, Marie M., widow Julius A., r. 301 East 8th.

Saxton, Arthur T., (Ellen), watchman, Erie R. R., h. over 106 Harrison.

Saxton, Bert F., clerk, 20 West 3rd, h. 314 Lincoln.

Saxton, Frank A., engineer, Erie Ry., rooms Y. M. C. A. dormitory.

Saxton, Walter L., ( E m m a ), driver,firedepartment, h. 206 Spring.

See also Sexton.

Sayer, Otto, apprentice woodworker, bds. 152% Allen.

Sayers, George, (Mary), barber, h. 69 Allen.

Scanlan, Katherine, student, r. 610 Main.

Scendries, George, rms. 77 Allen square bldg.

Schafer, Charles R., plumber, r. 45 Rathbone.

Schafer, Edward, (Amanda), harnessmaker, h. 45 Rathbone.

See also Shafer and Shaffer.

Scharf, Albert F., (May), picture framer, h. 49 Broadhead ave.

Scharf, William H., (Jennie W. ), merchant tailor, 107 West 3rd,h. 19 Columbia ave.

Scheid, Belle, widow John, twister, h. 158 Marvin.

Scheid, Mabel, spinner, r. 158 Marvin.

Scheid, Mary, spinner, r. 158 Marvin.

Schein, David, (Anna), tailor, over 13 Main, h. 127 Baker.

Schein, Hiram, dyer, r. 127 Baker.

Schein, Myer, dyer, r. 127 Baker.

Schell, Azoff, paperhanger, h. 371 Baker.

Schell, Harry V., printer, r. 371 Baker.

Schell, Mary, Mrs., h. over 209 Prendergast ave.

Schenck, David W., (Mabel), shipping clerk, 105 Winsor, h. 118 Broadhead avenue.

Schenck, Florence K., bookkeeper, 95 J. & G. ave., r. 102 Hallock.

Schenck, Peter, (Julia A.), draughtsman, h. 102 Hallock.

Schermerhorn, Lyle C, weaver, h. over 211 East 2d.

Schermerhorn, Willard G., comber, r. over 211 East 2d.

Schlldmaclier, Albert W., (Ida M.), h. 632 Prendergast ave.

Schildmacher, Ella M., teacher, r. 632 Prendergast ave.

CLARK HARDWARE CO. Stoves and Furnaces.

Ihe Best Goods at the Lowest Prices. T H E A. D. S H A R P E CO.

JAMESTOWN DIRECTORY. 365 Schildmacher, Emma, i. 632 Prendergast ave.

Schlan, Esther, domestic, 30 Warren.

Schlaudecker, Eugene M., (Elizabeth), mgr. Penn. Gas Co., 110 East **rd, h.

226 Crossman.

Schnell, Jennie, millhand, bds. 614 East 2d.

Schobeck, Amelia M., stenographer, r. 102 Water.

Schobeck, Ernest, asst. shipping clerk, r. 102 Water.

Schobeck, Olof B., (Hilma), cabinet maker, h. 102 Water.

Scholes, Jean, widow William, h. over 132 Fairmount ave.

Scholes, John, (Lillian), moulder, h. 156 J. &G. ave.

Scholine, Charles E., (Emelia), cabinet maker, h. over 788 East 2d.

Schone, Claud H., machinist, r. 122 Barrett.

Schone, May J., telephone operator, r. 122 Barrett.

Schone, Maud J., r. 122 Barrett.

Schone, Michael, (Christena), laborer, h. 122 Barrett.

Schone, Roy C, check boy, r. 122 Barrett.

Schopp, Anna, spinner, r. 29 Charles.

Schopp, E m m a, twister, r. 29 Charles.

Schopp, Barbara, Mrs., h. 29 Charles.

Schow, Lizzie, millhand, h. 35 Charles.

Schow, Martha, r. 22 West 9th.

Schow, Peter, (Mary), cabinet maker, h. 22 West 9th.

Schriver, Charles, (Florence), teamster, h. 322 Steele.

Schurter, Adolph G., (Rose), watchmaker, r. 311 East 5th.

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